Interracial Erotica -
Good Morning: Part Two
By Allan Fox
Published on February 27, 2011
The arousal brought on by the beauty lying next to him has begun to stir.  It is time to show what making love is all about.

Good Morning: Part Two
My own arousal increases with the pleasure that I am bringing to you. My hardness presses against your lovely ass as my fingers and mouth continue with their efforts. I rub my finger up and down the length of your pussy. It glides along the glistening folds of skin provided by your increasing moistness. I take time to pay special attention to your clit. This clearly drives you wild as you lift your body off the bed and scream my name. I look at your beautiful face and see that it is contorted with the expression of love, desire, and pleasure. This is a most delightful combination. My own happiness is exceedingly high as I know that it is not so much as to what I do to you for your pleasure, but rather it is the combination of the effect that your passion and desire for me along with the passion and desire that I bring out in you. It is a cumulative effect that each of us has on the other. Could it be any more perfect? I don’t think so.

I roll you over on your back and gently slide your nightgown off. I can’t help but stare at your body. Gabrielle, you are absolutely gorgeous. Your stunning beauty captivates me, as I am fully aware that I am in the presence of the most beautiful woman on Earth. My finger is drawn back to your pussy and it easily slides in as my mouth descends to your succulent breasts. Umm, umm, good is all I can think as my mouth closes around your nipple and areola. My satisfaction is apparent to you as I lick and suck on your breasts. I use the tip of my tongue to flick your nipple back and forth, feeling it harden. You moan loudly as the efforts of my tongue along with my finger, which is lovingly manipulating your clit, begin to come to fruition.

I push my finger all the way inside your pussy as far it will go. You suddenly lose control and I feel your body tense as I work my finger in and out in ever increasing strokes. Your thighs grip my hand tightly as your first orgasm of the morning begins to overtake you. I look intently at you as your head tilts back and your body rises off the bed. You scream ‘Oh Allan! Oh Allan!’ over and over as your orgasm floods through every part of your body. I feel your juices flow past my fingers and out of your pussy. I snuggle up close to you and hold you very tightly next to me as you make your way through your own wonderland. I hold you for a very long time, all the while telling you how much I love you while you attempt to recover from your most intense cum.

My finger remains inside of you; gently stroking in and out as you lay with your head touching my chin. I cannot resist and I lean over and inhale your wondrous scent. Yes that scent, the one of which there is no peer, and none better. While you are regaining your senses from your orgasm, your arousal is higher than ever. You cannot resist the need to touch me any longer and you grasp my hardness. You lovingly stroke me while occasionally massaging my freshly trimmed balls. Our lips meet and we share a passionate kiss that goes on for seemingly forever. Our tongues intertwine and explore each others mouth’s and tastes. I am taken aback by the softness of your lips as they press against my own. I so enjoy kissing you my love. We continue to kiss as drops of my precum touch your fingers.

My desire to taste you is overwhelming. I reluctantly take my mouth from yours and begin to kiss your neck. As I kiss and lick and even suck on your neck your wonderful taste causes me to sigh. I kiss my way all the way around your neck, sometimes planting little pecks on your cheeks. I feel so much desire for you babydoll. The passion within me is incredible. I feel as if we are all alone in our own little world….End of Part 2