Interracial Erotica -
Business Before Pleasure: Part Two
By R.W. Shannon
Published on November 22, 2010
Cydnee thought she had it all figured out, until Larry returns to throw a wrench in her game...

Chapter One

The stiletto heels of my red boots click against the marble floor as I make my way to the elevator. The security guard looks up but doesn’t question my presence in the Chase Towers office building at eleven o’clock on a Friday night. Still, butterflies form in the pit of my stomach. How Aiden was able to arrange this in such a short amount of time, I didn’t know. But, a lost bet was a lost bet. I grasp the belt of my black trench coat, praying that it doesn’t suddenly fly open as I pass.

When I round the corner, I see him leaning casually against the wall near a bank of elevators, reading a newspaper. Not a strand of Aiden’s curly black hair is out of place. The intense look in his blue eyes always causes my breath to catch in my throat. The fabric of his black suit molds around his muscles like a pair of hands. I almost cum just looking at him. He glances up at me, checks his watch, then, turns his gaze to the newspaper.

I stand near him while we wait for the elevator car to arrive. He’s been in Atlanta on business and it’s been three weeks since I’ve seen him. I missed him. My body missed him. My limbs tremble in anticipation as the car arrives. I enter first. He goes to the back and leans against the back railing. His eyes still don’t leave the newspaper. As the door shut, I notice that they are mirrored, just as he said.

The instrumental musak version of a Maroon 5 song rains down from the speakers as I push the button for the 30th floor. There are fifty nine floors in this building but the elevator stops on 30, then we’ll have to transfer up another back of elevators that will take us the rest of the way.

I glance at Aiden in the mirror. He pretends that he’s not watching me as I untie the belt of my coat and let if fall open. Underneath, I’m nude per his request. Cupping my breasts, I squeeze the full globes. My nipples instantly pucker around the edges, then, stiffen into dark peaks. I push them together and glance in the mirror. His doesn’t look up. I release them. My hands flow down my flat abs. I curl the palm of my hand around the mound between my thighs. I squeeze and kneed the sensitive, bald area, feeling my moisture pool against the opening of my pussy.

Moaning, I insert my index finger between the folds of skin and stroke my taut clit. A blast of air from the vent showers over me. I shiver as I search the corners for cameras. Seeing none, I slowly lower my coat from my shoulders. My long, black hair tickles my exposed shoulders.

I spread my legs and bend slightly at my waist. I move my fingers back along my canal, tease my opening with my fingers before pulling them out and licking off my essence. Aiden clears his throat. I knew I had him. I glance up at the panel. We’re clearing the twelfth floor. Turning, I let my coat drop to the floor and sink to my knees in front of him.
His erection strains against the crotch of his suit. As I unfasten the button, I kiss his hard cock through the expensive material before I pull down the zipper with my teeth. His scent rises from the opening. It’s earthy, masculine with just a hint of sweetness. I push his pants down to the top of his hip and pull him free with my mouth.

When my lips flow over his cock, I hear his breath hitch. I draw his dick in until the tip presses against the back of my throat. I clap my lips around the base, tracing the path back up to his tip with my tongue. He groans. His fingers dig into the crown of my head. I pull it out. I’ve already memorized the pattern of veins that rise to the surface his taut, beige skin but study them again. I curl my tongue around the blush pink tip before plunging him deep into my mouth.

“Cydnee…” he breathes.

I tear my mouth away from his hot length. I roughly lick the tip of his rigid cock with the flat part of my tongue. We should be nearing the twentieth floor but I can’t take my mouth away from him yet. Moaning, I again draw his cock deep into my mouth. The salty drops of his pre-cum drip onto my tongue. I swallow them and I curve my tongue around his width, cradling him in the moist, warmth.


The pages of the newspaper flutter around me. Now, I remove my mouth and stand. I hold his dick in my hand, stroke it, as our lips meet. My own essence drips on to the top of my thighs. I need him in me. Now. Reading my thoughts, he spins me around so that my back is to him. He pulls my head back by a fist full of my hair and pinches my nipple between his fingers. Gasping, I press my thighs together, trying to hold back the dam that’s about to burst.

“Do you want me to fuck you,” he whispers in to my ear as he twists my nipple.


He gently rakes his fingernail across it. I have to bite my lip to stop myself from calling out. He runs his nails back and forth over it. Oh. Shit. Just that is about to make me cum.

The door chimes, announcing our arrival on the thirtieth floor but he doesn’t release me. Instead, he grabs my breast and gives it a rough squeeze. I can’t breathe. If I do, I’m going to fucking explode. The doors still haven’t shut. He takes his time, running his palm over the supple, honey hued skin, tracing my dark nipple with his fingernail.

The heat of his body doesn’t help me calm down. I can feel his cock press into the cheek of my ass. I try to inch toward it, but Aiden holds me in place. I need something to hold on to, something to ground my from his lazy touch that is driving me crazy. I can’t find anything expect the metal bar behind him. I curl my fingers around the cold rod.

“Did you miss me?”


“Are you gonna cum?”


“I want you to cum, Cydnee.”


“Not now. Not until I drive my dick deep into your pussy. Understand?”

I nod.


“Can I check?”

Fuck… I can’t even answer him. I just spread my legs. He slowly runs his hands down my torso and inserts his index finger into my pussy. He slowly swirls his finger around inside. I have to fight with each muscle in my pussy not to cum, but I am losing the battle. Air from the open doors washes over me.

“My god,” he exclaims. “You are so wet. Feel it”


“Do it, Cydnee. Feel your wet pussy.”

He continues to swirl his finger around in me. My knees begin to buckle. Still, I reach between my legs, finger my canal. He grips my finger, pushes it deep inside of me. He strokes my finger, then removes my hand and brings my finger to his lips. He suckles my essence from it as he plunges his middle finger deep inside my core up to his knuckle. He firmly holds it in place. I gasp. The walls of my pussy contract as my eyes slide closed from the pleasure.


“But,” I plead, trying to undulate against his finger.


He pulls it out as he lets go of my hair. I pant as he reaches between us. I feel him put his shaft back into his pants and zip up. I shiver, trying to back into his glorious hardness. Gripping my waist, he pushes me a few paces in front of him.

“Walk,” he commands.

I begin to pick up my coat, but he stops me by firmly smacking my ass. Cautiously, I step into the hallway. Thankfully, it’s empty. I turn to see him pick up my coat and newspaper. He drapes my coat over his arm and tosses the paper in the trash. The doors remain open as he steps off. He circles me as I stand naked in the hallway. His eyes drink in every curve of my nude body as if it’s his first time seeing it.

His blue eyes fill with fire. Suddenly, he drops my coat onto the floor and backs me into the hallway behind me. My breath catches in my throat as he unzips his fly and pulls out his still stiff rod and covers it with a condom. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. He takes my hand and spins me around to face a low, padded bench. With his hand on the back of my neck, he persuades me to bend over and rams his shaft into my pussy.

“Oh,” is all I can manage to squeak out.

Lifting me into the air by my thighs, he spreads my legs wide. I grip the edge of the bench for support as my feet don’t touch the ground, thankful for all those yoga classes that I took. I’m almost in a handstand. He dives deep. I’m going to cum so hard that my whole body trembles. He groans. His rigid cock fills every inch of my pussy.


Before I can cum, he stops thrusting but leaves his dick deep inside me. I whine, try to wiggle against his length but lose my balance. He tightens his grip on my hips so that I don’t fall. I hold on to his calves. I’m now dangling upside down from his cock.

“Why did you stop,” I stammer.

Then, I hear it. The squeaky wheel of a cart. We quickly separate. I rush for my coat as Aiden struggles to stuff himself back into his pants. Two women pushing a cleaning cart walk in our direction. They look from me to him but don’t comment, except in Spanish, which I’m fluent in. Aiden presses the call button for the elevators going to the floors above. The women giggle, saying how handsome he is and that he must be an executive. That I’m a lucky woman. He chuckles as they get on the down elevator. I raise my eyebrow at him as the women disappear and our car arrives.
“You speak Spanish?” I ask.

We step on the elevator. As soon as the doors close, I take off my coat and drop it to the floor. My body still tingles with the need to release. My nipples stand to his attention as heturn his gaze to them. With a groan, he brushes them with his fingertips and begins to strip off his suit, tie and shirt.

“And French and Italian.”

“Wow,” I say in awe. I learn something new about him every day. “Say something naughty in French.”

“Je vais vous baiser jusqu'à ce que vous ne puissiez pas marcher,” he says.

He backs me into the corner as he pulls out his cock. He’s still hard. I bite my lip to keep from panting at the site of him. My body quivers in anticipation of him ramming it inside of me.

“What does that mean?”

“I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk.”

I turn around, grip the handle bar and bend over.

Chapter Two

Aiden didn’t lie. Not only did he fuck me on the elevator on the way up, but also on the way down. Then, in the parking garage. He kept me ready by stroking my clit as he drove me home. Then, he carried me upstairs to bed and made love to me most of the night until we finally collapsed from exhaustion. And yes, I did have trouble walking this morning. My coochie is still sore as I sit in the coffee café, scribbling into my journal.

Of course, the Grande Orange café was packed this Sunday afternoon, but I was able to snag the last outdoor table. I sip my latte as I wait for my best friend and business partner Stace to arrive. I shift in the metal seat, trying to find a comfortable position. I unzip my black hoodie and use it as a seat cushion. It’s a beautiful day. The birds are chirping, the sun is bright and warm. I am lost in thought, daydreaming about Aiden, and don’t hear him approach.


I look up. My eyes fill with surprise. Standing next to my table is Larry, my ex-fiance. I stand as he hugs me. He’s taller than I remember, and more muscular. The sun reflects off his shaggy blond hair and into his soft green eyes. He wears a Cardinal football jersey and jeans. I smile. I’m too in shock to say anything. I had heard through mutual friends that he had moved to San Diego.

“How are you,” he asks as I step from his embrace.


He gestures toward the pretty brunette behind him. “This is Amy.”


I shake her hand. I wonder what Larry has told her, if anything, about me and our relationship. I’m not worried, just curious. Thankfully, Stace arrives a few seconds later, carrying her new Peek-a-poo puppy, Annibel. The introductions start again. Stace looks at me with surprise in her eyes. I shrug. I haven’t spoken to Larry since I left him six months ago. He has emailed me, tried to call me a few times a week, but I refused to return his messages.

“I thought you were in San Diego,” I ask him as Amy coos over the puppy.

“I was. I am. I’m just tying up loose ends here.”

I nod. “How is the plastic surgery business?”

“The practice is good.”

Larry is a successful and reputable plastic surgeon. He had many celebrity clients but also did charity work oversees for the Doctors Without Borders program. There is nothing wrong with Larry. He is smart, sexy, and perfect…for someone else. I tried to make it work. I really did, but he just wasn’t the one. It was more than not being able to cum with him, though that was a big part of my decision.

“You look scrumptious.”

I look down at my purple tank, my designer sweat pants and flip flops. “Thanks.”

He leans close to me. His scent is windblown, as if he’s spent hours outdoors, and he probably has. The irony is that this café is where we first met and it was his scent that drew me to him. That and the fact the he is gorgeous.

“Actually,” he whispers to me. “Can I talk to you? Alone?”

I nod. I follow him through the crowded café and out the front door. He opens the passenger door to his Land Rover. I sink into the leather seat as he walks around to the driver’s seat and gets in.

“You sure Amy’s ok with this,” I joke, though I didn’t care.

“We’re just friends.”

I raise my eyebrow. Amy stands in front of the car, peering at us through the windshield. Her arms are crossed over her chest. Her breasts are obviously his handy work.

“Does she know that?”

He looks at her, curses, then excuses himself. He leaves the SUV to talk to her. She walks back into the café in a huff. With a sigh, he climbs back in the cab and closes the door.

“I’m sorry about that,” he says.

“No problem.”

“You really do look beautiful, but you always do.”

I smile. “How are you, Larry?”

“Miserable.” He turns to me and takes my hand. “I’ve missed you.”

I look down at his tanned skin. His touch is nice, tender. His fingers intertwine with mine. Surprisingly, I don’t pull my hand away.


“Don’t say that it’s too late.”

“But it is,” I sigh.

He shakes his head. I hate this part. I hate breaking his heart again but I have to be honest with him. We were only four months from walking down the aisle when I called it off. I explained to him why. He tried to convince me that I was making a mistake, but I knew that it wasn’t. My body knew long before I did.

“I can’t believe you broke up with me just because you can’t cum.”

I remove my hand from his. “It was more than that.”

“But that was the main reason, wasn’t it?”

“It was one of the factors in my decision.”

He runs his hands through his blond hair. I knew coming out here would be a mistake. After I broke up with him, I told him the truth. That I wasn’t in love with him, but this is the one thing that he keeps focusing on. He did the same thing when we were together. He’d focus on some minute detail instead of seeing the big picture and I’d end up spending my time trying to smooth it over so that I don’t scorch his ego.

“It’s not you,” I say. “It’s me.”

He turns in his seat to face me. “Can you cum now?”

I nod. I’ve also learned that it wasn’t just Larry that I never had orgasms with. I didn’t have them with many of my lovers. Aiden is the only man that’s consistently brought me to an orgasm every time. I blush thinking about what he did to me in the parking garage next to the car and quickly turn to look out the window.

“Who is this guy,” he asks. “Why can he make you cum and I can’t?”

I sigh again. Larry’s really starting to piss me off.

“Why are you so focused on this? Is it about your ego?”

“No…yes. I just feel bad that I never satisfied you.”

My mood softens. “Larry…”

“And I don’t want to leave you with that impression of me.”

My shoulders slumps. “I don’t think bad of you. We had some great times together. When we went to Istanbul. The time you ran the marathon…”

“But nothing in the bedroom.”

I bite my lip to stop myself from agreeing. Our sex life was vanilla. Missionary. A little foreplay. Nothing grand. There was never any sense of danger like there is with Aiden. Amy appears from the café. She points at her watch. I take this as my cue to leave.

“I’d better go,” I say.

“No, Cyd. I need closure. I need a way to move past this.”

I frown. “What do you mean?”

“Give me another shot.”

My mouth falls open. “What?!”

“I bet I can make you cum now. Let me make love to you.”

“No, Larry…”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t think it’s appropriate. I’m not going to sleep with you just to help you make yourself feel better.”
He pauses. I hope my words sink in, but I know they haven’t.

“Just one night.”


“One hour…”

“Damn it, Larry. No!”


I know his ego is bruised, right now and he’s not thinking straight but there’s no way that I’m going to fuck him. I open the door. He places his hand on my forearm to stop me.


He pulls a pad of paper from his console and scribbles something on it before handing it to me. I look down at his phone number.

“Think about it,” he pleads.

I stuff the paper into the pocket of my jeans and close the door. I blindly make my way to the table. Before Stace can ask, I tell her everything that happened in the car. Without a word, she hands me Annibel and goes inside. She returns with a fresh latte for me, cappuccino for her and a slice of marble cheesecake for us to share.
“I think you should do it.”

“Are you out of your mind,” I exclaim, drawing stares for people at the next table. I lower my voice. “There’s no way in hell I’m going to fuck Larry.”

“Why not?”

“Because it doesn’t feel right.”

“Let him try. Give him an hour.”

“You’re joking, right?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t see why not.”

“Aiden,” I remind her.

“It’s not like you love him.”

“I know but I still don’t want to complicate things.”

“Because you love Aiden.”

I pause. I didn’t have an answer for that. I like Aiden. When we’re together…oh, man! I must admit that a part of me wonders what it will be like to be with Larry now. I never thought about it until I was sitting next to him in the car.
She licks her fork. “What are you and Aiden, anyway? Are ya’ll ‘together’?”

“I don’t know,” I admit.

“This way, you’ll find out how you feel about Aiden and see if it’s just a fluke that he’s the only one that can make you cum.”

“Maybe, but it still doesn’t feel right.”

I had to admit that she had a point but I couldn’t think to do something like that behind Aiden’s back. I tell her this.
“So ask him,” she says with a shrug. “You’ve got nothing to lose.”

I finish off the cheesecake. I guess it couldn’t hurt to talk to Aiden about it. He’ll say no and that will be the end of it.

Chapter Three

“Can you believe the nerve of him,” I say with a shake of my head.

Aiden and I sit in the Pink Taco restaurant for lunch on Tuesday. I laugh as I finish telling him about my run-in with Larry. He’s silent as I cap my presentation by sipping my iced tea. I’m not sure what kind of reaction I was hoping for. He doesn’t look up from his tamales.

“How long were you with him?”

“Two years.”

“And you hadn’t experienced pleasure in all that time?”

“No. I didn’t.”

He deliberately sets down his fork before taking my hand. He leans forward. I met him halfway. He kisses me. It’s a short kiss, but it still makes my knees week. When he pulls away, I almost forget that we are surrounded by patrons. He releases my hand to pick up his fork.

“I think you should do it.”

I choke on my iced tea. “What?”

“Do it. Then you’ll know for sure.”

I knock over my glass of water as I set the tea glass back down. The waiter appears to mop it up with a towel. He offers to move us but I decline. It’s only water. When he leaves, I look at Aiden. I’m not mad at his suggestion, just surprised. I wait as the waiter sets a fresh glass on the table.


He nods. “But only if I can watch.”

I swallow hard. Leaning forward, I drop my voice so the others that surround us don’t hear me.

“You want to watch my ex fuck me?”

“Perhaps I can give him some pointers. Plus, you talked about that being a fantasy of yours.”

I bite my lip. While it’s true that I did mention it was a fantasy of mine to be with two men at once, I never thought that it would actually occur or that I’d find someone who would agree to it. Both Aiden and Larry are hunks. What woman wouldn’t want to be alone in a room with both of them?


Aiden glances at his watch. “I have a meeting in less than an hour. After that, I’m all yours.”

I smile. “That sounds like a plan.”

“Come back with me to the office?”


I had worked overtime on Saturday and had planned to take the rest of the afternoon off. He slowly eats his salad. I had finished my vegetarian platter minutes ago. I listen to our neighbors chatter as he reaches into his pocket for his smart phone. I watch him tabs out a text and put it back into his pocket. Seconds later, my phone rings. I look down at the text he has sent me and blush.

Take off your panties, it reads.

I stand to go to the ladies room but he shakes his head. I sit back down. He talks about the weather as I look around. I pull up the skirt of my wrap dress. I hook my thumbs in the elastic and begin to pull them down but stop.

“Can I get you anything else?” The waiter asks as he suddenly appears.

We both decline but Aiden asks for the check. As soon as he leaves, I quickly lift my hips and slide the black thong panties down my thighs and over each foot. I ball them up in my hand and give them to Aiden. He puts them in the pocket of his jacket. His eyes are intense as he chews his tomato painfully slow before sipping his water.

“I have a surprise for you,” he says.


“When we get to the office, I’ll give it you.”

Those simple words make my clit throb. Aiden, I’ve discovered, is capable of anything. I do mean anything. He places his hand on the small of my back as he guides me out of the restaurant to his car. He holds my door open. His door is barely shut before he pulls me to him and crushes my mouth with his. Damn.

“Ready,” He asks as he starts the car.

I can only nod. Less than fifteen minutes later, we arrive at his office. I smile and hug Kathy and Allison when we arrive. Both were temporary workers for my staffing company, Hire up!, that Aiden had hired permanently. Kathy is his administrative assistant while Allison is the receptionist. The open area has also expanded to include small conference tables and he’s hired two more consultants. Aiden confessed that he may need to move to a bigger location by the end of the year.

As soon as his office door is closed, he locks it and motions for me to take a seat in his soft, leather executive chair. From his briefcase, he pulls out a pink gift bag. He sets it in front of me, then, kisses me.
When I reach for it, he moves it from my grasp. He stands behind me, pulling my dark hair loose from its low ponytail. Taking my hands, he pulls me to my feet and unties the side of my pink wrap dress. I shiver as it flutters to the ground. He turns me around to face him. The intensity in his blue eyes causes my breath to catch in my throat.
He pulls the black strap of my bra away from my shoulder and casually runs his finger under it. I sigh as his fingers skim the top of my right breast. He brushes his lips against mine as he removes a pair of scissors from his drawer. Without warning, he cuts the center of my bra between the underwire cups. It falls open to expose my breasts. He then cuts each strap so that it falls in ribbons onto his desk.

I arch my back as he captures one of my nipples in his mouth. He taunts the firm orb with his tongue. I have to cross my legs to stop myself from cumming. He lifts his head and sets the bag on my lap.

“Open it.”

I strip away the top layer of white tissue paper. Inside are two plastic purple hearts and a plastic butterfly shaped vibrator with a wireless remote control. I knew what the vibrator was used for, but the hearts confuse me. He takes the items and sets them on the desk. He moves around the room, closing the blinds until the room is dim. He clicks on the overhead light.

“I never properly thanked you for helping me with my sister-in-laws gift.”

I blush. “I think that you have.”

“Remember all the things I did to you?”

My clit pulsates as I nod. As he saunters back to me, he unknots his burgundy tie and removes it from the collar of his chambray shirt. My heart races. Beneath his navy suit and prep school demeanor is a body that can cut glass. He also has the skills to back it all up.

“That nothing compared to what I’m going to go to you right now.”

My eyes widen. “What about your meeting?”

“There’s time. Hands.”

I hold them in front of me. He wraps his tie around them, binding them together. He leads me to a coat hook on the left side of the office door. Lifting my hands, he hangs me on the hook. My balls of my feet still touch the ground. He pauses to lick a path from my clit, over my abs, between my breasts and up the side of my neck. He caps it with a quick kiss on my lips. I sigh. He returns to his desk to get the hearts. I frown.

“What are those?”

“You’ll see…”

He clamps one on each of my nipples and turns them on. Soon a tingling sensation enters each of my nipples as the devices vibrate, stretching and pulling my nipples into sensitive peaks.

“Oh, goodness…”

“Shh,” he says placing his index finger over my lips.

As he goes back to the desk to get the vibrator, the intercom buzzes.

“Mr. Stanton,” Allison announces in a bubbly voice. “You’re 1:30 is here.”

“Please show Mr. Ngata to the conference room. I will be there shortly.”

Slowly, he walks toward me and kneels in front of me. He kisses the smooth skin between my thighs. I arch my hips into his lip. He roughly licks the sensitive sinew, the tip plunging between the folds over skin over my clit. My head rolls back from the pleasure.

“Open for me, Cydnee.”

I part my thighs. He inserts the shaft of the vibrator inside me and firmly straps it in place. Standing, he moves to his desk and picks up the remote control.

“Let’s see if it works,” he says.

He presses a button. The shaft moves in a circular motion. I arch my back. He presses another. The shaft vibrates against my walls. I pant. He presses another. The shaft moves up and down. Its width scrapes the sides of my pussy. I have to fight not to move against it. The fourth setting does a combination of all three. I moan. Yeah, that’s the one. He turns it off.
I lean against the cool wall behind me. I inhale. The office holds his masculine, earthy scent. He pulls another tie from his briefcase and quickly puts it on. He gathers some files and walks towards me as he shoves the remote into his pants pocket along with a set of keys.

“I’ll lock the door,” he says. “But, you’ll have to be very quiet.”

“How long will your meeting be?”

He kisses me. “Twenty minutes, tops.”

That’ll be a long twenty minutes. He kisses me before he leaves. I hear the lock on the door click. Next, the shaft pulsates in my pussy. Damn him. I’m so gonna have to find a way to get back at him. The sensation in my pussy stops but the pull on my nipples continues. My breath catches in my throat. The gentle suction and vibration of my nipples is enough to make me cum.

I moan louder than I expected to. I press my lips together. Yes, I am going to get back at him if it kills me. I’m sure I could unhook my hands. I try and fail. The hook is higher than it looks. I can’t get enough leverage to slip the ties over it.

Suddenly, my pussy gets a short blast of the fourth setting. I cry out before I catch myself. It’s followed by the vibration cycles, then another blast of all three sensations. I knees weaken. As quickly as the sensation started, it stops. There is a sharp knock at the door.

“Cydnee? Are you still in there?”

It’s Kathy.

“Yes, Kath.” I yell. My voice quivering like my limbs and my clit. “Just waiting for Aiden.”

“Is everything ok?”

The fourth cycle. He lets it run longer this time. The shaft pulses, vibrates and circles the walls of my pussy. My walls shimmer, contract. I cum so hard that I see stars.

“Fine,” I pant.

“Are you sure? Would you like something to drink?”

No, I want to yell. And get away from the fucking door.

“I’m good. Just playing hearts on the computer. Checking my email.”

He switches the cycle to the first one. The shaft moves in a circle inside my pussy. I sink against the feeling as the hearts continue to stimulate my nipples. Fuck. I imagine his lips pulling on them. His teeth lightly grazing them. Why is Kathy still at the door?

“I’m fine,” I sigh.

“Let me know if you need anything.”

I need you to leave, I think. “Ok.”

Her footsteps move away from the door. Finally. A shiver moves up my spine as my orgasm builds again. Setting three assaults my pussy. I whimper, move my hips in rhythm to it. Oh. My. God. I’m going to cum. The vibration stops. Damn it! The door knob giggles. It jiggles again. I try to unhook my hands again and fail. Aiden hits me with setting four. I sink against the sensation with a moan as the handle jiggles again.

“Hello,” I scream.

Silence. “Is someone in there? This is Todd.”

Todd Langhorn is Aiden’s business partner. I’ve met him a few times. Have even double dated with him and his girlfriend of the week.

“Hey, Todd,” I yell louder than I need to, but setting four doesn’t have me thinking clearly. “What’s up?”

“I needed to get a file from Aiden’s desk. Can you get it for me? It’s the Shubert account.”

Shit. “Um…No…I don’t see it.”

“If you open the door, I can get it.”

“Aiden took some folders with him. Maybe he has it.”

Silence. Setting two. The shaft knocks against my walls. My essence drips down, coats it. Just go away, Todd. I don’t think he believes me because he doesn’t move from the door. I hear keys jingling. Shit. Shit. Shit. The key is in the lock. Before it opens, I hear Aiden’s voice. He speaks to Todd. The exchange small talk as the lock clicks. The door opens. Its bulk hides me as Aiden saunters in. He picks up a file from his desk and hands it to Todd who stands in the door jam.

“Where’s Cydnee,” he asks. “I just heard her.”

Aiden motions behind the door. “She’s hanging out by the window.”

I kick him in his shin. He blasts me with setting four. I instantly become mush.

“Ok,” Todd says as he leaves. “Tell her, ‘hey’.”

Aiden chuckles as he closes the door and locks it. He pulls off one of the hearts and tosses it over his shoulder. I giggle as he draws my nipple into his mouth. I moan. The vibrator is still set to four. He takes off his jacket as he teases the stiff, dark nub with his tongue. My eyelids slide closed. He tugs off the other heart and drops it onto the ground. My moans become louder. He tears his mouth away and covers mine with his.

“Shh,” he says as his lips move to my collarbone.

“I’m trying…”

He takes a step away from me as he unknots his tie. He pulls my panties from his pocket, roughly shoves them into my mouth and bridles me with his tie. He unbuttons his shirt, shrugs it off and drapes it on the back of his chair. His pants and boxer briefs follow. My breath is in my throat as he retrieves a condom from his side drawer and rolls it over his hard cock.
He unfastens the Velcro straps from around my hips and removes the vibrator. I can’t breathe as he enters me. I can only grip his hips with mine and try to keep up with his rapid thrusts. This is so much better than setting four. I moan as I cum immediately.

“I could barely get through the meeting,” he whispers against my ear as he rams me hard. “I keep thinking about you hanging here. Naked.”

I whimper.

“Just thinking about you almost made me cum.”

I whine, lift my hips up to meet his thrusts. Oh. God.

“Can you feel how hard I am?”

I nod. I grip his hips with my thighs to keep from falling. He rams me so hard, I’m sure they can hear us on the other side of the door, but I don’t care. My essence flows around his cock. His tip glides against my spot. I close my eyes. Fuck… Right…There.

“Cum for me, Cydnee. Let me feel you cum.”

I moan as I do. The hook gives under our wait but doesn’t separate from the wall. He kisses the valley between my breasts. There’s a knock at his door. He doesn’t slow down. Just picks up his pace. The rapid friction makes me cum again and again. His cock swells. He groans as he clamps his lips around my shoulder to stop himself from calling out as he cums hard. Another knock but we don’t separate. His cock continues to spasms deep inside me.

“Yes,” he asks, his voice hoarse.

“Mrs. Hoskins is on line one for you,” Kathy calls.

“Ok, thank you.”

It takes him a while to gather his composure. I unclamp my legs from around his hips and slide down his body. He takes the gag out of my mouth and unhooks me from the door. After untying my hands, he pulls me to his chest in a tight warm hug. My body tingles. It craves more of him. Wants to do that again. Maybe without the interruptions. He kisses my temple.

“I better takes this,” he says as he moves back to the desk and puts on his shirt.

“I understand.”

We dress as he takes the call. I pick up the toys and place them in the gift bag. I sit in the armchair, watching Aiden work and becoming more and more aroused. I lick my lips. I take off my black panties and put them in my purse. I won’t be needing them anymore tonight. He looks up at me with the phone still pressed to his ear. When he sees the desire in my eyes, he raises his eyebrow in question. I pull the vibrator out of the bag, put it on and hand him the remote.

Chapter Four

“I’m just worried that it’s going to turn into a pissing contest,” I tell Stace over lunch the next day.

She laughs. “That’s not a bad thing to be on the receiving end of.”

I smile as I daydream about being the center of an Aiden and Larry sandwich. Luckily, I’m wearing a navy jacket and my extended nipples can’t be seen through my white shirt. I clear my throat.

“Maybe. I still don’t know about this.”

“Have you called Larry?”

“No,” I say with a sigh as I sip my lemonade.

She spears a piece of lettuce. “Aiden said yes.”

“I know. That surprised me,” I admit.

“How do you feel about him?”

This question has plagued me since I met Aiden four months ago. I’m definitely attracted to him. And when we’re together, Oh. My. God. But, right now, I’m just going with the flow. I worry that a night like this will change our relationship.

“I like him,” I say.

She raises her eyebrow. “Just like?”

“I’m not ready to categorize it. I don’t want to.”

“Because you’re afraid of getting hurt?”

Maybe that is part of it, too, but I’m not ready to admit that, either.

I shrug. “Can we talk about something else?”

“Fine,” she huffs then smiles wickedly. “We did it…”

My mouth falls open. “The threesome? With who? Details!”

She shakes her head. “That’s an over wine kind of story.”

I shrug. “I’m free tonight.”

She smiles. “It’s a date.”

For the next hour, we talk about the company before walking the short half block back to the office. When I get to my office, the message light is blinking on my phone. I punch in the code and listen to the first of six messages. The first two are standard. Companies inquiring about our services. The third message is from Larry. I sit down. He again asks me to give him another chance and leaves his phone number. I sigh and hang up without listening to the other messages. I must admit, I’m intrigued by the idea of this. It’s not technically a threesome, since Aiden just wants to watch, I think. I suppose I could ask Larry. When he finds out that Aiden wants to watch, I’m sure he’ll say no. My intercom buzzes. I press the button.

“Yes, Judy?”

“A Larry Boatman is here to see you.”

I jerk my hand off the button as if it’s hot. Larry? Here? I stand, then, sit. I’m unsure why I’m suddenly nervous. I clear my throat then press the button.

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

Standing, I straighten my jacket as I make my way out of my office. He’s sitting on one of the soft chairs in the reception area. He is very handsome in his black and red plaid shirt and jeans. He stands when I arrive.

“I didn’t think you’d see me.”

I shrug. “Let’s go outside and talk.”

Once outside the building, we find an empty bench facing the Camelback mountains. We watch the traffic pass. People get on and off the buses at the stop in front of us. I inhale the scent of pizza from the restaurant next door. Nothing has changed with Larry. It’s still all about him. I tell him that Aiden agreed to me spending one last night with him, if only Aiden can watch. Larry turns this over in his mind.


I look at him. “What?”

“I’m fine with that. It’s just one night. I’ve been driving myself sick over this. I leave for California on Sunday. For good. This will give me closure. Allow me to start over.”

“Why is this so important to you?”

“Because it’s important to you.” He shrugs. “Maybe I should fight harder for you.”

“It won’t change how I feel. You’re a great guy, Larry, but I don’t have feelings for you.”

“Not even a spark?”

I shake my head as I touch his forearm. “No. Not anymore.”

He takes my hand in his. “I just wish this ended differently.”

“I’m sorry…”

“It’s not your fault. It’s mine. You’ll always be the one that got away. I loved you, Cydnee. I want to move on, but I just can’t get past this.”

I don’t know what to say to him that will make him feel better. I must admit, in the car at the cafe, I wondered if I could cum with him, now. I’d have nothing to lose since Aiden would be in the room and I don’t have any feelings for Larry. Plus, it was a fantasy of mine that I carried in the back of my head.

“I’m sure Amy doesn’t have the same problem…”

He smiles. “No, she doesn’t.” He kisses my knuckles. “Aiden’s a lucky man.”

Without a word, he stands and begins to walk away. I don’t like his body language. His slumped shoulders. His slow shuffles toward the sidewalk. The words slip from my mouth before I can stop them.


He stops walking and turns around. “What?”

I stand as he walks back toward me. “I’ll give you another shot, but Aiden has to be there and it will be on my terms.”

His bright smile could light up the darkest room. He hugs me tight. “Thank you.”

“I’ll call you later,” I tell him as I leave.

I don’t understand why I’m shaking as I sit at my desk. Anticipation? Fear? What if he can make me cum now? How is Aiden going to react, watching another man make love to me? I bite my fingernail. Before I lose my nerve, I pick up my phone and call Aiden at his office.

“Hello, Cydnee.”

His rich baritone voice instantly sends shivers down my spine.

“Hi, Aiden.” I take a deep breath then let the next words out in a rush. “I talked to Larry. He’s agreed to you being present in the room…”


“ And I’ve decided to give him a chance.”


“But this is going to happen on my terms.”

“I will call you later with the details,” my voice quivers.

Silence. “What are you wearing?”

I pause. “What does that have to do with…”

“What are you wearing, Cydnee Michelle?”

How can just the way he says my name make my knees weak? I tell him about my navy suit, white shirt, pumps. He grunts. My breath catches in my throat.

“What else are you wearing?”

I suddenly can’t remember. I pull my top away from my skin, describe my honey colored satin bra and the navy bikini panties that I am wearing. He tsks me.

“What,” I ask. “You don’t approve?”

“I’m sure you look beautiful but I think I need to see it.”

I blush. “See what?”

“Send me a pic of you.”




He hangs up. I slowly put the receiver in the cradle. He wasn’t clear on what he wanted to see and how was I supposed to take a picture like that. I dial Stace at her desk.

“What’s up?”

“I need you to come here.”

She pauses. “Why are you whispering?”

“Just get in here!”

I hang up. A few minutes later, she appears at my door. I usher her inside. After locking the door, I put the chair in front of it for good measure. She looks at me quizzically.

“What’s all this?”

I hand her my smart phone. “Aiden want a picture of me.”

“Oh,” she smiles.

I look around the office. I move to the window and close the blind, but it’s too dark, so I open them again. I look down at my outfit. Unsure if I should leave them on or not.
“Take one with and one without.”

I look at her. She shrugs.

“I sex text Paul all the time.”

I shake my head. I should have known. I lean against the desk as she snaps the picture. I send it off to Aiden before stripping down to my bra and panties. I suddenly feel like I’m in a photo shoot for a men’s magazine. I lean against the desk, as before. She snaps the picture. I send that one off to Aiden.

“And now for the money shot,” Stace chides.

I roll my eyes but sit behind my desk as she directs. I take off my lingerie so that I’m nude and I prop my calf on my glass desk, spreading my legs wide as she snaps the pic. I press send.

“Wait,” Stace says as I put my panties back on. “Let’s do one more.”

I frown. “Of what?”

She gives me the phone. Lifting my breast, she touches my nipple with the tip of her tongue. I giggle as I snap the picture and press send.

I shake my head as I dress. “That’s it.”

“I’m on my way to pick up timesheet from Wells Fargo. I’ll be back in a few.”


As soon as she leaves, my smart phone rings. Aiden’s picture, the one I took of him while he was sleeping, flashes on the screen.

“Did you like the pics,” I ask.

“I did. I also enjoyed the last one. Thank Stace for me.”

I laugh. “I will.”

He pauses. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes. Unless you think that I shouldn’t do it.”

“I want you to do what makes you happy.”

I smile, though a lump forms in my throat. “I am, Aiden. I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

“Good. I look forward to your call.”

I press the disconnect button after he hangs up. I know that I’m doing the right thing. So, why am I nervous?

Chapter Five

My stomach twists into knots as I enter the hotel. If I was going to do this, I needed to lay down some ground rules. First, neutral territory. I chose the hotel; the Renaissance Phoenix on the other side of town near the football stadium in Glendale. For a five star hotel, it was nondescript and out of the way. Perfect for this type of thing.

Second, I refused contact with both of them. No emails, no phone calls. I needed to start with a clean slate for this to work. Third, I chose to drive myself and met them here. The men are already in the lobby as I arrive. I wonder what they are talking about. I had described each man to the other before severing contact. They are breaking rule four; no small talk. They halt their conversation when they see me walk through the sliding glass doors and stand. I almost turn around and walk back out in to the desert night.

Damn. Why did they both have to be so fine? Larry, all California surfer cool, in his button down white shirt, jeans and sandals. Aiden, all prep-boy cool, in his black and gray argyle sweater, dark jeans and loafers. Alcohol, I think as I approach. I will need alcohol to get through this. I also brought a 24 count box of condoms. I hope it will be enough.

“Hello,” I say.

The gentlemen kiss me on each of my cheeks. I had already checked in early this afternoon so that is one step that I didn’t have to waste time doing. It’s still early, close to nine pm on Saturday night. They both decline my dinner invitation in the hotel restaurant. Just as well. My stomach is too knotted to eat.Taking a deep breath, I walk to the elevator as the men follow.

I had picked up a new outfit this afternoon, too. An off the shoulder ivory sweater belter over a black pencil skirt. Peep-toe pumps that tie at my ankles. The elevator is waiting and we get on with six other people. I exhale, grateful that I don’t have to make conversation with them all the way to the twentieth floor. I glance at Aiden over my shoulder. He smiles. There is something devilish in his blue eyes that caused my breath to hitch. I look at Larry. He smiles at me, too.
We get off on out floor. The nerves build as we near the room. My hands shake as I struggle to open the door. I got a standard room, no suite. Just a bed with a loveseat. The three of us barely fit along with the king sized bed. I make a beeline for the phone and order an assortment of alcoholic beverages, along with a cheese platter. After pulling out the box of condoms, I set my purse on the dresser. I place the box on the nightstand and sit on the bed as I wait for them to arrive. Aiden and Larry sit on the loveseat.

“Well,” I ask suddenly feeling fidgety. “What do we do now?”

“We were discussing this in the lobby,” Larry answers as he moves to sit next to me on the bed. “We want you to feel comfortable.”


As I pull down the hem of my skirt, I cross my legs. Larry takes my hand and kisses the back of it. I relax. Not enough to start taking my clothes off yet, but enough to not move away from his touch. He kisses my shoulder. It’s tender but doesn’t send the shivers down my spine that I’d expect.

“What else did you guys talk about?”

“You’ll see,” Aiden says with a wink.

He rises to answer the knock at the door. Larry rises to tune the iPod radio to a soft jazz station as the room attendant wheels in the cart loaded with a bottle of red wines for me, beer for Larry, and Aiden’s favorite scotch. I move to the center of the bed. After tipping the attendant and showing him the door, Aiden pours me a glass of red wine while Larry works to dim the lights in the room.

“You ok,” he asks as he hands me the glass.

I shake my head and take a big gulp of the red liquid. He pours himself a scotch and sits back down on the loveseat. My hands tremble. Larry takes the glass from me and sets it on the side table. He kisses the top of my shoulder, and then his lips move down to brush against the exposed skin above my neckline. He curls his hand around my breast and squeezes it through the soft knit material.

He kisses my collarbone. I make up my mind that if I’m going to do this, I’m not going to hold back. I kiss Larry on his lips. His mouth is softer than I remembered. The tip of my tongue touches his, breaking rule five; no French kisses but I thought the mood called for it. He pulls down the neckline of my sweater. His fingers tremble as he traces the outline of my strapless bra.

I glance at Aiden out of the corner of my eye. His ankle rests comfortably on his knee as he sips his scotch. Without a word, he sets his glass on the small coffee table in front of him and stand. He moves toward the bed, takes a sudden right and leaves the room. I hear the door close. I pull away from Larry.

“He’ll be back,” Larry says.

“Where’d he go?”

“He’s giving up space. Then, he’ll come in.”


I’m sure my voice sounded as disappointed as I felt. Larry didn’t seem to notice. Instead, he unfastens my belt and tosses it onto the floor. I unbutton his shirt. I run my hands over his tanned chest, through the thatch of blond hair that arches over his pecs before sliding the material off his shoulders.

I kiss him as his hand floats up the hem of my skirt. I’m not wearing any panties. Just a garter belt and black stocking. He groans as his fingertips skim the bare skin of my hip. I’ve never done anything like this with him before. Our sex life didn’t have the excitement or sense of danger as with Aiden. Maybe, that’s what I needed all along.

Larry rolls onto his back. I straddle his hips and pull my sweater over my head. Just then, the door opens. I inhale Aiden cologne as I shimmy out of my skirt. He leans against the half wall that separates the room from the bath. I look up at him as I unbutton the fly of Larry’s jeans. His tan cock springs free.

I glance at Aiden before I slide my mouth over the velvety skin. The taut tip of his cock pushes against the back of my throat. Larry whimpers as I pull my mouth away to retrieve a condom from nightstand. Larry shifts to removes his sandals and jeans. I roll the lambskin over his erection with my mouth, then, climb on.

Slowly, I move up and down his hard shaft. He cups my breasts through my bra. I close my eyes concentrate on his rod, grazing the sides of my walls. I’m not wet, yet, but it feels good. I open my eyes and look at Larry. He gazes tenderly into my eyes. I want to release for him, but nothing builds. His cock expands, then, contracts. I can tell that he wants to cum but is holding back, waiting for me to go first. It might be a long wait.

I feel hands on my back. I turn. Aiden unhooks my bra and tosses it onto the floor. Larry moves his hands to hold on to my hips. Aiden roughly kneads my breasts with one hand as he yanks my head back by my hair with the other and takes my mouth in a hard kiss. I gasp as my moisture pools around the base of Larry’s cock. My hips move involuntarily. Aiden releases me to go back to his place by the wall. My body instantly misses him. My movements slow.

“So that’s what you need,” Larry whispers. “Why didn’t you say so?”

“I didn’t know,” I confess.

He turns me onto my back, hooks one of my legs over each of his shoulders and plows into me. Moaning, I grip the comforter. Damn. I didn’t know Larry had that in him. I cum suddenly, surprisingly hard. Mission accomplished, but I’m sure that we are far from finished. Larry pulls out his cock and turns on his back. He maneuvers me on top of him. I straddle his head , facing the wall and slip my pussy over his extended tongue. My back arches as soon as his tongue glides into me. Aiden undresses as he walks to the bed. I reach for his shaft but he brushes my hand away. He kisses me. His tongue works my mouth as Larry’s tongue works my pussy.

“I thought you were just going to watch,” I tease Aiden.

“You know that I like to be in control.”

Do I. He spanks my ass as I grip the wall behind the headboard to keep my balance and Larry circles my opening with the tip of his tongue. I open my legs wider and sink down over his mouth. Aiden smacks my ass hard. My skin is becoming sore and red but I don’t care. I swirl my pussy around Larry’s tongue as my next release builds and flows down my walls. I exhale.
“That’s two,” Larry murmurs as he crawls out from between my thighs.


Aiden kisses the raw skin on my ass. “We thought we’d see how many times we could make you cum.”

I cross my arms over my chest as I turn around to face them. The view alone almost makes me orgasm.

“Were you going to include me in this plan?”

I get my answer when Aiden pulls me to stand on the side of the bed and kneels behind me. His tongue slips between the flesh of my ass cheeks as Larry’s finds my clit. Oh. Man. That’s not fair. I lift my leg and rest the sole of my foot on the bed to give them a better angle. Out of spite, I try to hold this one in but can’t. How can I as Aiden’s rough tongue slides across my anal canal and Larry’s velvet tongue slithers against my clit. I shudder.


“Fuck you,” I say as I point at Aiden and move away from his too tempting tongue. “And fuck you.”

I point at Larry as I move away from him, too. With my hands on my hips, I go stand by the dresser. I’m trying to be mad, but am not. My body tingles in anticipation of what they are going to do to me next. Aiden saunters toward me as he rolls a condom over his erection.


“What,” I gasp. “Wait…”

Lifting me, he sits me on top of the dresser. Coaxing my thighs apart with his, he enters me with such force that it takes my breath away. The dresser rocks beneath our weight as he rapidly thrusts in and out of my pussy. His intense kiss causes my pussy to dampen. I grip his shoulders, trying to catch my breath. From the corner of my eye, I watch Larry stoke his erection as he watches us.

“Cydnee,” Aiden whispers in my ear. “You like him watching us, don’t you?”

Despite myself, I nod. He slows his rhythm, almost stops. I grip his hips, urging him to continue. He shakes his head. Damn him. I pant as his cock teases my pussy by lightly grazing my chamber. When I arch my back, he seizes my nipple in his mouth. He suckles it. My pussy quivers around his cock, begging to release.


“Please, what?”

“Make me cum…Aiden…”

Suddenly, he rams me, hard and fast. Fuck. Crying out, I climax without warning. My whole body trembles from the intensity of it.

“Show off,” I whisper as I crumble into a heap on the dresser.

He pounds fists with Larry, who takes over. Larry spins me around to face the mirror and bends me from the waist. He touches the tip of his cock to my anal opening, teasing it before roughly plunging into my pussy. Oh.My. God. Who is this Larry? He never fucked me like this when we were together.

I brush my hair from my eyes to view Aiden in the mirror. He sits on the bed, sipping his highball of scotch and nibbling on a cracker. Moaning, I arch my hips into Larry’s cock. He grips my hips and drives his member deep in my pussy. I close my eyes as another climax builds. Fingers brush against my clit. Not Larry’s as he’s still holding on to my hips. I open my eyes to see Aiden standing beside us. With one hand, he strokes my clit as his other hand teases my anal opening.
“No…Fair…” I sigh as Aiden chuckles.

I cum but they don’t release me. Instead, Larry’s thrusts intensify. I reach for Aiden’s cock as he sinks his middle finger into my backdoor. I pull him into my mouth, stroking his length as I suckle the tip of his cock. He exhales. Oh. Yeah. Two can play this game. I thrust back hard against Larry’s stiff cock. With a groan, his grip tightens on my hips.

Aiden threads his free hand through my hair. I pull Aiden’s cock all the way into my mouth. I cup his sac and gently squeeze his package as he swirls his finger in my ass. He lunges his cock in my mouth in rhythm to Larry’s thrusts against my pussy. I, of course, cum before they do. I feel Larry’s cock expand as he releases with a roar. Aiden bursts in my mouth. I swallow every drop.

“Damn,” I murmur as we separate.

I make my way to the bed as the guys follow. I collapse onto my stomach as Aiden curls around me and Larry lies on his back.
“Six,” Aiden says against my shoulder.
“Shut. Up.”

“Actually,” Larry says as he rises to get the room service menu. “It’s six and a half.”

Aiden kisses me and pulls me on top of him as he turns onto his back.

“The night’s still young,” he says as he rolls on a fresh condom over his shaft and dives into my pussy.

I gasp. Larry’s hands curve around my breasts as he plunges his cock into my ass. Sighing, I give up as a spasm takes over my body.

Chapter Six

A week later, my body still tingles as I replay the ménage while I vacuum my living room on this lazy Sunday evening. I sigh as I turn off the machine and wipe my forehead. I can’t remember what the official tally for the number of times I orgasmed was, but I know it was more than ten. I glance at the flowers that Larry sent me the next day with a simple note of thanks. I haven’t heard from him since then and I’m glad that he got the closure that he was looking for.
I put the vacuum away. I miss Aiden. He’s been in New York on business, signing a new client to his firm. I would love more than anything to be tangled around his body right now. Oh, well. He’ll be back on Tuesday and I can wait until then. The sun is setting bathing my beige and black living room in a pinkish amber glow. I go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of iced tea. My smart phone buzzes.

I assume it’s Stace inquiring about my dinner plans for tonight and take my time picking it up. It’s a text from Aiden. I eagerly press the button and slowly sit down on one of the stools.
His full frontal nude picture stares back at me. My heart flutters as I gaze over his chiseled body. His dark curls and his rigid cock, which he’s wrapped a red bow around. I smile. Before I can memorize every detail of the picture, my doorbell rings. I frown when I see a UPS delivery truck outside. I didn’t order anything.
“Cydnee Davis?” The driver asks.


He thrusts a package at me and asks me to sign for it. I do. As he leaves, my smart phone rings. It’s Aiden’s ring. I rush back into the kitchen and pick it up.

“Did you get my package?” He asks.

“I just got it.”

Pause. “You haven’t opened it yet?”

“No. What is it?”

“Open it.”

I grab a utility knife from the drawer and slice open the tape. Inside the brown box is a package wrapped in red brocade paper and tied with a satin ribbon. I smile as I lift the gift out of the box. It’s almost too beautiful to open.


“Keep going.”

I untie the bow and carefully open the paper without tearing it too much. A red shoe box stares back at me. I lift the lid, pull out a pair of simple black pumps with a solid gold stiletto heel in my size.

“They’re beautiful,” I say.

“Wear them tonight.”


“The limo will pick you up at eight. My flight arrives at nine.”

I look at the clock on the microwave. It’s close to six thirty. My nipples harden against my white tank top. “I thought you weren’t coming in until Tuesday?”

“I finished early.” Pause. “I missed you.”

“I missed you, too.”

“Just us this time?”

I giggle. “Of course.”

“See you tonight. Oh, and Cyd?”


“Be naked when it gets there.”

He hangs up. I do too, then, turn the pumps over in my hand. This evening is looking up after all.

The limo pulls up to the terminal at nine on the dot. The driver excuses himself to go inside to collect Aiden. I didn’t have the nerve to already be naked, so when the driver leaves, I take off the strapless dress and black thongs that I was wearing and check my make up in my tiny compact mirror. Fifteen minutes go by before the men emerge from the sliding doors.
My breath is in my throat as Aiden strides toward the car. He is wearing a simple navy golf shirt and khaki’s by he may as well be naked. The driver opens the door. Aiden slides in next to me. The cab immediately fills with his earthy scent. The driver closes the door and places Aiden’s suitcase in the trunk. Aiden kisses the back on my hand as his blue eyes flow down my nude body and stop at the pumps.

I straddle his lap and kiss him as the limo pulls away from the curb. His hands flow down my back to curve around my ass. He leans away from me and sees the pile of clothes on the floor.

“Didn’t I tell you to be naked?”

“I am.”

He points to the clothes. I blush.

“Well,” I say. “I’m naked now.”

He licks my nipple, then bends to pick up the clothes. I squeal as he tosses them out the window. My pussy immediately floods with my essence. I grab the hem of his shirt and pull it over his head. I notice that we are driving pass the exit to his condo.

“Where are we going,” I ask as I work on his pants zipper.

“I asked him to drive around for an hour, or two…”

As I pull his pants over his hips, I see that he’s still wearing the bow. I finger the velvet ribbon before untying it. Kneeling, I start to pull his cock into my mouth, but he stops me. Instead, he rolls on a condom and pulls me back onto his lap. When he enters me, tears from in my eyes. I didn’t realize how much my body had missed him until this moment.
He captures my mouth with his. His tongue dances against mine. I was afraid that we’d be different with each other after Larry. Our relationship has changed. It’s stronger. He releases my mouth to kiss the side of my throat. My heavy breathing fills the cars. I thread my fingers through his soft curls.

“Oh, Aiden…”

Without breaking our connection, he turns us to lay be back against the cool leather seat. I moan as he pushes my legs wide. The base of his cock rests against my opening. I close my eyes, but he cups my cheek.

“Open your eyes, Cydnee. I want to watch you cum.”

I do. My vision is blurry from the tears that coat it. He traces my cheek bone with his index finger as he rams me gently but with enough force to cause my walls to tremble. I am going to cum. I turn my head slightly away, but he turns it back.

“Look at me.”

His gaze is so deep and inviting. I don’t turn away from the light reflecting in his blue eyes, even as a tear drips down my cheek. I grip his shoulders, rest my heel on the back of the seat.

“Are you going to cum?”


“Say it.”

“Aiden…I’m cum…”

I climax before I can get the word out. He stares deep into my eyes as my body shudders and releases around his hard cock. Words tumble, incoherently from my mouth before I can stop them. He doesn’t stop or slow down. Instead, he rams my pussy with the same speed and intensity as before.

He kisses my forehead. I continue to look into his eyes. His gaze is hypnotic as is his cock. Before I know it, I’m ready to cum again and do. I feel his cock expand. He groans and with a hard arch into me, cums. His cock still spasm as he collapses on top of me. After he gains his composure, he shifts to maneuver me on top of him and wraps me in his arms.

“Ready to go home,” he asks.

I shake my head as I snuggle into his shoulder and pretend I didn’t say what I said.

“Not yet, but I am hungry.”

“We’ll stop and get something to eat.”

I frown. “How? You threw my dress out of the window.”

“I’m sure I can find something for you to wear.”

I close my eyes. I should have known that he had something else up his sleeve. I find myself drifting off to sleep. His lips brush the crown of my head.

“I love you, too, Cyd.”

The End