Interracial Erotica -
Uncomplicated Fun
By Keith David
Published on March 26, 2011
From somewhere deep within my soul, there is a screaming echo of fear, but I ignore it. She is too captivating to allow the moment to pass unheeded. I know there will be a price to pay for this dalliance, but I cannot resist.

Uncomplicated Fun

From somewhere deep within my soul, there is a screaming echo of fear, but I ignore it. She is too captivating to allow the moment to pass unheeded. I know there will be a price to pay for this dalliance, but I cannot resist. Her hot breath swirls around my ear just before she purrs softly, “Are you ready for your first taste of chocolate?”

The thrill of excitement leaves a small quaking response in its wake and she giggles at the reaction. She knows she has me. Confident, she presses her body tight against me and grabs my ass. I cup the small of her back almost instinctively. Her scent is the essence of hedonistic lust wrapped in sweetness with a touch of lemony vanilla.

The sway of her hips matches the thumping bass of the music and I wonder how this happened so quickly and why it already seems unstoppable. Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. After weeks on the road, a few drinks, and more curves than any one woman should have, I am putty in her hands.

“Well Sugar, are you?” she repeats.

I imagine she just wants to hear me say it, because she already knows the answer.

“Yes, yes I am.”

“Good, then follow me, baby.”

She turns and pulls me by the hand out the back of the bar and towards a waiting limo. As the beat of music fades, a touch of reality sets in and I wonder, ‘Why did she pick me and why is there a limo waiting for us?’

She quickly disappears past the tuxedoed driver holding the door and into the back, but I freeze. Sensing my hesitation, she addresses my fears.

“Look, I don’t have time for relationships with my career, but I do have certain needs.” She points to my wedding ring, “You’re clearly married and likely here on business. That is about as uncomplicated as it gets. Now get in here and let’s have some fun.”

I glance at the driver and he smiles knowingly as he motions me into the back with a tilt of his head. “Stop!” The voice screams from inside my head, but once again, I ignore it and jump in beside her.

“Baby, you’re in for the ride of your life,” she laughs as she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me into her.

The taste of champagne on her lips is unmistakable as our tongues twist and twirl together. Hands rush in an intricate dance of groping and fondling. Her large, natural breasts epitomize perfection as I squeeze them with both hands and taste the sweet brown skin on her neck. There is something raw, primal about our needs and I silently vow to make sure all of hers are met tonight.

Giggling with delight, she presses a button and the back seat of the limo folds out into a bed. Her arms wrap around my neck and pull me on top of her. Tongues dive and probe between heaving breaths and wet lips. Soft moans of delight are barely audible over the smooth jazzy tunes from the sound system. My pelvis slowly grinds in time with hers as the heat builds quickly. I pull my shirt off, then quickly help her off with her blouse and unclasp her lacy bra. Her breasts are succulent and firm with large brown nipples begging for attention. Instinctively, I cover one nipple with my mouth, swirling my tongue and sucking hard while my fingers fondle the other breast and gently twist the nipple.

Pressing my head hard into her breast, she laughs.

“Don’t be scared, pinch and suck them like you mean it.”

Her words flow with a lustful sexiness I have never experienced. So confident in what she wants, her tone does nearly as much to excite me as her body does. I suck and pinch harder until she moans with delight and my cock twitches with anticipation. My fingers trace a trail from her nipple, down her soft belly, and under her short silk skirt. I am not surprise to find no panties, but she laughs at my discovery.

Teasing along the edges of her lips before sliding one finger into her soaking wet slit, I continue sucking and gently biting her nipple. Her reaction is immediate when I swirl my wet finger around her clit. Her body shakes, one arm nearly suffocating my head into her breast, the other pulling my wrist as her orgasm shudders through her body.

Surprised by the intensity and duration of her convulsions so soon, but I find it highly erotic and exciting.

“Damn, I needed that so bad. You have no idea. Now, let’s see what you’re packing in those khakis.”

She rolls me onto my back and slides between my legs. With a single motion, she has me naked, with my pole standing at full attention just inches in front of her face. She grabs it with both hands and I am struck by the contrast of her dark fingers stroking my pale white skin.

“Very nice Sugar, this will certainly do the trick. You want me to suck it don’t you?”

“Oh hell yeah, suck it and lick it.”

“Well, you’ll need to return the favor then.”

I wander when she means, but the confusion lasts only a moment. She swings around, stradles my face and grinds her sex into my mouth as I feel warm wetness envelop my cock. My arms wrap around her thighs, squeezing her ass as my mouth circles her clit. It feels like a contest to see who can deliver the most intense stimulation, but as she screams with delight and the juice from her orgasm trickles down my neck, I know I won.

“Damn, I need your cock now.”

She pivots until she is poised over my dick and I slide her down hard. Her heat surrounds me, and like a wild animal, she begins grinding back and forth on my shaft. My hands rest on her hips as she moves in ways I have never seen, or felt. Back and forth, around in circles, up and down all at the same time. The sensation is out of this world.

“Remember I said you were in for the ride of your life? Here it comes!”

I cup her heaving breasts. Her hands are planted on my chest for leverage as her ass shakes and rattles my world. Soaked with hot wetness on my cock and pelvis, she explodes repeatedly, screaming through every orgasmic climax. Each one seems more intense than the last and I cannot hold on much longer.

“Fill me, fill me, I want to feel it explode!” she screams.

Just as I do, she twists my nipples and the sensation shoots through my entire body. I scream and jerk as my body releases jets of hot cream. She matches every thrust and movement until I am still. She collapses on top of me. My shaft remains firm inside of her, juices dripping and covering us both as we lay together.

She kisses my ear and softly purrs, “How about another lap around the block, Sugar?”

©Keith David, 2011