Interracial Erotica -
Caress My Body: First Installment: Jonas
By Serenity King
Published on August 19, 2010

Jonas Thorn can't believe it when he walks into his home and finds a half naked woman dancing...

Caress My Body: First Installment: Jonas

Turning the key in the lock, Jonas opened the door to a gorgeous woman standing half naked in front of his fireplace, “Damn! Santa came early this year!” His eyes locked on her curvaceous body as she stood in front of the fireplace dancing to the blaring sounds of, Mariah Carey’s, Touch My Body. The only thing gracing her body was a pair of barely there thong panties and high-heel sandals. He gazed at her in shock. Obviously she wasn’t aware that he’d entered his residence. His eyes traveled down the expanse of her chocolate body, past the curved hips, stopping at a pair of incredibly long, well-toned legs in black strappy sandals. He lingered there for a moment, imagining those beautiful legs tangled with his in bed or wrapped around his waist.

        The song repeated from the CD player. Entranced he watched as she performed this twisty thing with her body dropping down to the floor and sauntering slowly back up. He groaned low in his throat. Oh man, whoever she was, she worked it damn fine.

        The song definitely fit the body or vice versa. He couldn’t be expected to use proper manners, and announce his presence with lust on his mind. Jonas quietly shifted from one foot to the other trying to adjust his growing cock behind the zipper of his jeans. He stood spellbound watching the vision before him continue to perform her private dance. With an audience of one. 

        Jonas bit down on his fist to keep from crying out as she began to touch her body in tune to the music.

        Jonas held his breath not making a sound; afraid that if he moved she’d stop dancing and realize that he was there. “Oh man,” she wound her body from the floor up tantalizing him. His jaw dropped as, to his pleasure, she removed her panties, wiggling and tossing them behind her. In slow motion they sailed across the room, to land on his head. Jonas snatched the little scrap of black lace from his head and palmed them in his hand. He smelled a faint citrus perfume on them along with her womanly aroma. Mmmm-mmm!

        “Oh my God!” Still oblivious to his presence, she moved on to fondle her breasts squeezing them together. Moving more erotically now, she began to sing along with the song. Her tone kept the pitch perfectly, only pausing for hitches in breath as she enjoyed her own touch.

         Damned if he wouldn’t like to play with her. Whoever, she was. Nothing about her looked familiar. He hadn’t seen her face, but he was for sure he would remember a body like the one standing before him had she been in his bed

        Oh man. Disappointment hit as the song winded down. Jonas got that nagging feeling in his gut, that when she realized he was there, there’d be hell to pay. The song was winding down and so was she. During the last line of the song, he watched her stop dead in her tracks. Surprise stared back at him. Her eyes stretched wide; her mouth stood open.

        Jonas swallowed the lump in his throat that seemed to have robbed him of speech. His eyes traveled to the dark V-shape between her thighs. He traveled back up, taking in two of the most perfectly rounded breasts he had ever seen. Full, perky breasts with extended nipples made for sucking. “Its official; God loves me!” he thought.

        Needing to be on safer territory, he looked up into her face, only to see shock and a trace of fear there. “Ah…honey I’m home,” he said with a questioning lift of his brow. Uh oh! This isn’t going to be pretty. “Oh SHIT!” he said, as he dodged the candle stick holder that came flying at his head.