Interracial Erotica -
Nurse Lisa's Plaything
By Dirk Baker
Published on February 13, 2009
Adorable nurse Lisa and her group of about 8 nurses have a very discrete arrangement amongst themselves regarding taking advantage of their charges. What will their helpless 'victim' do? Come inside and enjoy.... 

Nurse Lisa's Plaything
IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Shameless Indulgence

It had all been so easy, Lisa mused, smiling as she watched her bound plaything reach for her sexy “Fuck Me Pumps”. Not with his hand, of course, she had made sure those were securely bound to the sturdy bed frame hours ago while he slept. It seemed she had “mistakenly” given him a strong sedative hours ago, rendering him helpless to her nefarious scheme. A blowjob was all it took to get an orderly to wheel him out of his shared room to a private one, on a vacant floor. Her mostly coworkers smiled cruelly, seeing his unconscious form on the gurney, heading to a night of torment. The few male coworkers she had were easily kept in check via sexual favors, blackmail, or, in the case of one particular night janitor, a freshly worn pair of panties a week.

Lisa knew the minute he arrived on her floor that this one would become a plaything for the girls. Her group of about 8 nurses had a very discrete arrangement amongst themselves regarding taking advantage of their charges. Nursing, bring a lucrative career; the ladies had perfected a regime that guaranteed safety for them, and their playthings, as well as full discretion. A special “cocktail” had been developed by them, and tested carefully for the first few months to ensure the desired effect was achieved.

A little something to keep their head spinning, making it difficult to focus, mixed with another drug that put the testicles into overdrive, forcing them to pump testosterone into the bloodstream. The two combined were a potent cocktail indeed. Many of the first few test cases had been given too much of the second drug, and had to be treated for dehydration after his eventual release. And release they all got. The girls all agreed that, while having a horny man helpless for a night was hot, having one reaching and grabbing at you during the day when you are trying to work… was not. The sessions had a very well defined start and end time. Cooperation had been established months before with the other shifts, and their nurses pretended not to notice when a room was missing a bed, or an order for a sedative was given for a particularly young, and handsome patient. It wasn’t like they didn’t have some fun of their own with the poor things during the day. A young man in their charge was often subject to long, slow sponge baths, careful detail given to their swollen cocks and balls. Buttons left undone in crisp, starched uniforms revealing hints of the delights contained within. There was just something about being in charge that brought out the cock tease in the ladies.
His name was Brian, and he had been admitted for observation following a concussion. He was only scheduled to be there for a day, but fainting spells had kept him there longer. Lisa noticed him on his first night on the ward. His roommate was an older man, in for a broken hip, and on a great deal of pain killers, ensuring he slept quite deeply. It was trouble sleeping that first night, and the patient load was light anyway. Lisa spent an hour just sitting on the side of his bed chatting away. She had made sure to check his pulse, and respiration several times during this period, solely for the purpose of getting his gown off so she could admire his well defined pecs and six pack abs. He had a swimmers build that explained his well tanned skin, bleached out, sandy hair, and bright blue eyes. Getting his attention had been easy enough. A quick change from pantyhose to some thigh highs she kept in her locker, two buttons undone on her top, exposing the tops of her 36D chest, and just a kiss of a seductive perfume baited the hook.

“Working on the new boy already?” her friend Kelly quipped, smelling her perfume as she walked past the nursing station, heels clicking on the tile floor. “You should talk… After that scene last week” she replied, smiling, remembering her friend Kelly, a patient in a straightjacket, a bottle of surgical lube, and about 17 hours. Kelly had brought the poor thing to the point of actual insanity, making the straightjacket almost appropriate. Gagged with her soaked panties, she had sat on his chest in just her thigh highs, toying with his helpless cock for hours. Long nails tracing over his glans, to idly toy with the sensitive frenum, Kelly was not a merciful nurse.

Lisa had checked in on them several times, and joined once, to straddle his face when her need became urgent. In the end, they had made him come, of course. That was always the best policy, and their patient stared longingly into Kelly’s eyes as the waves of pleasure washed over his body. To finish up, and ensure their plaything didn’t tell anyone, a sedative with strong amnesiac properties was always administered at the end of playtime. The patient would wake in the morning with vague memories of erotic dreams. The drug was so effective, a patient could be played with each night in this manner, and never remember, a variety of nurses given the chance to try their hands at cockteasing a helpless toy. Each session was the first to the patient, and the subsequent nurses knew the weaknesses and fetishes of their playthings. Information extracted slowly by their first tormentress and shared with the coven.

Brian had woken about two hours ago now, the room being safe for at least another twelve. Seeing Nurse Lisa in her new, tighter, shorter, and skimpier had been a welcome site indeed, until he noticed his lack of clothing and bedcovers, and the four restraints holding him helplessly stretched out to the bed. “What the fuck is-“ he began loudly, then screamed as his balls were squeezed none too gently in her hand. “Now Brian, I can’t have you yelling all night. This room may be soundproofed, but I just don’t want to listen to it” she teased, starting to massage his swollen nuts, his cock twitching to life. “Now, are you going to make me gag you?” she asked, standing up and removing her panties. Wearing them over her garter belt made things easy as the silky bikini panties slid over her hips and down her long legs. Ending up around one ankle, she kicked them up on the bed like a flirt and giggled. “Do you want me to gag you with these?” she taunted, holding the moist, aromatic lingerie over his nose. Her musky scent all over them, making his cock switch from twitching to throbbing, she smiled at his condition. He shook his head slowly, wordlessly mouthing “No”. She smiled, and left the panties draped over his face, letting him smell her. Brian lay back, noticing the room spinning gently, almost a floaty feeling. His nuts ached something fierce, and her perfumed and pussy soaked panties set his mind adrift.

“Hey, no sleeping, we have a long night together!” she laughed, running her fingertips along his helpless armpits. He shot up to the limits of his restraints with a cry, panties falling from his face to his chest, their eyes now inches apart. Leaning forward, Lisa gave him a long, slow kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth, hands wandering over his solid torso, now bare pussy leaking onto her inner thighs. Pushing him back with a grin, she took her uniform off, to show him decidedly unprofessional undergarments. Tissue paper thin, white lacy bra barely constrained her voluptuous melons. Creamy white flesh spilling out over the top of the garment, hint of areola peeking from the top, just a taste of what was to come. A lace garter belt, also white, circled her slim waist, straps reaching down to mid thigh, holding up the sheerest, silkiest stockings she owned. Seams running from the very tops, down to the tips of her toes, encases in a pair of 5 inch pumps. A well trimmed patch of red hair was framed by the garter belt, bare lips glistening below, shaved clean and plump. His cock jumped at the site and he fought the restraints for the chance to reach out and take the Goddess before him.

A sly look in her eye, Lisa pivoted on one heel, and reached back to unhook her bra. Letting the lace garment fall to the floor, she cupped her breasts in her arms and turned back, taunting him for just a while before raising her arms up, behind her head and smiling cruelly at her victim. Milky white globes defied gravity, smooth and firm. The nipples pointing almost at the ceiling, his mouth watered, desperate for a taste of the delicate pink nipples. Brian again fought the restraints, this time more deliberately. “I wouldn’t do that” Lisa warned, producing a syringe from her pocket. “I restrained you myself, so I know you can’t get free, but to be safe, if you keep struggling, I’ll just have to give you a little something to calm you down” she warned, indicating the hypo in her hands. Long, red nails contrasting the gleaming chrome of the needle. Brian immediately settled back down, laying back and resolving to try to enjoy whatever his tormentress had in mind.

Settling down between his legs, Lisa reached down to play with his swollen balls. Noting how full they felt after a few hours of the special cocktail doing its work. Brian’s foot fetish became apparent as she dangled her heel just over his chest, out of reach of his head, should he try to reach it. His cock jerked in her hands, the night of teasing almost ruined by a premature cumshot. Reacting quickly, she pulled his delicate balls gently down, and away from his body, impeding his ejaculation at the last minute. Making note of this fetish, the first of many she would extract from him that night, Lisa smiled at the swollen, helpless balls between her thighs, and once again, laughed to herself, quietly thanking her High School guidance counselor for recommending a career in nursing…