Interracial Erotica -
Blind Passion: Part Two
By Charisma Knight
Published on September 13, 2010
Enticing tale of a sensual, stimulating game of cat and mouse. Can Ethan coerce Diane into voicing her innermost desires for him?

Blind Passion: Part Two


      When Diane arrived home, it was still raining. Bast, her large Persian greeted her as she removed her damp coat.  

       “Hey there, pretty girl. Did you miss me?” She hung her coat, and scooped the black cat up in her arms. “Yes you did! My baby missed her momma.” Diane smiled as she nuzzled her cheek against her pet’s warm fur. Bast continued to purr, while touching her nose to her owner’s cheek. “It’s so damn cold out there. I think I’ll brew some coffee and change out of these clothes.” The cat jumped out of her embrace and meowed as she followed her owner into the kitchen.

      Diane smiled to herself as she washed her hands before brewing her coffee, and thoughts of  Ethan invaded her mind. Her flesh still tingled slightly from where he had touched her. Why did he hold such control over her? The thought of sleeping with a blind man had never entered her mind, but now, she was intrigued by it. He was gentle, and held an air of mysticism about him. He also possessed a genuine warmth that warmed her heart as well as her soul.

     Diane stiffened while discovering she yearned to feel his touch once again. Leaning against the counter, she contemplated tomorrow evening’s dinner. Would he be a gentleman? Oh hell, of course he would, but maybe she didn’t want him to. Would she be a lady? Maybe, maybe not.   She chuckled at her indecisiveness, and her wildest fantasies began to dance within her head. She shuddered, as a chill swept through her body. She didn’t know if it was from thinking of Ethan, or the cold weather.

      Deciding on a hot shower, Diane bumped the thermostat up to seventy-six degrees and strode into her bedroom, with Bast following close behind. Wasting no time, she shed her clothing and sauntered to the bathroom while humming to herself. She grinned, imagining she and Ethan bathing together.

     “Now, that would be interesting,” Diane smiled as she spoke aloud and stepped into the shower, allowing the warm water to relax her tense muscles.   

     After twenty minutes, she emerged, totally rejuvenated, and wrapped a large black towel around her body. Sighing, she strolled lazily into her bedroom where she spread Aloe lotion over smooth cinnamon colored skin. As she explored her curves, she envisioned Ethan’s large hands caressing every inch of her.   

     With a smile, she squeezed the tube of lotion again, this time, adding a generous amount in the palm of her hand as she visualized herself blind-folded, laying face down on her bed while Ethan tormented her fevered flesh with his magical touch. Her breathing intensified as her hands roamed over full, round globes. Deciding to take a little time out for sexual gratification, she laid down on the bed.

     Staring into an abyss, Diane tweaked her diamond hard nipples until they lengthened. Gasping, she closed her eyes while continuing the exploration of her sexually charged body. God, it had been way too long since she’d had someone in her bed.

     With sensual, fluid strokes, she continued smoothing the lotion over her abdomen. Further down her body she continued the delectable journey, until she reached her neatly trimmed triangle. Her breathing became even more erratic, as she began stroking the fleshy bud that so craved her attention. Her ministrations released a shiver down her spine, and she jerked her hips upward, imagining Ethan’s face near her mound. Her unabated actions continued as she parted her thick, honey-coated folds and slid a finger inside her dripping pussy.

   “Uhh, oooh. Oh my God!” Her tempo increased and she bent both legs, while introducing another finger inside her wet cavern. With her left hand, she continued stroking her throbbing clit, as Ethan’s image grew in her mind. Diane wished he were there, licking and suckling the tender button while he fingered her slick flesh. She imagined him guiding her to a mind-shattering climax, and wondered how he’d react to her loss of control. She could almost feel his presence, and smell his scent. Then it happened. The blue eyes stared deep inside her, once more, and a spasm rocked her body and soul from the inside out. She clenched her teeth, just before a soft moan deserted parted lips while her hips lifted off the bed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Almost spent, she cried out her orgasm.

    Moments later, she lay on the bed while staring at the ceiling and thinking she should have called the man. Perhaps a titillating conversation could have been shared between them while she pleasured herself. Maybe, she would have allowed him to command her. She had always been the submissive in bed, and it was so apparent, he was the dominant. Diane moaned in frustration as she rose from the bed and into the bathroom to wash. The orgasm was nice, but nowhere as near satisfying as one Ethan could deliver, she was sure.

    “Distractions, distractions.” She laughed to herself as she strolled into the kitchen. She noticed her insatiable appetite still lingered, and she bit her bottom lip in an attempt to focus her mind on something other than Ethan.

     “Mmmm, I love this stuff.” Diane inhaled the Dark Sumatran and caramel macchiato blend as she poured the dark elixir into a large black coffee mug. Her stomach growled. Well, at least her hunger for food would momentarily distract her from explicit thoughts of Ethan. After adding several teaspoons of sugar and some flavored creamer, she prepared a Reuben melt. 

       Retreating into the living room, Diane grabbed the remote from the coffee table and turned on a movie, something she really had no interest in. Sinking into the large Papa San chair, her thoughts returned to the charming stranger. She drew her knees up to her chest and replayed their meeting as she ate. She decided she would let her guard down, and looked at her cat.  

       “Whatever happens, happens, right Bast?” The cat looked up at her and meowed. 

       She had his phone number, so what the hell was she waiting for? The last thing she wanted was to appear wanton to him. Would this be a one-night stand? She was hopeful. Meaningful relationships were beyond her reach; at least that’s what she told herself over the past two years since the divorce. He had to have known what she wanted, especially with her body’s betrayal flaunting the tell tale signs in the café. Surely the man picked up on her lustful yearnings.

        Her body tingled, and an overwhelming desire to call him rose inside her. What the hell. She grabbed the large leather purse off the end-table and fished around for her BlackBerry. Diane’s breathing intensified as she searched for his number. Sweat beaded her brow, and she parted her lips. Damned if she didn’t feel like she was suffocating. She stiffened as his phone rang for the first time. On the second ring, her heart fluttered as her stomach did tremendous flip-flops while she twirled a strand of hair around her finger. The third ring, he finally picked up, and she released a breath of relief.  

     “Hello.” His voice was strong, yet questioning.

     “Ethan, it’s me, Diane.”

     “Well, well. I was hoping to hear from you tonight. How are you? Keeping dry, I hope.”

     She giggled. “I’m as dry as I can be.” She smiled to herself, thinking how wet she’d become when she fantasized about him. “I’m curled up with a good cup of coffee, so what more can I ask for.” She relaxed when he laughed. His voice was deep, and caused her nipples to tingle. “How are you doing?”

     “Well, I’m just hanging out, listening to my favorite blues band. I can hear the heavy downpour of rain beating against the building—Makes me wish you were here with me.” Diane’s heart slammed against her ribcage. There would have been silence if it weren’t for Ethan’s raspy breathing. “Hello, are you there?”

      “Yes, I—I’m here.” She couldn’t escape the fluttering feeling in her chest, and she cursed herself in silence because she stammered. Moisture seeped along the crease of her inner thigh, and she clamped her legs together. Instinct coerced her to carry the conversation further. “What would we do if I were there?” She bit her lip in anticipation as her nipples hardened into tiny pebbles.

      “Ah, the question I’ve been waiting for all evening. Well, I’d pull you close to me, and plant kisses down your neck. One hand would caress your jaw line while the other rested on the nape. Diane reached for a nipple, and squeezed. “I’d make my way down your chest, to your breasts, and nibble on them, ever so softly. I wouldn’t stop there though; I’d continue, taking those succulent buds in my mouth, sucking on them until you begged for more.”

      “You should stop.” Diane’s voice was hoarse, and heat flooded her face.

      “Now, why would I do that? Are you not enjoying our conversation? Or, would you prefer we act on this instead of talking about it? I don’t know about you, but I prefer the latter. What do you want?”  Diane stopped breathing for a few moments. She knew exactly what she wanted, but actually telling a person what pleased her sexually was beyond her reach. What she wanted never seemed to matter in any other relationship. It also didn’t help any that she had actually just met the man today, other than seeing him in passing a few days prior.

     “Diane, I’m waiting.” His voice was demanding, and a sigh followed.  

     “Um, I have to go now. I’m very tired.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say, and avoiding him seemed like the best solution.

     “Well, I don’t want to keep you any longer.” Ethan cleared his throat. “Are we still on for tomorrow evening?” She sensed worry in his voice. Had he thought she’d cancel on him? Not a snowball’s chance in hell!

     “Yes, of course we are.” Diane smiled. Anticipation formed inside her, and was accompanied by a twinge of guilt. She wanted him, but the thought of telling him what she wanted caused the bold streak she’d gained a few moments ago to desert her.  

     “Ah, there’s that beautiful smile again.” She noticed the sound of delight in his voice.

       “Good, I’m looking forward to our date. Now remember, tomorrow I won’t allow you to dodge my question.” Ethan’s voice grew husky, and his breathing intensified. She stiffened at the sound of both. “You will tell me what you want. By God, if I have to torment you until you beg me to make love to you, I promise, you will tell me.”  

      “Why is that so important to you?” She was so curious to know why he insisted she voice her needs to him. Surely he knew what she wanted, why did she have to tell him?

      “Because, it is. Oh, I have a request.”

       She smiled. “What is it?”

      “Wear a dress, thigh high stockings, and no panties.”

      “What?” Diane laughed nervously. He was so bold, and she loved it. Her cheeks burned with excitement, or was it embarrassment? She couldn’t tell the difference.

      “You heard me.” Ethan’s voice was stern. She sensed sensual promises in that husky voice of his. “No panties. Need I say more?”

       “Now, this should be interesting. Okay, no panties.” She laughed again while running clammy fingers through her hair. She placed her hand on her chest, because if her heart beat any faster, she swore it would come through her chest.

      “Am I making you nervous?”

      “No Ethan, you’re just—I don’t know what to say about you.”

      “Good, because I’m full of surprises. Okay my dear, I’m letting you go. You’re going to need your rest.

       A sliver of anticipation shot through her body. Whatever he was planning, it made every nerve ending in her body dance with delight. She swallowed and bit her lip.

      “Goodnight Ethan.” She didn’t want to put him off, but embarrassment embraced her.

       “Wait a minute sweetheart. I’ll meet you at Santini’s in Little Italy at seven thirty. Goodnight beautiful, sleep tight, and remember what I said.” 

       “Oh, how could I forget?” Diane laughed and folded her arms across her chest. Nervousness crushed her like an insect. Her heart raced as she ended the phone call. Exhaling, she leaned back into the Papa San chair. “What the hell am I doing? Oh Bast, has your momma gone completely insane? The cat flicked her tail and looked at her owner from across the room. She blinked several times and laid her head on the sofa.

      Diane covered her face with her hands and smiled. “Geez, thanks for your help.” The cat meowed and rolled over on her back. Diane laughed as she watched her pet playfully wriggle around on the couch.

      “Maybe I should take a chance.” The cat sat up, staring at her with green, penetrating eyes while twitching her tail. If Diane didn’t know any better, she would have sworn her animal friend was trying to tell her something.

      She didn’t know why, but she knew she’d be a fool to let him slip through her fingers. What do I have to lose except for a little bit of time? Suddenly, doubt and uneasiness set in. What if Ethan pursued women in this manner often? Just because he was blind didn’t stop him from being a player. Could this be some type of game? In frustration, she bit her lip as she hit the button on the remote, turning off the television. This was too good to be true, being approached by a good-looking stranger in a café. Why her? Hell, men hit on her all the time, maybe this one just had a smoother approach.

     Diane rose, and turned off the lights in the living room. Now she had done it, she thought to herself. But no, it had to have been old ghosts she invoked from the past. She had to let things go. All men weren’t asses. Bast trailed behind her as she slinked of into the bedroom.

* * * *

        Friday came and went, unlike any other. Although bitterly cold, at least father sun decided to rear his radiant face. For that, Diane was thankful. The rain had taken such a toll on her, thrusting her into the slight throes of depression.  She had been in such a mental funk the entire week.

     She smiled when she recalled the first time she laid eyes on Ethan. Sighing, she was grateful he had the balls enough to approach her, because if it were left up to her, they would have never gotten to know one another.

     Instead of arriving at eight o’clock, she opted to work from noon until seven o’clock. It would have been unnecessary to travel out of the city and back to the county.

     Many purchase orders were faxed towards the end of the day, and were ready for booking, so she helped a few members of her sales team and pitched in. End of Quarter was approaching, so her late arrival was a plus. Although her mind drifted to Ethan often, she managed to keep her cool. If he was a player, she’d find out. Excitement coursed through her veins, as it had been quite some time since she dated.

      A few times, she glanced at the clock on the wall, and her pulse quickened. The fluttering in her heart and butterflies in the stomach would not cease. Moments slipped by as she became engrossed in her work once more. When she glanced up again, it was seven o’clock. Diane exhaled, and completed the last of the purchase orders before clearing her desk, and powering down her computer. It would take fifteen minutes, at least, to drive to Little Italy, depending on traffic.

     Eagerness embraced her as she made a bee-line for the ladies room and scrutinized herself in the mirror, until the thought of Ethan being blind struck her. Why should she not make a fuss over her appearance, just because the man was blind?

     She sprayed a bit of musk on her pulse points, and checked her hair and make-up. She wrestled with the black tresses that were adorned with streaks of gray. One piece of hair defiantly stuck up, mocking her. Mumbling beneath her breath, she ran her fingers through the layered, shoulder-length tresses and vacated the bathroom.

* * *

      Just as Diane parked her car, her phone rang. Knowing it was Ethan, she quickly picked up and was greeted with his husky voice.

      “Hello there. Did you park far?”

      “No, I’m right up the street from the restaurant, actually on the parking lot across from La Scala’s. She swallowed several times as her breath caught in her throat. She hoped she wouldn’t be nervous as hell through the entire meal. 

      Ethan laughed, “Maybe we should have made arrangements to eat there. Sit tight, I’m on my way.”

      “Oh, no, you don’t have to do that.” She exited the car and walked in the direction of the restaurant. She could see him, and the sight stole her breath. The black cane with the gold lion’s head gave him a majestic like aura, making him appear wise beyond his years. A long black leather coat, different from the one he wore the other day partially covered a captivating blood red shirt. The black tie and black dress pants added a nice touch. The wind blew through his  long blond tresses, and a mental picture of him attacking her flashed through her mind. He looked like a modern day Viking, and exuded confidence as he gracefully strode down the busy street. One would never have known he was blind.

      He continued speaking on the phone. “Diane, I told you, I’ve lived in the city all my life, you don’t have to be so concerned.” They were still holding their phones when they met up with one another. Diane hit the button of her BlackBerry and slipped it into her purse.

     She watched as he inhaled deeply of her intoxicating aroma as he closed the flip phone and slid it into his coat pocket. “I love the smell of your perfume.” His voice was almost a whisper. He smiled and held out his hand. “Shall we? I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.”

     Diane smiled and took hold of the man’s large hand. Heat penetrated her core as she imagined those hands gliding over her body while providing her with intense pleasure. She looked up at him as they walked. He seemed like the total package. A warm fuzzy feeling cradled her soul, and an unexplainable peace enveloped her. She felt so safe with him, and it seemed like she’d known him for years. He had a smile on his face, and his grip tightened. He knew she was observing him.  

     “I’m hungry too, absolutely dying for muscles marinara and some fried calamari.”

     “Umm, they are my favorite.” Smiling, he glanced down at her as they walked. There was no doubt they had much in common.

     Once inside, their coats were taken, and they waited in line for ten minutes or so, but were quite content with each other’s company to even care. Finally, they were escorted to their booth.   She was glad he had chosen to sit next to, instead of across from her. Although somewhat nervous, she craved him to be near.

     “I’ve never been to this restaurant before, but I love the atmosphere,” Diane said as she looked around the elegant restaurant. The lighting was soft, giving off an air of romance and mystery.

      “I’ve been to all these restaurants. I live here, in Little Italy.”


      “Yup, right around the corner. Everything is convenient for me here. If I’m not walking or  using the Metro, I’ll catch a taxi. I have people who are my eyes, so to speak, and the same cabbie has driven me to and from work for the past five years.”

     “Well, that’s nice. At least you have people looking out for you. Of course, I worry about you, especially since the city is filled with crime.”

     “I’d rather have you looking out for me.” Ethan grinned playfully. “Seriously though, you shouldn’t worry, you’ll get wrinkles, and there is crime everywhere, even in the county.” Ethan flashed her a warm look before taking a healthy swig of wine. “I’m attentive to my surroundings, and always listen to my gut instinct.”

     Suddenly, the waiter came by, and took their order. When he left, the two became involved in their conversation, which became rather enticing, thanks to the blond Viking god.

     He turned in his seat to face her, while raising a brow. “Did you wear what I asked?”

    She lowered her voice. “You mean, skirt, thigh-highs, no panties?” Diane giggled after taking a sip of her wine.

     “Yes.” His husky voice alerted her to his arousal. She quickly took another sip, and braced herself. An adrenaline rush sliced through her, and the overwhelming urge to flirt with him coursed through her veins.

     “Why no panties?” She bit her lip with enthusiasm as he slid closer, resting his leg against hers. A sliver of pleasure coursed through her core, then, moisture accompanied that when he leaned in closer, his hot breath sensually caressing her tender neck. Feeling brave, she leaned against him harder. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

      “Ah, I see you’re more comfortable with me.” He cleared his throat and sighed. “What am I going to do with you Diane?” Many thoughts of her sitting on his lap and pressing her mound against his cock entered her mind, but she wouldn’t dare tell him that. She couldn’t.

    “I’m somewhat comfortable with you.” She laughed at the expression on his face while twirling a piece of hair around her finger.

     “You lie, now I’m going to have to punish you for that.” He reached out, lightly stroking her layered ebony locks. “You have beautiful hair.” He leaned over and inhaled, all the while sending shivers down her spine. “I’m not sure what it is about you, but I plan on finding out.” His sentence ended with a serious gaze. “How is it that fate has intervened by crossing out paths?”

     “Not sure, but it all seems pretty fascinating.” Diane relaxed as she leaned her entire body against his. The level of comfort he made her experience was mysterious indeed. It almost seemed like they were meant for one another.

     “I want to play a game.” Diane shuddered at those words, and the feeling he invoked in her just before taking another sip of her wine.

      “Ethan.” She looked around to make sure no one was watching.  Although crowded, each booth was cleverly separated by a thick wall. Diane and Ethan’s booth was nestled comfortably in a corner. She damn near jumped out of her skin when the waiter returned with their appetizers.

      “Could you bring a glass of ice, please?” His voice was husky, and an air of mystery enveloped it. He was up to no good.

     She smiled. “What are you up to now?”

     “You’ll find out.” Ethan reached out, placing a finger beneath her chin. “I can’t wait to have that beautiful cinnamon colored body against my skin.”

      “What? Oh. Wait a minute? How did you know what my complexion was?”

      He chuckled. “Bart, he’s a good friend and the owner of the café. That was the one thing about you I could not smell, touch, or taste.” He continued stroking Diane beneath her chin. “You like this, don’t you?” His touch was pure magic, because in a way, she felt hypnotized.

       “Yes.” She choked on the word. “Um, Bart had something to do with this?”  Diane tried to regain her senses. She wondered how she’d react to him stroking her tummy after a passionate night of sex.

       “Honestly, I did ask about you. He told me you had been coming in for weeks.” Ethan’s fingers guided her face close to his heavy-lidded gaze.   

     “He also noticed how I perked up every time you came in for lunch, so I asked him what you looked like, and his description was accurate. He described your facial features perfectly.” Ethan smiled, and she remembered the sensual way he explored the bone structure of her face. “I envy the man.”

      “Why is that?”

      “Because, he’s had the pleasure of seeing you.” Diane swooned from the simple touch, and the hardness of his body, but that feeling was accompanied by sadness. She was so obvious to the regret his voice held.

        “Well, remind me to thank Bart.” A strong, magnetizing aura seemed to mold them together. Her nipples swelled against the fabric of her bra and she squirmed in her seat as his lips brushed hers lightly. He pulled back, teasing her. She moaned while touching the hand that was placed gently beneath her chin. She scooted closer to him, inhaling his rich masculine scent that seemed to stoke the fire brewing down below.  

     Suddenly, to them, they were the only people in the restaurant, and nothing else mattered. Diane wanted more, and every fiber of her being demanded that she have it. Her head spun from the effects of the wine, or was it Ethan? With baited breath, she slipped her tongue past his lips, testing the waters. Once she did that, it was all down hill from there. Grasping her in a firm embrace, he ran his tongue along the seam of her lips, and eventually entered her mouth. Their tongues entwined with one another, in a drawn out erotic dance.

     Diane moaned against his lips as his other hand slid against the nape of her neck, nudging her against his sensual, yet demanding kiss. She creamed herself as he greedily sucked her tongue. Releasing her reservations completely, she allowed her hands to cup his face while enjoying the roughness of his facial hair. One hand traveled along his squared jaw, then towards a blond sideburn, which she stroked with an index finger. A gasp deserted her when his hand fell to her lap, and slowly pulled up her skirt. Her hand ventured further into silken blond strands. An image of him lingering between her thighs flashed in her mind, and she released a wounded cry as she imagined how his hair felt between her legs.

      She trembled, and he ended the kiss. Ethan pressed his forehead against hers as he continued the excruciating exploration of her body. They both panted with need and desire for a few blessed moments as his hand closed in on her treasure and stopped. Frustration set in and she bit her lip.  

      “Umm, hot and wet.” His breath singed her skin.

      “Why did you stop?” Diane’s whisper was a slight moan, especially when he nuzzled his cheek against hers.

       “If I didn’t, something bad might happen.” Fire ignited in her loins at his breathless voice and the smoldering fire his icy blue eyes possessed. “Would you ride me, right here, right now? I wouldn’t be opposed to pulling you on top of me.”

     Withdrawing his hand, he cleared his throat just before the waiter appeared with the ice. Ethan remained facing in her direction. Diane smiled and thanked the man. He had to have known what was up.  

     “Are you okay?”

     Diane folded her arms against her aching breasts. She was more than okay, her body was on fire, and she wanted nothing more than to surrender herself, body and soul to this handsome man. It wasn’t the fact that she was somewhat shocked at her behavior, since he was, after all a complete stranger, but it was the intense feelings and warmth he stirred inside her, that gave her just cause to worry. Not to mention, if he had continued to pull her skirt up, she’d accept his invitation of mounting him in front of the whole world. The fear of getting caught seemed to appeal to them both.

     “Honestly, I don’t know.” She lied to him as she leaned against the table. What the hell was her damned problem? Seriously, she could leave anytime she wanted, and not look back, but she couldn’t. Nothing was beyond her control, with the exception of speaking her feelings.

     “Of course you know. Don’t fool yourself, or try to fool me.”  There was that demanding voice again, and those beautiful blue soul-piercing eyes. Why the hell could he see right through her? Was he psychic? “I want to show you something. Give me your hand.”

     “Why?” Before she could react, Ethan reached out, grabbing her hand and placed it against the bulge that sought freedom from his pants.

     “Oh God, Ethan.” Diane damn near melted as she felt his cock harden beneath her touch.  Instinctively, she squeezed, and was amazed at the girth and length of him. She swallowed hard as she pleasured him, causing his eyes to close momentarily. He leaned his head back against the booth while peering at her through narrowed blue slits.

     “See what you do to me? Now, tell me what you want.” His penetrating gaze had her cornered. He appeared to know her better than she knew herself. She parted her lips to speak, but words evaded her. Why should she have reservations about her feelings? Had years of a bad marriage and two failed relationships caused her to feel ashamed of wanting something that was so natural?   

     Diane continued to torture herself. Shouldn’t she wait at least a few weeks before jumping his bones? At least in other relationships she had known the men well, before sleeping with them. There was more than just physical attraction brewing here. Mentally, they were on the same level. When they held hands outside the restaurant, it all seemed so natural, like they were made for one another. Should she trust her gut instincts, or if she bedded him tonight, would that make her a whore? She hated her indecisiveness.

     “What are you thinking about?” Ethan smiled as he brushed the back of his hand against her cheek, causing her to lean into his touch. He rested his hand on the hand caressing his cock.

     “How did you know I was thinking?” Shoot! What a silly ass question. Heat flushed her face as she suddenly felt like such a nerd. Right now she felt she had the God-given gift of opening mouth and inserting foot, but he seemed to enjoy every awkward and erotic moment spent with her.

     “Um, the long silence, and the vibrations you’re throwing off. You seem confused. Talk to me, please.”

     “Ethan, is this right, I mean, what we’re about to do?” She watched as he gave her a reassuring smile.

     “What do you mean, what we’re about to do? Are you trying to tell me something, beautiful?”        Just then, the waiter appeared with their food. A smile caressed the man’s features as Diane snatched her hand from Ethan’s groin. He knew exactly what was going on, and was amused. The atmosphere was to blame, and so were the secluded booths. What couple could resist stolen passionate moments in public?

     “You know, I’m not all that hungry for food,” Ethan said as his hand gracefully moved towards the glass of ice, and fished a piece out. He slipped it in his mouth, and winked at her. “Now, it’s my turn. You played with me, now I get to play too.” He turned until he faced her fully. Before she could utter a word, his left hand was on her knee, and began to inch it’s way up her leg, past the top of the thigh highs.