Interracial Erotica -
Business Before Pleasure: Part Four
By R.W. Shannon
Published on January 10, 2011
What will Cydnee do when an old problem returns...

Business Before Pleasure: Part Four

Chapter One

With a sigh, I pull my car into the garage and turn off the engine.  I press the button to close the door behind me but make no attempt to get out of my car. I rest my forehead on the steering wheel and hold back the tears that threaten to fall.

Even though it is a Wednesday evening, it felt like a Monday all over again. From the moment that I arrived at work close to eight am this morning, everything that could go wrong did. From the internet going down, to the copier exploding toner, to employees not showing up for assignments to companies refusing to pay us.

It’s now close to nine in the evening and I am drained. The stress of the day was etched into my shoulders. Finally, I open my car door and step out. I shuffle to the door, unlock and open it. As soon as I step into the tiny mud/laundry room, I break down.  I know that I’m being a wimp, but today just knocked the hell out of me. If I can make it upstairs, I will take a long bubble bath until my skin wrinkles.

Through blurry eyes, I see Aiden make his way toward me. His steel blue eyes are filled with so much concern that I start to cry all over again. He closes and locks the door for me, then, gathers me in his arms. I lay my head on his bare shoulder and sob. It’s nice to have a brick wall to lean against after days like this and Aiden’s body is certainly build like one.

We’ve been living together for four weeks and it’s been an amazing four weeks so far. He strokes my back as my sobs subside.  I open my mouth, but he places his finger over my lips to silence me. When I lean away from him, I notice that he’s wearing a black apron with chili peppers on and nothing else.

He pulls my purse from my shoulder, my laptop case out of my hands and sets them on top of the dryer.  Silently, he guides me into the kitchen. I inhale the aroma of rosemary, garlic and onions as he pauses to flip the steaks on the indoor grille. I notice two perfectly baked potatoes resting on the counter and asparagus sautéing in a pan. I begin to cry all over again.

Aiden wipes them away with the pad of his thumb. He takes off his apron and drapes it over the back of the kitchen chair. I’m almost too emotional to appreciate the view. He takes my hand, kisses my palm and walks me into the living room.

Soft rock is playing on the satellite network. I wipe my eyes as he unties the side of my black wrap dress and slides the material from my shoulders and down my torso.  I sit on the sofa.  He kneels in front of me to slowly unzip and remove one of my black boots, then the other. 

I sigh as he massages the balls of feet.  He kisses my instep before resting my feet on his lap. His hands flow up my calves and over my thighs. He curls his finger around the waistband of my panties and pulls them down my thighs.  He nudges my legs apart. As soon as his tongue touches my clit, my day melts away. I sink my fingers into his black hair as his lips tease my soft bud into a stiff crest. I hear the steaks sizzle as the juice ooze out of them.

Lifting his head, he gives me a look to stay where I am as he rises to his feet and walks to the kitchen. I have no intention of moving. I do shift to unhook my bra and toss it on the carpet.  The oven opens and closes before Aiden returns. Silently, he stares down at me. I know that I look a mess with mascara dripping down my cheeks but he looks at me as if I’m the most beautiful woman that he’s ever seen.

Damn. My eyes fill with tears again. Before I can speak, his mouth is on mine. He kisses me passionately as he lays me back on against the cushions. I rest the heel of my foot on the back of the sofa as he enters me.  I grip his shoulders, then, wrap my arms around his neck. I moan against his lips as his cock slides against the walls of my pussy.

 My ponytail comes loose in his hands.  I swallow all the words that my heart wants to say and lift my hips to meet his demanding thrusts. The tip of his cock pushes deep inside my pussy, finds my spot and taps against it. I cum hard.  He tears his mouth away from mine and slows his momentum to pull out his cock. It’s then that I realize he’s not wearing a condom. My eyes widen. He follows my gaze, shrugs and kisses my nose. Before I can question him, the timer on the oven dings.

“Dinner’s ready,” he whispers as he turns and walks into the kitchen.

Chapter Two


I grip the railing of the balcony as Aiden removes his dick from my pussy to plunge into my ass. My knees buckle but he slips his hands beneath my hips to hold me upright.  I am thankful that the lot across the street is empty. The neighbors on my right have gone on vacation. The ones on my left weren’t home. I close my eyes and arch my hips back into him. He strokes my clit.

“Say it,” he commands.

“Fuck me in the ass…”


“Fuck me in my ass!”

He grips the back of my neck and coaxes me to bend further over as he drives his cock deep into my ass. I quiver in the cool air as my climax builds around the base of my spine.  I hear the car before I see the headlight. The sound of my neighbor’s Hummer is unmistakable. I freeze but Aiden doesn’t stop.  In any second, it’s going to turn onto our street. The lights with shine on us when it does.  He lets go of my neck and pulls his cock from my ass. I stand up but he holds me in place.

“Don’t move,” he whispers against the back of my neck.



The beams of light creep closer. I squeal and turn around. He grips my shoulder and spins me back around so that I once again face the street instead of his smooth, tan chest.  Wrapping around his arm around my waist, he holds me in place as the grill of the SUV approaches the corner.  Just as it turns, Aiden back me into our bedroom and closes the door. I sigh as I rest the back of my head against his chest.

“When are you going to trust me,” he asks while he strips off the condom and walks to the bathroom.

I follow him and lean against the door jam.  “I do.”

He looks at me before disposing of it and rolling on a fresh one.  “No, you don’t.”

Pouting because he’s right, I turn and walk into the bedroom.  Before I can make it to the bed, he grabs me around my waist, picks me up and slams me on the mattress.  I giggle as he pins my limbs down and bends to lightly bite my nipple.

“What more can I do,” he asks as he flicks he tongue against it. “You’ve met my brother and his wife. My dad. You’ll meet my mother in a few weeks when we go to Florida to visit her.  What more do you want?”

“I don’t know,”  I admit as he climbs between my thighs and enters me.

He doesn’t move. He leaves his cock inside me as he stares down into my eyes. I squirm, trying to feel his glorious length against my pussy walls, but he simply shakes his head.

“Tell me what you want from me, Cydnee.”

“Right now, I want you to fuck me.”

Aiden arches into me hard. I gasp as the tip of his cock hits the back of my pussy, hits my spot like a bull’s eye.  I quiver, but he refuses to move again.

“Like that?”

I nod.  He thrusts hard then stops. I grip his ass. Try unsuccessfully to get him to move.  With a chuckle, he leans away from me sits back on his heels.  His cock is still deep inside my as he crosses his arms over his chest.  I undulate my hips, but the raise of his eyebrow causes me to stop.  Damn him. I pant as he continues to stare down at me.

“I love you, Cyd.”

“I know…”

Still inside me, he unwraps my legs from his hips and pushes them together to hook over his shoulder. Another hard thrust. I call out his name and claw at the sheets. He licks my calf as he leans forward to brush his mouth against mine. He swivels his hips. His cock rubs against my spot, turning me into mush.

“Aiden. I love you.”

“Maybe,” he teases.

“I do.”

His firm, rapid thrusts cause my back to arch. Finally. My walls contract around his cock as my climax builds. I moan as I wait for the crescendo but nothing happens. I panic but he doesn’t stop. His cock feels so good inside of me. I concentrate on the sensation of his rod scraping my walls, tapping against my spot. The orgasm builds again but I don’t tumble over the edge. 

He glances at me. Does he know? Do I tell him? He unhooks my legs and places them back around his waist. He lays flat on top of me. I clutch his ass. My clit spasms as my essence flows around him. He rests his elbows above my head. Kisses me deeply on my lips. My orgasm is right there. I beg him not to stop as my moans fill the room. I arch my hips into his. I’m there. Oh. God. I’m…


I smack Aiden’s ass. He tears his mouth away from mine and gazes at me with surprise in his eyes. I sit up to take his mouth again. Maybe I just need a few more minutes. I do my best to relax as his rhythm speeds up. His cock expands. I know he’s close to cumming. Suddenly, he flips onto his back and pulls me on top of him. I straddle his hips and sink down over his cock.

 He grimaces as he arches his hips into mine. I ride him hard and fast as he fingers my anal opening. When his finger plunges into my ass, I moan loudly.  He feels so good, but my body doesn’t want to release. Instead I buck against him and fake my orgasm as best as I can. Luckily, he cums at the same time. Aiden knows my body better than I do and I’m sure he would’ve noticed my acting job.

I climb off of him. After a minute, he goes to dispose of the full condom as I snuggle under the linens. I touch my clit. The muscle is still stiff as I stroke it. I can feel it tighten but it doesn’t let go of my climax. I turn onto my side as Aiden returns. He curls his body around mine.  I tense slightly.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m just still rattled from the day I had,” I say.

He kisses my shoulder. That must be it, I think. There’s no other reason why I suddenly can’t cum with Aiden.  I relax and close my eyes.  An hour later, he snores softly against my temple, but I’m wide awake.

Chapter Three

I bang my head against my desk as Stace shakes her head at me. It’s been a week and I still can’t orgasm. With Aiden, no less. Just a look from him could cause me to climax. I am frustrated all over again.  I sit back in my chair and sigh.

“And you’ve been faking?”

I nod. “I can’t keep it up. He’s going to know if he doesn’t already but he can’t, can he?”

She just looks at me but reminds silence. Denial is the only thing I have to cling to, right now.

 “He hasn’t said anything,” I continue, my voice filled with hope.  “Maybe he hasn’t picked up on it.”

Frowning, she leans against my desk. “Are we talking about the same Aiden?”

I exhale and stand up. I pace circles around my desk.

“What the hell is wrong with me, Stace? Are we doing it too much?”

She looks at me like I’ve completely lost my mind, and maybe I have. “I really don’t think that’s the issue,” she says. “Didn’t you say you stopped after ya’ll had that trust talk? Maybe that’s it.”

I pause. “But, I do trust him.”

“I know, but maybe you’re body doesn’t.”

I bite my lip and shake my head. “That can’t be true. I love him.”

She hugs me before leaving to answer a phone call. “I know you do, but you need to figure this out quick before you start yelling at people again.”

I smirk as she closes the door behind her. There had to be more to this. There was only one way for me to find out. I rush over to the door and lock it before closing the blinds. I take off my gray pin striped slacks and drape them over the back of my leather chair, along with my pink top. In my pink bra and panties, I sit in my chair and unlock the bottom drawer to my desk.

I pull out large purple vibrator, a gift from Aiden. I quiver as I remembered all the things he did to me with it. I can’t remember why I still had it in my desk, as that was weeks ago, but I believe that he had something to do with it.  I pause as footsteps near my door but move away. I sigh with relief and wiggle out of my panties.

I lick the purple veins of the cock, imagining that it’s Aiden’s as I twist the bottom to activate the vibrate feature and insert it in my pussy. My breath hitches as it massages my walls. I thrust it in and out. My legs quiver. I gasp as I twirl it in a circle, then, push it all the way in. I hold it in place as I pull down my bra strap and free my breast. I play with my nipple and sigh.

My climax builds. Yes! I pull the vibrator out and hold the tip against my clit. I squirm as the bud stiffens. I close my eyes.  I arch my hips into the vibration and…poof. Just like that it goes away.  Cursing, I shift forward in my chair. I insert the vibrator as far back as it will go.  My wetness drips around the base. I swallow the loud moan that threatens to escape my lips. I rock my hips back and forth over the cock. My orgasm builds once more, and once again, my body refuses to release it.

Damn it! I sit back in my chair and glance at the clock. I had a meeting to prepare for. I quickly dress, sneak the vibrator into the bathroom to clean it before putting it in my purse. I exhale. That convent idea was started to sound good again.

Chapter Four

Aiden follows me up the steps to the back of the movie theater. Everyone has already seen this action packed, number one movie, so only a handful of people were sprinkled throughout the theater. I sit in the seat and balance the large tub of popcorn in my lap. I shake my head at my choice of jumbo sized soda. Only a dollar more, my ass. Now, I’ll be running to the ladies room for most of the movie.

He settles in beside me. He’s wearing a salmon polo shirt and khaki shorts.  I lean forward and kiss him on his mouth. He smiles as he drapes his arm around my shoulder.  He leans close to me as I try to remember the television series Tom Hanks was a star of before becoming a movie star.

“When were you going to tell me,” He asks.

I frown. “Tell you what?”

“That you can’t cum, again.”

I choke on my drink. He strokes my shoulder as the lights dim and the first preview starts.

“I know you’ve been faking.”

“I’m sorry,”  I sigh. “I didn’t know how to tell you.”

He raises and eyebrow at me. “You’ve been faking for three weeks. “

“I’m sorry.”

I put my drink in the cup holder. He takes my hand and kisses the back of it.

“You don’t have to hide something like that from me. Unless you were going to use it as an excuse to get rid of me like Larry.”

“No,” I whisper as the movie starts. “I never want to get rid of you. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

He kisses my temple. “We’ll figure it out.”

I curl into his side and watch the first part of the movie in silence but I can’t concentrate. I should’ve told him that first night, but there wasn’t really anything that he could do about it. I rest my hand on his solid thigh, suddenly aroused.  My nipples were already hard from the arctic blast of the air conditioning.  His hand creeps down my shoulder to cup my breast though my lavender t-shirt.  My breath catches in my throat as he fingers the pebble.

“Wanna try now,” he whispers.

I nod.  Just as I shift in my seat to unfasten my pants, the attendant walks around the corner with his flashlight. I curse as hestands a few rows from us to watch the movie. Aiden elbows me in my side. I glance at him, then slip my jean shorts off my hips. 

“Close your eyes,” he instructs he pulls me onto his lap.

I do as I lean back against his hard torso and spread my legs. His fingers snake beneath the elastic waist band of my panties. He strokes the walls of my pussy as he blows moist air into my ear, then pulls my ear lobe between his teeth. I sigh as my essence floods my canal. I open my eye to peek at the attendant. He’s still in the same spot.  I close them, hoping hecan’t hear the sound of my wet pussy as Aiden thrusts his finger in and out of it. He pulls it out to lick off the essence, then, thrusts his finger into my mouth.

“I’m going to fuck you,” he says as he thrusts his finger back into my pussy.


“But not now. Right now, I want to you to imagine my cock deep inside your pussy as I fuck you from behind. You like it when I fuck you like that, don’t you?”


“Imagine your ass up in the air. I fuck you deep. I pull your head back by your hair. I am so hard. And you are so wet…”

His erection pushes into my butt cheek. I open my eyes. The attendant has gone. Aiden pulls out his finger and rips my panties at the seams. I squeal. A few people turn but they can’t see us in the darkness, I hope. He tosses them on the floor.  His finger is back inside me. I moan. He covers my mouth with his free hand.

“You are so wet, my love. You want to cum now, don’t you?” I nod. “I want you to cum, Cyd. I want you to cum all over me.”

My hips move involuntarily. When he removes his hand from my mouth to insert his finger into my ass. I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from calling out. That familiar tremble built in my pussy. My walls quiver.  Finally, I sigh. I’m going to cum. Before I can release, the lights come on. I make a mad dash for my shorts and put them on while Aiden stands to shield me. 

He gathers the trash, shoves my torn panties into his pocket and leads me down the stairs. He tosses everything in the garbage can before taking my hand. I sigh.

“I was so close,” I whisper, close to tears. “I was gonna do it this time.”

“I know. We have all night to try it again, but we have to make a pit stop first.”


He kisses my nose. “You’ll see.”

Chapter Five


The movie theater was in the same complex as the Arizona Mills mall. We stroll the emptying halls. The mall is closing in five minutes but we walk as if we have all day.  We pass the food court where we met. I glance at the table where I was sitting when Aiden approached. We continue pass it, pass the record store where I helped him pick out a cd for his sister-in-law.

I have a feeling that I know where he’s going. I get my answer when he pulls me into the alcove where we shared out first kiss and more. He pushes me against the concrete wall and takes my mouth in a hard kiss. We’ve visited the mall numerous times since then, but we’ve never visited this alcove again. I wrap my arms around his neck.

In my haste to put my shorts back on, I had forgotten to button them. It is easy for him to unzip them and push them off my hips.  I glance over his shoulder, expecting security to interrupt us at any minute. The announcement is made that the mall is closing, but Aiden doesn’t stop.  I hear his pants unzip. My breath hitches as he enters me. I grip his hips with my thighs as he lifts me to slide over his hard cock.

“Aiden,” I gasp. “Mall…closing…rent-a-cops…”

“Fuck them.”

I can only sigh. He fucks me furiously and cums before I do.  He doesn’t stop. Not when the lights begin to turn off or when  footsteps where headed in our direction. I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the feeling of his cock expanding the walls of my pussy.  I want to cum, so bad, but it just wasn’t going to happen. Not like this.

I climb down from his body. My tears sting my eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. We’ll try again when we get home.”

We straighten our clothing. He stops me before I step into the empty corridor.

“Plus, that wasn’t part of the plan,” he says as he kisses me.

I frown. “What plan?”

Before I can react, he drops to one knee. I gasp as he pulls the ring from his pocket.

“Aiden,” I cry as tears slide down my cheeks.

“Will you marry me, Cydnee Michelle?”

“Yes,” I stammer.

He slips the ring on my finger and hugs me as the security guards that came to toss us out applaud. I am floating as we make our way to the car. I barely remember the drive home. I spent it staring at my diamond engagement ring and planning what kind of dress I’ll wear. I’m still in a daze when we arrive home and go upstairs to the bedroom.

He pauses at the top step to kiss my cat Honey on her head before going into the bathroom. I sit on the bed as the shower runs. That familiar tug begins in my pussy. Oh. I’m going to cum, alright. Standing, I strip and slip under the covers. I stroke my cit, getting her ready as Aiden emerges from the bathroom. He watches me play with myself before he climbs in next to me.

“I was thinking,” he says as he removes my fingers and replaces them with his own. I arch my back and moan. “Maybe we need a break.”


He pulls out his fingers and licks them. “Oh, I still plan to marry you, but maybe you need a break from this,” he wraps my hand around his erection. He pulls it away before I can stroke it.

“What? No…”

He scoots away from me to put on his glasses. He picks up his book on the Sabanes-Oaxley act and begins to read. My pussy throbs as my blood boils. If this man didn’t fuck me right now, we will be divorced before the wedding even takes place.  I lean into him and kiss him. He moves away from me.

“Babe, you’re in my light.”

He shoos me away and continues reading. Oh. No. He. Didn’t.  A break from Aiden’s cock is the last thing that I need. I snatch the book from his hand and toss it over my shoulder.  He looks at me with surprise as I shove back the linens, push him onto his back and straddle his cock. I moan as soon as his length pushes into me.

“This,” I say as I hump him. “Is what I need.”

He grips my hips as I ride him hard. He sits up to capture my nipple between his lips, but I lean away with a shake of my head.  I remove his hands from my hips and pin them above his head.  He watches me with amusement as my first climax claims my body. I shudder and cum but don’t stop. I feel my essence drip around the base of his cock. He squirms beneath me but I don’t let him go.

“You like it when I fuck you like this, don’t you,” I tease him.

He grimaces. I smirk. I lick his chest, clamp my mouth over his nipple. He groans, makes an attempt to free himself, but I hold him in place.  His cock expands inside me. I sit up, brush my nipple against his lips, but pull it away before he can lick it.

“Say it, Aiden. Say you like it when I fuck you.”

“I love it when you fuck me,” he growls.  “But not like this.”

I pause.  “Then, how?”

In one swift move, he grips me around my waist and positions me on my knees. Gripping my hips, he drives his cock deep into me. I gasp as I cum again but he doesn’t stop, of course. He fucks me hard. I thrust my hips back to keep up with his rhythm.

“Like this,” he says. “Fuck me like this.”

I pant as his thrusts knock the wind out of me. Whatever. I don’t need to breathe.  I need to cum. He reaches beneath me to stroke my clit. He kisses the back of my neck.  The walls of my pussy spasm as I cum all over him.

“Oh. God…Aiden!”

“I know, Cydnee.”

He gently squeezes my clit as yet another climax builds within me. He lets the stiff pebble go. He hooks his hand under my thigh and, without removing his cock, he turns me on to my back. He grips the edge of the mattress to propel his dick deeper and deeper. I cry out and curse as I cum again. He kisses me as I open my legs wide to accommodate him.

“Want me to cum,” he asks.



“In my pussy.”

“Say it. Tell me what you want.”

“Cum in me, Aiden. Cum in my pussy.”

His grip tightens on my hips as he thrust hard one finally time and cums inside of me.  I hold him as he gathers himself. We both gasp for air. Suddenly, I burst into tears.  Concerned, he gathers me in his arms and pulls me to his chest. He holds me for a long time while I cry.

“What’s wrong?”

I struggle to come up with the words to express what I’m feeling. “I just love you so much. I never thought…”

He chuckles and silences me with a kiss. “I love you, Cyd. Always.”

I snuggle against him, close my eyes and exhale.