Interracial Erotica -
The Games Go On
By Christopher Reilley
Published on September 30, 2010
We play, we dance, we love...

Games as old as we areā€¦.

We play games, we two,
Games with winners and losers changing sides
Every time the music stops.

We dance, only to stumble,
Right ourselves with apologies,
And dance on.

To hold your soul, your smile
This close, close enough to taste
Is worth any price.

The music, tunes only we hear,
A hot beat that grips our loins and twists
Teaching new words for joy.

Out of practice, out of breath,
I drink you in with every kiss, or lick.
Sauced with spice and liquid fire.

I answer, in my own kind,
With push and hard and male and more
Finding myself while hiding.

You give, as only you are able.
Sweetness and greedy lust in taught balance
And you capture me again.

We know, in the glow that follows,
That the sum is greater than the total, at least for us
And the games go on.