Interracial Erotica -
By Tracy Ames
Published on October 12, 2009
***Author Challenge***

He has no face or name. He is a mingling of the mysteriously unattainable and ambient masculinity. He is my nameless faceless fuck.


He has no face or name. He is a mingling of the mysteriously unattainable and ambient masculinity.

     He is my nameless faceless fuck. 

How had a simple tap on his shoulder resulted in this? Who knows, and who cares? The only question worth addressing is how the mouth of this man, my nameless faceless fuck, is inexplicably capable of finessing my pussy in ways I had mastered only with myself. Lick by succulent lick; it executed the delicate steps to bring me to orgasm. Suck by persistent suck; it silenced my doubts regarding our hasty pairing. Kiss by lingering kiss; it blurred my vague understanding of my sexuality.

     “There...right...there,” I hear myself say. He obliged, spreading my thighs further, the scruffiness of his chin no longer brushed uncomfortably against my pussy mound. 

     “Relax,” he says into my lips with unfathomably gentleness. “Rub your clit for me.”

     I dutifully obey his command, and rest my other hand on his head; he licks and licks, moans and moans, sucks and sucks my throbbing little clit while I pleasure myself….for him… only him…my nameless faceless fuck.

     “Cum,” he pleads.

     “No,” I resist.

     “Rub your clit and cum,” he insists.

     I rub, oh I rub pitch-perfect circles until the sounds of his mouth having its perverted way with my pussy sends me staggering toward my release. “Oh God!” My arms lash out to the bed, gathering the mattress in fists. He, my nameless faceless fuck, pries them away placing them back into position.

     “Rub and cum,” his tongue and lips intertwine with my fingers. Slurping, “Cum for me,” Slurp, “Cum,” I feel him slide a finger between my lips, pumping in time with the slushiness of my tiny circles, “Cum damnit,”

     I can feel his lips on my pussy, his tongue on my clit. Oh God, his lips and tongue… that moment they are the Alpha and Omega: The beginning and the end. I pleasure myself before him. My hips rise with my orgasm, my legs spread impossible wide…tilted open to his benevolent mouth and roaming fingers.

     I feel him moaning against my lips, my clit; the nether reaches of my pussy. I cum in a wild screaming crash of soul-withering paroxysms…..I literally cry.

     My nameless faceless fuck has brought me to tears.

     He kisses my pussy so softly I can barely feel his lips. He kisses my thighs, my mound and my tummy with the same care. I wither; he leaves me briefly and returns with the unmistakable sound of a condom being applied. My contractions hardly abate and blindsided by my own willingness to submit to this unknown man, I open my legs to him... begifting him my essence. 

     He moves atop me and though the darkness is thick, I can feel his eyes tracing my face.

     “We don’t have to do this,” he says close to my cheek.

     “I want it,” I assure him. Suddenly the world went silenced, and I feel every inch of him, my nameless faceless fuck, plunge into me. We both groan, and slowly enjoy the deep, full, violin-like timbre of our shared pleasure. Silence still, all that can be heard are the plaintive creaking of the bed springs from each measured and steady stroke and my pussy singing its juicing hymns all over his greedy cock.

     Emboldened, by my whimpering, he clasp my hair, pins my legs against the mattress, and murmurs naughty dirty bedroom talk repeatedly in my ear.

     “Did you like the way I ate your pussy?”

     “Oh yeah, oh God yeah,” I hear myself say, all proper forms of speech gone in a split second of getting dicked.

     “I love the way my cock feels inside of you, do you like it?”

     “Yes, please...yes, ooohhh,” I can’t think, my nameless faceless fuck has turned me into a retard.

     I can feel him all over me, heavy yet light. His thickness sweeping into me. “Keep goes, keep goes,” repeats in my head as he continues to intone slutty phrases in my ear, bringing me that much closer to giving him what he’s begging for.

     “Take it” he orders. And I do.

     “You want to cum again?”

     “Please, harder,” I mouth into his cheek.

     “I can feel your pussy milking me. Is my cock getting you off?”

     “Aaahh, shit,” I screamed, his cock hit my spot, swatting it for one delicious moment. “Fuck me,” I manage, my orgasm quickly approaching. His body grew heavier, his orgasm building. I gasp for air; my orgasm was being batted around by his girth. I arch under him, heaving a breath, needing to cum in the worst way.

     The silence engulfed us. The penal sloshing and the gutter talk push us to the brink of collapse. Creak, creak, creak went the bed frame, knocking against the wall while he, my nameless faceless fuck, bobbed between my protracted legs, bent completely open for his divine enjoyment. Harder and faster he bobbed in and out. I pulled him closer. I've never felt this full. He has filled every inch of me. 

     “Damn, you’re wet,” He drove deeper and deeper in relentless pursuit of his impending explosion.

     “Aaahh,” I scream, he drug across my spot again. Closing my eyes, I imagine the intensity on his face knowing he's about to make me cum.

     Trembling, trembling, and uttering the unutterable, “Make me your whore,” I panted, unaware those words were slipping from the confines of my mind.

     “You want to be my whore?” he asks, slamming the noisy headboard with one arm.

     “Yes,” I say, closing my eyes once again.

     “Cum for me, my whore.” He says directly below my ear, our hands locked.

     I tilt my hips slightly, he sweeps across my spot and I come undone. “Oooohhh fuck!” we call out to one another in sync. My body clenches around his. He pumps deeper and then we burst into a supernova of orgasm letting it consume us in its sloshing brilliance.

     We kiss and we lick one another’s privates well into the night. My nameless faceless fuck proved my point: Sport-fucking ain’t half bad.