Interracial Erotica -
No Going Back: A Short Follow-up
By Tracy Ames
Published on June 11, 2010
**A Short Follow-up  of "No Going Back"**

Christian and Jasmine have been on again/off again lovers for six years. Jasmine’s late night booty calls are wearing thin with Christian. She has one last chance to get it right or move on…

No Going Back: A Short Follow-up

IRE Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

Cold sheets and an empty bed made for a long month. This was his first business trip since their reunion. At this point Jasmine craved Christian. She hated to think of all the years she wasted looking for something she already had with him. The night Christian opened his door to her she knew there was no going back. She loved this man more than she dared believe. Until meeting Christian her life was committed to noncommittal. She neither made nor kept a commitment to anyone or anything—always fearful of stillness, of silence. Thusly, she would be forced to feel.

Christian’s love didn’t come roaring in, stomping it’s feet demanding to be recognized; insisting she obey. No, it enveloped her. It was there without being present. It was freedom and something she’d always dreaded: restraint. For six years Jasmine both basked and cowered in it’s presence but she never fathomed letting it go. This in itself was quite a feat for a woman whose passionate ambivalence was only exceeded by her high flight response to anything that resembled commitment.

It wasn’t until Christian did the unthinkable that she realized the error of her ways. He took his heart away from her. He was there in the flesh but he heart, still in plain sight, was out of her reach. To regain his trust she’d have to fix herself. Jasmine dragged a cool wash rag over her face and smiled shyly at her reflection. The cynical jaded woman she used to be had found self love and was no more. Christian aside, there was a better chance of her chewing her own arm off at the elbow than returning to those dark gloomy days.

Jasmine heard the familiar ring of her cell phone and grinned when she saw Christian’s name.

“Hey Daddy!” she chirped.

“Hey babe. You’re home?” he asked slightly distracted.

“Yeah, I was waiting for your call. Do you need a ride from the airport?

“No, I called a car service. I’ll be home in ten minutes.” His tone dropped a register sensing something mischievous in her voice. “What have you been doing all day?”

“Masturbating and pretending it was you getting me off.”

“Yeah, I got your text. Thanks, by the way. I was in the middle of a meeting.” There was a smile in his voice. “You’re in a good mood.”

“I’ll be better when you’re home. How much longer?”

“Not much longer.”

Jasmine met him at the door wearing his oversize tee shirt and nothing else. She wasted little time with pleasantries instead she pinned Christian to the living room wall and kissed him furiously. His hands at the apex of her thighs, he pulled her against him as their kiss deepened. The chauffer hurriedly carried Christian’s luggage inside determine to be gone before the fucking began.

“I’ve missed you, Jas.” Christian lamented, nibbling her neck. Obviously Jasmine had other plans. Her hands curled around his neck, pulling his mouth to hers like a ravenous predator—just the way he liked it.

“When is this guy leaving?” Jasmine all but tore Christian’s coat from his shoulders, she tossed it aside and began unbuttoning his shirt. “How many bags do you have?”

“Five,” he managed between attacks. She took his hand and placed it against her mound. “Don’t move. This could go faster if I help him.”

Jasmine escaped to their bedroom while Christian lugged the remaining bags inside. She heard the front door close and lock, and then the distinct sound of keys, garments and the like being discarded in haste.

“Play with me, Daddy.” She said seductively when he entered the room.

With surprising gentleness, he spread her thighs and stared openly at the glistening lips before him. “It’s good to be home.” He kissed her inner thigh and pulled her closer until she was a mere inch from his mouth. “Shh, make a sound and I’ll stop.” Teasingly he kissed her thighs, her mound, and her lips. His tongue traced a wet trail up and down labia. She shuddered with each new touch. Near panting she glanced down at him, he found her impatience amusing. Using his fingers he spread her lips apart, tasting her with the soft wet tip of his tongue. Lightly, very lightly he danced around the hood of her clit until he saw her juices seeping from her pulsating slit. He looked up at her face—her breathing increased, her eye stared unfocused, she was cumming. He continued to tease her with his tongue, licking all her slick pussy juice. And then with a broad stroke of his tongue he swept down from her clit to the pool of heaven below. “Fuck.” Her sweetness consumed him.

Jasmine covered her mouth trying not to speak when two of his fingers slid against her opening. Steadily they dipped inside while his thumb teased her clit with newfound zeal before he moved his mouth over it—tempting it with petite licks and suckling kisses. Jasmine wanted to scream at the top her lungs, the room was filled with the sounds of his feasting and moans. She tightened around him, needing to feel his thick cock buried inside her. One lick too many and her trembling hands took hold of his head then, in a moment of clarity, she thought better of ripping out his hair…instead she gripped the sheets and prayed for deliverance.

Without warning and much to Jasmine’s disappointment, Christian stopped, positioned her on her side and entered her from the spooning position while reaching around to gently play with her clit from the front. She came before he placed her leg over his. He kissed the back and side of her neck and uttered some of the filthiest shit she had the pleasure of hearing. Damn it, he knew how to drive her crazy! His fingers toyed with her clit. His cock stroked slippery wet in and out of her like a piston. His guttural lamentations played in her ear. Her pussy was on the verge of exploding as was his cock. Her orgasm came first, rushing over her body in one long sensation, coaxing Christian to release against her velvety walls. His thrust came short and hard until he had nothing else to give and lie holding her flush against the heat of his body.

They lie in the same position. His wedding ring caught the thin beam of light streaming of through the drapes as he caressed her now protruding belly. Jasmine turned in his arms and kissed his lips. Looking in his wife’s eyes, knowing their child grow in her belly, made all those years of pain melted away.

“I love you, Jas.” He declared.

“I love you more.”