Interracial Erotica -
The House Party: Part Five
By Tracy Ames
Published on March 21, 2011
Part five in a five part series

The House Party follows the exploits of three modern day patron families attending a week long house party hosted by the Graydon family on their estate in France. Almost immediately social lines a drawn, judgments are made, and tempers heat up long before the first stitch on clothing come off.

The House Party: Part Five

Winston received Andrea’s letter two days after he returned home. He grabbed a Twix and read it from his couch.

I would apologize for my behavior but I won’t. If I wouldn’t have been such a bitch we wouldn’t be friends…so you can thank me now.

Seriously, thank you for going out of your way for my account even after the way I treated you. I needed a friend that night and there you were, wading through mud and darkness to find me. That says a lot about your character. You’re a true gentleman, Winston Bellamy. I’ve decided to stay on at the hospital for six more months to get the extra skill mentioned in the rejection letter, and then take another stab at it. What’s the worse that could happen?

I’ve also decided to take salsa lessons. Again, what’s the worse that could happen? How are Dean and Rebecca getting on?



No need to thank me. It’s what friends do for one another. Dean and Rebecca are getting married next weekend in Hyde Park. I wish you could make it. Your parents are coming.

I’m meeting with a realtor this afternoon. I’m buying the happy couple a house on the North Shore. Hell, I’d pay for them to have a place in heaven if it meant saving my spare room! Which, by the way, I’m converting into a mediation room just in case there’s something to the hocus pocus of religion. I’m stock piling Holy points.

I’ve thinking about hiring Isaac. Sadie could use the company. How are your classes and work?

By the way, I’m pretty sure my house is haunted. I can’t find anything. I may be moving soon.



Mom and Dad said the wedding was lovely. Sorry I couldn’t make it…hours at the hospital are now in the triple digits if that’s even possible. I’m scheduled for one surgery a day and the rest of my day is spent in trauma.

My dancing classes have gone the way of the doo doo bird. I’m not terribly upset. I was horrible and dancing with clammy handed man isn’t my ideal Wednesday night. On the plus side, I met a girl in class named Shelia. I thought she was a lesbian but it turns out she’s just really friendly. We’re going speed dating tonight.

Having Isaac around would give Sadie someone other than her family to talk to. Bring him over for a few months and see how it goes. How are Sadie and Rebecca getting on?

Your house isn’t haunted. Didn’t you hire a new housekeeper? That’s why your shit is out of place. Your meditation room got me to thinking. Maybe I’ll take a yoga class.



My father has been on my mind lately; more to the point, his death. I wonder if he knew he was dying and if so, was he afraid? I always imagined when that time came we’d be gathered around his deathbed. I cringe when I think of him conscious of the fact that he was dying. His inglorious death was in stark contrast to the life he lead. My father was such a decent man, he gave so much to so many yet he died alone. Sadie is working through her issues. Finding one’s father dead tends to scare one.

Speaking of frights, Rebecca thought a weekly cooking class would be a good way for us to spend more time together. Dean has taken to the course like a duck to water whilst the rest of us cock-up the simplest task. Remind me to give my chef a raise.

Don’t work too hard.



Clinically speaking, your father never knew what hit him, and there was no pain. We all have this idea of how our parents will pass and when it doesn’t go according to plan, we struggle with questions and quilt. Stanley was a fantastic man. The manner of his death mattered little to him because he gave of himself unreservedly while he lived. In that sense you’ve very much like your father. You always do what’s right and expect nothing in return. You’re rigid exterior and selfless heart is what attracts me. You don’t drag or boast. For better or worst, you’re Winston 24/7.

Sadie mentioned your classes in her last email. Dean in the kitchen sounds dangerous but not completely unbelievable. When he puts his mind to something it’s all or nothing.

My birthday is a couple of week away. I’m celebrating by pulling a double shift at the hospital. I'm living the life!



Happy birthday, A! I hope my gift arrived safely. I’m fetching Isaac from the airport later this evening. He agreed to come after I swore you weren’t going to be around. Joking. How did speed dating go? Any luck? Maybe I’ll give it a try. As you said, what’s the worse that could happen?

Sadie and Rebecca are best friends and Dean is turning out to be a better husband than any one expected. Bart and Rosemund are getting married. If you haven’t already heard; she’s knocked up and he’s doing the right thing. Weddings devastate Maureen—this one is no different. My mother is on the verge of killing her.

By the way, I nixed the meditation room and decided to gut the place.



Winston I’m going to murder you! Your ‘gift’ just took a dump on my floor! I didn’t know a turd that large could come out of such a small Bolognese. I’ve named him Satan after his father.

Bart marrying Rosemund isn’t a shocker. She hunted him down. I wish them the best. Dean settling down is a huge shock! Then again, having Sadie there has probably made him more responsible. Speed dating wasn’t my cup of tea. I sit there, staring blankly until the mediator sounded the bell to move on. I wasted my night off. I’ve actually stopped counting the days since I got laid…it was pathetic!

I lost my first patient. It wasn’t my fault, he was too old for the operation, and he knew the risk. But I feel like I failed him. I still remember how quiet the room was when I called his time off death and how peaceful he looked. Even when the coroners report cleared me of any negligence, I still felt helpless. I called you but you weren’t home. I spoke to your mother for a long time, though. Thank her for the flowers she sent. They made my day.

Anyway, you’re birthday is next month. I’m sending you a giraffe.



If I see a giraffe in my driveway, you’re getting a manatee for Easter! I thought you’d like the puppy. They have no undercoat so there’s no shedding—less mess for you to clean! How is Satan?

I bought a piece of property not very far from you. Dean and I are coming to inspect it in a few weeks. Are you going to be around? Maybe we can have dinner if your new boyfriend doesn’t mind. Your mother told my mother you were dating a doctor in the hospital. At least you’re working the same long hours. My love life is all but nonexistent. I met someone a couple days ago, Val. We’ll see how it pans out.

Sadie sends her love. And I miss you terribly.



Yep! I have a boyfriend. His name is Wade. He’s also a surgeon. Things are going well. I owe you an enormous thank you. If you hadn’t broken down my guard I wouldn’t have given Wade the time of day. My mom and dad don’t care or him. They say he’s detached but he’s warm to me and I adore him. Sorry I missed you when you were in town. I’d just scrubbed in when you arrived so I couldn’t leave the operating room. Maybe next time, yeah?

I saw the pictures from Bart’s wedding. Damn, he looked pissed. Rosemund looked like she’d won the lottery. Thanks for Satan. He’s in doggy daycare now since my hours are hectic. The ladies groomed him up…now he looks like a cotton ball. He hates his new hairdo. I think it’s making him depressed. After a long day his tiny wagging tail is exactly what I need. He’s taken over my bed and he’s a little demanding but we’re working through it.

I’ve taken my mom’s maiden name, Jones, and petitioned the board to change it on my license. The farther I move away from Andrea Mitcham, the better my prospects of being judged on my merit rather than my father. Good news is I was offered a fellow at St. Margaret’s. Yay! This is the opportunity I’ve wanted. But now I’m thinking about going private. Decisions decisions!

Tell me about your lady friend and the family.



Do not let those women turn Satan into a cotton ball again! Of course he’s depressed. He’s a boy, Andrea.

I don’t care for the name change. Jones? I’ll get use to it.

Val and I are no longer seeing each other. We rarely saw eye to eye, our conversation was shallow and bland—nothing like ours. I don’t think she listened to a word I said. And the sex was lackluster at best. Hope you and Wade have better luck. I took a page from your book and joined a yoga class…I dropped out after the first session, though. The sight oflow hanging male genitalia grossed me out.

Everyone is fine. Maureen is living in Hyde Park fulltime. Mother is spending more time with Dean and Rebecca. Bart and Rosemund are moving to France. And Isaac, who was supposed to be my valet, spends most of his time minding Sadie. You were right, he’s become our third brother. So much so that mother has written him into the will and given him an allowance. So he doesn’t work for us anymore, he’s in school. Maureen shit her pants! A footmen—taken into the Bellamy family—what will the neighbors say?

Dean and I are building another unit of condos. I’m so overworked I could cry. I’d give anything to send another week with you in the hunting lodge. No phones. No meetings. No family. No nothing. Just me, you, and Satan. Do you realize you’re the only person I’ve trusted with my secrets? I’m chalking up that momentary lapse of judgment to the fact that you’re incredibly attractive.

At the risk of sounding mushy I wanted you to know how proud I am of you. After your rejection, you picked up the pieces and moved on without whining ‘poor me’. You’re a tough cookie, Dr. Jones. Malcolm Forbes said the biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they enjoy most. You stumbled and fell, but you got on your feet and kept moving. Now you’re doing something you love. All the best!

Mother is having a fête next month in Hyde Park. Your mother has your invitation. Hope to see you there.



Sorry to hear about you and Val. Wade and I are finished also. I should’ve listened to my parents; they saw through him. He was distant. It was always work, work, work. I tried talking to him but he never saw me—he saw my connections. He wasn’t you. I miss you so much, Winston. I don’t know what I would’ve done without your friendship over the past year. I’ve stopped taking myself so seriously and started enjoying the life I have instead of pushing myself to unrealistic expectations. I don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Thanks for helping me see that.

Satan and I can’t wait to see you next week.

I thought it would be cute to send this letter ahead of me. I’ve asked your mother to have it waiting on your bed when you arrive. See you around six. Kisses!

PS: I could really use some time alone with you. The hunting lodge sounds perfect!


Smiling, Winston turned the page over, looking for more scribbles. Her letter was exactly where she said it would be. He looked at his watch. It was five-thirty. In a small way, protocol influenced his public acknowledgement of his feelings for Andrea. That would never happen again! Damn protocol and etiquette. He’d waited almost a year to see her again. This time he wasn’t letting her go.

“Sir?” A young footman shook Winston from thought. “Should I unpack your bags now or after dinner?”

“Now is fine. I’ll get out of your way.” Winston stepped around his pile of luggage. “Has everyone arrived?” he asked from the door, trying not to laugh at the spindly footman wrestling with a bag that weighted more than him.

“Umph!” He labored, but refused Winston’s help. “Everyone except Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood. Their plane was delayed. Your mother wanted me to tell you that Isaac…I mean Mr. McDowell and Ms. Sadie took a ride down the Hudson. They’ll miss dinner.”

“Thank you,” Winston turned to leave, then circled back. “Has Dr. Jones arrived?”

“Just.” The footman stood, he hands on his aching back. “She’s in her room, two doors down. She turned up early. I had to send another car to fetch her” He hoofed. “Were you waiting for her, Sir?”

Winston thought for a moment, and then said truthfully, “Yes. I’ve been waiting for her.” Without another word he left for Andrea’s room. He knocked but there was no answer. He trotted downstairs then through the sea of incoming guests and servants.

Andrea, Satan and Rhonda watched him from their position on the third floor landing overlooking the grand foyer. Rhonda turned and leaned against the railing, and studied Andrea. She didn’t take her eyes off of Winston.

“He’s handsome.” said Rhonda.

“He’s not handsome. He’s beautiful inside and out.” Andrea nuzzled her nose into Satan’s fluffy white coat. “Let’s go see your daddy.” Rhonda didn’t follow her. “Aren’t you coming?”


“Are you avoiding Dean?” Andrea asked quietly.

Rhonda smiled sincerely. “No. Dean and I are finished. We’re both happily married.” She took a deep breath. “Your father and I are patching things up but I don’t rely on him or anyone for my happiness; I’m as happy as I want to be. You taught me that.” She smiled. “I’m proud of you. Over the last year, you’ve pulled yourself together. I hope you and Winston will be happy.”

“What if he only sees me as a friend?”

“Then he’s a damn fool and I’ve misjudged him. Now go. I’ll be fine.”


Still dressed in her traveling clothes, dark skinny jeans tucked inside a pair of four inch boots and a low cut crimson tunic (Winston was a breasts man, she was no fool!), Andrea found Winston in the front hall chatting with a group of older women, his back to her. The room almost came to a stop as she walked towards him. Winston followed everyone’s eyes to Andrea. His fell to the floor, as did hers. Damn propriety and social grace. They’d been apart long enough. They knew each others weaknesses and strengths. They’d fought like cats and dogs—seen one another at their worse—they’d supported and kicked each other in the ass with equal measure. Now they wanted each other. And every small-minded, class bound idiot could go to hell and take their gossip with them.

The two of them stood there looking at each other, taking inventory. Satan leapt in Winston’s arms.

“Hi Satan!” Winston rubbed his coat. “You couldn’t wait to see your daddy!”

“Getting him settled on the plane was murder. He’s been antsy all day.”

Winston cradled Andrea’s cheek and kissed her. “And his mother?”

“Giddy with anticipation.” She laughed then flicked her eyes around the room at the guests covertly watching them. “Yikes!” she whispered through her teeth, taking Satan from Winston. “We’re under the microscope again.”

Satan jumped back into Winston’s arms. “We’d better walk him before dinner.” He turned to the room and announced loudly, “We’re walking the dog. Don’t worry, we’ll be back for dinner. You can stare all you like then!” Hand in hand, he and Andrea left the house.

The room was silent until Vivian burst out laughing.


Outside, Winston asked one of the footmen to walk Satan. Satan took off across the grounds like a shot.. Winston pulled up a wooden deck chair and sat, bringing Andrea to sit on his lap. They watched three junior footmen chase their cotton ball around the yard, through the parked cars, and finally he sprinted down the hill towards the front gate.

“They’re never going to catch him; he loves being outside.” She wrapped her arm around Winston’s neck and kissed his temple. “You didn’t make any friends just now.”

“Who? Those people? Let them gossip. Who cares what they think. You’re damned either way. Besides, whatever they’re saying is probably true.”

“I’m serious, Winston.” She met his eyes. “You don’t have to prove anything to me. I know how fiercely protective you are about your privacy; you don’t want your name on people’s lips. What about appearances and never letting anyone see your true feelings?”

Her words forced a smile to his face. She really was oblivious to the affect their friendship had on him. “Well, thanks to someone, I’m getting over that.” He secured her by her waist. He raised an eyebrow when he noticed her cleavage dangerously close to him. “You look nice. Wade must’ve been out of his mind to let you go.”

“I could say the same for Val.” Andrea snorted. “I don’t think either of them stood a chance, do you?”

“They didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell of keeping us. We don’t make sense with other people. We’re too much alike, you and I.” He looked out across the grounds, then back to Andrea. “What was it about Wade that tipped you off?”

“It’s so obvious now I’m almost ashamed to admit I didn’t see it all along.” She tucked her hair behind her ear. “We’d only known each other for two months and he’d met my parents twice—we were getting to know each other. One evening we’re talking and he tells me he’s coordinated the picture perfect life for us: the perfect wedding, the perfect house, the perfect friends, and the perfect kids. All perfectly fucking boring, right? So in the middle of perfectly inadequate, unsatisfying cunnilingus, I had two revelations: A) I’m not happy and he doesn’t know me. B) He needs to move a little to the left and lick faster. Seriously, I hit me in that order.”

Winston stifled a laugh. “Most women would’ve been satisfied with Mr. Perfect…then again you’re not most women.”

“I’ve had enough of perfect. Looking for perfection in myself and others made me a raging bitch.” She shook her head. It was now or never. “I don’t what perfect. I want to be happy. I want you. I know…” she continued though Winston tried to speak. “you may never see me as anything other than a friend, and I’ll accept that. But I love you, Winston Bellamy, and there…there…I said it. I love you.”

“Andrea,” Winston took her face in his hands and said without a hint of hesitation. “I’ve fallen in love with you.”

The House Party: Part Five
She remained silent for several moments and stared into his eyes. Surely she’d misheard, and then he repeated himself again and again. She needed this reassurance that he reciprocated her affection. “Did we really think we’d be happy with anyone else?”

“No.” He lowered his head until his lips touched hers; softly, tenderly kissing her between ‘I love yous’.

Andrea reluctantly broke their kiss and asked, “Now what? I’m moving to DC next month. My hours are long. You’re in Chicago. And…”

Winston stopped her lips with his. “Don’t worry. We’ll make it work. I promise. Even if I have to buy a whole damn hospital full of sick people for you to cure, we’ll make it work.”

“Now you’re trying to get me in bed.” Andrea laughed.

“Is it working?”

Their conversation was interrupted by Maureen and two of her friends babbling on about heaven only knows. It was in German so Andrea understood almost none of it. Winston nodded politely, answering their questions. Another couple joined in the conversation. Before long, they were surrounded by guests.

“Will you fuck me, please?” Andrea whispered in Winston’s ear softly.

A sudden wrench in Winston pants startled him. “I will. But first I want to do it nice and slow,” he whispered. “I’m gonna watch my cock sliding into your pretty pussy while I fuck you from behind. And this time you will be satisfied.”




“Andrea.” Winston frowned at her admonishingly.

Andrea looked at him as if to say ‘Who the hell do you think you’re talking to?!’ She moved close to his ear and said seductively, “We have a lot of time to make up for. And you’re going to pay for that. Five minutes.” She stood, excused herself, and swaggered inside basking in the knowledge that Winston was watching her ass.

Hearing Andrea’s heels clicking across the marbled foyer compelled Winston to cut the powwow short. He asked the valet to have Satan taken to his mother, and then went after his woman. He caught her halfway up the stairs, tossed her over his shoulder caveman style, and marched her towards his room.

Andrea bobbed and yelped as he playfully spanked her ass.

“Winston? I just coming for you.” called Vivian. She greeted Andrea as Winston placed her on her feet and sidelined their juvenile behavior. She was on a mission. “We’ve moved the dinner into the Great Chamber. And I’ve decided to dine formally so you’ll have to fetch your tux.” She ignored Winston’s disgust and continued. “After dinner, there will be musical entertainments and dancing on the first and second floor…so I’ll need you and Dean to keep the flow of people moving. Andrea, dear! If you wouldn’t mind, I could really use your and Rebecca’s help. Sadie isn’t home and Maureen is being a bitch…”

The dull ache between Andrea’s thighs came to a screeching halt. “How can I help?”

“Nothing too tiresome. Just float through the crowd and chat with any gentlemen you see congregating too long. Bust them up and keep them moving, got it?” Her coordinator beckoned for her. “Thank you for your help.” She rushed off.
“Welcome to the family.” Winston gave a heavy sigh. Andrea wrapped her arm around his.

“We’ve waited this long. A few more hours won’t hurt.”

Winston rolled his eyes. They went to her room. He locked the door behind them. “Strip!” he ordered, removing his clothes.

“Winston, we don’t have time.” She replied while Winston lifted her shirt over her head, then damn near ripped her feet off with the boots. “Just a quickie before dinner, okay?” The rest of her garments soon followed. Nude, she crawled backwards onto the bed.

“My God.” He studied her. She was all curves, soft and graceful curves. Her skin looked like fine satin cascading over her full teardrop shaped breasts, down her belly, and over the gentle sway of her hips onto her tone legs. Hers was a body made for touching. “Quickie, my ass!” His slow, feral grin reminded her that he was not a man easily satisfied. He turned to the clock, then kissed her. “I don’t want to rush—not the first time.” He kissed her one last time before heading to the bathroom. “We’d better get a move on.”

“Goddamn, you Bellamys’ are all alike.” Andrea threw herself flat on the bed.

Winston assumed her was referring to Dean and Rebecca’s hedonistic love life. In fact, Andrea was referring to the hold Dean had over her mother.


The Belle Époque, feudalism and strict manners are in full swing. Andrea and Rebecca stood as standing bookended by a sparkling heraldic stained glass window and a massive Portland stone fireplace. They dipped their heads courteously as guests strolled by. They spoke softly and briefly as manners of civility dictated. There was neither a hair out of place nor a wrinkle on their dresses. They were the perfect gilded adornments against a resplendent Edwardian backdrop. Both, the very essence of womanly virtue—both, secretly wished they were upstairs getting fucked into a stupor.

“Noblesse oblige.” Andrea said under her breath as they looked across the mass champagne sipping elitists.


“Noblesse oblige: With wealth, power and prestige comes responsibilities.” She bobbed her head to a passing gentleman. “One must act in a fashion that conforms to one’s position, and with the reputation that one has earned.” She caught Winston’s eye and her clit twitched.

“Or was born to it.” Rebecca smiled at Dean standing with her aunt and uncle. “Away from the pomp and ceremony, we’re an average family, the Bellamys. We talk and laugh. We fight and reconcile. We’re the same underneath. It’s all show. Outside of the country clubs, financial publications, and ballrooms no one would recognize us.”

“You’re a Bellamy now. They’re renowned philanthropists.”

“Yeah, but the girl behind the Burger King counter doesn’t know that. We’re nothing to her,” Rebecca chuckled. “…but the Barneys sales clerks trip over themselves to help us because they’re paid to know who we are. I’d love to see their commission check from one of Sadie’s shopping sprees. She has her own allowance but Dean spoils her.”

“And Vivian?”

Rebecca smiled. “I love and respect her. There’s not a superficial bone in her body. She’s a third mother; my aunt being second, of course.” She nodded to a guest. “You’ve been pegged as Mrs. Winston Bellamy.”

Andrea’s eyes widened. “What?! By whom?!”

“Everyone. Don’t act so surprised. I saw it coming months ago. Take my advice, go for it. Winston cares about you. Your name is always on his lips.” She said nothing until everyone was out of earshot. “You’ve changed since the house party; you’re less uptight and bitchy. I’m guessing Winston had something to do with your sudden change.”

Andrea felt warmth in her chest. “Winston makes me feel smart and competent. Sometimes I feel he’s the only one in my life who’s interested in Andrea, who sees Andrea. It doesn’t make sense, does it?”

“It makes perfect sense. It’s the same way I feel about Dean.” Rebecca nodded to a guest. “We’ve fallen in like with each other.”

“Whoa! Timeout! Flag on the play! You and Dean like each other? I mean…you’ve always liked each other.” Andrea kicked herself for sounding…well, like Andrea. “I’m not saying neither of you are incapable of feelings anything beyond horny…it’s just…you don’t have a normal marriage.”

“I can’t explain what’s happened. He’s a wonderful husband; more than I expected. We can’t keep our hands to ourselves.” She purred at Dean.

“That good, huh?”

“If Winston is anything like Dean in bed, you’re in for nonstop, toe curling, ass slapping lovin’” She nudged Andrea. “Gotta go. My husband awaits. Welcome to the family. ” She hurried off.

Why the hell does everyone keep saying that? Andrea grumbled. It was close to midnight and the party was still in full swing. Impatiently, she waited for Winston. She told her parents and Vivian goodnight, then found Winston.

“I can’t wait any longer. I’m exhausted,” Her hot, sweet breath brushed Winston’s ear. “Take me upstairs and make love to me.”

Winston smiled to himself. “Go on up. Wait for me.”

Andrea wasn’t keen on being put off but she did as she was told. She went to her room, took a long shower and collapsed in bed.

Winston stumbled in after three and tried unsuccessful not to wake Andrea. He drew the drapes blocking out some of the light coming from the rear of the house. He climbed in bed. Andrea rolled onto his bare chest, rubbing her leg up and down his. Finally they were alone!

“Where’s Satan?” She whined sleepily.

“Last time I saw him, a footmen was chasing him down the East Wing gallery.”

“What took you so long? I was forced to service myself.”

“Did you really?” His curiosity peaked.

“I sure did.” Andrea crawled on top of him.

He brushed her hair away from her face. “Do you know long I’ve wanted to touch you?”

“A very, very long time.” She kissed his eyes, his ear. “I won’t keep you waiting next time.” She trailed her mouth to his collarbone, grazing him with nuzzling kisses. Slowly she worked way down his body—his chest, his navel. “I love you.”

Winston placed a pillow beneath his head to catch the full show. They caught each other’s eye; a slow smile broke over his face. He reached down and stroked her cheek. She caressed and kissed his thighs, never losing eye contact.

“Say it again.” said Winston. “I’ll never get tired of hearing you say it.”

“Winston Bellamy, I love you.” From underneath, she licked the length of his shaft with the flat of her tongue.


“Please what?” She licked a drop of pre-cum from his head. His cock jerked as her tongue wetly traced every vein. She delved lower and his breath caught. “You like being teased?”

“No, I don’t. I like watching handle me.”

“Can I use you?” she purred, licking his head.

“You can do whatever you want, baby. I’m yours.” The tip of his cock gently probed between her lips. He moved her hair to one side and watched her mouth slid up and down his shaft, working him gently. He inhaled sharply as her tongue cradled his smooth head, then took him deep. “Fuck, woman,” His fingers crept through her hair. He slowly pumped into her mouth.

Andrea never took her eyes off of him. Seeing his surrender to her fueled something so deep within it alarmed her, it was power she hadn’t known. One hand slowly, sensually caressed him. Her mouth engulfed him, sending shudders down his thighs. His hands tightened gently in her hair. Her tongue licked his base on the down stroke. “Damn,” he arched from the bed.

Andrea smiled to herself, relishing the power she had in pleasing him. They sucked and pumped in unison—she watched him watching his wet cock glide in and out of her mouth knowing he was envisioning how sexy it would be inside her pussy. Her hand swirled and stroked. Her tongue licked and lapped. Her mouth sucked and slurped until Winston crumbled the sheets in one hand and her hair in the other.

“You’re gonna make me cum,” He said into her eyes. Fending off his orgasm, he sat up, lifted her on top of him, caught her chin and brought her lips to his as he leaned back onto the bed.

“That’s cheating.” Andrea murmured into his mouth.

“I don’t play fair. Get use to it.” He flipped her over and wedged himself between her thighs.

“I’m not on the pill.” Andrea warned when she felt him tapping at heaven’s gates.

The House Party: Part Five
“I won’t cum in you.” In one swift motion, he slide into her, gripped the back of her head then leaned back on his knees, bringing her upright with him.

Andrea’s eyes widened, meeting his before traveling lower to watch his cock pistoning between her thighs—in and out of her pussy—making it sing in ways she’d never known.

“You like watching me fuck you?”

“Yes,” Her voice deep and raspy. With each stroke she felt herself give way to his veiny girth. “More, please, more,” she begged and swirled her hips into him.

“More? Harder?” He thrust. One arm around her, the other still gripped the back of her head. “Answer me, Andrea. Tell me how you like it. Did you think of me when Wade was fucking you?”

“Oh. God. Yes!” she shouted truthfully. She fantasized about Winston filling her every time Wade climbed on top of her with his shivering, thin, prick. “I wanted you inside of me.”

“Where?” he pumped and sucked the hollow of her neck. “Tell me where.”

“I wanted you deep inside of me. Fucking me. Using me. Owning my pussy.”

“My pussy?” Winton purred and went deeper slowly, rubbing his cock against her clit.

“Oh hell, it’s yours.” Her orgasm approached, fueled by her words and the sound of their bodies. “I wanted you--bending me over—spanking my ass—pulling my hair—telling me how much you wanna fuck me—how much you love me.”

“I love you, Andrea.” Their bodies were intertwined, feeding off one another. “I’ll never use you. I’ll never let you go.”

“Never?” She panted as her walls tightened around him; heavier pants, repeating his name. She closed her eyes; her head leaned back against his hand.

“Open your eyes.” He brought her head upward. His eyes intense on hers. “I want to see your eyes when you cum.” Harder and deeper, he thrust until she was dug her fingernails into his back and gasping his name. As if her body couldn’t get enough of him, another orgasm swept over her. While she was still trembling from the aftershocks, he rolled them over on the big bed so that she straddled him. “We’re not finished.” He held her up by the waist and pumped into her post-orgasmic pussy with all the geniality of a fright train. Unmercifully!

Hypersensitive and still cumming, Andrea slipped a state of delirium. She’d never imagined she would ever be so completely at his mercy and loving it! “Winston,” tears pooled in the corner of her eyes as she rubbed her clit. “Baby, please…” she legs shook. “Cumming…don’t stop…I’m cumming.”

Damn, she was beautiful, Winston thought watching her gush over his cock. She was beautiful and she was his. “Fuck!” he gave a strangled cry, and thrust upward and pulled out of her just as his hot cum spewed from him. He shuddered as Andrea stroked every drop of cum from him, groaning with every pump, until she finally collapsed back onto the sheets beside him, exhausted.

They lay staring up at the ceiling in disbelief. Minutes later, Winston said breathily, “Holy fuck! We’re gonna have the best sex life….like….Ever!”

Returning to bed, Rebecca instructed the footman to take Satan to Sadie’s room, leaving Winston and Andrea at peace for one night.

“Hey, where were you.” Dean asked taking Rebecca into his arms.

“I went for a walk—couldn’t sleep.” She interlaced their fingers and watched the moonlight play off of their wedding rings. “I saw Rhonda in the garden. She seemed out of sorts.”

Dean made no reply.

“Do you still love her?”

“No.” Dean replied flatly. “Rhonda and I are finished. I’m married and that’s an end to it.” he kissed their rings.

Rebecca rolled over and kissed the center of Dean’s chest. “Tomorrow, I want you to talk to her, clear the air. No more tension, okay? Andrea knows. Do it for Winston’s sake. If he finds out after he and Andrea are hitched, there will be hell to pay. You know his moral compass better than anyone. You having an affair with his mother in-law would be too much. That reeks of Jerry Springer. He’d end his relationship overnight. Don’t mess this up for him.”

“I hate it when you’re right.” Dean toggled her fingers. “Does my mother know?”


“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”

Sleep eluded Dean. He tossed and turned before going for a walk around the house. He’d never kept anything from Winston; of all things why this? Why now? Given that the affair happened before Winston and Andrea met and the circumstances which brought it to an end could’ve been overlooked. However, Dean realized he should’ve told Winston what happened once he saw his relationship with Andrea deepen. He’d missed his window of opportunity. Now what lies ahead was nothing short of a Sophia’s Choice; tell Winston the truth and be risk destroying both their and his and Andrea’s relationship. Or let his secret eat away at him while praying it never comes to light.

Dean sat at the island in the servants’ kitchen, looking at the cup of tea which warmed his hands. He saw his brother’s reflection, his twin, and it sickened him.


Though Andrea’s room lacked the square footage of the hunting lodge, spending the day squirreled away with Winston felt exactly the same. After breakfast and walking Satan, they made their escape and locked the door behind them, leaving Satan with Sadie. It was a lazy, slow day. No phones. No meetings. No family. No nothing. Just them alone, lying tangled in bed, drifting in and out of consciousness.

“I want children one day.” Winston said, lying with his head resting on Andrea’s chest. “Three children to be exact. Alexander, Alistair and Caitlin.”


“It was my father’s middle name. And I kinda like the ‘A’ theme. I figured we’d keep it going.” He smiled.

Andrea glanced at him and laughed. “What makes you think I’m popping out your children?”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“Not at all, Mr. Bellamy. You haven’t asked me to be your girlfriend. You’re putting the cart before the horse.” Her fingers tunneled through his hair. “You can’t do it, can you? You’re so used to giving orders and having them followed that, even now lying with the woman you love, the words are stuck in your throat and you can’t bring yourself to ask for what you want.”

“I thought it understood.” He climbed on top of her and kissed her neck.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be asked.”

“And if I don’t ask?”

“Then Satan and I go home and wait for his daddy to come to his senses.” Her thighs fell open, and he moved lower. She sighed when his tongue slid over her clit, then kissed her sensitive inner thigh. She gently tugged his head so their gazes met. “Winston, I’ve already cum four times. We’ve been making love for hours.”

“Are you complaining?” He grinned devilishly, tasting her lightly, his tongue licking over the hood of her clit.

“No…it’s just…” she lost her train of thought as he sucked. “I’ve never had these many orgasms.” Her fingers sinking into his shoulders. “That feels amazing,” she whispered and closed her eyes. “Don’t stop.” No man had ever taken such exquisite time and care when pleasuring her, tasting her, and touching her. His long tongue strummed her folds, licking her clit again and again, and then suckled softly. He pulled her against his devilish tongue. “There…” Her insides tightened and sought release. Her fingers sunk deeper into his shoulders as her orgasm peaked with a final breathy shudder, and subsided.

“Oh my God, Winston,” she panted as he wiped his face and laid his head in her belly.

“I love you so much, Andrea.” He wondered if she realized the gravity of his words. Did she believe they came with ease? Or, like those around them, his words weren’t expressions of genuine thoughts and feelings.

“I love you, too.” Of course she knew. She and Winston were kindred. “We could stay in bed all day.” She hardly got her words out before someone knocked on the door. They both sighed. Their peace was at an end.

Winton kissed her stomach and went to the bathroom. Andrea threw on her robe and answered the door.

“Does this belong to you?” Isaac stood angrily holding Satan in his outstretched hands. Satan leapt in Andrea’s arms and Isaac left without another word. Andrea giggled. Isaac was a Bellamy in all but name. 


For the first time since their Stanley’s death, dinner was lively. Vivian was out of mourning and ready to dance! What better celebrate her husband’s life than his favorite 70s funk cover band? They struck up September and everyone hit the floor—even Satan got in on the action, running and bouncing between his mom and dad’s feet. Isaac and Sadie started a Soul Train when Back in Love Again began and all hell broke loose when Vivian and Rhonda swaggered down doing the Bump followed by Hamilton and Trudy, then Emerson and Andrea. The other guests in all their finery filed in. Hyde Park was alive again…just as Stanley would’ve wanted. But how long would the festivities last if and when Winston discovered what was going on right under his nose? That night, no one cared. It was time to celebrate in grand style.

The night wore on and, thankfully for Andrea’s feet, the music slowed. She and Winston joined the other swaying couples dancing to Love Ballard. She glanced over at her parents, they never looked so happy. Dean and Rebecca passed whispers. Emerson and Trudy’s love filled the room. Isaac held Sadie’s shoes and twirled her about the floor before ditching her for Vivian. Andrea smiled to herself and rested her head on Winston’s chest. She had everything she wanted.

Two footmen tapped Winston and Dean on the shoulder as the song tapered to an end. They caught the others eye from across the room and their hearts sank though neither knew why. They walked Andrea and Rebecca off the floor and disappeared into their father’s library where they were met by their attorneys. The men’s grave expressions struck dread in them. Immediately they assumed something had happened to Maureen or Bart. They hadn’t arrived from France.

The news of Mr. Graydons’ passing sucked the air from Winston. He’d been like a second father. He sat and steeled himself while the attorneys conducted business with Dean. It was all so clinical, so ‘sign here, date here’. The attorneys’ interest rested in the division of the estate, nothing else. It wasn’t until Winston inquired about Susan did anyone mention her name. Maureen and Rosemund were with her and Bart was seeing to the funeral arrangements and asked that Winston and Dean call him at once.

They showed the attorneys out and agreed it was best to notify Vivian after the guests left. Another forty-eight hours made little difference at this point. There was no sense in causing a scene.

Winston and Dean stood against the gallery wall with their hands inside their pockets, listening to the music poured from the ballroom. Neither knew what to say.

“You going inside?” Dean asked, his head tilted towards the ceiling.


“Me neither.” Dean inhaled deeply, and asked, “You alright?”

“Yeah.” Winston rubbed his eyes. “You?”

Dean felt his soul draining from him.

Winston turned to his brother. “Hey, are you alright?”

“No,” Dean shook his head. Seconds later he found his words. “Satan needs to be walked. Let’s go.” They gathered Satan from Andrea and set out across the front yard towards the gatehouse.

The House Party: Part Five
Winston gave Satan to a footman, undressed for bed, and flopped in bed beside Andrea and held her close. His stress seared her bare skin. She didn’t pry. She came to one elbow and kissed his eyes. His nose. His cheek. And along his jaw line and chin.

“You missed a spot.” He smiled and turned so she could kiss his other cheek.

“Greedy.” She pecked his cheek. “Is everything okay?”

“It will be.” He drew back, and studied Andrea. “I don’t want to ever lose you.”

She searched his gaze, her lips curving. “I’ll never let you go.”

He nibbled her lower lip as he moved her beneath him. “Promise?”

“I promise.” The words came with a gasp. Winston grasped her hips and slid inside her in one, long stroke, stretching and filling her. His eyes were ablaze with love not lust. The muscles in his backside clenched as he thrust. Andrea wrapped her arms and legs around his taut body and melted beneath him, rendered speechless by his raw energy. Her fingers traced smoothly along his spine. They bodies joined in a rhythmic dance of souls, pushing and pulling for more.

Winston rose slightly and held her gaze without slowing the pace of his hips. “I love you, Andrea.” He kissed her, tasted her, and relished the feel of her nipples pressed against his chest and her slow surrender. She couldn’t have known the sentiment behind his words. He loved every fiber of her—flaws and all. She was the one thing keeping him sane—he clung to her solace.

Andrea broke their kiss and bit her lip and gripped his ass as she came. “Damn,” she panted. Winston wasn’t anywhere near finished with her. It was as if he was using her body to redeem himself, to solidify their union. Whatever happened between their last dance and now was profound and life changing because he was wearing her out!


Dean and Rhonda met in his mother’s conservatory before dinner. It was the most secluded area in the house. Rhonda’s black cocktail dress flattered her curves, and her updo accentuated the graceful line of her neck. Dean’s expertly cut tux was matched only by his stunning good looks. Though they’d seen one another frequently at functions and visits to Hyde Park, this was the first time they’d been alone since the Graydons’ house party. There wasn’t any need of them doing so. Save familial friendships, there was nothing between them except an affair which threatened the happiness of a most trusted brother and a faithful husband. Their feelings aside, they came to bury the past once and for all.

Dean stood rooted in place with his hands clasped behind his back as he overlooked the garden, listening to Rhonda’s heels click across the cement floor as she approached, joining him at the elbow. Neither spoke.

“Vivian’s brought the pineapple trees inside.” Rhonda observed.

“Why did you do it?” asked Dean curtly. His emerald eyes shot her a sideways glance. “Why did you come after me?”

“Because I was lonely and thought you’d be uncomplicated.” Rhonda spoke softly and stared blankly out the window. It was easier to speak truthfully when she wasn’t looking at him. “You’re young. You’re handsome. You’re sophisticated and charismatic. You were the untamable Dean Bellamy. And I tamed you.”

“And you’re proud of yourself?”

“No,” Rhonda shook her head. “I was proud for a while. Then I got know you and…and fell in love with you as a person. By then things were spiraling out of control. I was lying to you and Hamilton. I was neglecting my work and Andrea. Most importantly, I’d lost myself and…there you were. I knew you were falling for me and I didn’t know what to do. You confronted me just as I was about to tell you everything. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Would you have left Hamilton for me?”

“No. I love him and Andrea far more than I loved you.”

“But you let me fall in love with you.” A hint of pain was in his voice.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong and I’ll pay for what I’ve done—I live with it everyday. What else can I say?”

“Nothing.” He finally looked at her. “I was angry for a long time. Seeing you at the house party was a turning point. I wasn’t angry. I was disappointed that I allowed my heart to govern my head. But I realized that I wasn’t mature enough for a relationship with you at the time we were together. So, if you hadn’t been married, it still wouldn’t have worked. You tamed me and yes I loved you. But emotionally I wasn’t where I am today.” He stopped and gathered his thoughts. A shy grin appeared at the corner of his lips. “Thank you. It was time to grow up. And you showed me what was important.”

“I didn’t mean to push you into a morganatic marriage.”

“You didn’t.” Dean beamed warmly. “I married Rebecca because she was honest, she didn’t play games, and it was a means to an end.”

“And now you love her?”

Dean shook his head. “Now I respect her, which for me is more powerful than love.” The dinner gong sounded. “We should go. Everyone is lining up.” Dean offered her his arm.

She draped her arm over his and began to walk inside. “Are we friends now?”

“Winston has a saying,” Dean stopped, sighed, and looked over his left shoulder. “How does it go again?”

“We have no talent for making friends.” Winston stepped from the shadows. “Excuse me. My dinner is getting cold.” He sauntered into the house with a little spring in his step.

“Oh God, Andrea,” Rhonda’s heart slid from her chest. “Do you know what you’ve done?”

Dean’s face was cold as stone. “Did you really think I’d keep this from Winston? He’s my twin—my better half. I wouldn’t betray him to save my own life.”

“What about Andrea?” she yanked her arm away from his. “What about my daughter?!”

Dean snatched her arm and put be back in place. “That’s for Winston to decide. Tonight, you will mind your tongue, smile, and act like nothing has happened, got it?”

“I won’t.” Rhonda backed away from him, shaking her head, tears streaking her cheeks. Her world crumbled around her. “I won’t do it. I’m leaving. Don’t touch me!” she shouted when he came near. “Why didn’t you hurt me? Ruin my marriage. I could’ve taken it. Why did you drag my daughter into this? Do you have any idea how much she loves Winston? This is going to destroy them. No,” She the thought was too much for her to bear. She attempted to push pass Dean. “I can’t stay. I’m leaving. Tell Hamilton I’ve gone and tell Andrea I’m sorry.”

Dean lifted her by the waist, deposited her in a patio chair and knelt in front of her and spoke quietly. “If you leave, the shit will hit the fan. You know what’ll happen once gossip begins.” He took her trembling hands in his. “You won’t shoulder this alone. Trust me, you don’t want to leave. For Andrea’s sake, please stay. She will be ruined. Tonight’s the last dinner. You go home tomorrow.” His hair stood on end, waiting for Rhonda to speak. Something had snapped inside of her. She was present only in body—her eyes were dead. Dean watched everything that made her whole slip away from her. Her daughter. Her marriage. Her reputation. And her friendship with Vivian. “You can’t leave. Think of how it will look.”

Rhonda stared straight through him as she stood. She removed and collected her shoes, released her hair from its bun, and staggered up the back staircase to her room. Dean sat in her vacant chair and assured himself he’d done the right thing. The second dinner gong sounded. How the hell was he going to make it through dinner?

Rebecca stood watching Dean from the corridor. Her champagne cocktail dress and golden hair gave her an angelic air. She immediately went to Rhonda’s room, where she found her packing. She leaned against the back of the door and said calmly, “I thought you could use a friend.” Her eyes followed Rhonda to and from the closet. “Henry Graydon is dead. Winston knows you and Dean had an affair. He also knows that Andrea kept it from him.”


“But no one else downstairs knows—not even Vivian. Are you going to leave her when she needs you?”

“What do you want from me?” Rhonda sat on the foot of the bed, her chest heaving. “When she finds out about the affair, I’ll be the last person she’ll need help from.” Fresh tears clouded her vision. “My daughter. I’ve ruined her life.”

Rebecca sat beside her. “You haven’t ruined anything yet. But if you leave, you’ll tear this family apart. Bart’s quickie wedding. My surprise wedding. Stanley’s death. Now Henry’s dead. Haven’t we already been through enough?” she asked. “If you walk out that door, people will talk, and Vivian is about to dealt another blow. Now isn’t the time to focus on ourselves. We have to think about the family and support Vivian. She trusts you. And I need you.”

Rhonda didn’t know what was more shocking, Rebecca’s admission or her clarity. “You need me?”

“I’m still learning the ropes. I need you to get me through this.” Rebecca nodded weakly. She looked so fragile, as if the slightest harsh word would break her. “I never cared about what happened between you and Dean. That had nothing to do with me. It’s in the past. What happens with Winston and Andrea is their concern. But I can tell you this, Winston love Andrea. And what you’ve done tonight made…” she couldn’t finish her thought. “’ll be fine, you see. Dean and Winston weren’t being malicious just then. It was the only way Winston felt he could get an honest answer out of you. He believed Dean, but he wanted to hear it from you.”

“Why didn’t he just ask?”

“Would you have given him the whole truth? Would you have told him how you felt about Hamilton?” Rebecca saw a faint twinkle in Rhonda’s eye. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this family, all things happen for a reason. You may not understand it at the time but it’ll all come to light.” She took a deep breath and rose. “Downstairs there’s a house full of clueless guests. Let’s put on our faces and get through the night.” She smiled. 


Dinner went off without a hitch. No one present would’ve guessed there was anything untoward. Winston and Andrea escaped to the front parlor mere second before Sadie tried to pull them into the electric slide. Still in their evening finery, they cuddled on the sofa, watching the unexpected rain outside as it hammered mercilessly against the windowpanes and gushed along the circular cobblestone driveway in torrents, like some biblical flood.

“I want three children.” Winston said quietly, nuzzling Andrea’s hair. “Alexander, Alistair and Caitlin. They’ll have my charm and wit, and their mother’s looks and intelligence.”

“You still haven’t asked me to be your girlfriend, Mr. Bellamy.”

“I was almost your stepfather, Miss Mitcham.” Winston stated coldly. He felt Andrea’s heart sink. “I know everything. I know you kept it from me.” He spoke into the side of her head. “I know why you did it.”

Andrea went limp in his arms. “I should have told you.”

“Sshh,” he quieted her. “Dean told me last night. He explained everything. And earlier tonight, I got your mother’s side of the story, which consequentially answered all of my questions. You weren’t being underhanded. You knew there was nothing between Dean and Rhonda—it was mistake they made. You were being a faithful daughter; you weren’t trying to hurt me.” He kissed her hair. “I love you, Andrea. That hasn’t changed.”

“But you don’t trust me.” She said as she rose. She gathered her shoes and left the room. Winston followed but topped at the doorway, watching her weave her way through the guests exiting the ballroom before starting up the staircase.

“Marry me, Andrea.”

Winston’s words wrapped around Andrea’s legs like a whip and spun her around on the step. A hush fell over the crowd. Their families forced their way through.

“Marry me.” He moved to the foot of the stairs and beamed up at her.

Andrea searched the gathering crowd for her parents. Hamilton and Rhonda nodded their approval, as did Vivian. Everyone waited for her answer.

Andrea eyes went back to Winston. She shook her head and his heart took a nose dive. A combined “Ohhh” came over the crowd.

“No. Yes. Wait. What?” Andrea panted, unable to move.

No one knew what the hell was going on; least of all Winston. Was that a yes or a no?

“Sweetheart, you hold my life in your hands. If you don’t give me a clear answer, I swear I’m gonna vomit.” Winston braced himself.

"You're serious? You're asking in front of all these people?"

"I don't care who knows how much I love you," Winston shook his head. "I regret not being as open as I should have been. Truth is, you're all that matters. I don't know where I'd be without you." He swallowed hard. "Will you marry me?"

Mrs. Winston Bellamy, Andrea thought to herself. The name warmed her insides. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

A collective sigh of relief swept over the guests. The families all but collapsed.

“I'm sorry. I was trying to say, 'No, I couldn't move.'” Andrea laughed. "Of course I'll marry you."

Winston went to retrieve his bride from her perch. Satan beat him to the punch. As he ascended the stairs, everyone around them faded away until it was just them, alone, kissing.

"I almost cocked that up, didn't I?" Andrea whispered against Winston's lips.

"Yeah, I figured you would." He kissed her again.

Three years later, the families gathered at Lion's Head to celebrate Isaac’s wedding. The night of Henry’s death, Winston entailed the estate to Isaac upon him graduating from university. His only living biological parent, Miriam, was in awe of her son rise in society. She spent most of her day with Rosemund and Bart polishing English in preparation for her move to America. Much to Vivian’s horror and Dean's amusement, Susan and Maureen purchased properties a stones throw away from Hyde Park. This along with Sadie’s high school graduation precipitated her long stint in Chicago with Dean and Rebecca and Dean Jr.

Indeed, the North Shore had become everyone’s second home. The Lockwoods and Mitchams purchased properties on The Shore after Winston and Andrea’s lavish wedding. Their wedding was feted as having only the who’s who of society in attendance. Thankfully, Vivian and Rhonda whittled the guest list down to a thousand of their closest friends…and Satan’s trainers.

Andrea stood on the balcony overlooking the great hall as guests filed in. Etsa, Isaac’s bride, wore a simple strapless gown in a brilliant shade of antique white which made her olive complexion glow. Andrea thought drifted back to the night they arrived for the house party, and how she’d treated Winston. It was a stark contrast to her life now. The old, insecure, bitchy Andrea was gone. In her place was a confident Andrea at peace with herself. She had her career, the love of her life, and in three months time, they’d welcome baby Alexander.

                                                          THE END

The House Party Commentary
I’ve been asked to give a commentary on “The House Party” series*. I’m overjoyed that the story has garnered the attention it has and I’m happy to announce it’s been purchased and will be released as a hardback novel.

I can’t wait to dig my teeth into the meat of this story especially Winston and Andrea. I’m not going to rush their story because its rich and multi layered and speaks to our insecurities and ambitions.

I knew from the onset this wasn’t going to be another wealthy White man saves poor Black woman storyline. Winston and Andrea’s relationship was equal although some didn’t see it as such given the fact that the Mitchams’ were academics not true blue bloods.

Dean and Rebecca’s match flew in the face of convention and was considered more of an abomination given that her inheritance came from trade. This is why I wrote the following:

“What one wasn’t given by birth, one might acquire through diligence and effort.” Maureen spat quietly. “I hate it. I hate it all.”

“Hate it or not, that’s the way of the world. If Prince William, the future King of England, can marry the daughter of a tradesman, then American society doesn’t have a leg to stand on.” Bart said to her….”

Times are changing and WASPs are freaking out!

Another trap I tried to avoid was the heaven and hell snare. Neither Winston nor Dean were angels, and for that matter neither were Andrea and Rebecca. Rebecca was as close to angelic as it came—then again she also broke into Dean’s room, gave her virginity to a man she’d known only a few hours and then married him (sans love) for social gain. This isn’t uncommon with WASPs and it’s certainly isn’t frowned upon when it’s uniting an old family name with a truckload of new money. *Cough* Greg’s brother *Cough*

What I loved about Dean and Rebecca’s relationship was its lack of superficial BS. It wasn’t the traditional love story, but maybe that’s why it worked. Neither valued the whimsical notions of love. Honesty was held in higher esteem. Dean wanted someone with whom he didn’t have to pretend to be a proper person and Rebecca needed someone with a blunt personality who would act as her shield until she learned to navigate the dark and murky waters of society. So the aforementioned gave their relationship a solid base of cold hard honesty and mutual respect from which love would grow.

* Don’t ask me why people want to hear me ramble.