Interracial Erotica -
Red's Ride
By Rebecca Davis Keller
Published on October 3, 2010

Red’s Ride is a modern erotic interpretation of the Red Riding Hood story.  Veronica Ryder, known as Red around the station, a sheriff’s deputy that loves to issue traffic citations using an unusual technique.  She learns by mistake that if she is wearing red lipstick she exudes a certain kind of control over men.  Her full red lips can turn an irate male driver into a pussy cat. One afternoon she pulls over attorney Aiden Wolfe for speeding.  She finds herself attracted to him but because she gave him a ticket she can’t pursue her attraction so the only thing she can do is go home and fantasize about him with a few of her favorite toys.  But first she has to stop by her sick grandmother’s house.  When she gets there with groceries for her grandmother, she is no where to be found.  Instead she finds Mr. Wolfe hiding in her grandmother’s bathroom.  Thinking that he has done something to her grandmother she pats him down, setting off an amazing encounter with him taking her to new erotic heights and bringing out the animal in him.  

Red's Ride Part 1

She feels the car shake from side to side. The familiar feeling of her patrol car rocking on its suspension from the changing air pressure of a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed.  When she looks up all she sees is the rear end of a black sedan moving down the road very fast.  The speed gun’s alarm is beeping and she glances over to look at it to see the radar’s display flashing the number 85 at her.  Sighing, she reaches up to turn the alarm off.  Although it may have looked like that she was staring at her monitor screen watching for drivers she had actually been sitting there daydreaming again.  This time it was about the next driver she would possibly pull over that day because she had a strong feeling that she was going to hand out one more citation before her shift would end. 

As usual he would be speeding down the interstate in his high performance car thinking that he was hot shit doing about 80 plus mph.  How does she know it’s a he?  Because the stretch of high she patrols is a straightaway and most men can’t resist putting the petal to the metal.  She would pursue him, her lights and siren blaring and when he finally sees her car he pulls off the road.  She would get out her clipboard and her secret weapon her tube of red lipstick.  She would glide her lipstick across her lips and then get out of her car to approach the stopped vehicle.  When she gets up to the car and looks inside the first thing she sees is the driver’s lap.  She bends over to talk to the driver making sure he can see her red lips, a bit of cleavage and the curve of her ass.  This time the driver is a handsome young Hispanic man with short dark hair and a mustache that sat below his thin nose and dark piercing eyes.  She could see that he is very muscular through his tight jeans and sleeveless shirt.  As she writes up the ticket she can see him getting a hard on through his jeans.  She especially liked it when the drivers wore jeans because their erections were so obvious.  She licks her red lips at the sight of this and then to tease him even further she sticks the end of her pen in her mouth and sucks on it as she looks over the ticket. When she is done she hands him it to him.  But as he takes it he looks at her with a sheepish grin on his face and drops the ticket outside the car door. She watches as it floats to the ground beside his car and as she bends over to pick it up he brazenly smacks her on the ass.  She reacts immediately, standing up straight again and telling the driver to get out of his car.  As he exits, she grabs him by the arm and twists him around, shoving the front of his body up against his vehicle.  She pats his upper body down and then moves her hand to pat down the lower part of his body starting at his ankles and working her way up to his very muscular thighs and buttocks.  When she reaches around to his crotch she can feel his hard on bulging in his pants. 

She pulls him around to the other side of her patrol car and continues her pat down running her hand along the inside of one leg and then back up the other leg back to stop at his groin.  She hears him moan and she starts strokes him hard through his pants.  As he grinds his pelvis against her hand she lets go of his arm and brings her hand around to the front of his pants and starts to undo them.  She pulls them down and then spins his body around so that he is facing her.  She takes her gun belt off and lays it on the hood of her car.  She then takes her hand and spitting into it first puts it on his cock and starts to stroke him again.  As they stand there she takes her free hand and unbuttons her pants.  The driver helps her push her pants down over her ass and then he puts his hand in front of her crotch.  She spreads her legs and feels his hand slip between her thighs, his fingers grope her through her slippery wetness as he tries to find her clit and the opening of her cunt.  He locates her clit first and rubs her for a few pleasurable moments flicking and pinching her.  He starts to move his fingers around and then when he locates her wet opening he slips his fingers into her.  She gasps and moves her body against his fingers as he slowly moves his fingers in and out of her pussy.  He takes his left hand and opens the top of her uniform shirt popping off the first two buttons in the process exposing the top of her bosom to him. He moves his hand inside and squeezes her breast through her bra.  Her body rocks against his hand that is nicely burrowed into her crotch and she moans as she starts to feel the heat in her body build up.  She tries to concentrate on stroking his cock but he is doing such a good job of working her over she let’s go of him and grabs onto his shoulders as her body rides his hand as it plunges in and out of her.  As she starts to feel her body shudder she grabs him by the head and mashes her mouth onto his and pushes her tongue into his mouth.  Their tongues clash and slip around the other and as her orgasm begins to overtake her she pulls his tongue into her mouth and sucks on it as her body rapidly undulates on his hand as her orgasm moves through her body.   When her rocking subsides, he releases her and brings his fingers to his mouth, tasting her as he licks his fingers.  Seeing that his mouth is covered with her red lipstick she takes her hand and wipes his face then pushes him back against the patrol car.  She pulls up her pants and then squats down in front of him so that she can finish what she started.  She spit in her hand again and placing it on his cock starts to stoke his skin.  When she gets him rock hard again she moves her face closer to the head of his cock so that she can slip it in her mouth but as she starts to do it she hears an alarm going off.  She tries to ignore it so that she can return to what she is doing but then she realizes the sound is not going away, as she slowly recognizes that it is the alarm of the speed gun mounted on her dashboard.

She pulls herself from her daydream sits up in the seat to start her vehicle and then reaches over to the light bar and siren control panel to flips it on.  Watching for oncoming traffic she drives along the side of the highway to get up to driving speed, but with her red and white light bar flashing the traffic slows down and yields to her as gets onto the asphalt of the interstate.  She taps the control key on her car’s computer keyboard which brings up the license plate capture system that her vehicle was equipped with.  She clicks the tab that indicates the last date stamp when the radar alarm went off.  The screen shows her the information and most importantly it showed the offending vehicle in a series of high speed digital pictures that were taken as the car drove past hers. It didn’t take her very long to catch up to the speeding black car.  With her patrol car’s lights flashing and siren blaring she pulls up behind the car glances over at the radar display which was now flashing 70, but she had the car on camera doing 85 and that was all she needed to pull it over.  It was typical for most people to slow down when they saw her lights which it looked like this driver was doing she just hoped that this stop would be routine.  But when the car did not pull over as quickly as it should have done she was starting to become concerned. 

She pursues him for several more miles and just as she is just about to call for back up, she sees that he is decreasing his speed and heading for an off ramp.  The vehicle stops at the stop sign, turns onto the roadway and then proceeds to pull into the gas station parking lot that was next to the exit ramp.  She doesn’t mind that the driver is pulling off this time but she preferred that they pull over immediately.  The car finally comes to a stop and she comes to a stop right behind him.  But as she begins to call dispatch about her stop, she sees him open his door and start to exit his car, swinging a gray panted leg out of the vehicle.  She pulls out her mic and flips it on.

“Please stay in your vehicle,” she tells the driver in a calm clear voice which booms out over the speaker mounted on her car.  As she watches for the occupant to put his leg back in the vehicle, the other leg came out.  “Please stay in your vehicle,” she says over the mic again in a much more commanding tone.  She stays in her vehicle not knowing if the driver is going to rush her and it was better for to stay in the confines of her patrol car if he decides to do that.   She watches the driver stand up out of the car and stretch his body.  He is tall and looks like he has some muscles on him which she could see by the way his clothes conform to his body as he stretches.  She quickly assesses him and decides to tell him one more time to get back in the vehicle and then she would call dispatch for back up.  “Sir, get back in your vehicle and close the door, this is your last warning.”  He turns around and faces her patrol car with a look of shock on his face.  She watches as he brings his hand up, points it at himself with a look of confusion and mouths the word, “Me?”

“Yes, you!"  Now please follow my directions.  Slowly get back in your vehicle, shut the door and place you hands outside the window.”  A look of concern came over his face as he starts to raise his hands, which is the usual reaction from people when they realize that they were dealing with law enforcement.  She saw him remove something from the right side of his head, slowly squat back down into his vehicle, swing both legs back into his car, closes the door and places his hands out the window driver side window as she had commanded.   

She picks up her clip board with her citation book, pen and her special accessory that none of the other deputies carried; her tube of red lipstick.  As she always did, she pulls it out, takes off the cap and twists the slender red cylinder up out of its protective sheath.  She raises it up to her lips and glides it across her top lip then her bottom lip, pulls her lips inward to smooth out the creamy red color and then replaces the cap.   She knows that this is not the usual patrol officer protocol but she had learned that when she was wearing her red lipstick people tended to treat her differently.  It was almost like the lipstick exerted some type of mind control when people saw that she was wearing it, especially with men. 

She had come to this revelation about the lipstick purely on accident several years ago.   She had been sitting at the local watering hole with some coworkers after their shift talking about work when she had seen this women walk into the bar.  She was smoking hot by anyone’s standard, as she had long brunette hair and great body.  But what she had noticed when the women had walked towards her was how red her lips were.  She started to watch the woman as she walked up to the bar and sat down on the stool and began talking to the bartender.   As she watched them exchange words she noticed how the bartenders face had lit up and how his eyes were having trouble looking the woman in her eyes.  She initially thought that he was looking at the top of her exposed bosom but that he was actually watching her lips as she spoke to him and then she saw how quickly he moved to get her a drink.  She continued to watch the woman as the man sitting next to her at the bar started to talk to her and he too wasn’t looking at her breasts but her lips.  As they talked he would look at her mouth and sometimes at her breasts but then they would come back to her mouth.  She then realized that she too was mesmerized by the woman’s red glossy lips.  She continued to watch the woman at the bar, how the bartender smiled at her as he brought her mug of beer up the bars edge, white foam floating on top and then overflowing the side as he set it on the bar top.  The man that was sitting next to her watched her as her lips came up to the side of the cold beer mug and as she took a sip he placed money on the bar to pay for her drink.  She drank the whole mug in a few minutes while the bartender and patron continued to watch her.  When she had finished, she sat the mug on the bar top leaving just beer foam in the bottom and a red lipstick print along the rim of the beer mug.  As she slammed the mug on the bar the woman smiled at both men, got up and walked towards the back of the bar apparently heading to the ladies room.  As the woman walked past the table she was sitting at, the woman smiled down at her, with her red lips still glistened from the beer and she smiled back.  But something happened to her during the brief exchange of smiles with the other woman, something that she hadn’t quite expected.  Although she had never been attracted to women, when the woman smiled at her it had made her crotch stir.  

Shocked by her reaction, she excused herself from the table telling everyone that she was going home. They said their goodbyes and she quickly headed towards the door.  When she got to her car the image of the other women came to her again bringing back the feeling of arousal that she had felt before but it was making her feel more uncomfortable then aroused.  She sat there unsure of what was going on with her body.   Even though she had just broken up with her boyfriend of two years she didn’t think that she was becoming a lesbian but she couldn’t understand why she was feeling this way all of a sudden.  She replayed what she had witnessed in the bar analyzing what she had seen.  But then she realized what was going on.  Her body was reacting to the red lipstick and the reactions that she saw it have on the other men and not the women who was wearing it.  And when she thought about it further,  even though the woman was quite attractive if she had asked the bartender what color the woman’s eyes were he probably couldn’t tell her or even what kind of clothes the woman was wearing, just the color of her lipstick.  And knowing how most guys thought, she would bet that every guy in the bar that was looking at that woman was thinking about how her red lips would look sucking on his cock.  She had hung out with enough guys and had over heard enough locker room conversations to know what men were like. 

As she drove home she found herself stopping at the local drug store.  When she walked into the store she headed towards the make-up aisle looking at the different brands of make-up products.  She had never really been a person to wear make-up on a daily basis just for special occasions. Usually it was very subdued and she never wore any lipstick that was darker than a coral but there she was picking out different shades of red lipstick.  As she walked up and down the aisle she managed to pick out about several different shades and some other make-up products and supplies.   When she got home she applied her make-up as usual and then tried out the different colors of red that she had purchased.  When she had the shade she thought would work with her complexion and shape of her lips, she would put her theory to work the next day.  

When she got to the station the day, needless to say her coworkers noticed that she looked different. And she had even gotten a few compliments about how nice she looked.  Some people told her that she looked different but that they couldn’t put their finger on what was different about her.  A few of them had even asked her if she had done something with her hair but in the two years that she had worked at the Sheriff’s department no one had ever complimented her on her looks although she was wearing the same white uniform shirt and black slacks that all the other deputies were wearing.   She was also surprised at how the compliments had made her feel.  She had always felt that wearing make-up everyday was overrated but after the reaction she got that first day not only from her co-workers but also the people she had encountered throughout the day, she didn’t think that way any longer. And she really couldn’t believe that when men complimented her, it made her feel sexy, which had certainly been a new experience for her. 

When she got in her patrol car she went about her usual duties for the day, patrolling and talking with the locals with a new found confidence. It wasn’t long before she did her first traffic stop, but before she got out of her car she put on her red lipstick.  As she walked up to the car she saw that the driver was male and by the look of his reflection in the side mirror, she could tell that he was working himself up to be on the defensive like most drivers do when they think they are being stopped for no reason.   She politely greeted the driver and asked him to provide his driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. And like most drivers react when she asks for their documentation he was shifting in his seat in an agitated manner.   She watched him to see that he was only getting the documents that she had asked for, which he had done. But when he finally looked up at her as he was handing her his documentation she could see a change come over his face, like he was surprised to see her.   She continued to question him about why she had stopped him and asked him where he was going and as he responded she could see his body become less agitated and his voice took on a much calmer tone than when she had first approached his car.  By the time she was done writing the citation out for him he was saying “Yes Ma’am” when she would speak to him.  And then when she had gotten back to her car and she turned around to get back in the driver’s seat she had caught him looking back at her in his rear view mirror.  Most of the time when she looked back at the vehicle she had just stopped, the driver’s were shaking their heads and throwing their citations out the window or tossing it around in their car.

So from that day on every time she made a stop she would pull out her red lipstick and put in on.  It didn’t matter if the man was black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, a doctor, a lawyer, day laborer, or a man of the cloth, they all would watch her mouth.  And although she certainly wasn’t a stunning beauty, she was always amazed at the response she would get from the men she encountered.  It did help that her body had some nice curves but that was due more to her African-American genes than anything else, which is what she also had to thank for her full lips as well.   Then a few weeks of her lipstick success, she had overheard one of the other male deputies call her Big Red.  Of course she had to assume it was because of her large red lips, which had certainly become a part of her everyday look. But she had often wondered at the time how many of them had fantasized about her big red lips sliding up and down their cocks.   And over time as the nickname spread around work she was eventually referred to as Red which she actually had gotten a kick out of knowing where the name had come from.  

So like every other stop she makes sure she applies her lipstick before she gets out of her car.  When she finishes applying the creamy red color to her lips she lays the tube on the console and exits her vehicle.  When she gets out and looks around to assess her surroundings she sees that everyone at the gas station is looking in her direction.   She gives a passing wave to everyone to reassure them that everything is under control.  She knows the attendants inside and if anything were to happen they would be on the phone in a hot second calling for back up even if she couldn’t.  She sees them nod back at her and then she turns to walk towards the black sedan with the driver’s arms dangling out the car window.  When she finally gets to the driver’s side door she speaks to the driver.  “Do you have any weapons in the vehicle?”

“No I don’t,” the driver exclaims immediately, “is there a problem officer?” he asks cautiously. 

“Sir, I clocked you doing 85 mph going down the interstate, are you aware that the speed limit along that stretch is 60 mph?” she asks him with the voice of authority that she normally uses when she has pulled a driver over.  

“Oh, was I?  Are you sure?” he says back at her with a doubtful tone in his voice.

 “Oh, yes sir I’m very sure that you were.  I have you on my dash camera,” she tells him pointing back towards her patrol car, “See the blinking red light, it’s recording us right now.”   She watches him turn back to look to see if what she saying was true.  She gets a kick when she sees his face become grim as he turns back towards the front of his vehicle.  Now she can’t help but smile as he slumps in his when he realizes that he is not going to be able to get out of receiving a speeding ticket.  “May I have you driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance please?” she asks still using her authoritative voice.  He pulls his hands in the vehicle and shifts his body in the car’s leather seat to get his wallet which was apparently in his jacket lying in the back seat.  She could see the curve of his ass through his slacks as he reached behind the passenger seat.  She usually didn’t get to see a driver’s ass like that because most men carried their wallet in their back pocket.  But after seeing his muscular body when he got out of his car earlier she found herself checking his body out.  She continues to watch him as he now leans over to the glove box to look for the rest of his documents she had requested of him.  He was wearing a white button up cotton shirt with the cuff of the sleeves folded up and she could see the muscular definition of his arms as he stretched.  Her eyes followed the contours of his legs inevitably leading them to his crotch causing her to wonder if he was as well defined there as the rest of him was.  His voice snaps her back and she is glad that she is wearing dark sunglasses in case he had seen her checking him out.

“Wow, I didn’t realize I was going that fast,” he says to her as he hands her his documents. 

“Well then I suggest that you don’t talk on your cell phone while you are driving.  Which is why I suppose is the reason why you didn’t pull over when I came up behind you flashing you down to stop?” She can see that he is getting agitated as he shifts around in his seat a little more and then he looks up at her for the first time since she walked up to his car.  When he looks up at her she can see that he has light colored eyes and that he is flashing a big grin at her, as if he were a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Red removed her sunglasses so that she could see what color his eyes were as the dark tinted lens distorted their true color.  When her eyes met his she sees that they are hazel with hints of gold and green and that there is a dark blue band around the edge of his irises.  She sighs and flashes him a red glossy smile as she reaches out her hand to take the items she had requested.   As she takes the documents from his large manicured hands their fingers touch and she sees him shift in his seat again.  She lays the items on her clip board and looks through them finding the vehicle registration, insurance card, his driver's license and his business card with his name in big red foil letters, A. Wolfe, Attorney at Law.  She smiles and laughs to herself when she sees his name, thinking that he certainly had the right last name for an attorney.  She reaches up and activates her radio to call his name and driver’s license number into dispatch.  

As she starts to write out his ticket she glances up and sees him checking her out.  This was the typical reaction that she got from men as she would stand in front of them writing their ticket.  She could have walked back to her car to punch his information into her computer but she always got a kick out of standing there watching the male drivers fidget in their seats.  But sometimes she would play it up a bit depending on her mood.  And since he had the balls to hand his business card to her she was going to make him squirm.  As she copies down his information she slowly lick her lips and when she has to talk on her radio she would enunciate her words knowing that he would be watching her lips as she spoke.  When she was done writing out the ticket she bit the corner of her lip causing her mouth to fall slightly open as she reads over the ticket to make sure she has all his information.  She ends her mouth play by sticking the end of her pen in her mouth, clamping her teeth down on the cap and letting it dangle from her mouth.  And just like the other men she would tease this way, when she hands him the clip board he is sitting there unaware that his mouth open and that he is sporting a hard on which is very visible to her as she looks down into the vehicle.

“Please sign your name at the bottom.  If you would like to contest this citation the hearing date and time is located at the bottom or if you would just like to pay the fine the information on how to do that is on the back of the ticket.  Do you understand?”  He nods and then turns to look down at the clip board taking the pen from her, signs his name and hands the clipboard back to her.  “Do you have any questions about your citation Mr. Wolfe?” looking him straight in the eyes.  She sees little gold flecks in his eyes flash at her now most likely because his blood pressure was rising causing his pupils to dilate which in turn changes the size of his irises.

“Uh, un,” he replies shaking his head from side to side.  She bends down towards the window of his car as she hands him back his documents and lets him get a peek at the top of her cleavage.  She also gets a better look at his face.  He is attractive with a clean shaven boyish face with a thin nose and very nice lips.  He has short black wavy hair mixed with gray and white hairs giving him a much older appearance although his license indicated that he was 31 years old.  

“Well here is your documentation back and your citation.  And please, I recommend that in the future that you pull over when you need to talk on your cell phone.  I know your ear piece makes it easier but obviously you can be easily distracted by talking on your phone while you are driving.”  He smiles back up at her nodding his head to acknowledge what she was telling him.  As she hands him is papers she gives him another lustrous red smile as he take the documents from her which had includes his business card.  She notices that as he takes them he immediately lays them in his lap, most likely because he has become aware that he has a hard on which is bulging against the zipper of his pants.  She continues to smile at him and then speaks again, “Ok, then Mr. Wolfe you are free to go now and please have a nice day.”  She then turns and walks back to her patrol car as he shouts out his window, “You too, and thank you!”  She always got a kick out of that when they thanked her when she was done with them.  She raises her hand up waving her clipboard in the air acknowledging him.  When she reaches her car she opens the door, turns to step into the car and takes the opportunity to see if he does what most of the other drivers do following their encounter, adjust his rear view mirror to see watch her ass move in her uniform pants.  And this time was no different as she sees his hand quickly move away from the mirror.

Red gets into her car and laughs to herself thinking that as her last traffic stop for the day he was very good looking.  She was definitely going to have fun fantasizing about him, although she certainly wouldn’t have minded getting to know him personally. As she sits in her car finishing her log she can’t help but smile as she thinks about what had just happened.  She was beginning to wonder who was getting off more on her lipstick tease, her or the men she was using it on.  On some days, if she had the time, she would rewind the video to watch the male driver’s reactions which in some cases she had a really good laugh. And she would especially get a special little thrill if the car was full of young guys and they would all turn around to watch her shake her ass as walked away.   She picks up her lipstick that was sitting on the console and places it back in the clipboard.  She starts her car again and pulls up next to Mr. Wolfe’s car and as she looks over she sees that his lips are moving and that he is shaking his head, apparently back on his cell phone again.  Well at least she knows that he will be parked there for a while in light of his recently acquired citation.

Back at the station she finishes her daily report, turns in her log and then heads to the shower.  She had told her grandmother that she would be stopping by later that night to make her dinner.  She knew that Gran, which was what she called her, had not been feeling well lately and so she wanted to check on her as well.  After her mother died when she was 14, she has had to go live with her grandmother.  Although the first year she lived with her had been rough for the both of them they eventually came to an understanding and after that things were livable.  It wasn’t until after Red had gone to college and then attended the Sheriff’s Academy that they had become closer. 

 When she finally gets to the locker room and changes out of her uniform she is ready for the work day to be over.  She notices that the locker room is quite and that none of the other female deputies were around so she is glad that she will be able to shower in peace and quiet.  Red had never been much of  a social butterfly so she tended to be content staying at home reading, playing on computer and watching TV while she did her weekly chores around her house.   She didn’t have a boyfriend, kids or even a really good girlfriend to hang out with which she was content with.  But she found that she could get very lonely sometimes especially when she wanted to feel the touch of someone else.  She did have a boyfriend a couple of years ago but it had ended badly and after that she didn’t want to be bothered with the messiness of having a relationship.  And at this point the only thing she really did miss was the sex.  Unfortunately they had broken up before she had put her lipstick theory to work so on the days when she had gotten herself a little worked up, the only thing she could do was go home and satisfy her sexual urges.   And after today’s stop she had a feeling that her evening was going to end that way again.   

She heads into the shower to wash the road off of her body.  She turns on the water and stands there letting the hot water run over her body.   As she closes her eyes her head starts to fill with images of A. Wolfe.  She recalls how he had looked as stood by his car in gray pants and white shirt stretching his body.  And then when she had bent over to talk to him towards the end of their encounter she could smell the woody aroma his cologne with a hint of patchouli and musk as it wafted out of his car window.  Red’s hand started to slowly move over her body as she thinks about him more.   He was white but his race didn’t matter to her, she liked good looking men of any race.  She had wanted to touch his smooth cheek as she had always liked the feel of a man’s clean shaven face and she had especially liked his dark hair that was lightly intermixed with silver and white hairs.  She picks up her shampoo from the shower shelf and as she starts to wash her hair as she thinks about how his hair style was long enough on the top and sides to run her fingers through and wondering how soft it must feel. She was surprised that he had decided not to dye his hair as the guys that she worked with were off to the drug store to get hair dye for men as soon as they found one gray hair.  But more than likely he probably had kept his hair that way so that his clients would take him seriously.  I’m sure if he dyed his hair he would look like he was 21 instead of 31 and who probably wouldn’t have any confidence in his ability to practice law if he looked that young.  But that didn’t matter she just though it made him look very sexy to her.  She continues to wash body thinking about is intense eyes and the sly grin that had come across his face when he realized he wasn’t getting out of his ticket.  She could feel a slight twinge in her pussy as she thought about how she had watched him gradually get an erection as she wrote out the citation and then his attempt to cover up the bulge in his pants.  Her hand moves to her the top of her pubic bone and slides her soapy fingers between her legs teasing her pussy, but she stops not wanting to waste her fantasy standing in the shower at work.  She will have plenty of time to   fully reflect on her encounter this afternoon when she gets home.

She had called it her time for reflection when she went home to masturbate about one or some of them men that she had recently pulled over.  On the days when she was really turned on by a man during one of her stops she would set the mood for herself when she got home by turning off the lights, stripping down naked and climbing on to her bed with her basket of goodies.  She would turn on the TV and flip through the Adult Channels to look for something to watch that would help get her body all warmed up for her fantasy lover for the evening.  Although she didn’t consider herself to be a lesbian or bisexual, she found that she liked to watch the girl on girl movies.  Any time she had watched the guy-girl movies, it seemed to diminish how she saw her fantasy lover and she didn’t get the orgasm that she liked.  She wasn’t watching them so much to get off on two women having sex with each other but for what they would do to each other’s pussies is what she liked most about watching these types of videos.  After all what woman doesn’t like get her pussy pleased.  In the guy-girl movies they hardly ever showed the guy going down on the girl and if they did it was only for like a minute and then it would show her either giving the guy a marathon blow job or he would he would move on and start fucking the woman for what seemed like ages until they got the cum shot at the end of the scene.  When she had first started using the videos she would have to stop pleasuring herself to fast forward past the parts she didn’t really like ruining the tempo she was in.  And seeing that there wasn’t a man in her life for the time being she didn’t really like to watch those scenes anyways.  The old adage that only another woman knows what another woman wants is true to a certain extent, but for Red watching what other women did to each other was about as far as she was willing to go.  

So after she has purchased her movie she would turn out the light and watch the screen with her basket of goodies beside her which contained lubricant, a dildo, a small vibrator that was shaped like a little silver egg, condoms, a butt plug and of course her a tube of red lipstick.  Red usually fast forward through the talking parts as she had found that it was meaningless anyways.  She had purchased the video for one specific reason and it wasn’t to sit through the whole plotline of the video.  When it looked like the action was about to take place she would return the video to play mode, making sure she was comfortable on the bed usually put several pillows behind her so that she could watch the TV and play with her pussy and breasts without straining her neck and back.  She would start out squeezing her ample breasts and pinching on her nipples as the women in the video began to explore each other’s bodies.   Her breasts were large enough that she could actually lick and suck on her own nipples, which was a nice enhancement to her self-pleasuring sessions.  As the women went about their caressing and fondling each other she would slide her hand down to her crotch and slip her fingers between the outer lips of her pussy which were already warm and wet by the time she would get to this point.  She loved the sensation of her fingers as they brushed against the outer lips of her labia, running her fingers over them lightly a few times.  As she lay their watching the women lick and suck on each other she would slip her fingers between the folds of skin and let them play in the wetness that was starting to saturate her pussy.  She would find het clit and softly start to play with it. She would trace circles around it or light squeeze it sending a little jolt through her body.  After a while she would see a sex toy or two would come into play for the women to use on her partner or for the both of them to use and she would get one of her toys from her basket.   Sometimes she would get out her little silver egg and rub it against her clitoris and then insert it inside herself so that it would vibrate the inside of her pussy while she rubbed and pinched at her clit for a while as she watched the women on the screen.  After a few minutes the women would be really going at either fucking each other with a double ended dildo or one of them would have a strap on dildo.  And depending on how many women were in the mix one of them would be licking the hell out of one of the other woman’s pussy.   This was the scene that really turned Red on the most, when someone’s mouth was locked down on a pussy.  Regardless if it were a man or a woman doing it she liked to watch this because it was the one sex act that she loved to have done to her, having a tongue lick and suck on her pussy.  Which is why she watched the girl on girl videos, it was where she was sure to see it happen. This usually got her juices really flowing and she would pull out the little egg and set it so that it was vibrating against her clit.  Some sessions she would pull out the dildo and fuck her pussy with it while she rubbed herself with her fingers or her egg.  As she would writhe on the bed one of her hands would return to her breasts to squeeze and pull on her nipples.  Sometimes she would shove a nipple in her mouth and bite and nibble on one and then the other stimulating her even more as her pelvis would gyrate on the bed and the tension in her body would build up for her orgasm.  When it finally hit her she would cry out often at the same time as one of the women in the video, her moans getting lost in the video’s soundtrack of other women crying out as they were getting off.  Sometimes she would see how many more orgasms she could have before the video would end so she would keep working her hand and her vibrators on her very happy pussy. 

Red's Ride Part 2

When she was done with her movie she would take a breather.  She liked to lie there in her bed as the room’s air caressed her sweaty skin.  While she was doing that she would start to replay in her mind how she had pulled over the object of that evening’s desire, put on her red lipstick and then get out of her car to approach the vehicle.  It was usually then that she would reach into her basket and pull out her lipstick and glide it across her lips like she does when she is sitting in her patrol car.  She would recall how she would smile at the driver and tease him with her red lips as she talked on her radio or stuck the pen in her mouth, pulling it in and out of her mouth as she wrote out the citation.  She would try to come up with different scenarios that would invariably find them in a position that get him to suck on her pussy and then once he got her off that way she might give him a blow job, too, but usually she would just let him fuck her.  When she would get to this point of the fantasy, she would reach out for her dildo and slip it inside her pussy to emulate her fantasy traffic violator penetrating her.  To add a little twist to her sex play, she had been using her little egg in her ass while she used the dildo as well.  She would put the egg in a lubricated condom and then slowly insert it in her ass and turn it on to the lowest setting.  When she first tried this it was very uncomfortable and she had even started to regret doing it.  But as she fought the urge to remove it she told herself to relax her body and that she would come around to the feel of it. It didn’t take her long to get used to the sensation and as her body became more aroused by the vibrating egg in her ass she would insert the dildo, sending a whole new feeling throughout her body and then she had regretted that she had not tried it sooner.   Just recently she just acquired a butt plug which she started to use along with the dildo and the egg, saving that special combination for the misdemeanant that had really gotten her aroused as it would really intensify her fantasy.  And after meeting Mr. Wolfe today she is certainly going to be using that special combination tonight.

As she finishes up with her shower she wishes that she had kept his card so that she would have had something that was his, so all she had to do was pull it out to help heighten her arousal even more.   But she had made it a point early on never to accept anything from someone she had stopped.  But the more she thought about his body and the way he had been watching her, she was thinking that he was just hot enough for her to probably get off on the thought of him taking her and fucking her brains out in the gas station parking lot.   His sparkling hazel eyes and muscled body had turned her on enough for her to take notice that she was attracted to him but she had learned to repress her arousal while she was on the job as it let her defenses down.  But all she could do now was store those images away and wait until she got home to pull them out again and then really go over what she had seen.  But first she needed to get home and she still had to go over to her Gran’s house.  Red quickly dried off, applied her usual lotions and deodorant and pulled her underwear out.   Quickly putting them on, slipping into her jeans and then her red hooded sweat shirt that was her moms.  She had found at her Gran’s house sometime after she had moved there, in a box that was in the closet of the room that had also been her mom’s.  

On the way to her car she pulls out her cell phone and gives Gran a call to let her know that she had to run some other errands before she came over.

“How are you doing?” Red asks her Gran for the second time today. 

“I’m doing ok.  I told you this morning that you don’t need to come over here,” Gran tells her in a slightly annoyed tone, “I have plenty of food in the fridge and Woody will be by to check on me later.”  Woody was one of Gran’s neighbors that lived next door to her.  He had been her neighbor for nearly 30 years.  His wife had died about 10 years ago so he would stop by and check on Gran every day.  Red had asked him why he was doing that and he told her that it gave him something to look forward to during the day. 

“Yes I know I don’t have to come over but I just want to make sure you are ok, if that is alright with you?” 

“Ok, ok, you can come by.  When do you think you will be here?” she asks. 

“Probably in about 2 hours, I have to do some shopping still.”

“Ok, that will be good.  I’m going to go lie down for awhile.  Love you!”

“I love you too, see you in a bit,” Red responds and then ended the call as she gets in her car.

When Red had finished her shopping she headed to her Gran’s house.   Although she had tried to get the attorney out of her mind while she ran her errands she kept coming back to him and now she really wishes that she had kept his business card.  And the more she thought about him, the more she wondered how large his cock was.  From what she saw through the car window he must be pretty well endowed to have made that large of bulge inside his slacks.  Now she is starting to regret that she had told her Gran that she was going to come over there.  Even though she really wanted to go to her Gran’s to check on her, the images of Mr. Wolfe kept getting her all worked up.  And the fact that she found so much of him to be desirable and that it was stirring this much feeling inside her was driving her crazy.  

When she finally gets to Gran’s house she pulls into the driveway that is behind the house.  She had decided that she wouldn’t stay too long, she would unload the food she had bought, heat it up for Gran, make sure the house was safe and secure and then she was out of there.   Red unloads the grocery bags from her car and heads towards the house.  When she gets up to the top of the porch, she unlocks the back door and enters the house.   Although her Gran had lived in the neighborhood as for nearly 30 years now, Red had insisted that she keep the doors locked when she wasn’t in the back yard. 

“Gran I’m here,” she calls out to announce her arrival putting the grocery bags down in the kitchen.   She walks back out to her car and gets the rest of the groceries she had bought.  She brings in the rest of the bags, sets them down on the counter and starts to unpack them, putting away the refrigerated items in the fridge and the rest in the cupboards.  She had bought a few items for herself which she sorts out and then sets the grocery bags aside for her to take home when she left.   She had been there a while when she realizes that Gran has not come into the kitchen yet.  She was certainly making enough noise to attract attention so it was strange that she had not come in to see her.  She walks into the dining room and dropping her purse on the table and spilling some of the contents out of it across the table.  Leaving it to pick up later, she calls out to her grandmother again.  “Gran?” she yells out as she walks from the dining room and into the living room but as she starts to enter the next room she hears a noise down the hallway and heads that way.  As she walks down the hallway to the back of the house where her grandmother’s room she notices that the bathroom door is closed and the light is on.  “Gran, are you in there,” she asks sounding concerned that she may be really ill. 

“Yes?” came a voice from behind the door. 

“Gran, are you ok?” 

“Yes,” the voice responds from the other side but it sounds awful.  Red tries the door handle to see if she can get into the bathroom to check for herself although she didn’t really like walking in on her if she was using the toilet.  She turns the knob but it was locked. 

“Gran, are you sure you are ok?  Why is the door locked?”

“I’m ok.  And why do you think it is locked?” a stern raspy voice replies from the other side of the door.  Red quickly snatches her hand away from the door and takes a step back.

“You don’t sound ok.  You really sound like crap.  I thought you told me you were feeling much better?”  Red asks through the closed door.  She is starting to feel a little uneasy about talking to her through the locked door.   “Gran can you unlock the door please, I just want to see how you are doing?  You know how you tend to minimize your health,” but there is no response to her question.  Red moves towards the door again and puts her ear up to it to listening to see if Gran is possibly in distress.  “Gran, answer me right now otherwise I’m busting the door down!” she exclaims but there is still no response but then she hears some movement and what sounds like bottles something being knocked down.   “OK, that’s it, I’m coming in,” Red shouts from her side of the door as she reaches for her key chain in her pocket.  It has a handy tool on it that with a little pick that she can use to stick in the small hole on the front of the door knob so she can unlock the door.  She moves quickly thinking that Gran might be in distress putting the pick in the hole and then turning the knob to push open the door.  But as she opens the door she was expecting to see her Gran sprawled out on the floor but she didn’t see anyone.   Red was taken off guard for a second but then she sees the shower curtain start to move slightly.  She instinctively moves her hand to her hip to reach for her sidearm but she wasn’t wearing her gun belt so she decides to back out of the bathroom hoping that the house phone was in its charging cradle so she could call 911.  But as she starts to back out the shower curtain moves again and Red moves toward it thinking that maybe Gran was in the tub and had fallen.  She grabs the curtain and flings it open.  Red lets out a big gasp as she is shocked to see someone else other than her grandmother standing in the tub.   For standing before her in his white cotton shirt and black socks and holding his black leather shoes and gray pants slacks in his hands, was the same man she had pulled over earlier that afternoon, A. Wolfe!

“What are you doing in here?” Red yells, surprised to see him of all people standing there with no pants on.  “If I had my fire arm I could have shot you!” she continues to yell at him asking, “Where’s my Gran?  Did you do something to her?”  He just stands there not answering her, looking terrified at Red.  Red starts to back out of the bathroom and heads down the hall way to her grandmother’s room.   She rushes inside but doesn’t see her lying on the floor in front of or on her bed.  She looks on the side of the bed to see if she might be lying back there but there was nobody there.   She turns to look in the closet thinking that maybe she might be tied up in there so she slides open the doors but she isn’t in there either.  She heads back out the door and down the hallway realizing that she had left him alone in the bathroom and the he might be trying to get away.  She rushes towards the bathroom looks inside but he isnn’t there so she heads towards the front of the house. When she gets to the hall entrance she sees him trying to put his pants on but his having trouble getting them on.

“FREEZE!” she belts out at him and he immediately stops what he was doing.  And as if it were an autonomic response she goes into cop mode.  “Put your hands on top of your head!” she orders him and he quickly follows her directive letting his pants fall to the ground.  She walks up behind him, “Lace your fingers together behind your head,” she tells him trying not to yell so loud at him this time but using a very commanding tone to let him know that she was in control of the situation.  He moves his hands to the back of his head interlacing them together as she had told him to do.  She moves up behind him and reaches up to grab his hands in order to pull them back away from his head so that there is tension in his upper body.  She does this so if he tries to make a move she can feel his body flexing through his arms and she would be able to take him down before he could do anything to her.   As she stands behind him she places her foot between the inside of legs and taps his right and then his left calf to get him to spread his legs apart so that he was even further off balance.  She turns her body sideways to his body so that her right side was up against his back and then starting from there,  moves her hand down and around to his right side feeling around his waist to see if he might be hiding a weapon on him.  She reaches around his waist and then turning her hand on its side so that her palm was facing up she moves in closer to him and slides her hand down in front of his crotch moving it along the side of his thigh and then moves her hand back up to his waist, then over his abdomen and pats down his chest.. She then brings her hand back up around under his arm and down his back.   She reaches up with her other hand and grasps his hand switching places with the left one while maintaining the tension she has on his clasped hands and arms.  Then turning her body to the left repeated the same procedure on the left side of his body.  When she is satisfied that he is certainly not armed she releases the tension she has on him and places his hands back on his head.   As she steps back away from him she can feel her adrenaline pumping through her body and can see that his was pumping too as his shoulders and arms moved up and down as he was breathing heavily. 

“Where is my grandmother?” she asks him.  He moves his hands to take them off of his head but she stops him.  “Keep your hands behind your head.  I asked you, where is my grandmother?” asking him again in the same stern tone of voice.  

“She had to run out to a neighbor’s house.  We were talking when she got a call.  She asked if I would mind staying while she ran down the street.  She said she would be right back,” he replies to her a little out of breath from her patting him down.

“How long ago was that?”

“I don’t know maybe 20, 30 minutes ago,” he replies.  She can hear that his breathing was starting to slow down a little as he spoke indicating that he was trying to calm himself down.

“Did she happen to hear her say which neighbor she was talking to? “ 

“Yeah, her name was Sophie.  She thought she was having contractions so she called your grandmother to come to her house and then she left.   She said she would be back in a little while and to make myself at home.“

Everyone on the block knew that Gran was a nurse and a mid-wife before she retired so it sounded plausible that she would up and leave to help someone out.  “What kind of business do you have with my grandmother?” Red asks getting the feeling he is telling the truth. 

“I can’t tell you, attorney client privilege,” he responds, “why don’t you call her and check she may still be at the Sophie person’s house.”  Red knew he had a point all he had to do was check the caller ID on the phone to see what the last number was that called the house.  She looks around for the phone and finds it lying on the floor but it had been drowned in a cup of coffee so when she picks it up it would not turn on.  “What happened here?” she asks him as he continued to stand there with his arms clasped behind his head. 

“I spilled my coffee in my lap and it was still hot and when I jumped up I must have knocked the other cup off the table when I bumped into it.  That is why I was in the bathroom when you came in.”

Red can see that he had certainly spilled his drink in his lap as the chair seat he had been sitting in had a dark wet stain on it.  Then looking around she also sees that the table had been moved and another cup was lying under the table not too far from where the phone had been lying on the floor, so his story was looking more credible at this point.  “So why did you pretend to be her in the bathroom?” she asks him curiously. 

“I don’t know I panicked.  I saw the pictures your grandmother had of you and recognized you from earlier.  And then when I heard your voice coming down the hallway as you were calling for her I got scared I guess,” he says her, “I figured if I just answered you like I was your grandmother that you would go away and I would just stay in there until she returned or I heard you leave.“  Red stands behind him giggling as she listens to his explanation.  Then he adds, “You do carry a gun for a living and since I was standing in your grandmother’s bathroom with no pants on, well you do the math.”  Red tries to hold in her laughter but agrees that he has made a valid point.

“Ok, I believe you.  You can put your hands down and turn around,” she tells him, the commanding tone in her voice gone as she is much calmer now that she is convinced that he is not a threat and that he hasn’t done anything nefarious to her grandmother.  It would have been like her to forget to tell Red that she had someone coming over and it was also like her to just run out at a moment’s notice especially if someone needed help.  She watches him slowly lower his arms and she can see the tension in his back and arms relax as their definition became hidden by the fabric of his shirt.  She glances around the scene looking for something to wipe the coffee up from the carpet when she sees a napkin sitting on the couch.  As she steps around the coffee table she sees him turn his body slightly so that she is not able to see the front of him.  “I bet your wife will get a laugh out of this when you tell her that you were caught hiding out in your client’s bathroom in just your shirt and underwear and being found by the same cop who is the pulled you over for speeding the same day!” she says to him trying to lighten the mood a little bit.  She can hear him chuckling himself but then he replies, “That would be funny having to explain that if I had a wife.”  Red I surprised by his last statement, although it was nice to know he was single. 

Red notices that he is still standing there with his back to her while she is trying to clean up the spilled coffee. “Are you ok?” she asks him, “I told you I believed you so you don’t have to keep standing there with no pants on,” but she is getting the feeling that he isn’t turning around for a real good reason.  Then she speaks up again, “Uh, I’m sorry, I uh, I just went into cop mode when I patted you down like that,” she says trying not to laugh but she is actually getting a bit of a thrill realizing that he is probably embarrassed standing there with no pants on and most like sporting a hard on.  “If it’s any consolation that happens to most guys when they are patted down, it’s from the adrenaline rush and all.  So don’t worry I’m not offended or anything.”  He continues to stand there not moving to put his pants on as she watches his back rise and fall with his breathing.  She begins to notice how broad his shoulders are and as her eyes try to follow the outline of his body underneath his shirt, her eyes fall on his tight ass that she could partially see below the hem of his shirt and that he is wearing what looks to be brief underwear.  She can start to feel her crotch twitching as it tends to do when she sees something that arouses her.  Her eyes continue to wander down the back of his toned thighs and then to his muscular calves.  She figures that by the look of his body he may be very athletic as there wasn’t enough muscle mass on him to be a body builder.  But she can’t help wonder what the front of him looked like.  She had gotten a pretty good feel of his chest and his abs but her hands didn’t hang around long enough to really check him out.  And now the more she thought about what he looks like under that shirt the more she is getting excited as she notices that her breathing rate is starting to increase slightly. 

She picks up one of the napkins and tosses it on to the spilled coffee on the floor and tamps it with her foot to try to absorb the spilled coffee. “I’m going to get some more towels,” she tells him as she bends down to pick the napkin.   She stands back up and heads towards the dining room to go into the kitchen but she stops when she sees her purse on the table.  When she had thrown it there it had been open and some of the contents had spilled out of it including the tube of lipstick that she had always carried with her.  Red picks it up from the table and looks at it.  Without thinking about it she takes off the cap, twists it up and runs the deep red color across her lips and pulls her lips inward to smooth the color around the surface of her lips.  She turns around and walks back in the other room.   She sees that he is still standing there apparently trying to let his hard on subside before he can turn around to face her.  

“Mr. Wolfe,” she says in her commanding voice again, “I think that I’m going to need to detain you until I can verify where my grandmother is.  Please place your hands behind your head again.”  She can see his body become tense again and as he is about to start to protest she stops him, “Comply with my directions or I may have to use bodily force on you,” and with that statement he places his hands up on his head again lacing his fingers together as he had done before.  She walks up behind him and grasping his hands again she pulls his hands and arms back so that he is off balance and making his body tense again.  She then places her foot between his legs and taps his calves signaling for him to spread his legs.

“Is this really necessary?” he asks her struggling against her hold on his hands.  “Mr. Wolfe if you struggle like that again I will be forced to take you down, so please don’t move.”  But instead of taking the side stance like she had done before, she starts to slide the palm of her hand down the tense muscles of his back and then moving her hand down the side of his abdomen.  She rubs her hand along his torso feeling his body through his shirt as she glides her right hand around to the front of his chest.  She can feel his breathing start to quicken as she slowly moves her hand down his abdomen obviously heading towards his groin.   She releases the tension on his hands as obviously she has no intention of detaining him in the way that might result in his arrest but he keeps his hands clasped together and on his head.   Her left hand slowly moves over his fingers, onto the soft hair on the back of his head and down the nape of his neck as her right hand continues to rub the front of his abdomen.   She brings her left hand down over his shoulder and then around to the front of his body rubbing his chest as her fingers began to search for the buttons of his shirt.  Her hand grazes his left nipple and she can feel his body shiver as her hand brushes over his shirt which rubs against his erect nipple.  With her face to his back she takes in the mesmerizing smell of his body, now that she was a lot closer to him than she had been when she was standing at his car.  When she had patted him down the first time, her other senses were on adrenaline overload which meant that her brain was looking for the smell of drugs and alcohol rather than the smell of men’s cologne.  Both of her hands find the buttons of his shirt and work together to get them undone.  Starting with the upper most button and working her hands down the front, she pulls his shirt up into her hands as she unbuttons each one keeping the material in her grasp so that she could pull his shirt open as soon as she had the last button undone. 

When she gets to the last one and his shirt is open she finally places her hands against his skin.  It was smooth and warm as she ran her fingers over his chest, her hands moving through what feels like a light patch of chest hair. She feels him take a deep breath as her hands continued to glide over his chest and when her hands move over his nipples she draws her fingers lightly across them causing his body shudder against hers.  She continues to move her hands down the front of his body towards his groin so that she can finally get to feel the part of his body that was responsible for  the bulge in his pants which had been tormenting her mind all afternoon.  When her hands finally reached their destination she closes her eyes as she starts to stroke the outside of his briefs enjoying the moment.  She can feel his cock stretching against the fabric as if it was trying to break through the material that was between his body and the soft touch of her hands.  His breathing became shallower as she started feel for the hem of his briefs and then as she slipped her fingers between the elastic and his skin touching his penis for the first time and causing him to let out a loud gasp.   His hands came down off of his head and he places his hands over hers and begins to move their hands up and down over his throbbing hard on.   But then without warning he grabs both of her hands and pulls them out of his briefs and holds them away from his heaving body. 

Red isn’t sure what is going on.  She had acted on impulse and let her desire for this man cloud her judgment and now it looks like she is going to get into some serious trouble.  What had she been thinking, especially since he was a lawyer?  She starts to come back to her senses as she quickly thinks how she can rectify the situation as quickly as possible but as she starts to say something he lets go of her hands and then spins around to face her.   She decides she will face this head on and immediately apologize to him and then hope that he will not try to sue her.  But as she looks up at him, she sees him staring down at her intensely and she can’t help but feel like he is melting her from then inside out with his golden eyes.  Then surprisingly a smile appears across his face and his eyes light up. 

“Ah, I see you are wearing my favorite color again,” he says to her.   His hand had comes up to the side of her face as he speaks and he runs the thumb of his right hand across the bottom of her lip.   Red’s tongue slips out from her mouth and she lightly touches the tip of his thumb as he slides it across her glossy bottom lip then she tips her head forward slightly so that his thumb slips into her warm wet mouth.  She had only sucked on him for a few seconds when he withdrew it only to replace it with his mouth.  His tongue pushes its way past her lips and into her mouth which she willingly accepts as she feels his hands grab her by each of her arms and holds her as his tongue probes her mouth.  His hands move from her arms and wrap around her body while they kiss and she realizes that she wants to feel his hands and his body against her skin.

She pushes herself away from his kiss and sees that he has red lipstick all over her mouth and chin from their kissing.  She smiles at him and then grabs the hem of the red hoodie she is wearing, pulls it over her head and then takes the sleeve and wipes the lipstick from his face.  He smiles back at her and then tries to grab her again so that they can continue their kiss but she raises her hand to hold him off.  She starts to kick off her shoes as she reaches down to the top of her jeans and unbuttons them, pulling them off so that she now stands before him in just her white bra and panties which were a contrast to her brown skin.  He brings his hands up to each of her shoulders and starts to gently caress her arms.  Red had started to moan a little as his warm hands touch her.  As he continues to touch her she moves closer to him to resume their kissing.  It had been so long since she had felt the touch of a man’s hands against her skin she thought she was going to succumb to the pleasure of his gentle touches at any minute.  As they stand there and explored each other’s mouth with their tongues, her tongue swirls around his and then he pulls her tongue into his mouth and gently sucks on it. 

While they kiss, she can feel his hands slip around her back to grab the back of her bra and within a matter of seconds he has undone the hooks of her bra. Without releasing her from their kiss he pulls away from her slightly and brings the straps of her 40 D bra over her shoulders, pulling it off of her to free her breasts from their confinement and lets it fall to the floor.  His mouth releases her as his hands come back up to her breasts and he cups each one of them in his hands.  He gently squeezes them and then takes each of her nipples and rolls them between his thumbs and forefingers.  Red closes her eyes as she starts to moan again as he plays with her tits.  She feels his hair brush across her chin and the she realizes that he was lifting up one of her breasts and puts a nipple in his mouth.  Her moaning becomes louder as she feels the wetness of his mouth lick and suck at her nipple and then she jumps slightly as his teeth lightly graze and nibble at her.  After a few minutes of his nipple tease he places the other neglected nipple in his mouth and plays the same little teasing game with that one.  Red runs her fingers through his hair thinking that his hair is as soft as she imagined it would be.  She strokes his head and grabs at the locks when he decides that he wants to tantalize her with a bit of nibbling on her sensitive nipples that send jolts of electricity through her body and straight to her crotch.  When he has gotten her sufficiently worked up so that she is gasping with every lick and bite he lets her nipple fall from his lips and then pulls her over to stand in front of the couch.  He leans in to softly kiss her lips and then moves his mouth to kiss her cheek and then the side of her face and down the nape of her neck.  She feels his hands slide down her back and onto her hips where the top of her panties rest.  He slides his fingers between the elastic of the hem and starts to pull them down.  He then pulls his mouth away from her neck and then squats down in front of her to help slide her panties down her legs and off her feet.  He reaches up and taking her hand guides her to sit on the couch while pushing the coffee table to the side with his other hand.  He maneuvers himself so that he is now on both of his knees in front of her.

They move their heads towards each other and kiss again.  Red brings her hands up to his arms caressing his biceps, moves them up to his shoulders and then slides them up his neck to run her fingers through his hair again as they kiss.  He places his hand on the back of her neck as well, cradling her head and neck in his hand as their kissing becomes more passionate.  He starts to slide his hand down the back of her neck past her shoulders and down her naked back, stoking her skin as his lips moved from her mouth again to the side of her neck to kiss and lick her skin and then she feels his teeth graze against her skin.  As his mouth moves up to her ear and she feels him draw her earlobe into his mouth and gently move his tongue over the top and then around the bottom as he sucks on it.  Moans softly slip from Red’s lips as he plays with her ear and then he moves on to kiss her lower on her neck moving around and back up the side of her chin to kiss her on the lips again.  He only lingers for a moment there and moves on again to kiss and tease the other side of her neck and her other ear.  Red was enjoying the equal amounts of\attention he was giving to both sides of her body, making sure that she was completely experiencing his wonderfully warm, wet mouth.  Just as she begins to wonder how his mouth would feel on her pussy he releases her earlobe almost as if he had read her mind.  She knows she didn’t say anything but then again she couldn’t really be sure what was coming out of her mouth at this point because he was making her feel so good. 

She feels his hands caress her thighs. His hands move inward along her legs as he slowly spreads her legs apart and exposing her sex to him.   Red’s breathing speeds up as she knows that at any second now he would be touching her aching pussy.   It had been throbbing all afternoon and since he had started to touch her it seemed that her blood was coursing through her pelvis harder and faster.  She was so wet that her whole crotch tingled as the cool room air hit her skin.  It didn’t take very much to get her juices going and she had been thinking about him all afternoon so there was no doubt that she was very wet at his point.  She felt his hands slide along the inside of her thighs and then move towards the outer lips of her pussy.  Red was practically holding her breath in anticipation of him touching her. 

“Lie back,” he tells her, taking control of what is going on.  She doesn’t want to take her eyes of him wanting to see what he is going to do to her but she finds herself obeying his command and lies back as she was told to do.  He reaches down to the other end of the couch grabbing the pillow and then he grabs the matching one that she is sitting next to.  He helps her place them behind her back so that she is comfortable and could still see what he was going to be doing to her.  When she is ready she looks at him giving him a slight smile to indicate that he can proceed. 

Red lies against the pillows breathing heavily with anticipation, watching and waiting for him to touch her.  She feels his hands return to her thighs and then slide towards her pussy that is getting wetter by the second.  She is so keyed up at this moment that just the anticipation alone might be enough for her to have orgasm right now. She tries to relax her body so that she will be able to take pleasure in his fingers as they move and stroke the outer most part of her pussy.  He moves his fingers softly over her, sweeping them over her crotch tantalizing her skin.  She fells his fingers part her labia exposing the pink flesh that lays hidden behind the folds of skin.  Red’s heavy breathing becomes a pant as his fingers hold her open to him.  As she feels his finger touch her clit she nearly comes off the couch as the sensation is so electrifying to her. 

“Oh God,” she exclaims as her head falls back on the couch.  He was leaning against her thighs as his fingers were exploring the most private part of her body so she didn’t come of the couch too much.   Loud moans came from Red’s lips as he starts to stroke her pulsating clit, slowly rubbing it in a circular motion.   “Oh, God that feels so good,” she purrs as her pelvis starts to move in harmony with his hand as he continues to generously massage her and after a few moments she feels him insert his fingers inside her slipping them slowly in and out, in and out of her damp pussy causing her body to rock against his hand.   Red’s hands come up to her breasts and she rolls her nipples between her thumbs and fingers thinking that this was certainly way better than what she had planned for later and was definitely not regretting her decision to come over here first.   She lay on the couch simply savoring the feeling of this man as he continues to move his fingers on her body.  Suddenly she feels his hand cease their actions for a moment.  Red raises her head to see what was causing him to stop when she feels his warm mouth cover her pussy.   His tongue sweeps across her exposed skin and moves up to whirl around her pounding little clit.  She uncontrollably brings her hands up to his head grabbing on to him and pushing his face into her pussy.   Red’s eyes rolle to the back of her head, gasping, “Oh, God,” much louder than her previous praises she had cried out. He laps at her clitoris making Red delirious.  Her pelvis undulates under his mouth as he continues to lick and suck on her clit as if she were his favorite lollipop.  She feels his tongue thrust in and out of her as she hears his mouth sucking and slurping on her.  Her fingers gently massage his head through the softness of his hair as his deft tonguing turns her inside out.  Red wishes he can go on forever as he plunges his tongue into her and then sweeps it up and down on her pussy being sure to give her clit a loving suck as well.

“What a wonderful tongue you have!” she moans, while his mouth continues to drive her mad and she feels the climactic tension build up in her.  She thinks she hears him mumble, “The better to lick you with,” but she can’t be too sure considering the highly aroused states she was in at the moment.

Red's Ride Part 3

Red thought that this was certainly better than any movie she had ever watched.  Nor had she ever had this great of an experienced with her last boyfriend who told her that he didn’t like to go down on women but certainly had no issues when he wanted her to give him a blow job.  She lets go of his head and brings her hands up to her breasts again as her body gyrates against his mouth.  She squeezes and kneads them as his wonderful mouth continues to bring her towards her orgasm.  Red’s moans become louder as her body rocks against his mouth as he is now sucking on her clit as his fingers enter her again and thrust in and out of her rapidly.  Red pinches her nipples hard as she feels her body go tense and then spasms against his face. 

“I’m coming!” she screams out in a loud wail as her orgasm convulses throughout her body.  His tongue and fingers continued their lusty work on her pussy while her body bucks and writhes under him.  He doesn’t let up as she continues to ride the wave of the orgasm he was causing her to have.  After a moment he slows his sucking and thrusting as she finishes off her ride on his wonderful mouth.  As her breathing slows back down she moves her hand back to his head and runs her fingers through the soft curls as he slowly pulls his face away from her pussy.  Red opens her eyes and they try to bring the room back into focus again.  She lifts her head and looking down her body, she can see that his lips and chin are glistening.   He takes his hand and wipes the wetness from his face and then moves his body up along hers gently kissing her still heaving stomach.  When he is half way up her body she grabs his head with both hands, leans forward bringing her face down to meet his and places her mouth over his thrusting her tongue in his mouth.  She can taste her juices on his lips and tongue as she moves her tongue around his and then pulls it into her mouth to suck on him.  After a moment she pulls herself away from their kiss and smiles at him.

 “Thank you,” she softly exclaims to him, “that was the best head I have ever gotten.”  He smiles back at her and nods his head at her, accepting her thanks.  She would love to just lie there and bask in the afterglow, but she knows they are far from being done with their little sexual escapade and now it is her turn to return the favor.

She looks around to see where her hoodie had landed when she took it off and she spots it on the coffee table.   She reaches around him, pulls it off the table and puts her hand in the pocket to pull out her lipstick. As he remains kneeling in front of her, she takes the cap off and slowly twists it up to expose the tip. He watches her intensely as she smoothes it across her lips.

“Now, tell me the truth,” she says to him with a grin, “After I walked up to your car and you finally looked up at me what was the first thing you saw?”  She watches his eyes to see where they will fall and they drop down to look at her mouth. 

“I saw you lips first,” he answers still staring at her mouth. 

“And when you saw them what were you thinking?”

“I uh,” he starts to stammer a little bit, “I uh, um, I thought that they were big and red.”

“Ok.  And when I was writing your ticket what else were you thinking of?” Her voice becomes stern so that he will tell her the truth about what was going on in his mind at that time.  She sees his pulse start to quicken as the vein on the side of his neck is pulsating faster and she can see that he is hesitating to answer.  “Tell me the truth what else did you think?” she asks him again and pauses waiting for him to answer.  “Don’t you think that I saw you getting a hard on while I was standing there?”  He looks up at her somewhat surprised.  He had not realized at the time how observant she was of his physical condition.  Red sees his cheeks start to flush and then he tilts his head down slightly so that he is not looking her in the eyes any more.  “So tell me what you were thinking!” prodding him on to answer her.

He finally lifts his head and looks back up at her, “I was thinking about what it would be like to have your big red lips on my cock giving me a blow job.” 

“Precisely!” Red exclaims grinning at him as she raises her hand and touches the side of his face.  Then moving her hand so that it was under his chin she asked him playfully, “And I bet you have been thinking about it ever since then haven’t you?” to which he nodded his head yes.

Red stands up in front of him, reaches down to take both of his hands and helps him stand up.  She puts her hands on his chest and slowly rubs her hands across his smooth skin running her fingers through the black and gray hairs on his chest.  She brushes her hands over his erect nipples pinching them as they go by and his body winces.  She leans towards the right one and sticking out her tongue gently licks it and then swirls her tongue around the dark flesh of his areola leaving light red streaks lipstick on his chest.  She hears him moan as he brings his hands up to rest on her biceps steadying himself as his body sways while her mouth moves over to the other nipple to lick and tease that one as well.  She runs her hands up his chest and over his shoulders slipping them under his shirt to lift it off his shoulders and helps him pull his arms out of each sleeve.   She then places her hands on his hips and tucks a finger inside his briefs and moving her fingers from side to side slowly inches them off of his buttocks to let them fall to his ankles.  She runs her hands over the smooth skin of his ass squeezes them.  But she is ready to see what he else had to show her.  

“Ok, let me see what you have been hiding from me,” she teases as she begins to lower herself down to his crotch.  She had only gotten a brief feel of him before, so she was excited to see how he was hung.  What she sees when she comes face to face with his manhood nearly blows her mind.   She can see why it was so easy to see his hard on in his pants earlier that afternoon.  He is thick and long and she is pretty sure that getting most of him in her mouth, is going to be a challenge.   She lightly drags her finger tips down his ass and then along the back of his thighs feeling his legs shiver from her tickling fingers as she brings her hands around to the front of his groin.   Wrapping her fingers around his cock she sizes him up seeing that he is longer than her two hands stacked on top of the other with the head still poking out the top of her hand.  And he is so thick that she is unable to completely close her fingers around him.  As she starts to gently stroke him, she hears him moan, in a low growl, above her head.  She looks up his face she is surprised that the look he has on his face is practically animalistic.  Looking up at him past his hairy, heaving chest she sees his eyes are mere slits on his face and a long almost menacing grin stretches across his face.   His hands come up to the sides of her head and she feels his fingers eagerly massage her scalp in apparent anticipation of her putting her mouth on his rock hard cock.   Grasping her hand firmly around his pulsating shaft she tries to hold him steady in front of her face.  She sticks out her tongue to softly lick the underside of his cock starting at the base of it right above his scrotum. She licks him all the way up to the tip where she twists her tongue around the head and back to the other side then she slips the head into her wet mouth moving her topmost hand out of the way so that she can get more of him in her mouth. 

“Oh fuck yeah,” she hears him say as she feels his hands tighten their grip on her head. He tries to thrust more of his cock in her mouth but she has a firm enough grip on him so that he isn’t able to shove too much of it in her mouth which could cause her to gag.  As she pulls her lips across him, she applies light suction causing him to release more sounds from him, this time she is certain that is growling.  When she reaches the head she looks down on him and can see the red trail of lipstick she had left behind.  She had often wondered what that would look like and she thinks that it did look as sexy as she thought it might, understanding why guys would get off on that.  “Ahhh yeah, that’s nice,” she hers him mutter to her, the tone of his voice deeper than before. 

After she reaches the tip of his cock her tongue licks and moves around it stopping along the underside to tease the sensitive skin that was just at the tip of his cock.  His body starts to sway in her hands as his hands apply more pressure to her head in order to keep him upright.  She looks up at him and she can see him watching her intensely.  His mouth falls open slightly as she continues to apply suction to the most sensitive part of his penis.  Apparently liking what her mouth is doing to him he tries to force her mouth back down on to him, she obliges, but she continues to hold him firmly so that she is sure that he doesn’t deep throat her.   She looks at his cock again as she pulls her mouth off of him, redder and slicker than her last pass on his cock.  But as his hands continues to apply pressure to her head she knows that she is not going to be able to keep this up much longer  if he keeps squeezing her head like that.  She goes down as far as she can and then pulls her mouth back up to the head again, gives him one last flick of with her tongue and then pulls him all the way out of her mouth.   When she does that she feels him try to push her mouth back down on to his cock but she still has a firm grasp of him and she is able to keep him from doing that, but it takes a lot of strength on her part to stop him.  She leans back and looks up at him and she can see that his eyes were wide open as he watches her back up from him not sure why she had stopped what she was doing.  She smiles up at him as she releases his hard on and then she stands up letting his hands fall from the sides of her head. 

 “Oh I’m not done,” she says to him in a soft tone.  She moves her hand up along his shoulder to the side of his neck, slides it around him and grabs the back of his head to bring his face down to hers.  She sticks out her tongue and playfully licks him across his lips and then places her mouth over his.  She releases him and then sliding her hand back over his shoulder and down his arm, slips her hand into his hand and leads him down the hallway to her old bedroom.   Although it looked more like a guest room now, it contained a queen sized bed.  “I think this will be a much more comfortable place for us,” she tells him as she turns on the lamp that is on the desk by the door which bathes the room in a warm glow.   Still holding his hand she pulls him over to the side of the bed and lightly pushes him on his chest so that he falls back and gently bounces on the bed as he lands on it. 

Standing in front of him she places her hands on his shoulders and slides them around to the back of his neck.  She leans down and kisses him again moving her body closer to his pushing him down onto the bed but she releases him before his head hits the bed.  She smiles down at him looking at the traces of lipstick that she has left on his lips, his chest and his cock.  She moves her body back away from his and stands back up again while he scoots as much of his tall frame onto the queen sized bed.   Because of his height he adjusts his body so that he is lying diagonally across the bed.  He grabs the pillows from underneath the cover and props them under his head.  Red smiles at him, seeing that he likes to watch while he is gets head, too.  When she sees that he is settled in she climbs up onto the bed and positions her body so that she is kneeling in front of him between his legs.  She places her hands on each of his legs and rubs them along the inside of his thighs then lightly drags her fingers across him causing his legs to jiggle on the bed.  She takes a hold of him and begins to stroke him up and down and he becomes rock hard again.  She leans over him and then lowering her head she takes him into her mouth once more.  She hears him sigh as she is able to go down on him much farther than she had before and as she pulls her head up she lightly grazes the bottom of her teeth along the underside of his cock.  She feels his body seize up as if all the air in his lungs was being pulled out of his body and then he relaxes again.  Red was keenly aware of the control she had over him right now but she had no desire to control him at the moment just to drive him insanely out of his mind with her mouth and tongue.   She had figured out that giving head wasn’t necessarily rocket science, it was about 40% technique and the rest was whether or not you liked who you were giving it to.  If you weren’t enjoying yourself by giving the other person you were with as much pleasure as you possibly could, then you were wasting your time.  And from the look on his face and the reactions from his body he appeared to be enjoying himself immensely as she continued to move her wet mouth up and down on him.  

Red is surprised at how much she is getting into pleasuring him through his large cock.  The first few strokes on him were to determine what he likes and responds to.  He likes it when she is able to get as much of him in her mouth when she moves her mouth down on him.  He also likes it when she wiggles her tongue along the underside of his cock to the soft spot that was just underneath the tip of the penis head.   And when she rubs her teeth lightly against his shaft, he would squirm and gyrating his pelvis under her face a sure sign that she is driving him crazy.  As he starts to reach the point when he was about to ejaculate she slows down her movements and pulls her mouth off of his erect cock that is glistening with her saliva.   She looks up at him and sees that his eyes are closed and his chest is moving up and down as he breathes heavily.  Wiping her face, she suddenly stands up in the bed. 

Looking down at him like that she feels as if she were a predator getting ready to pounce on her prey.  He must have sensed that she was watching him as he opens his eyes and lifts his head up to look at her.  She gently steps over each of his thighs so that she doesn’t lose her balance and fall on him.  Standing over him she can feel her pussy start to pulsate again letting her know that it was ready to feel him inside her.  She places her right hand over the mound of her pubic bone and runs her fingers through her black curly pubic hair then slides her fingers into her very wet pussy as she watches a smile come across his face and his hands come up to stroke her legs.  She squats down over him but doesn’t insert him into her just yet.

“It has been a very long time since I’ve been with another man so I would like us to go slow,” she tells him looking into his eyes she speaks to him.  He shakes his head acknowledging her request and then lets his head fall gently back onto the pillows waiting for her to proceed at her own pace.  She feels him take a deep breath underneath her as he brings his lands up to touch her thighs and slowly rubs them.  She could feel his cock tap against her bottom as she starts to lift her ass to move herself over his groin.  She reaches between their two bodies to grab him so that she can guide the tip of his large cock into her.   She takes a deep breath knowing that the first few moments were not going to be that pleasant but she knows what pleasure awaits her on the other side of the pain so she is willing to endure the transitory discomfort, she hopes. 

Holding her breath, she slowly lowers herself down.  She feels the tip of his cock move against the outer lips of her pussy but he is not in the right spot to enter her.   She adjusts her body until she finally feels him at her opening and then with another deep breath and big swallow she eases herself onto him.  Her face winces at the pain as she tries to accommodate the girth of his penis.  Although she may not have been with another man in a couple of years she had been using a dildo during that time, but it was not nearly as big as he was.  She continues to slowly inch down on to him taking him in a little bit at a time as she imagines the walls of her vagina trying to conform to him as enters her.  The pace of her breathing picks up a bit as she feels more and more of him fill her up and when she can’t take much more of him she lifts herself off of him letting out her breath as she does.  She doesn’t completely come off of him but she hesitates before she is ready to move back down on him.  She leans over his body as she is not ready to go down back on him and rocks over him as she lets him slowly push himself into her.   After a few minutes the discomfort she had initially felt is starting to ebb away and she begins to be able to feel him slide in and out of her.  As the sensation becomes more pleasurable for her she adjusts her body so that she can let more of him enter her as he continues to slowly and gently thrust his cock into her.  She can tell that he is letting her direct what is going on between them for the time being.   With each stoke the pain is subsiding and being replaced with the pleasurable friction of his cock sliding in and out of her as she was now enjoying herself, but she knew that he had not fully entered her and now that she was over the discomfort she was ready to see if she could take all of him into her.  As he pulls out she pushes herself up so that she is sitting up again over his pelvis and when he thrust his body up into her she moves her whole body down on him, letting out a big gasp as he hits the top of her vaginal wall.   The sensation takes her breath away and she feels his hands grab her waist to steady her as she is unable to move while her body absorbs the shock of his big cock that is now nestled inside her. 

“Are you ok?” he asks her seeing that taking all of him in was more than she was expecting.  She doesn’t say anything for a few seconds and he doesn’t move waiting for her to tell him whether she was ready to proceed or not.

“Wow,” is all she can say for the moment as she lets her body adjust to the size of him.  She takes a couple of deep breaths and then opens her eyes to see him watching her with the look of concern in his eyes.  “That was more than I had expected,” she says to him, but then she smiles at him, “but I’m ok.”  A look of relief came over his face as it looks like they are going to be able to continue.  And when she is able to get her breath again she begins to move her body on top of him again. 

She is really surprised and amazed how her body was able to yield to him so quickly.  As she sits on top of him they are able to reach and sustain a rhythm to their fucking as his hands move up her stroke her thighs and come to rest on her hips. He gently presses down on them so that he is able to guide her on top of him.  Her hands came to rest on his forearms using them for support as they continue to move against the other increasing their tempo and they move together like this for a few minutes.  Red slips her hand down to her crotch and slowly rubs her clit as she takes the strokes of his cock into her.  His hands move up to her breasts and he squeezes and tweaks her nipples for a few minutes intensifying her pleasure.  Just as she is really getting into the pleasure and tempo of their motions he had been setting for them, she feels the pressure of his hands hold her down on him when he stops moving underneath her and then he sits up taking her by surprise.  Moving his hands up her torso he lifts her of off him but he guides her body to lie down on the bed so that she lies on her back.   He moves so that he is standing at the edge of the bed and then grabbing her by the waist pulls her towards him.  Now hovering over her he slowly inserts his cock into her again and starts to move in and out of her again.  At first slowly and then picks up his tempo.  Red closes her eyes as she enjoys the slightly different sensation she is having lying on her back.

At first she is able to meet his thrusts but as the wonderful sensation of his fucking her began to overwhelm her she lets him take complete control of the situation.  And now this is no more discomfort, just the delicious friction of his cock moving in and out of her.  She feels him slow down and then his hands move along her thighs lifting them up so that her legs were now resting against his chest.  His hands slowly caress the sides of her legs as his mouth kisses and bite at her calves.  Then she feels his hands grab her waist and hold her tightly in place as he pulls out of her and then in one swift motion plunges into her again.  Red can’t breathe for a few minutes as she takes all of him into her deeper than she had before, feeling like her head was going to pop of from the intensity of him filling her up to the hilt.  She had never felt anything like that before and she isn’t sure if she is in pain or experiencing intense pleasure.  But the more he moves in and out of her like that, the more she doesn’t seem to care as she finally realizes that this is what ecstasy must feel like. The only thing that existed for her at that moment was her overwhelmed pussy and his exquisite cock that was bringing her to place that she had never dreamed of feeling her entire life.

And even as he continues to pound her flesh she feels as if reality is slipping away from her.  She had completely lost control of her body because as far as she is concerned she was no longer in it.  The only sound she can hear is the moans coming from her body.  She feels as if she is surrounded by a while light that now enveloped them both as he brings her closer to her climax.  She feels him move her right leg so that it is lying to the side causing her to adjust her body so that she is lying in the scissor position with her right leg on the bed as he is holds her other leg up bending it slightly.  This position was not as intense as the last one but he was still penetrating her just as deeply and just as wondrously as he pounds himself into her making her gasp and moan. 

“You are driving me out of my mind,” she tells him deliriously felling her climax building up again.   But when she feels him begin to stroke her clitoris she thinks that now she is going to lose her mind again. “Oh, God!  Don’t stop, oh please don’t stop,” she cries out as her head rolls from side to side on the bed.  He doesn’t stop, keeping the pace he had set to bring her to this delightful moment and it only takes him a few more long, glorious strokes of his cock and finger to send her over the edge.  When it hits her she feels her whole body go tense and her pussy clamp down on cock as if it were trying to hold on to him while her body started to convulse from her orgasm.   She thought she heard a scream come from her mouth but she wasn’t sure as the sound of her blood rushing through her body was the only thing that filled her eardrums.  Her body continues to spasm and writhe on the bed as he doesn’t stop pumping his cock into her and rubbing her clit with his fingers.  And just as before he continues to pleasure her until her climax slowly melts away.   But she can tell that he isn’t done yet as she can feel that he had only slowed his rhythm down.  As her body tries to recover from the mind blowing orgasm she feels him slip out of her.  She lies there breathing heavily trying to catch her breath again.  When she finally opens her eyes she can see him looking down on her with the same big grin that he had flashed at her in the other room.  All she can do is lie there while he looked down on her like a hungry wolf but she didn’t care at this point she would let him do anything he wanted to her. 

As she regains more of her strength she can see that he is stoking himself with his right hand to maintain his erection.   His left hand is on the side of her leg as she was lying in a somewhat fetal position on the bed.  He slowly rubs her leg and then moves his hand up to her waist as he leans over her.  She feels him grab her just above her hip bone and then his right hand slip underneath her to grab her hip that is on the bed.  He lifts her slightly and moves her so that her face is now in the disheveled bed covers and her ass was up in the air facing him.  For a split second fear struck her mind as the thought of him putting his big cock in her ass made her body come to attention.  There is no way she is going to let him do that but before she could say anything she feels his hand against the inside of her legs stroking her crotch.   His fingers tease the outside of her pussy and then she feels him slip his fingers between the outer lips and then slide down to rub her still throbbing clit.  She let out a moan, as she is astounded that she still has feeling down there but she isn’t sure how much more she can endure.

“Oh, I don’t know if I can take anymore of you,” she tells him shaking her head.  He was doing more to her than she could have ever imagined and she was feeling overwhelmed.  But as she tries to lift her body up to look at him, his hand pushes against her back holding her down as his other hand continues to torment her beleaguered pussy.    She can’t help herself as she starts to rock against his hand while he rubs her clit and probes her pussy with his hand for a few more minutes. She wants to tell him to stop but she can’t form the words.  All she could do is moan into the bed covers as he brings her to another orgasm.   But just as she was about to have it, his hand leaves her only to be replaced by the head of his cock pushing its way between the folds of her pussy and into her body and then he starts fucking her again. 

Her body comes up off the bed as he moves in and out of her over and over again as he holds onto her hips making her body meet each of his thrusts.  She feels his right hand leave her waist and then a stinging slap on her ass as he takes a whack at her behind.   She gasps out at the initial pain of the slap.

“What the fuck!” she yelps out, and he smacks her other ass cheek as he continues to pump his cock into her.  She had never been spanked during sex before and she was starting to feel the sensation of heat rise up to her ass cheeks.  She feels him whack her ass again and she let out another gasp.  She could never understand why people liked to be slapped and bitten while they were having sex but as the initial pain of his hand stinging her skin subsides she is beginning to understand the mix of pleasure and pain that he is inflicting on her body at that moment and how it is actually heightening her arousal even more.  She brings her hand up to her pussy and starts to rub her fingers against her throbbing clit.

“Oh, you like it when I smack your ass?” he asks her, his voice was raspy and strained.  He smacks her ass cheek again, making her skin burn and then he starts to fuck her even faster now.  Red winces again at the stinging pain but the mix of pain and pleasure is starting to overwhelm her as she keeps on moaning and rubbing herself faster and harder. 

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she begins to chant as her fingers slide back along her pussy and she feels his cock slide in and out of her wet hole.  She can feel her orgasm building up in her again and she moves her hand back to her clit so that she can bring it on as fast as possible.  She hears him speak again, “Do you love how I’m fucking you right now?”  Red shakes her head barely able to get a “Yes,” to come out of her mouth as he continues to fuck her faster and faster and she tries to rub on her clit as her hand slips around her crotch from the force of him pounding into her.  And just when she thinks that he can’t move any faster than he already is he grabs her by her waist and holding her steady, pummels his cock into her even more furiously.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh.., “ she hears him pant from behind her as he pounds his cock into her unrelentingly. “Awww fuck yeah,” he yells out between his grunting and her own moans. As she feels her climax rock her body again she screams out as she clinches the bed cover with both of her hands.   She buries her face in the bedding still screaming while her body spasms around his cock again and she hears what sounds like a long howl come from behind her as he is finally able to have his long awaited orgasm. His body jerks against hers as he releases his load into her and his fingers dig into her skin from the intensity of his body spasms.

Everything is a blur to Red as she lays face planted into the covers while her body heaves from the most amazing fuck she has ever had.   She feels his body collapse next to hers on the bed and the sounds of two bodies breathing heavily fill the room.   Red’s head is swimming because she has never experienced anything like this before and her whole body is pounding as it slowly regains its natural rhythm.  She feels his left hand come to rest on her thigh and lightly touches her hot sweaty skin.  He moves in the bed and then she feels his hot body against her back.  His hand gently moves up her body to caress her arm as his warm breath breathes on the back of her neck and she feels his lips gently kiss her then his hand moves down to the top of hers and he slips his fingers in between hers.  As she lies there with him she thinks about how their encounter had started.   And if it wasn’t for her red tube of lipstick she never would have had this experience with him.   Red closes her eyes and wishes for a brief moment that she could lie here like this with him forever but her thought is interrupted when she hears movement in the hallway.     

 “What is going on in here?”A man’s voice from the door way asks.  Red and Mr. Wolfe shot up from the bed to see Gran’s neighbor Woody standing there with a knife from Gran’s kitchen in his hand.   Red reaches over and pulls the covers over their naked bodies.

“I, we, uh,” was all Red could get out of her mouth.

“What’s going on?” another voice came from down the hall.  Red recognizes the voice of her grandmother.   “Woody what are you doing standing there with that knife?” she asks him as she arrives at the door and then turns her head to see what he is looking at.  Red is speechless looking at Gran as she sits there with a naked man in her old bedroom of her grandmother’s house.  She can’t even move to grab her clothes either because all of hers were currently spread across the living room along with the man that she was in bed with.

“I heard some screaming when I came in and ran back here,” Woody told Gran.

 “Oh my, what do we have here?” Gran asked slyly, looking at Red and then Mr. Wolfe.  She turns to Woody still holding the knife up in his hand.  She moves her hand over to his, taking the large knife from him. “I was wondering what the mess in the living room was all about,” Gran says to them as she looks from the man and then to back to Red.  Red smiles back at her Gran embarrassed that she found her house a mess and that her granddaughter and the man she invited into her house were found in the aftermath of their sexual encounter.  But as Red looks at her grandmother something Woody said struck her.

 “Wait a minute, how did you get in the house Woody?” Red shot out at him realizing that she didn’t hear the door bell or knocking as the house had been quiet for a while since they had finished having sex.

“He has a key,” her grandmother said, “I told you earlier that he was coming over later to check on me,” she said looking at Red, tipping her head to the side slightly and grinning.  Red just looks at Gran for a few seconds and then as she saw Woody’s hand come to rest on her grandmother’s shoulder it finally dawned on her what her grandmother was getting at.  Red looks from Gran then to Woody and then back to Gran wondering just how long he had been checking in on her and slight smile came to her face. 

 “Now why don’t the two of you get cleaned up and dressed again while I make us some dinner,” Gran says with a smile and turns to head back down the hall way. “Come on Woody they don’t need an audience.  You can come help me out in the kitchen while Roni and Mr. Wolfe get their clothes from the living room,” but Woody just stands by the door looking into the room and Red notices that he is sporting a hard on.  Then she sees Gran’s hand reach over and grab him by the shirt to drag him back down the hall way and he disappears past the door frame.  But then Woody appears at the door again.

“I’m not called Woody for nothing you know,” he said in a hushed tone, giving the two of them a wink as she hears Gran call for him again and he leaves the doorway for good.

Red and Mr. Wolfe sit there for a few moments not saying a word. 

“Your name is Roni?” he asks her, realizing that she had never told him her name although she wore a name tag on her uniform that said Ryder.

“Yeah, it’s short for Veronica, Veronica Ryder, but people call me Red,” she says to him smiling.

“Red Ryder, that’s cute.  I’m Aiden, Aiden Wolfe” he says to her flashing his big smile at her.  Red shakes her head up and down acknowledging that she knows what his name is already. “Oh wait you knew that didn’t you?” and they both laugh.  He edges himself off the bed to stand up and reaching down towards her takes her hand and helps her off the bed. 

“So what now Mr. Wolfe?” she asks him curious to know where this will all lead now. “I’ve never acted on impulse with anyone like this before so I’m somewhat at a loss at what to do next,” she tells him honestly.

“Well this isn’t something I’ve done before either.  So, I say let’s find our clothes, clean up our mess and then see what you grandmother cooks up for us?” he says as he continues to smile at her.

“Sounds like a good start to me,” she replies, “then we’ll just see what happens after that.”  He nods at her seeming to agree with what she has suggested and then he leans down to her and slipping his arms around her, kisses her on her now pink lips.