Interracial Erotica -
What Men Want
By Dr. Grip
Published on February 28, 2009
We always read about how women are so unsatisfied. Whether it is mentally, sexually, spiritually women are unsatisfied. Well what about men’s needs? Who's looking out for us men? We men are full of pride (it's why women love us) but I think women can't see passed our pride (and their neediness) to see that we to have desires. We still have needs that must be fulfilled and should not be neglected. Here’s a short list of what men desire out of their encounters, geared more towards a sexual session.

My advice to the ladies:  Read this list, Heed this list. Do all men a favor....throw it to the ground and have your way with it!!

What Men Want

Here it is ladies, your first really honest chance to see into the wicked, colorful, dynamic place that is the male mind. For your own safety, please keep your hands inside of the car while the ride is in motion.

She must be open to ideas
Nothing ruins a moment more than a prudent woman who doesn’t want to try anything new. We all are curious about what could happen and what could be. She doesn’t have to have a lamp in her vagina, but perhaps having sex on the porch wouldn’t hurt.

She needs to perform fellatio
Even if a man says that he does not like it, it’s good for women to do it, because at least it will open them up for other sexual things. It doesn’t have to be for 45 minutes, but it would help if it were slow, sexy, and stimulating.

She should watch a pornographic film at least once in her life
I know not everyone is into it as yours truly, but porn stars are the pioneers of liberation! Plus, these types of film give some ideas on how to please your man. I wouldn’t consider it a blueprint for sex, because it is glorified a bit, but rather a set of guidelines for optimal activity.

She must learn the art of seduction
Most men who know themselves well have learned this about women. It helps that women learn how to seduce their men, as it shows interest and reduces guessing games during sex. Plus, it’s a turn on to show some drive.

She has to bring out her freaky side
It would be nice if a woman called her man “Daddy” every once in a while. We love a classy woman, but once the meeting commences in the bedroom, we want it all out. Maybe a little at a time, though, since she may not want to scare her significant other.

She can’t be scared of cum
That is the beauty of life. We were all once that liquid, and it seems like women forgot that. I can’t say what it tastes like, but I take pride in mine. And women should be proud to have it in their cavities, whether it be their sugar walls (vagina) or in their mouth.

Save the drama either before sex or after, not during
It’s cool to talk during sex, but don’t try to start trouble while his penis is thrusting in your vagina. It really ruins the moment, and everyone misses out on that feeling that we all chase.

She must be honest
We want to know if we made you cum! At the same time, we want to make it better. Not every man is out to bust a nut for himself. Some of us actually bust one based on if a woman orgasms. I’m one of them.

So, there are some things that men are looking for to feel good. This is a short list, so there may be other things that I may have neglected. Just understand that we also have our demands as well. While we may not make them public all of the time, it’s necessary to be considerate of them, since they can make or break a relationship.