Interracial Erotica -
Business Before Pleasure: Part three
By R.W. Shannon
Published on December 12, 2010

Is Aiden too hot for Cydnee to handle?

Business Before Pleasure: Part three

Chapter One

“This is the last of it, mom,” I say as I set the dinner dishes on the counter next to her.
“Thank you, baby.”
Everyone says that I look just like my mom and I can see the resemblance. We are about the same five foot, six inch height. We have the same honey complexion, dark brown eyes and dark curly hair. Smiling, she pats my cheek as she begins to put away the leftovers.

The black marble counter is littered with remnants of this Saturday night’s dinner. I roll my eyes as I hear my sister’s car pull out of the drive way. Of course she’d make a disappearing act as soon as it was time to clean up. The cheering crowd of the game my dad and brother are watching float up from the basement steps. I eye the homemade chocolate orange cake that sits, uncut, on the island. I wonder how big of a piece I can get away with.

“Your ziti with meatballs was off the chain,” I tell her.
With knife and new plate in hand, I edge toward the tempting dessert. Before I can get to it, my whistling father emerges from the basement. I stand,dumbfounded, he takes the plate and knife from my hands. He kisses me on my cheek before he grabs two forks, the cake and disappears. Without missing a beat, my mother pulls six presliced and wrapped pieces from the refrigerator and hands them to me. I grin. This is why I love her.

She laughs. “There’s plenty to take home. You, too, Aiden.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Davis,” his says as he kisses her cheek. “I will. It was delicious.”
She smiles brighter than I’ve ever seen her smile as she swats him with a dish towel.
“I told you to call me Tina. I’m glad that Cydnee finally brought you around.”
He leans a shoulder against the stainless steel refrigerator and smiles. I beam at him. He really hit it off with my family and it warmed my heart. He turns his steely blue gaze to me as my mother busies herself with the dishes. My eyes flow over his curly, black hair. His black button down shirt that is rolled up at the elbows. Stonewashed jeans that almost match the color of his eyes and canvas shoes. His black jacket is draped over a dining room chair behind him.
To distract myself from the view, I pull up the plastic wrap from the plate and pinch off a section of the moist cake. I moan as I pop it into my mouth. I catch him watching me as I lick the chocolate off of my fingers. Just to mess with him, while her back in turned, I push my finger all the way to the back of my tongue before I pull it out. He clears his throat as he runs a hand through his hair.

“Now, you two go relax,” My mother says.
I frown as I go to stand beside her at the sink. “Are you sure I can’t help you, mom?”
She shoos me away. “Go.”
As I move from her side, she picks up the remote to turn the large screen television in the family room to a reality show as the phone rings. I shake my head as I listen to her talk to her sister, my aunt, about the nice man that I finally brought home for them to meet. The family room is only five steps from the kitchen. Before I can make it to one of the beige sofas, hands encircle my waist. Aiden pulls me into the foyer.

He shoves me against the open wall space next to the staircase and kisses me passionately. I press my torso against his as I wrap my arms around his neck. We pause as my mom’s voice nears where we stand on the opposite side of the wall. The panty door slams before her voice moves away. With lighting speed, he pulls up the hem of my pink sweater, yanks down the cup of my tan bra and claps his hot mouth over my nipple. I cover my mouth with both of my hand to stop myself from moaning.

My thighs part on their own. He rubs the crotch of his jeans against mine. I arch my hips to feel the full impact of his erection against my clit as a whimper escapes my lips. He lifts his head and stuffs my breast back into my bra. He toys with the v-neckline of my top, brushing my dark skin with the pads of his fingers. My knees buckle but he tightens his grip around my waist to hold me upright.
“Should I pull down your pants and fuck you right here,” he whispers into my ear.

My panting is my reply. I reach for his bulge but he grasps my wrists as holds them above my head. He pins them to the wall with one hand as the other climbs under my top, to pull my breast free from the cup of the bra. I moan when the moist air caresses it. He quickly covers my mouth with his as my mother’s voice nears again, then, fades away. He lifts the other side of my top and frees that one, too. With his index finger, he traces the path between my exposed breasts and down my torso. He fingers my belly ring before grasping the top button of my jeans and yanking it open. I squeal.
Damn it! “Yes, momma?”
When Aiden releases my wrists , I pull down the my bra. He runs the pads of his thumbs over my hard nipples as I try to pull down my top. Damn him. I smack his hands as I peek around the corner. My mom still had the phone pressed to her ear. She and my aunt have been known to have marathon conversations.

“Do you want to take home some of these greens, too?”

“What about Aiden?”
“Yes, ma’am. I’d love some.”
His baritone voice thunders through me as he plays with the zipper of my jeans. I smack the back of his hand. Thankful mom can’t see around the open refrigerator door.
“Ok. I’m fixing, ya’lls containers now.”
“Thank you,” he says as he slowly unzips my jeans, while I struggle with him to keep them on, for now.

“You’re welcome, baby.”
My mom goes back to her conversation. My dad’s voice thunders up the stairs at his displeasure for a blown call. I swat Aiden’s chest. He scoops me up in his arms and flings me over his shoulder. I shriek but doubt that I can be heard over the dueling tvs and my aunt’s loud voice that I can hear from here. I smack his firm butt and screech for him to put me down, but he walks up the stairs with me on his shoulder and gingerly sits me down in the landing.
Before I can react, his mouth captures mine. He spins me around to face the banister at the top of the stairs. I grip the wooden handle as he unfastens my jeans and pulls them down my hips. In no time, his are down around his ankles and a condom is rolled onto his hard cock. My limbs tremble as he enters me. I bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming. He covers my mouth with his hand as he thrusts hard and fast in my wet pussy.

Growing up, I’ve never even kissed a boy in this house and here I am letting Aiden fuck me in the stairwell. The floorboard beneath us creaks. Aiden stops thrusting but leaves his shaft deep inside of me. After a minute, he moves slow until the momentum builds again. Shuddering, I arch my hips into him and cum. A few hard thrusts later, he does, too. I put myself back together as he goes into the bathroom and disposes of the condom.

I tiptoe down the stairs to find mom still in the kitchen with the phone to her ear. Aiden gathers his jacket from the dining room. He winks at me as he puts it on. I cross my arms over my chest and pretend that I don’t see him. My dad emerges from the basement with an empty cake plate. Both my mom and I look at him and shake our heads. She hangs up the phone as she wipes her hands on a dishtowel.
“We’re gonna go, mom.”
“Ok,” she hugs me as Aiden picks up the bag full of leftovers.

She releases me to hug him and to tell him that he’s welcome at anytime. He and my dad walk ahead of us as my mom grips my elbow.
“I like him,” she whispers. “He’s very handsome.”
“Yes, he is.”

“When your dad and I first started dating, I couldn’t keep his hands off me either.”
I blush but am too stunned to say anything.
“Once, at your grandma Em’s house, we did it on the back porch while she was in the kitchen washing dishes.”


She giggles. “I’m not stupid. I know what ya’ll were doing in the stairwell.”

I stop walking. I suddenly felt ill. My mom places both of her hands on my shoulders and turns me to face her. Her dark gaze stares into mine.
“Just make sure you know where this is going, Cydnee.”
“I think I do,” I whisper, but am not entirely sure.
She kisses my forehead. “Ok,” she turns to go into the house but doubles back. “And tell him, three inches to the right, that board doesn’t squeak.”
She laughs as she walks back into the house. I cover my face with my hands and die of embarrassment.

Chapter Two
“He said that he loves you,” Stace reminds me as we leave the State Capital building. We had just finished a meeting with a human resource representative to staff a new call center that will field question on the current immigration policy.

I shrug as I fish my sunglasses from my bag and put them on. “I know. But sometimes I worry that sex is all we have in common.”
“Do you really think that?”

“I don’t know. I want to believe that our relationship is deeper than that but I still don’t know much about him.”
Stace snatches the parking ticket from the windshield of her SUV before hitting the unlock button on her key. One we climb inside the cab, she tosses it in the back seat, on top of a stack of others. As she starts the car, I check my phone. Aiden has sent me a text message. I decide to wait until we’re back at the office to read it. She pulls into traffic, narrowly sideswiping a car. I shake my head. I knew that I should have driven.
“I think you’re just looking for something to be wrong,” she advices.
I sigh. “Maybe I am. Did you ever feel that way about Paul?”
She snorts. “Our relationship was a two year long one nightstand before we go serious.

“I don’t remember you complaining about it.”
“That’s because I didn’t complain. I just went with the flow. If it was meant to be, I figured we’d end up together or I’d find someone new.”
I contemplate her word as she slams on her brakes just in time to stop for a red light. I had to remember that my mother has two ulterior motives for saying what she had said: a big fat wedding and grandbabies. I don’t know if Aiden was even ready for such a step. He had just lost his wife. Maybe he wasn’t looking for anything more than a fling right now. Maybe I should stop speculating and just ask him.

Somehow, we arrive at the office in one piece. I make a beeline for mine to read the text Aiden sent me. When I open it, a picture of a dozen fire and ice roses, my favorite, pops up. I place a hand over my heart. He is so sweet. Before I can call him, someone knocks on my door. Natalie, our administrative assistant, pops her head in when I tell her to come in. In her hands are the exact same roses that Aiden had sent me a picture of.

“Someone is very lucky,” she says as she sets them on my desk.

My eyes mist. “Yes, I am.”

When she leaves, I pluck the tiny card from the stand and read it. Thinking of you, missing you. A, it says. I sigh like a lovestruck ninny, because I am. I pick up my phone. I know he’s at his office but I dial his cell. A woman answers on the first ring. I think I’ve dialed the wrong number, so I hang up and redial. She answers again. It’s not his assistant, Kathy because I’d recognize her voice anywhere. It could be a client, but what client would be answering his cellphone?
“Hi,” I say, finally. “May I speak to Aiden?”

“Who’s calling?”

I hold the phone away from my ear and look at it. Who was calling is none of her damn business and she’d better put my man on the phone.
“This is Cydnee…”
“Oh,” she exclaims. “You’re Cydee! He talks about you all the time.”

“I’m sorry… You are?”

She says her name defiantly as if I’m supposed to know how she is. I don’t. Getting Aiden to talk about himself is like pulling teeth.
“Hold on, here he is…”
I am fuming when Aiden’s smooth baritone floats over the line. I’m unsure why. I have no reason to be jealous. This is the same man that allowed me to fuck my ex-fiance, while he watched. Yet, I can seem to shake the feeling.

“Cydnee, my love. Did you get the flowers?”

Just like that, my anger dissipates. “Yes. Thank you.”

“Great. Why don’t we have dinner tonight?”
“I’d love to. Say…who’s Chloe?”
He pauses. “Someone from my past.”
I wait for him to explain more, but he doesn’t. Instead, he tells me that he’ll pick me up at 8 and hangs up the phone. My anger returns. Tonight, I vow to find out more about Aiden. Starting with this Chloe and why she was answering his phone.

Chapter Three

The rickety, wooden kitchen chair that I sat on didn’t provide much support. I shiver as a cool breeze from the open sliding glass door wash over me. I am naked. Aiden sits in another chair across from me. His knees are a few inches from mine. I reach out to touch his calf with my bare foot, but he scoots his chair back and leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees. His blue eyes wash over my breasts. My nipples pucker as he gazes at them. I wish I could touch them, or him, but I can’t. My hands are ties behind my back.
Where does he come up with this stuff? I think as a shiver flows down my spine. His eyes are hypnotic. I’d do just about anything he’d ask. Ok, I would do anything he’d ask. I cross my legs and wait. I’ve been sitting here for a half hour and he’s been staring at me for that long. My pussy is already wet. Impatient, I arch my back and spread my legs in invitation. His eyes dip between my thighs to drink in my swollen clit but he still doesn’t move from his seat.
What’s even more maddening is that he’s still wearing his navy suit with white shirt, blue striped tie and wing tips. He’s also wearing his glasses. Wire-rimmed, black frames that make his eyes stand out. There are no other sounds in the room except my heart beat and the roar of the traffic below.
“Aiden, this chair is making my ass numb.”

He chuckles. “I’ll make it up to you.”
I close and cross my legs. “At least say something.”
He leans back. “What do you want to talk about?”
“What do you see when you look me?”
He contemplates my question as he strokes his chin with his thumb and index finger.
“I see the way the candle light dances off your skin in sepia tones. I see how your tits bob slightly with every breath you inhale. I see how your eyes glaze over when you fight your climax.”
Damn. My breath catches in my throat. “What else were you thinking about?”
Words fail me as he finally stands and moves toward me. Cupping my cheek, he bends slowly to kiss me. His tongue still tastes like the port from dinner. I breathe in his masculine but floral aftershave. When he removes his lips, he pats me on the top of my head as he stands. Moving away from me, he removes his jacket and drapes it over the back of his chair.
“I was thinking,” he begins as he unknots his tie and pulls it from his collar. “Of that pussy of yours.”
I lick my lips as he slowly unbuttons his shirt. An inch at a time, his solid pecs come into view. He pauses to unfasten his cuff links before sliding the soft material from his shoulders. A moan escapes my lips as I writhe against the hard seat.

“What about my pussy?”
“I know she’s dripping by now.” He sits in the seat and slowly unlaces his shoes. “Your clit is so engorged that it’s throbbing.”

He’s right, damn it. He slides off his right shoe, then works on his left. My body quivers. I can’t take it anymore. I squirm as I try to work on the ribbon that binds my hands together without success. He takes off his socks, one at a time, before stuffing them in his shoes. He leans back in the chair and runs his hands through his dark curls.
“I was thinking how you taste so sweet. How I have trouble concentrating when your walls collapse around my cock when you cum.”
I’m panting, now. If this man doesn’t fuck me soon, I’m going to die. Standing, he unfastens his pants and shoves the material off his thighs. He steps, slowly and deliberately, from them as he walks toward me. I gape at his cock. Black curls frame his fair skin. He strokes his already hard shaft as he straddles my lap. He rubs his tip against my lips. When I try to lick it, he yanks it away before pushing the head against my bottom lip.

He grasps his cock tightly at his base and squeezes as he pulls it the length of his shaft. His skin wrinkles as it bunches around his tip, but snaps into place when he releases it to stroke it again. I inhale his earthy scent. My pussy is so slick that I’m about to slide off the seat. He continues to strokes his cock as he taps the tip against my cheek. I turn my head toward him. He allows me to take just a few inches of his rod into my mouth before pulling it out.
I part my thighs. He shakes his head. He rubs his cock against my lips. Lets his salty pre-cum spill onto my tongue before he rubs it against my breast. I cry out as he caresses my nipple with the tip of his cock. Repeatedly pushing his head against the dark orb as he strokes his hardness. By the time he turns his attention to my other breast, I can no longer hold it in. I cum.

“Aiden…” I beg.

He thrusts his cock into the valley between my breasts. He rubs his head back and forth as the rhythm of his strokes increase. He tilts his hips forward with one final thrust as he explodes over my tits. He groans as he pumps his jisim all over my chest. He touches the tip of his cock against my lips and a greedily clean him with my tongue as his essence drips down my breasts.

He’s still hard when he pulls me to my feet. He kisses me deeply before moving behind me to sit in the chair. He unties the ribbon and kisses each of my ass cheeks. When his tongues slip between the halves, I sigh. He spins me to face him. He plants tiny kisses on my pelvis as spreads the skin with his tongue and licks my clit. My legs become jello.
“Do you trust me?” he asks.

“Yes,” I reply without hesitation.
He hooks one of my legs over each of his shoulders and dives into my pussy. His tongue dances, scrapes and teases my flesh. I sigh as he grips my hips firmly, pulling my pussy closer to his lips. I arch my back, but for fear of losing my balance, I quickly right my posture.

“Lean back,” he urges. “I have you.”
I sit partially on his chest and arch my torso back. I gasp as his tongue enters me, stroking my canal with light licks. Digging, my nails in to his scalp, I cum against his lips. I’d love to do that again, but the blood is rushing to my head. It, along with his tongue, is making me dizzy. I sit up.

He shifts in the chair beneath me. I clutch his shoulder with my knees, his hair with my fingers as he stands up. The top of my head brushes against the ceiling as he stands in the middle of his living room, slowly lapping the essence that flows out of my pussy. I squeal as he begins to walk. My eyes widen as he starts toward the balcony but he quickly turns and carries me to the bedroom.

Dropping to his knees, he tips me back on the bed. I giggle as he rubs his in my muff. The whiskers of his five o clock shadow tickle my clit, coax me to yet another climax. Satisfied, he stands to roll a condom over his still hard cock before plunging deep into my canal. He pins my wrists against the mattress as he thrusts. He rubs his whiskers against my armpit, over my breast.


“Yes, my love?”
I had no more words. I had forgotten how to speak. I arch my hips, try to keep up with his pace. He releases my wrists to grip my hips. He bends to take my mouth in a hard, brief kiss. Then, leans back to plow deep. The tip of his cock finds my spot. I grip his wrist. He grins at the look on my face because he knows that I am about to cum.

“Aiden…I…Oh, god!”
“I know,” he breathes. “Let it go. Cum for me Cyd.”

Fuck. I let go of everything. My breath. My climax. My tears. As I tremble, I clutch his shoulders. His pale skin begins to blush on his shoulder. His turn. I keep my legs wide, sink low to full engulf his cock in my pussy. Grimacing, he picks up his pace and the headboard slams into the wall. I cup his hard ass, encouraging him to fuck me as hard and deep as he needs to. With a loud groan, he arches into me and cums.

He collapses against my shoulder as he tries to regain control of his breathing. I am very thankful that his neighbors on the other side of the wall are hearing impaired. I can’t say the same for the ones below him, but Aiden said his walls were soundproof. He rolls off of me. My body instantly misses his warmth. After a minute, he hopes up to dispose of the condom. I turn down the linens and get under them. Then he returns, he curls his arm around my waist and pulls my back to his chest.

“So, who’s Chloe?”

I’m sure this is the best time for this question, but I didn’t have a chance to ask him at dinner. He chuckles. His chest rumbles against my back.
“She’s a friend.”

“What kind of friend?”

He moves my hair to kiss the back of my neck. “She’s in town to show some of her photos. You’ll meet her on Thursday.”

I notice that he still didn’t answer my question. I tense slightly. He notices and chuckles again.

“Don’t tell me that you’re jealous, Cydnee Michelle.”
I cringe. “No,” I lie.

Shifting, he turns me around to face him. He takes my hand and curls it around his cock, which, by the way, is still hard.

“This is all yours.” He brings my hand to his chest and places it over his heart. “So is this.”
I can’t begin to explain how his words touched me. I simply nod. He kisses me, long and passionately. I melt into his arms.

Chapter Four

At seven pm on Thursday, I browse Chloe’s photos in the small Tempe art gallery. Aiden was running late so I decided to meet him here. The photos on display are erotic images in black and white. There were sensual and moody. They were also very good. I sip my champagne as I pause in front of a series that featured a couple making love. In a sea of black clothing, I stood out like a sore thumb in my red, backless halter dress.

I move to the next photo; a profile of a woman from the hips up to her neck. Light reflected off of her dark skin. Her breasts hung perfectly and naturally for the camera. Her dark nipple stood out. I glanced away. From the corner of my eye, I felt a woman watching me. She excuses herself from the conversation she was having and makes her way over to me.
“You must be Cydnee,” she says. “I’m Chloe. Aiden told me to look out for you.”
I turn as she pulls me into a warm hug. When I break free, I take in her bright red hair and sparkling green eyes. A black scoopneck sheath framed her petite body. She has alabaster skin that was dotted with freckles. I could tell that she had the type of personality that drew people to her instantly, including me. And that pissed me off. I wanted to hate her.
“It’s nice to meet you,” I say. “You have an amazing eye.”
“Thank you,” she gestures to the woman in the photograph. “That’s one of my favorites.”

She studies me. “What has Aiden told you about me?”
“Nothing,” I confess.
She nods. “Of course. It’s easier to free a bear from a trap than get him to talk about himself.”
We stroll from the photo to the next one. This featured the same model with a close up of her vagina. Her torso was bent back, her legs spread. My gaze traces the curves of her core. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her clit. The way the light hit it made me want to reach out and touch it. I’ve never been attracted to women before but I find myself being turned on by this one. I blush. Chloe smiles brightly.

“That’s my girlfriend. I love this one of her.”
I choke on my drink. “Girlfriend?”
“Camile. I use her in a lot of my work. She’s here if you’d like to meet her.”
“Maybe later,” I say as I glance at Camile’s revealing picture again. “How do you know Aiden?”
“He was married to my sister.”

“Oh. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you. Aiden had a terrible time with Grace’s death. It’s good to see him bouncing back. You’ve helped heal him in ways you’ll never know.”
Her assistant pulls her away to speak with a potential buyer. I sigh, my shoulders finally relax. I had nothing to worry about. Not that I did. I view the rest of the photos, then glance at my watch. He was very late. I know that his meeting with his client ran over and he was stuck in traffic. Still, it shouldn’t take this long. I decide to go in search of the ladies room and set my glass on a stand.

As I walk into the hallway, I look right and see the galleries’ offices. I look left and stop short. Chloe is feasting on the neck of her girlfriend, Camile. Her hand flowed up her girlfriend’s thigh, lifting the hem, to stroke the bald mound between her legs. I tear my eyes away, but I can’t make myself move from the spot. Camile is even more beautiful in person. Her chocolate skin is flawless. Her ebony hair just kissed the tops of her bare shoulders. They both turn and catch me watching them. Instead of separating, Camile beckons me over to them.

“I’m sorry,” I stammer. “I was looking for the restroom.”

“It’s ok,” Chloe says. “This is Camile. Camile, Cydnee, Aiden’s girlfriend.”
Camile extends her hand. “My pleasure.”

She had a distinctive, island accent that drew me even more to her. I shake her hand with a smile. She’s not a model, she explains when I ask, but a psychiatrist. She agreed to pose for a few of Chloe’s pictures but never realized that they’d be displayed so prominently. I nod as I watched Chloe continue to stroke Camile’s clit. I bit my lip. She giggles.
“Want to touch it,” she asks as Chloe lifts the hem of her dress even higher.

“Go ahead,” Chloe urges. “Have you felt one before?”
I shake my head. Curiosity gets the better of me. Have spent the last five minutes staring at the picture of her pussy, I may as well touch it. I move closer to her as she spreads her legs. Tentatively, I touch the smooth skin of her pubis. My fingers tremble as I slide my index finger between the folds of her skin and touch the soft bud beneath. It hardens beneath my fingertip as I stroke the smooth sinew. She moans as Chloe kisses her and cups her breast through the soft material of her off the shoulder sweater dress. I quickly remove my hand.
“I better get back. Aiden’s probably looking for me.”
“Ok. The bathrooms are upstairs.”
I nod at Chloe as I walk quickly into the gallery area. More patrons have arrived to view Chloe’s work. When I look up I spot him standing in front of Camile’s picture, the close up of her vagina. I take a moment to study his muscular physic covered by his dark, charcoal suit. He claps his hands behind his back as he studies the picture. I giggle. He turns and furrows his brow at me. I love the pink tie he wears knotted in his white shirt. I picked it out. It perfectly complements the handkerchief in his breast pocket. He blue eyes twinkle beneath his wire-rimmed glasses.
“I’m sorry,” he says as he pulls me into his arms for a long kiss. “I’ll make it up to you.”

My nipples harden as I think of all the way he’ll make it up to me. “It’s ok.”

He steps back to taking my appearance. “You look stunning.”
“Thank you.”
I glance at Camile’s picture, still feeling her clit on my finger. Aiden catches me blushing as I look at it. He turns around to face it and pulls me in front of him. He drapes his arms around my shoulders. I close my eyes as lean against the solid wall of his body. In a rushed whisper, I confess everything. From meeting Chloe to feeling up Camile in the hall. He lifts the back of my skirts. Whistles softly when he finds out that I’m nude underneath.
“I think I’d like to see that,” he whispers against my ear as he strokes my clit. “Now.”
My eyes widen. “Now?”

He drops the hem of my dress, takes my hand and leads me into the hallway. The couple is still there. Chloe suckles Camile’s dark nipple as Camile caresses Chloe’s breasts. They looks up at us but again, don’t separate. Camile turns as Aiden pushes me forward. I look back at him as I approach. Silently, I fall to my knees in front of Camile. Chloe again lifts her hem, exposing her to me as Camile spreads her leg.
Before I chicken out, I part the folds of her skin with my fingers and touch the tip of my tongue to her clit. I inhale her feminine scent as my own essence slowly drips down my pussy. She tastes as I imaged she would; sweet. Her clit stiffens as I explore it with my tongue. She moans, grips my head. I side my tongue back along her canal, taste her opening before curling my inside of her wet pussy.
Aiden leans against the wall with his arms folded over his chest. Chloe licks Camile’s nipples. I feel Camile’s thighs tremble beneath my hands. She explodes against my tongue. I give her clit a final swipe as I stand up. His eyes blaze with mischief as he kisses me passionately. My own clit throbs with the need to release.

“We have to go home,” I tell him as I grab his hand and lead him to the door.
“Now,” he asks.


Chapter Five

“Fuck…me…Aiden! Oh, fuck me!”
We didn’t make it home. Instead, I grip the hood of my car as Aiden plows me from behind. I had to park on the roof of the parking deck. Luckily, there were only a handful of cars that surrounded us. Gripping my hair, he pulls my head back and captures my lips with his own. I’m sure he still tasted Camile on my tongue. He released me to spin me around. He rips the fabric away from my breasts as claims one of my nipples.
I moan loudly, not caring if anyone heard me over the noise of the traffic and from the bars across the street. He grips the hem of my dress, pulls it over my head and tosses it to the side. His jacket and shirt were already draped across the bummer. He paused to pull off his pants that were bunched around his ankles before diving into my pussy.

The car shook so violently that I was afraid it was going to roll back and hit the wall. Even if it did, I wasn’t about to stop. Neither was he. I sprawl back against the cold hood. Suddenly, he stops and pulls out. His stiff cock points at me as he backs away. Fire blazes in his eyes. My breath catches in my throat. Oh. Shit. What is he going to do now.
He strokes himself through the condom. “You want this?”

I nod. My pussy drips, contracts, wants to cum but can’t without him. I pant as he watches me. Slowly, I reach between my legs and stroke my clit. By now, it’s a pebble. Each of my strokes causes it to clench, beg for release. Moaning, I dip my fingers into my soaking, wet pussy. I almost cum as I move my fingers along the ridges in search of my spot. He removes my finger, licks off my essence and puts his cock back where it belongs. I clutch his shoulders as he fucks me hard and deep.

“You liked watching me suck her pussy, didn’t you?” I whisper.
I take his groan as a ‘yes.’ His eyes slide closed. I am so wet that his cock slips out and he has to stop to put him back in. I arch my back, no longer able to hold back my climax. I cum hard against him, just as he cums hard inside me. Laughter startles us. We quickly separate and duck into my car until the group passes in search of their car. He picks up my hand and kisses the back of it.
“I have some thing for you.”
I frown. “What?”
He opens his door, looks around, then runs for his car which is parked beside mine. I climb out of my driver’s seat as I watch him fish around in the passenger’s seat for something. When he comes up for air, he hands me a gift bag.

“Aiden,” I sigh as I take it from him.

“Open it.”

I reach in and pull out a black velvet jewelry case. With trembling fingers, I open the box to see a gold key inside. It’s not any gold key. It’s the key to my house. I had given him a copy of it about a month ago, but he’s never used it. Puzzled, I look at him for answers.
“The reason I was late is because I was busy moving some of my things into your house.”
Stunned, I wait for him to continue.

“I thought we could try living together for a while. My lease is up on my condo and I can’t see myself living anywhere else.”
“Of course,” I squeal as I hug him.
He releases me as a car slowly passes. I had forgotten that we were still naked. He picks up our clothes and tosses them into the back seat of his car. He holds open my door and waits for me to climb in. He kisses me through my lowered window before he climbs into his. When he starts his car, I start mine. He motions for me to answer my ringing cell phone and I do.

“Race you home? Winner eats the loser for breakfast.”
I smile and I rev my engine. “You’re on!”