Interracial Erotica -
Between His Sheets
By Tracy Ames
Published on November 27, 2010

For years Erin waited patiently for her colleague Alex to make the first move. Fairly certain it would never happen, she gave up until Alex approached her out of the blue. Confident he wouldn't be dismissed, Alex brings Erin into his world.

Shameless Indulgence: May contain material that some readers may find disagreeable. May contain heavy bondage, same sex, graphic and explicit language, extreme details, anal play, and multiple partners. NO HOLDS BARRED!

Between His Sheets

IRE Scoville Scale: Shameless Indulgence

“You can cum in my mouth, if you’d like. Then fuck me.”

What the hell?! I choked, my wine threatened to spray my date crispy white shirt. Given that it’d taken Alex six years to ask me out on a proper date, projecting liquid across the table would definitely set us back at square one. Alex raised his glass to his lips and gave that crooked smile he always does when I’m uncomfortable in my own skin, as if to say chill out. Easier said than done, I’m afraid. Alex is the total package; the genuine article, no fillers or artificial flavors. He was one hundred percent grade-A man meat. His hair, the color of saged Bénédictine, made his amber eyes appear golden as he smiled over his glass. God, I’ve fucked those eyes a thousand times! “Pardon me?” I coughed into my napkin.

“I was talking about the position in Portland. If you’re interested, it’s yours. You can come in a month, if you’d like, it’s on me.” His brow furrowed quizzically. “What were you thinking?”

“Oh—nothing—I just, um,” Just then a tuxedo clad waiter, my savior, came barring salads. Even now, I shamefully admit to being stripped of all common sense in his he'd seen through me and hadn't liked what he’d seen. Of course Alex was too much of a gentleman to criticize me, so imagine my surprise at last year’s Christmas party when without provocation or warning he kissed me. Yes, there was mistletoe overhead but that little sprig hardly constituted fifteen minute public snog. I was certain this kiss would be the tip of our sexual iceberg but I was sadly disappointed. Nothing happened. Indeed we never spoke of it, as if by failing to acknowledge its occurrence would wash it from living memory—in a way, it had.

Shortly thereafter, we settled into our standard travel routines: Alex flying between Ontario and Poland, while I traversed Ontario to Florida; our paths crossed every few weeks—we'd flirt—but nothing happened. Alex had always been single-mindedly cautious about everything surrounding him; maybe he saw me as reckless. It just seemed like something should’ve happened by now, right? Obviously there was an attraction between us. But he wouldn’t make a move!

So what was I to think when he asked me to dinner? Of course I accepted his invitation but I made sure B.O.B (my battery operated boyfriend) was fully charged for the lonely after party—which couldn’t come soon enough; Alex’s husky voice wreaked havoc on my clit. I didn’t have a clue what he was banging on about but he was perilously close to me fucking the words from his throat.

“So,” I interjected. “Who do I speak to about the position?”

“I told you ten minutes ago. I’m the new director.” Alex squinted. “You seem out of sorts tonight, Erin.” He brought his napkin to his lips. “Do I make you uncomfortable?”

“You? Noooo.” I said brightly. I wasn’t uncomfortable. I was horny; easily confused by onlookers, but two completely opposite sensations for the sufferer.

“Good,” A naughty grin curled Alex’s lips. “I wouldn’t want you uncomfortable in any position.”

Hot damn, I’m gettin’ laid!
“Don’t worry about me….” I summoned my sexiest voice. “….I’m flexible.” My nipples hardened—this didn’t go unnoticed. Alex bit his lower lip.

“You think so? I can be exceedingly demanding. You may be working very long hours…nonstop.”

“I look forward to it.” I felt like a naughty minx under his stare; it was enticingly dangerous—not like any I’d seen from him prior. I found myself incredible drawn to him in the strangest, most indescribable fashion. By the time dinner arrived, I could do nothing but imagine him using me in various ways. In my head, I slowly strip my clothing. It was so real, I felt his eyes on me. I kneel before him, consumed by thoughts of the ways he’d use my body as his own. He orders me to spread my legs wider and I do so without question or contention. Even amongst the other diners, I feel his hand at the back of my neck—pulling my mouth onto his cock—he fucks my dutiful mouth—I will my throat open for him—he groans—I taste his cum—I see myself outside of myself; on all fours, bent over with my face pushed onto mattress so that my body is further bared for display. I see, I taste, I feel him using my mouth, my pussy, my ass for his pleasure—and I crave it. I looked across the table, he’s eyes commanded me to cum. My pussy tightened, I could feel his invisible hand rubbing my clit—I could hear his raspy voice telling me to cum for him. I gripped my thigh as my orgasm shook me. I closed my eyes and they rolled into the back of my head until I regained control of my senses.

Alex smiled devilishly and took another sip of water. “Did you like that?”

Words be damned! Breathing was a challenge! What had he done to me?!

“I’ll show you more, if you’d like.” He crooned. “But you should may hurt a little.”

His words feverishly lapped the cum from my clit. I came again! What the hell?!


Back at his house, he went to his bathroom and left me to fend for myself. I’d been there a time or two with our colleagues but never alone. I took a turn about the living room; he had exquisite taste. I came to a display cabinet which housed a brilliant collection of riding crops. He is a freak, I thought, examining the finely detailed handles.

“Find anything you like?” Alex came up behind me and slowly, seductively ran his hands over my body. I dared not move, and judging by the bulge pressed against my ass, this pleased him as well.

“They’re all so beautiful,” The thought of pleasing him sent shivers down my spine. My nipples hardened under his play. “Do you collect them?” His hands scaled down the front of my thigh, then worked higher up my leg, bringing the waft hem of my dress with them. Before I could register this sensation, he was rubbing my pussy threw my chiffon panties. He groaned, delighted to find me wet.

“Yes, they’re very special. Each was handmade,” He kissed the back of my neck. “Would you like to try one?”


“Right now.” He spread my legs wider, pushed my panties to one side and slid his long finger inside my pussy, working it in and out.

I rested my head back against his shoulder. His touch was so patient and gentle—so wet and skilled it rendered me speechless. I was being pulled deeper into what I now recognize as subspace; a place where he ask behavior of me; behavior I can’t quite imagine myself doing it, but in that moment it’s all I want. I don’t particularly care to enjoy it. I do it solely for his pleasure—because he wills it—because he knows my secrets before they exist—because acting against my nature excites him—because my desire to please him is greater than my fears.

I felt my body give way; I was cumming by Alex’s bidding rather than my own decree. His cum slick finger stroked my clit softly while he chanted in my ear. Yes, I was his bitch, his cum-slut, his precious little whore—yes, I wanted him to fuck me—no, I’d never leave him.

No, I’d never leave him; that declaration made my orgasm. He kissed and nibbled my ear and I came as softly as his touch. Alex wanted me. I was more than a fuck, I was his. He’d chosen me. He’d waited all those years…and now he was sure...that I was sure.

“Are you ready to try a crop?” He slid his cum covered finger between my lips, I sucked it clean and he kissed me deeply.

“Yes,” I muttered before he claimed my mouth again.

“Choose.” mewed, with firm, yet loving authority.

Hell, I didn’t know one from the other. In my post orgasmic fog, I pointed to a twenty-six inch long, brown leather bat with a two inch rectangled tip. Alex seemed surprised by my choice; I assured him this was the one. As he led me to his bedroom, I wondered if he knew something I didn’t. Of course he did, I knew nothing about Kink or his lifestyle—but I was soon to find out. He made a fine study of my body as he undressed me, then himself, and walked me over to his elevated bed. It was so high he had to lift me atop. Then, with the crop at his side, Alex kissed me, and slowly leaned down over me, deepening his kiss until I lie flat. I moaned. The comforter felt like cashmere against my bare skin.

“We’re not going to fuck,” he said onto my lips. “Not this time.” He stopped my protest with his lips. “You’re not ready, my love. Extend your hands to the posters above your head,” he sucked my earlobe. “…and spread your legs as wide as you can like a good girl.”

I complied like a shot! He tethered my wrists and cuffed my ankles to the bed post, then kissing my neck, he blindfolded me. Immediately my senses were heightened—I could literally gauge his distance by the smell of his skin. My pussy dripped when he drew near. I felt a sudden, stinging smack on my right knee, then my left. He hit me! I yelped and struggled to process the abrupt shift in mood.

“Ssshhh,” Alex commanded softly. He smacked higher, alternating between my thighs, inner and outer....following no distinct pattern so that the tip’s sting took me off guard.

I twisted in place, knowing not when or where the next slap would land…but, strangely, I was glad when it did. I felt his eyes sear my naked, vulnerable flesh. SMACK! I felt his hands roaming around my thighs. SMACK! He ran his fingers over my soaking wet pussy, just barely touching it. SMACK SMACK! The slight sting was fucking delicious. “Mmmm, you’re getting off, aren’t you? Suck it.” Alex slipped his finger in my mouth.

“Yes, more, please.” God, eating my own cum made me feel like such a whore. I loved it—and I knew it pleased him.

Alex dove inside my pussy, fingering me for a few delectable seconds before returning his finger to my mouth; this time it was followed by his tongue. We feasted on one another and shared the sweetness of my cum. SMACK! A small throaty purr escaped me. SMACK! This time it landed on that tricky spot between my pussy and my clit. I jumped, expecting searing pain to follow the loud snap but it didn’t. In the hands of a master, a crop will produce a snapping sound sans pain. This fact left me mind-fucked! I wanted a little, just a little pain. SMACK! No pain, just the sound. SMACK! SMACK! I slowly began fucking the air, quietly pleading for him to hit my pussy softly. SMACK! Nothing. My head spun.

Alex took a firm grip of hair at the base of my skull, and leaned in “Say please.” He sucked my tongue and released it.

“Please,” I was lost, floating outside of myself—brought back to reality by the repeated tingling slaps on my pussy. Alex’s mouth covered mine, stifling my screams; it felt as if my chest would explode. I’d never cum from anyone tapping my pussy; I felt helpless, neither my pussy nor my orgasms were my own. Involuntary, I bucked and wrenched, begging to be fucked back to my former self. Alex put the crop aside and lovingly covered pussy with his hand, and spoke and kissed my face tenderly until I fell back into myself. He removed the blindfold and, though I could hardly focus, his face shone through.

“Sshh, you’re okay, Little One.” He brushed my hair away from my cheeks and kissed them (Apparently I'd been thrashing like a mad person).

I can’t say how long we stayed there, him soothing me, but I loved him for it. I was safe—I was cared for—I was his. As strange as it sounds, being his satisfied me in a way I’ve yet to put into proper words. Indeed, I was tongue tied. “Um,”

“What is it?” Alex pecked my lips.

“Um…Kev…Um, sir…” I stammered, avoiding eye contact. “I don’t know…Um, what to call you now that we’ve…um, well...I came on you.”

“Call me Alex,” He lifted my chin, captured my eyes, and we kissed. “…and maybe, in time, you can call me husband.” He gently sucked my lower lip. “You’re willing to try?”

Fuck yeah!!
I smiled sweetly, innocently—well, as innocently as anyone accepting a semi-marriage proposal while tethered to a man’s bed could. “Yes,” I nodded for extra purity. I could hardly have refused him…again, I was tethered to his bed! Beside, I wanted him inside of me by whatever means.

“Good,” Alex straddled me with his cock in my face. “Now, make me cum.”

I took his head in my mouth, then released it and licked up and down either side of his cock, intentionally teasing him.

“Shit,” He shook when my tongue licked his spot at the base of his cock. His head back, he groaned and stroked himself as I licked and sucked underneath. “I’m gonna fuck your face, Little One. Open.”

I opened and took him deep in my throat, and then he pulled out and ordered me to lick. I did—I licked his pre-cum like a good little whore. “Oh fuck!” He put a pillow beneath my head and groaned, when I took him deep. “I’m gonna cum down your fucking throat. You want that, don’t you? You want me to fuck your face and cum down your throat?” He looked down at me, one of his hands was in my hair, the other against the wall, bracing above me--pushing his cock in and out while pulling my hair. I tried to answer but I lost focus. He pushed deep into my throat, I gagged once; Alex thumbed my cheek and looked deep in my eyes, “No gagging, Little One.” He leaned back. I gasped for air when his cock slipped, regrettably, from my mouth. Alex flashed a cheeky smile and I heard a buzzing. I strained to see what he was doing but it was no use, then I felt something cold slide into my pussy.

Oh sweet mother of God, Yes!!!
I hungrily swallowed his cock. Emboldened by the look of submission on my face, Alex began pumping in and out of my throat, holding my head where he wanted it—using my mouth like a pussy—his pussy—his fucktoy—using it without regard for my pleasure. The tighter he held, the deeper he pumped. I didn’t want him to stop; he was so close to cumming. My pussy was under fully blown attack by whatever he’d inserted, I struggled to hold my orgasm at bay; the closer he came to cumming, the closer I came.

“Shit, I’m cumming.” Alex was transfixed by the sight in his hot length sliding in and out of my mouth. “Fuck!” He cried, thrusting with abandon. I loved every second of it. Suddenly he stopped moving and pulled my hair hard back one last time. I kept my lips firmly around his cock, sucking hard. The first spurt shot down my throat, the second he yanked his cock out and I felt the warm splatter all over my breasts.

I screamed mindlessly, cumming and cumming from his arousal and the vibrator did little to tame me. I didn’t care. Alex shuddered above me, his hand went back to the wall, the other in my hair, but gentle now. There was cum on my lips, in my throat, on my chest, and in that moment it tasted heavenly. I licked my lips, he saw, and we both laughed a little breathlessly. He rose from the bed and returned with an instamatic. He snapped a picture of me laying there covered in his cum and laid it on the nightstand.

“It’s your keepsake.” Alex smiled, turned off and removed the vibrator, and began untying me.

I came to my knees and he helped me from the bed. I trotted off to the bathroom but turned when I realized what he’d said. “Keepsake?” I giggled. “It’ll be the first of many.”

Alex grinned as I closed the door behind me.