Interracial Erotica -
Blind Passion: Part Four
By Charisma Knight
Published on March 12, 2011
Ethan and Diane discover there is so much more than the physical attraction they share with one another. They realize the mental bond forming between them is something they'd been searching for half their lives. Two halves become one in this conclusion of Blind Passion.

Blind Passion: Part Four

“I want you so much, until it makes me crazy,” Ethan purred against Diane’s cheek before possessively brushing his lips against hers. While panting, their tongues met, dancing against one another with a raw, smoldering passion as he guided the head of his cock against her slick opening, making her crazy with each passing minute. Diane bucked against his hardness as he prolonged her agony; his body pinning her against the sofa.

“Don’t tease Ethan, please—don’t tease me,” she gasped in a choked whisper. “Oh God, what are you trying to do to me?”

The devil of a man chuckled before nibbling her neck and running his tongue against the aching spot, while continuing to pin her hips against the sofa with his. Diane enjoyed his earthly masculine scent and the feel of his body hair brushing against her sensitive skin. His grasp was strong as steel. Soon she realized she could stay in his strong embrace forever.

“Baby, I’m not teasing,” he assured her. “I’ve got to take my time with you, that’s all. Let’s not rush this,” he commanded gently. His voice was hypnotic and seductive all in one setting. “If we have to start over and over again until the sun rises, and sets again, then that’s what we’ll do.” His voice was filled with so much promise and passion as he continued worshipping her with firm, demanding lips.

Promise hung heavy in the air as she released a long awaited breath. Diane’s cunt gushed like Niagara Falls as the head of Ethan’s cock parted her pussy. Anticipation held her within its grasp as she clenched her teeth, succumbing to his slow invasion of her body. Impatiently, she grabbed his shoulders and lifted her hips off the sofa, in an effort to force him in, but he was prepared for that.

“Oh no, no no, my pet,” he said with a snicker. “Not yet,” he teased before gently nibbling her neck and easing his way from her wanton body. Once more he entered Diane, this time penetrating her deeply, slowly stretching--filling her sex-starved body as a muffled plea escaped her parted lips. “Slow, hard, and deep,” he murmured into her ears as her pussy milked his cock. She could feel it throbbing deep inside as the head tapped her cervix. “Repeat it,” he commanded.

“What?” She really shouldn’t have been shocked. Ethan enjoyed catching her off guard.

“Repeat what I just said, or I swear I’ll stop what I’m doing,” he insisted with one hard thrust into her core.

He held it there, deep inside her burning aching body, his fingers threading through her thick mane. God, there was something so electrifying about his touch that sent erotic bolts of passion throughout her entire body. She could barely swallow as her pussy clenched around his rock hard sheath.

Slow.” Her voice trembled and cracked on the word, ending on a whisper. Would this satisfy him, she wondered while clearing her throat just before Ethan pounded inside her. “Uh, fuck, baby,” she screamed hoarsely.

Ethan paused, his baby blues piercing her soul. “Finish it,” he demanded in an almost harsh tone, making the hair on the back of her neck stand on end and her nipples swell tighter than before. “I want to hear you speak those words now.”

“Slow—“Ethan’s pace quickened. “Slow, hard---“She grimaced as he fisted a handful of her hair and pulled. “Slow-hard---and deep!” she screamed breathlessly. “Fuck me, oh---please fuck me!” She begged him.

“Yes my darling,” Ethan panted while fucking her hard, forcing Diane to dig her nails deeper into the man’s back. He enjoyed it, she knew. With every scratch, he released a hiss, egging her on.

“Scratch me harder,” he demanded in a gruff tone. “I love to feel my little hellcat’s claws digging into my fucking back.”

She obliged. “Uhh—Oh, please,” She moaned, digging her nails deeper into his sweaty back, enjoying the feel of rippling muscles beneath the palms of her hands that gravitated to his taut ass. She squeezed, he moaned, and held himself inside her as he ravished her with a French kiss. With a groan, she yanked his blond locks as her teeth sank into his neck.

“Ohh, so you like to bite, do you?” Ethan asked while pumping vigorously inside her for a few seconds.

“You know it. Give me more,” she demanded in a firm tone, not believing her words. Had she demanded this man to give her what she desired? How the hell had she managed to throw caution to the wind and become so comfortable with this stranger? Well, to her he wasn’t a stranger. Each moment they spent together had brought them closer. She was completely at ease with him and felt as though she could tell him anything. Never in her life had she experienced this—total freedom, the company of another.

Now, since he’d given her what she desired, Diane tightened her legs firmly around his body. She winced as he continued drilling deep inside her, and even delivered an equally painful bite to her neck.

“I love to bite too,” he added breathlessly as his strokes grew more demanding, each thrust tearing forth a wounded cry from Diane’s lips. He slowed his pace, almost bringing her to orgasm, then came to an abrupt stop. “You should know, I can prolong this all night. We can do it the easy way or the hard way,” he offered. Challenge dripped from his words. “Are you up for the challenge, beautiful?”

Diane smiled as she tightened her muscles around him. “You know I can take anything you dish out,” she promised, before raking her nails along his body. Her aching pussy twitched as he stretched her wider, tapping against her cervix. His hot breath felt so good against her face and neck as he held himself inside her. Tongues entwined once more, they kissed for what seemed like an eternity as his strokes lead her to the beginning of her orgasm. Tremors wracked her body, and the tension within her belly coiled, eventually escalating and centering on her clitoris. She was on the edge—so close. Silently she prayed he wouldn’t deny her.

Finally, Ethan interrupted the kiss. “Ah, good, then you won’t mind being a little sore in the morning,” he added while driving his cock inside her in a moderate fashion. “Umm, so wet. Are you trying to drown me,” he asked with a sly grin.

“Its all your fault,” Diane insisted, feeling the coiling sensation in the pit of her stomach heighten. “Oh, I’m so close Ethan, but I don’t want it to end.” To her own ears, her voice was pleading—needy.

Disappointment set in when he slowed his pace. “I want—no, need so much more of you,” he whispered into her ear.

She laughed. “How much more of myself can I give,” she murmured as he prompted her to release her legs from around his large frame.

“So much more,” he replied while rising to his knees.

Her entire body exploded with excitement, watching chiseled muscles flexing with each movement. Such a beautiful man he was, on the inside as well as the outside. Not only had he given her the power to voice her needs, he made her laugh. As far as she could tell, the man possessed no flaws. He focused all his attentions on “her needs,” scarcely giving her the chance to focus on his, but she’d make up for that she swore silently. He was perfect. In a way, that frightened her, but she had to live for the moment, she kept telling herself and not worry with the future. Where had he been all her life?

“I’ll give you anything—“He breathed. She cringed when she witnessed a flash of sadness in his eyes. “If only—”

“What’s wrong Ethan?” She wanted to comfort him. He’d let his guard down. Quickly, he smiled, but it was too late. She’d seen the hurt in his eyes. Something from his past ate at him, but what was it? This large man was no more than a gentle giant. Instinct told her he had so much to offer, but like her, certain scars remained.

He smiled, flashing his beautiful pearly whites. “Nothing sweetness,” he tried assuring her. “I’m just overwhelmed with some feelings I never thought I’d experience again, that’s all.

She sat up, pulling him closer to her before cupping his face between her small hands. “I feel the same,” she promised before kissing him.

He needed this---this reassurance that they were both in the same boat when it came to their feelings. She knew happiness lay ahead, but also beneath the surface lurked unsavory memories from the past, threatening to tear apart any newfound happiness. They needed one other—If nothing more than to comfort and hold in their darkest moments. She knew they were a perfect match, two halves equaling one whole. Her heart melted when he smiled. Not the sexy domineering smile, but a boyish—nervous, almost innocent smile. He would trust her, she knew—trust in her words, just as she would him.

“Woman, you make me—feel,” he said softly before sighing. His eyes twinkled just before his seductive gaze returned. Squared jaw set tight, he swallowed as though consumed with hunger.

“As do you,” she replied, knowing what was coming next. She gasped when Ethan flung her legs over his broad shoulders, impaling her onto his throbbing cock. Diane reveled in the fact that he craved her. She bit her lip as the large organ pulsated inside slick pussy. Slowly he eased out of her until the head threatened to emerge from its safe, wet haven. In less than half a breath he slammed himself mercilessly inside.

Ethan!” She called his name out as he continued, her cunt savoring every exquisite inch of him. Continuously she voiced her pleasure while arching her hips into his thrusts. He delivered unto her; hard, deep, and fast, strokes, while demonstrating his control over her body.

Large white hands tightened around shaking brown thighs as he plowed into her flesh—again and again, over and over; her release just precious moments away.. Diane exhaled as large white hands tightened around shaky silken brown thighs. She loved to watch him, loved how one moment Ethan could be rough, then the next, so gentle.

A sheen of sweat had formed on their bodies, and nothing could be heard with the exception of panting and moaning and the slapping of wet flesh needing more than what they were receiving. It turned her on further as he turned to kiss and lick the insides of her knees.

Her hands flew to her breast, lavishing much needed attention to her aching nipples. They so needed to be yanked, twisted, and pulled on. Seemingly on instinct, Ethan’s bent down, stretching her legs so her ankles were next to her ears.

“Open yourself to me,” he asked in a husky tone. “Give that pussy to me baby,” he crooned. “You’re resisting. I should be deeper inside, but you won’t allow it.”

It was true. She could feel the tension in her legs as pelvic muscles threatened to push him out of her body. When had she tensed? Somehow she’d tightened her vaginal muscles when they assumed this position.

Ethan paused. “Am I hurting you? We can stop,” he insisted.

Eyes misting over, she smiled because the concern he expressed nearly shattered her. “No, please continue,” she choked out.

“Liar,” Ethan said softy, releasing her legs as though she would break.

Although she tried to conceal it, sobs wracked her body as a distant memory reared its ugly head.

“You don’t have to lie to save my feelings, you should know that. I think we should stop.”

She grabbed him before he could pull away. “No, that’s not what I want,” she replied quickly. She wanted him in that rough manner, but at this point in time what she truly needed was the emotional part of love-making she’d never experienced any other time in her life.

Still inside her he bent down, planting soft, reassuring kisses upon her tear-streaked face. Softly, he kissed away the tears while making love to her. “I’ll stop if you want me too, promise.”

“I wish you hadn’t stopped,” she said with regret. The last thing she wanted to do was to disappoint him. Then it hit her. This man was not like selfish lovers of the past, but she still spoke what was on her mind. “We could have finished that—

Ethan smothered her with a kiss to silence her, then lightly brushed his index finger against her lips as he slowly slid himself in and out of her. “No—that’s not what you need,” he responded with a smile. “That will come later on, when YOU want it.” They gasped as their bodies gyrated against each other. “We so need this,” he murmured with a satisfying sigh. If she didn’t know any better, she’d thought he was close to tears.

As soon as he spoke the words, a gut wrenching climax struck Diane with such a mighty force she squealed at the top of her lungs. Like waves crashing against a sandy beach, her orgasm bolted through her core, robbing her of breath as her body shuddered with ecstasy. His voice soothed her, mentally and physically as she spiraled out of control, amazed at the bond that had been formed between them—with this stranger, the blind man she’d met only a few days earlier. Also, no other orgasm had ever lasted this long, not even the ones she’d given herself.

I’m going to cum baby,” Ethan groaned before sucking in a breath. “Oh—sweet Diane. Ah baby,” He bit his lip and grunted. Ethan’s release began. “Cum with me,” he pleaded. “Cum with me baby,” he begged, throwing his head back.

Her spasms returned at the sight of his handsome features contorted and how his beautiful hair was matted against his face and neck. Embracing each other, they found comfort and pleasure in the last moments of their lovemaking. For her, it was like the first time. Everything was there, the emotions, the pleasure, and the security.

Together Ethan and Diane collapsed in a sweaty pile, their breathing yet to return. Their trembling bodies, totally spent. Ethan slid to the floor, pulling her along with him, locking his lips with hers in a passionate kiss.

Satisfied mentally and physically, she lay betwixt his muscular thighs, resting her head on his broad chest, his arms encircling her body. Gradually, their breathing returned to normal and they were able to speak.

“That was beautiful.” Ethan stroked her cheek, while holding an “other worldly” look in his eyes. “You were amazing—God, you are amazing.” he breathed, before planting a kiss on top of her head. “We both needed that, more than we knew.”

“I enjoyed it too,” Diane said lazily. She felt like she was glowing, then a slight instance of fear introduced itself to her psyche and she felt him tense when he released a sigh.

“Beauty, we need to talk,” he insisted. “I believe there are some things we both need to get off our chest.” He looked down at her. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Diane replied as she straightened. “But first, I’d love to shower, then slip beneath the sheets of your bed.”

Ethan laughed as he rose to his feet. “Of course. I was thinking the same thing, but I get the feeling we’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the shower. 


As they showered, Ethan and Diane kissed. She groaned with need as he embraced her from behind, his soapy hands washing and caressing every curve of her body. Some places, he lingered longer than others. She shivered when gentle hands caressed and squeezed her full breasts. Gently he massaged them until she caught herself moaning out loud. She felt his rigid cock nudge against the small of her back, beckoning her to press hard into him—which she did. Reaching around, she cupped and massaged his massive balls, enjoying their weight in her hands.

“Diane.” A smile curved the edge of her lips when he called her name, while rolling diamond hard nipples between his thumb and forefingers. She panted when his hands explored beneath her breasts. “You’re gonna make me blow this way,” he threatened.

She continued massaging his balls, his panting completely egging her on. “Well—if you do, make sure you aim for my ass,” she said in a playful manner. Immediately, he tilted her neck to the side, delivering a passionate bite to the area that always got her going. Nibbling her neck, he allowed one hand to slide down her belly towards the triangle of her pleasure. She squeezed his nuts, and he bit harder.

Gasping, Diane spread her legs, allowing Ethan to part her lips with a thick, soapy digit to explore her tender ripe flesh on the inside. Her hands dropped to his forearms, and she squeezed with all her might as Ethan gently continued manipulated the swollen button with his index finger.

“Grrrrrr!” She moaned roughly as his middle finger invaded her pussy as he continued manipulating her clit with the other. “Fuuuck!!!” she grunted, bucking her hips like a mad woman, just before releasing a hoarse cry as her orgasm sliced through her like a knife through warm butter. High pitched squeals of pleasure pierced the air as Ethan held his fingers against her g-spot and her body shuddered uncontrollably.

“Ah sweetie,” he moaned against her cheek before exhaling sharply. “Umm, I can feel your pussy convulsing around my fingers—fuck!” He groaned as he continued fucking her with his fingers. “So wet, and fucking creamy.” Slowly he pulled his fingers out to taste her cream. “Mmmm, I’ve got to eat you baby,” he confessed. “If I don’t I’ll die, I swear it! Tell me you’ll let me eat that sweet pussy of yours.”

Passion consuming her, Diane turned around and they kissed for what seemed like forever. Ethan broke the connection. “Baby you’ve got to let me eat you.”

“Only if you let me suck your dick,” she breathed as her hand fell towards his hard ass cock. “Baby, you’re hard as steel,” she mused while stroking his shaft. “Mmm,” she moaned while caressing and squeezing the purplish bulbous head. The man was so ready to cum, and she wanted nothing more than to taste the saltiness of his semen.

“Let’s sixty-nine,” she said insisted as she turned off the shower. “I want to please you.”

“Let’s,” Ethan agreed, as they prepared to exit the shower. 


Hunger for Ethan scratched so close to the surface, needing release as the couple could barely keep their hands off one another. Slowly, they eased themselves onto the bed, and Diane noticed her desire to have that beautiful succulent cock in her mouth had been denied for too long this evening.

Ethan lay flat on his back as she mounted him, her cunt hovering mere inches from his face. “Now who’s teasing who?” he teased, before biting the inside of her thigh. Lightly he tickled the crease with his tongue on the left side before switching and lavishing the right thigh with the same treatment.

Diane sucked in a breath as she grasped his thick cock in her hands. “Eat me,” she said through gritted teeth.

“Oh no dear, I’ll eat once you’re dripping wet. We need to prolong your agony he joked.”

“Perhaps I’ll prolong yours,” Diane said before swirling her tongue around the head of his dick. She closed her eyes while his hands squeezed a generous amount of her ass, pulling her towards his mouth. So close---yet so far away, she thought to herself. His breath grazed her flesh as his probing fingers found the center of her desire.

“Oh yeah,” Ethan spoke in a low voice. “Soaked.”

His fingers worked her into a frenzy, forcing her to swallow him whole. With one hand, she fist pumped his thick cock, her mouth making loud popping sounds, as her moans filled the room. Diane grunted as she explored the plump, heavy balls, possessing the sticky white fluid she sought to consume. The more she sucked him, the harder he finger fucked her pussy. Quickly, he encircled his arms around her body, pulling her cunt down on his face. A few swipes of his tongue to her clit and the slurping sounds thrust her over the edge. More than that, his face was buried so deep into her snatch, she thought he’d suffocate. He spoke, but his words were muffled.

“I’m cumming,” Ethan grunted.

She smiled as his cock twitched in her hands while his balls tightened. “Yes baby, cum for me,” she coaxed. “Cum in my mouth and down my throat,” she insisted. Ethan raised his hips off the bed, meeting her mouth as she ground her cunt against his face. Hot jizz burst in her mouth, down her throat, and dribbled along her chin, down her chest. In one breath, her climax followed as her juices drenched her lover’s face. Both lapped greedily at the results of their oral delights, and Diane continued lapping his cum up until nothing remained.

After another enjoyable tryst, they cleaned themselves up and slipped between the crisp sheets on Ethan’s bed, fully sated. Diane lay her head against his chest, running the tips of her fingers through the soft down. Soft light from a hanging lamp filtered through the room, giving off a candle-like glow.

“What was bothering you earlier?” she asked with concern.

“You mean, downstairs?” His voice was rough, and filled with pain as he stroked her arm and pulled her closer to him.

“Yes,” she murmured.

“Well,” he began. “I worry that one day you may find my blindness to be a hindrance.”

Diane sat straight up. “You’re kidding me, right?” She was shocked. How could a man so confident, bold and strong be so insecure? He was beautiful, and she found no fault in him whatsoever. She admired him though. Totally admired him for baring her soul to him.

Ethan shook his head as he propped himself up on an elbow.

“Oh Ethan, no. How could you possibly think that of me?”

“Darling, although not helpless, I can never drive a car or ride a bike, or watch a movie with you. I can never—“His words ended abruptly. Silence was deafening. “In the past, I was often reminded of my handicap, in such a harsh way. Sometimes, people can be so cruel.”

It cut her to the quick to see him like this. “Those things don’t matter to me.” She scratched her head. We can talk with each other, be compassionate and loving, where others have failed. I can watch your back, you watch mine. It’s a team effort on both parts baby, you know that.”

He nodded and smiled. “One thing I know, you have a knack for making me feel better.” He reached out and carefully brushed the back of his hand against her cheek. He smiled as his fingers explored her facial features. “Woman, you’re so beautiful.” His blue eyes twinkled—or was it tears forming within them? “Now, your turn. Something bothered you as well.”

Diane clasped her hand on his before nuzzling her cheek against his hand. She sighed and kissed his hand before squeezing it tight. “Before you, I was with someone who was careless and very selfish. He wasn’t very nice to me.” She shuddered as anger contorted Ethan’s features.

“Okay. So—he hurt you?”


Ethan curled his fists, and his body shook. “I understand. Oh Diane, I’m so sorry honey. Cocking his head to the side, he arched a brow. “Is that why you were uncomfortable downstairs?” Regret reflected on his face, but she had to reassure him.

“Nothing to be sorry about. That was a long time ago, but sometimes the memories come back to haunt me.” She looked into his eyes, and grasped his chin. “I’m not regretting anything about tonight. I’ve never had anyone love me the way you have. It was so much more than something physical. The emotional connection we shared tonight was so intense.”

“It was, wasn’t it? It was natural and felt so right. It was meant to be Diane. Come here beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I’m dragging ass,” he joked, holding out his arms to her.

Diane smiled and glanced at the clock. “It’s almost five o clock,” she said with a yawn before slipping into his arms, pulling the sheets and comforter over them.

She sighed and smiled as Ethan gave her a peck on the cheek. “Good night doll,” he said in a deep voice.

“Good night Ethan,” she replied before slipping into a deep sleep.

The End