Interracial Erotica -
Good Head
By Dr. Grip
Published on November 16, 2009
Dr. Grip explains the art of fellatio. Ladies, there's nothing worse than bad head. Follow these guidelines when you want to give your man the ultimate blowjob...

Godd Head
I’ve read quite a few articles pertaining to the art of fellatio. To be honest, I’m not impressed. People don’t seem to realize that there is a science to this act. It’s not to be taken lightly; giving head is a great introduction to a session of intense, romantic sex, and it is forgotten or ignored too many times. Plus, some of y’all that think it’s easy to do simply aren’t doing it right.

Don’t worry: that’s why I’m here. Here are some guidelines that you can refer to when you want to give your man the ultimate blowjob:

• The tip is very sensitive, not the shaft.
Sure, you want to stroke, but remember that the top is where all the action is. Be sure to give is its undivided attention.

• Show the bulge in your cheek.
It’s a big turn on, and it makes a man feel larger.

• Use your tongue.
Make sure you wrap your tongue around his phallus, as if you are attempting to cover the entire penis. This will give the effect of a vagina, and it will feel like a tight one.

• Grasp the scrotum.
Grabbing this will increase the effect of fellatio, as that is also a sensitive area as well.

• Hum a tune.
Attempting to speak while oral sex can be a big turn on for some men, as it seems like you want to say something, but you have something in your mouth that’s preventing you from doing so.

• Start slow, then gradually suck faster.
You’ll be able to tell if you’re doing a good job by how hard he is. The harder it is, the faster you can go.

• Don’t bite!
This is a huge turn off, and can lead to disaster. Try not to use your teeth as much as possible while you are working with his genitals.

• Touch the inner thigh.
This is a highly sensitive area, and it can help him achieve orgasm if you are caressing him in this area. Definitely don’t ignore it.

• Let him perform some of the moves.
For some men, this activity is another way to replicate intercourse. Let him move his penis in and out of your mouth so that this can happen.

• Don’t ridicule the act.
Just because you don’t like doing it doesn’t mean it won’t get done. There are ways to make it fun. Try some creams, syrups, or other foods to get you into the action.

• Continue sucking after he climaxes.
He’ll hate you for this at first, but it will give him something to remember. Whether you spit or swallow, the penis is the most sensitive immediately after orgasm. Just make sure you take it nice and slow.

Follow this, and your man will never forget you. Remember, it is an experience most of us speak of, but it rarely gets done right. You never know: maybe he will return the favor, and we all know the joys of cunninlingus. Just don’t forget the laws of physics: to every action, is an equal and opposite reaction.