Interracial Erotica -
By Erica Rodriguez
Published on March 30, 2011
Love. Forgotten. Forgiven. Destroyed.


You whisper sweet nothings in my ear

And I believe you

You tell me your sorry

And I believe you

How many sorries are too many?

Drowning in sorries

Gasping for air

For honesty

For Realness

You tell me you miss me

And I believe you

But you dont show it

You make me a promise

And I believe you

....In that moment

But doubt is always in my head

...And heart

The word love doesn't have to be spoken for me to know you care deeply

The warmth of your touch

The passion behind your kisses

Those speak volume

Kisses that make me forget the pain of days past

Never have I

And Never will I feel kisses like those with another

This I feel in my heart

It's a sad thing to say

To say it in one's mind

But a sadder thing to say aloud

But the heart feels when things like this are certain

Who but the heart can change what we feel

That pinch we feel when we're in our true loves presence

That warm shiver we get when we hear our true loves voice

How it can warm our bodies on the coldest of nights

How we can be so upset with our one true love

But as soon as we hear from them our hearts jump

That's the funny thing about love

You never know when its gonna come

But you always know when you've fallen into it


My dear ole friend love

Thanks for the memories....