Interracial Erotica -
Blind Passion Part Three
By Charisma Knight
Published on November 25, 2010
Enjoy a sensous hot tryst between Ethan and Diane...This is just the beginning.

An Enticingly Hot Time...

Diane grimaced as his cold fingers slid their way up her thigh, making her squirm with pleasure. She held her head back while resting her hand on his.

     “Ethan, you need to stop.”

     “Not a very convincing voice, if you ask me.” He smiled. “I won’t, not until you tell me what I want to hear.” His hand was mere inches from the area that burned with desire for him. Further, he explored, touching the crease of her inner thigh.

     “Umm.” Ethan murmured. “So fucking hot!” She squirmed even more as his fingers glided over the moistened area of her thighs, and rested, just on the outside of her opening.

     “God, Ethan.” Diane clenched her teeth, imprisoning his hand between her thighs. His fingers parted hot nether lips, lightly brushing the swollen bud begging for his attention, in any way he could give it.

     “Uhh! Okay, okay!” This was too good to stop, and she knew they needed to leave. Intuition told her she’d never be able to separate from him, not now.

     “Okay what?” A smile curved his lips as he appeared to read her mind, and his blue eyes twinkled when he slipped a finger in her tight crevice. “I only live right around the corner.”

     “What is that supposed to mean?” Diane searched his eyes, enjoying the enticing game of cat and mouse, and the feeling of his finger deep inside her. His ministrations caused her body to tense, and she wanted to cry his name out so much, she bit her lip to prevent herself from doing so. Body quivering, she denied herself the urge to gyrate against him, in fear of drawing attention. She trembled and sighed with regret as he slowly pulled his digit out of her.

     “My sweet lady, you smell so good.” Ethan licked his slick finger and closed his eyes. “Taste good too. Are you ready?”

      It was now or never, she decided. “Will my car be okay in the parking lot?”

      “Yes, I’ll add more money before we walk to my house.”

      “I didn’t bring any clean clothes.”

      Ethan peered at her with promising eyes. “I’ll buy you some tomorrow, after we’ve had breakfast.”

      She shifted in her seat as she polished off the remainder of wine in her glass while Ethan listened for their waiter.

     “Don’t tell me you’re familiar with our waiter’s scent?”

     “Well, yes.” Ethan frowned. He’s wearing Old Spice, the same scent my father used to wear.” Ethan’s nose twitched. Plus, he has a heavy walk. I can hear him coming a mile away.”

     “You’re taking me shopping?”

     Ethan flashed a puzzled look in her direction while arching a brow. “Why shouldn’t I? Of course, it is a selfish reason on my behalf. I’ll get to spend even more time with you.” In a flash, he placed his arm around her, pulling her close to him. “If only you’d tell me what you want.” Wasting no time, he planted a smoldering kiss on her lips while his fingers wrapped themselves in her thick tresses.  

      Melting, she returned his kiss with unbridled passion. The barriers were down, and she wanted one thing, and one thing only. Moaning, she tried pulling away from him, just enough so she could speak, mouthing her needs against his lips.

     “Make love to me Ethan,” she whispered before kissing him on the cheek. Gulping, she spoke those words again, and was shocked at her brazen demeanor. “Take me to your house now, and make love to me,” she whispered again in a much lower tone, as though the entire restaurant could hear.

     “Sorry, I can’t hear you.”

     Diane knew he was toying with her now. He had some nerve, especially since he was panting just as much as she was. Even so, he still managed to maintain his cool.

    Speak a little louder.”

     “Dammit! I want you! Make love to me, fuck me, make me climb the walls.”

     There, she voiced what she had been feeling since Thursday afternoon. Her heart pounded against her ribcage, and her breath escaped her. The Viking-like man smiled and nodded, just before capturing the waiter’s attention.

     “Check please!”

* * *

     Ethan and Diane made it out of the restaurant in record time. Hurrying, they walked to her car so he could add money to the meter. On the way to his home, they walked hand in hand.

     “You know, we wasted a good amount of food,” she snickered.

     “Honestly, the last thing on my mind is food,” he said, brushing his thumb against her hand. “I’m not worried about that. If you’re hungry, I have plenty of eats at my place.”

     She laughed when he said “eats.” Boy, her dirty little mind was working overtime.

     He arched a brow and smiled. “What’s so funny?” He squeezed her hand and licked his lips. “Thinking dirty thoughts again, are we?”

     “Surely I’m not alone in this?” Diane giggled.

     He laughed deeply. “We both know what we want, that’s no secret, so honey, we’re in the same boat.” He sucked his teeth and smiled. “I’d love to have a little dessert to top off the meal from the restaurant,” he said, clearing his throat. “Plus, I’m a little—um parched. I sure as hell can use a little something to sip, right about now.” His gaze sent a lightening bolt straight through her middle.

     “What are we, a pair of nymphos?” she asked while shoving her free hand in her coat pocket.

    “Darling, I think that’s a question best left for tomorrow morning,” Ethan snickered.

    “Touché,” Diane laughed.

     Eventually, he slipped an arm over her shoulder, pulling her close to him. It felt like they’d known one another for years, the way they were getting along. Her reservations had all but fizzled away, she thought, as her gaze locked on the full moon set high in the sky. This seemed like such a magical evening as she witnessed the stars twinkling like a million glittering diamonds.

     “Sure is a beautiful night,” she murmured.

     “Describe it for me,” he asked in a low voice.

     “Oh, the moon is full, and so bright, surrounded by a large halo. The night is clear, and the stars—they’re twinkling, so bright,” She said with a smile. Her heart sank when she saw the slight look of disappointment develop on his features.

     “Thank you,” he said with a smile. “I’m picturing it, just as you’ve described.”

     “Oh, you’re welcome.” She couldn’t help but feel his disappointment. She thought of so much she’d taken for granted over the years, like the ability to see the sun rise and set, the gift of observing the mystical night sky, and so many other breathtaking sights he’d never lay eyes on. Ethan was a strong man and made the best of his life, she knew. However, there was an underlying disappointment she wish she could dissolve. She cringed when she realized she’d possibly never possess the ability to do that. “You okay?” Her heart went out to him, and the desire to ask questions was almost overwhelming.  

     “I’m fine doll, don’t worry about me,” he said, twirling the black cane in his right hand, as though it were a baton. He brought the cane down and tapped it several times, as they walked.

     “We’re almost there,” Ethan said, in a husky voice and gripped her hand. Her panties were soaked with want as her mind stole a sneak preview of the evening that lie ahead. He glanced in her direction when she didn’t say anything. “Are you nervous, beautiful?” He asked, as his hand traveled to the nape of her neck, sending mini lightening bolts over her body.

     “No,” she purred instantly. “I’m just thinking about us,” she said with a smile as they traveled up some stairs to a brick town home.

     “Ah, you must tell me of these thoughts,” he whispered, as he unlocked the door, allowing her to cross the threshold of his domain.

     “I’d rather show you,” she said as her pulse quickened. Her heart raced with desire; surely he must have heard it. He flipped on the light switch as he closed the door. She looked around at the immaculate town home clad in earth tone colors.

     Quickly, he shed his black leather, and tossed it over a black leather recliner. “Is that so,” he asked, as he slipped behind her, pressing himself against the small of her back. “Allow me to take your coat, beautiful,” he said, nuzzling the crook of her neck. She barely noticed when her long leather slid from her shoulders, and gathered in a pile around her feet as Ethan began sucking her neck in between sensual bites. Slowly, he unzipped the front of her sweater dress, and released the clasp of her black lace bra.

      Her arms rose above her head, clasping around his neck. “Oh—mmm, Ethan,” she murmured, as his hands traveled to her breasts and squeezed gently. Her already diamond hard nipples seemed to lengthen with his touch. “Oh, my God,” she said in a hiss, as her hands burrowed into his thick mane. When he squeezed her nipples, she felt his bulge grow while he gently bucked against her overheated body. In time, their hips moved in unison, as though they were making love standing up.

     “You—Turn around,” he said, almost in a growl.

     Her arms fell to her side, and she did as he commanded. Her gaze met his, and she sworn she was staring into the eyes of a sex-craved maniac. Ethan pulled her close to his body, allowing his large hands to gravitate towards her generous ass and squeezed. He held her tight for the longest time as his tongue separated her lips, initiating an erotic dance with hers. Greedily, she sucked as his hands firmly gripped her derrière.

     Diane moaned as her fingers threaded themselves through blond strands, and tightened as he backed up until he was standing close to the black sofa against the wall. Breaking the connection, he slowly slid his hands on either side of her body, as he sat down. She shivered in delight at the devilish gleam in those liquid blues and the warmth of his hands as he pulled her dress up.

     “Do you know, I can smell you,” he whispered seductively before delivering a blazing trail of  kisses along her inner thighs while bunching the dress in his hands. “Your clothes are in the way, darling,” he purred deeply, making her head spin with his words. Quickly, she hiked the annoying material to her waist.

    When his lips met the treasure they sought, she lost her breath.  “Uh, don’t stop,” she demanded in a voice she barely recognized. In a heated frenzy, she pressed herself against his lips and spread her legs further apart while Ethan’s fingers brushed soaked pussy lips. “Please,” she said on a moan, licking her lips in anticipation of his next move.

     “Your soaked, and oh, so fucking sweet,” he murmured before flicking his tongue against her dripping wet folds. She cried out when his tongue penetrated swollen lips, touching the sensitive tissue begging for his tongue. “I want you to come for me, now,” he demanded as he went to town on the enlarged button while slipping a lone finger in her juicy delight.

     Stars danced before her eyes as she arched her back while calling his name when he added another finger. Her legs turned to jelly, and her core clenched from his gentle bites on her sensitive nub. In her heated desire, she nestled her hands in his hair, for leverage, pulling his face hard against her body.

     “Oh, umm—umm, gotta—sit down,” Diane sputtered, as her knees became wobbly. “Oh, oh Gawd! Ooooh, yeah, there, right there, um umm, don’t stop,” she squealed while tightening her grip in his hair as he traded his fingers for his tongue. She tensed when the devil of a man eased his tongue inside her throbbing pussy as he continually stroked her clitoris. “Uh! I’m gonna come, oooh, fuck yeah!” she bucked her hips like crazy and bit her lip as his tongue burrowed in and out of her pulsating cunt.

     His greedy slurping sounds were like music to her ears. One of her hands shot to her nipple when he bit her inner thigh. She pinched it hard as he sucked and licked at the spot that would soon have his mark upon it.

     He ceased the sweet punishment of her thigh and returned to her pearl. Diane was thankful for the perfect view of what he was doing to her. Sometimes, he’d purposely pull away just so she could see his tongue stroking her slippery bud. She loved how he shoved his tongue deep inside her, and slowly pulled out, while lapping at her nectar. He kissed the hardened button several times, then pressed it between his lips as a hand swatted her ass unexpectedly.

     “Oh yeah, damn you,” she howled breathlessly. The stinging sensation sent shards of pleasure to her pussy, and a flow of hot cream released along the crevice of her inner thigh. In ecstasy, she pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts together.

      He ceased his ministrations only to speak. “That’s right, come for me, give it to me,” he coaxed as he continued his finger work deep inside her wanton flesh. “Damn,” he teased in a low voice. “I can feel your cream running down my hand,” he breathed as his finger found the spot that transformed her into a mindless pile of quivering nerves.

     A high-pitched squeal released from her throat as her pussy savagely gripped his fingers for several moments. He pressed deeper, adding to her increasing orgasm that rocked her body hard. Her squeals turned into the howl of a banshee while she continued riding the strong waves of pleasure. Eventually, her orgasm lessened, and her body relaxed when Ethan removed his cream laden fingers from her pussy. He kissed the aching spot that required more than his fingers and tongue, making her legs quake with anticipation. 

     “Take off your clothes,” he said, before licking his fingers clean and removing his shirt. He reached into his pants pocket, retrieving a gold coin. “But, leave the stockings and heels,” he groaned as he rose to remove the remainder of his clothing.

     Eagerness claimed her as she wasted no time shedding her garments. Before long, Diane stood before Ethan in nothing but thigh high stockings and her heels. She ran her fingers through his tousled strands as he tickled her with his tongue a few times. Gently, he pulled her onto the sofa, and lay her on her back. 

     “Are you ready for me?” he asked, carefully straddling her body.

     Her eyes explored his physique, and she ovaled her lips at his thick cock jutting from a bed of blonde curls. Pre-cum appeared at the tip, making her lick her lips. The clear fluid slid over his swollen purple head, down the length of his shaft. His body was gorgeous.

     “Let me suck that dick!” she demanded, pulling him close to her mouth. Her hands explored muscular thighs, then his succulent ass.

     “Who am I to argue?” he breathed heavily. “Take whatever you want, love,” he whispered as he gracefully hovered above her.

     He didn’t have to tell her twice. With his assistance, she guided his cock into her mouth and sucked hard several times, then licked the head, summoning a groan from him. Eagerly, her hands explored his hard body as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth several times. She teased the head with her throat muscles, damn near making him lose his balance, and refused to let up until his groans of pleasure met her ears.

     “Oh Diane,” he murmured as he bucked his hips against her demanding mouth. “Yes, you wicked little vixen,” he growled. “Ah, you better not make me come yet!”

    She stopped, only to tease him a little. “Your balls are so tight,” she whispered. “So tight and heavy.”  The sight of his cock bobbing up and down excited her to no end. She guided his hips above her to gain access to those succulent balls of his. With pleasure, Diane licked and nibbled at the heavy sacks, making Ethan suck in a breath. “I want you to come in my mouth.”

    “Baby, there will be plenty of time for that, but right now, I need to fuck you good and hard.” He said, as he tried to move. “Sweetie, your nails.” He groaned as her hands massaged his taut ass cheeks. “Rake em across my ass!”

   “Umm, I love the sound of that,” she said before filling her mouth with his hardness once again. She slurped several times, dragging her nails across toned flesh, then made her way up his ripped body as she allowed him to ease his way down the length of hers. Giggles of delight filled the quiet room as her tongue lashed across his nipples several times. “Oh baby, are you sensitive,” Diane teased before biting the rosy colored tips.

     She picked up the condom beside them, and freed it from the gold foil. Her fingers shook as they fumbled, together, sheathing his engorged cock. They kissed for several moments before Ethan focused his attentions to her breasts.

     “Definitely more than a handful,” he whispered before pushing them together and suckling on both nipples at once.

     “Bite em,” she whispered. “Bite my nipples, harder,” she pleaded, thrusting her pelvis against his hard body.

     “Is this what you wish,” he asked playfully, before grazing a nipple with his teeth. His tongue soothed the pain, and she gasped when he blew on them. He did this several times, making her head spin. Diane sighed as he stopped and rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers, applying more pressure in between delectable bites. The man was such a connoisseur of the foreplay. She had never known her body to react in such a way with anyone else.  

     “Yes, oh, baby, please,” she begged, pulling him close so they were at eye level. “I want you, now!” she commanded.  

     “Sooo, ready for me at last?” he breathed against her neck.

     “Yesss,” she purred, wrapping her legs around his large frame. The hair on his crotch tickled her sensitive flesh and she purposely increased the friction. Diane rubbed her flesh against his cock, and almost got herself off.

      He shut his eyes for a few moments and moaned. “Fuck, your pussy feels so good against me babe,” he said in a husky voice. They kissed several times, teasing each other….