Interracial Erotica -
The Space Between Things: Chapter One
By Reggi Harrington
Published on June 17, 2011

The strikingly beautiful Regan McKrenna meets the family she never knew or needed. Staying was only meant to be a temporary arrangement at first, until she looked into the most intense set of blue eyes she had ever seen. With the whispered words “I am not your brother,” Ian McKrenna shatters everything he had assumed about love and about himself. In a whirl wind of sexual denial, erotic passion and carnal exploration, an entire family is forced to redefine wants, needs, family and love.

We are Family: Say hello to Audra, Allysia,Troy and TJ

“You‘ve got to be kidding,” Allysia declared to her husband, staring out of the SUV window in utter disbelief at the sleek black Limo. “Your step-sister has finally lost her mind. What in the world is she trying to prove!”

“Sweetheart your guess would be as good as mine.” Troy Dougherty shrugged his broad shoulders dismissively.

He was too plagued by his own irritation to care. Every time his wife, Allysia, spoke he slightly cringed. How long had it been--four or five weeks? That’s a Goddamn month! He gripped the steering wheel with both hands; his usually tan skin was stark white at the knuckles. No sex in a fucking month! That was unbelievable, and un-fucking-acceptable. Before that it had been even longer. Troy understood that Allysia had her work and she had the day to day care of TJ, their six year old son. And of course there was the house. But, Troy offered her respite. Constantly he pleaded with her to hire an assistant to help with her budding graphic designing venture. Honest to God he could not understand why she just did not hire a maid, even if it was only for two or three days a week. Hell, she was the one that insisted they buy a home with more space than they could possibly use. What for, Troy wondered; she had made it clear that she did not want anymore children. Didn’t she understand how important it was for them to have time alone, time for sex? Fuck, he would settle for just some cuddling time. He was sick and tired of her excuses.

Tonight he was putting his foot down. Allysia was opening her legs tonight. Troy did not care whether his wife wanted it or not. He needed some pussy! She could lay there and stare at the damn ceiling for all he cared.

Troy sighed. He knew that was not true. Who was he fooling? He would never force himself on Allysia. At six-five and solidly muscled, his conscious would not even allow him to play roughly with her. Like always, he would hint around and most likely she would pretend not to get it. Then he would ask her straight out, only to be given some lame excuse. It was becoming an all-too-familiar bedtime dance for the two of them. However, that was not the worse part. The worse part was when she turned her back on him, indifferent. There was no equal to the emptiness he felt at those moments.

This time, however, she was going to have to tell him what exactly was going on, the truth. He did not want to hear that “I’m tired” shit anymore. She used to be the initiator and she had been an insatiable lover. Had he done something wrong and just did not know? It was possible. Was his sex not satisfying her? Hell no, he thought with pride. He was hung like a horse and his skills were perfect. At thirty-five he had spent a good portion of his life purposefully honing his sexual skills. No one could tweak her body like he could. He knew her every crevice and curve, better than she knew herself. Was she giving it to someone else? Troy’s teeth clenched and the muscle of his well defined jaw flexed.

“Ah man?!” their six year old yelled out excitedly, undoing his seatbelt and fitting himself in between the two seats his parents filled. “We’re going to ride in a hearse!”

“Limousine!” Both parents corrected him simultaneously.

“But at Papa’s funeral, you said it was a hearse.”

“The car Papa was in was a hearse baby. We rode in limousines,” Allysia explained patiently to her son. Looking at her husband, she dramatically rolled her tea-colored eyes. “Now sit back, at least until the car stops TJ.”

TJ’s bright sapphire eyes sparkled as he settled back down in the seat, hardly able to contain himself. Today, he was going to the airport to meet his new aunt--who was from…Africa he believed. He would also get to see his Uncle Ian--who dad keeps telling mom to stop calling asshole. And now, he was going to ride in a hearse, or whatever it was. His six year old body could barely contain itself. Troy merely shook his head as he maneuvered his silver Escalade alongside the limo. His step sister, Audra, was standing next to it waiting anxiously, one hand to her forehead and the other on her hip.

“Look at her Troy,” his wife groaned, her temper creeping up her spine. “She’s high as a kite.”

“No she’s not,” he said, turning the ignition off. “She’s just excited, that’s all.”

“Where’s asshole? Isn’t he supposed to be here?”

Troy searched his wife’s face and frowned, his Nordic features sharpening. Allysia was more pissed off at Ian than Audra was. “He’ll show up…and TJ is right here, stop with the profanity.”

He immediately regretted the coarseness in his voice. He then placed his large hand on top of his wives long, slim fingers. She immediately moved her hand away to smooth her glossy, black hair into the tight chignon she wore at the nape of her neck. Troy exhaled loudly. He normally loved it when she pulled her hair back. It brought more attention to her perfect bone structure and those beautifully clear brown eyes. At the moment the hair style seemed as harsh as her attitude. She only wore it like that when she meant business. He wondered why she had chosen to wear it today.

“Daddy I don’t mind ass hole…and shit either,” TJ said in earnest.

“See,” Troy’s deep voice was suddenly severe, his irritation peaking. “What if he repeats that in school?”

He did not like it when she cursed, it was not feminine. It looked odd coming from her soft lips and sounded worse.

“TJ you know you are not supposed to say those words and mommy is sorry that she says them,” Allysia announced to the car flatly. Then she sighed deeply. It was a sigh that seemed to reach back past her thirty-one years of existence.

“This is going to be a long day,” she moaned under her breath.

“Well at least it is half over,” Troy added, getting out of the car.

The limo was only one of the extravagances Audra was wasting her time and money on. Every since her father, the late Professor McKrenna had died, and she had found out that she had a half-sister, her behavior had become extremely impulsive. Audra’s father’s body was not even cold in the ground yet, when she raced up North to ingratiate herself to her father’s well hidden secret--an illegitimate child mothered by a young black woman he had a brief affair with during his first marriage. The girl was ironically named after Audra’s father. She was named Regan, Regan Mariah McKrenna.

Audra spent her entire summer begging Regan to transfer her life here and be with her new-found “family”. So strong was Audra’s desire, she convinced the girl that coming to live with them was the only opportunity Regan would have to go to a reputable college (at least until all her money was available to her). Troy knew that was not true, but had not intervened. He felt guilty about that, since he was responsible for looking out for the girl. But this was Audra. He was always a little partial to her. And if Audra was hell bent on bribing the girl, he let her at it. Besides, it hurt no one. From the investigative work he had collected, the girl had absolutely nothing to lose by coming here.

Why it was so important to Audra to have the girl there was still somewhat of a mystery; Audra was not known for her ability to be self sacrificing or warm-and-cuddly--specifically when it came to other females. Intuition told him that Ian had a hand in it. Regardless, the truth was that he loved Audra dearly. Even though he was almost twenty-one when he first laid eyes on the skinny little blond, he had immediately felt the need to protect her. For all intents and purposes Audra was his little sister, his responsibility. Troy took his responsibilities seriously. He was as attached to her as he was to his own brother, but the girl could try his last nerve. He only hoped that this arrangement was really going to make things better for Audra. He hoped so for both Audra and Regan‘s sake. To him they were both deserving.

Audra insisted that Regan fly first class here. And now, she had dinner reservations at one of the more expensive restaurants in Asheville; somewhat of a celebration designed to welcome her new baby sister. Although very well off financially, they were not one of those types of families; they did not flaunt money carelessly. In Troy’s opinion the whole thing was being blown out of proportion. He could have picked the girl up himself in his SUV and everyone could have just met at the house. Troy knew that Allysia would have easily thrown something together for them to eat.

Regan, on the other hand, really did not seem to be interested in the family or her half of the family home. Now the money was another issue. However, she was being held on a tight string, not receiving all of it until her twenty-first birthday. Until then Troy controlled her trust fund. Could anyone really blame her lack of interest in them? Her father, whom she had never seen before or received anything from, died--leaving her a load of money and half a house. The girl had been pretty much abandoned by her dead mother’s family and tossed around from foster home to foster home. That only touched the surface.

Troy shook his head. There were some sick people in this world.

“Shit,” Allysia swore, her beautiful face drawn up in irritation as she got out of the SUV.

Troy raised an eyebrow, as only he could. Allysia smoothed out her face and forced herself to give him something that resembled a smile. She had no desire to deal with Troy and his idiosyncrasies right now. Much like Audra, Ian’s absence also had Allysia on edge. She had been secretly looking forward to having her husband’s younger brother join them. He had sort of disappeared over the last couple of weeks, not even stopping by to visit with TJ. Of course Allysia dared not make any type of inquiry. She was not sure which irritated her more, his absence or his presence. Regardless, Ian was the great neutralizer in the family, teasing and cajoling everyone into submission. And no one could handle Audra’s emotional excesses like he could. Maybe it was because her vices were so similar to his, or what used to be his.

And then, there was this whole situation. It made little sense to Allysia.

Inviting Regan here was something Ian had systematically planted in his sister’s head. Allysia was certain of it. Audra would never have come to this idea alone. It was Ian who seemed to have a peculiar interest in the girl. Allysia had become privy to some quietly kept information. She knew that Ian had gone to New Jersey, where the girl was from, even before Audra's father had died--a fact that both Ian and Troy still neglected to mention to Audra. Too, Ian was there in the same town the girl lived in but did not actually make any contact with her. Upon his return, Ian and Rea (what the family called Allysia’s father) had a horrible argument. Troy was called to try and strike some type of peace between the two--to no avail. Troy had tossed and turned all that night, but never revealed the details of the argument to Allysia.

The last and final shocker, Rea filed for divorce on the same day that Troy and Ian’s mother move out.

Ian simply did what Ian does best; he disappeared. He stayed missing and did not return until after Troy told him that his step-father was dead.

Allysia was determined to get to the bottom of this. Asking Troy was useless. When it came to his family he was unbendingly loyal and private. The possibility that Ian would tell her was unlikely to happen. So, she had consigned herself to waiting and watching.

This fed Allysia’s excitement about meeting and befriending the girl. She was interested in how the girl would react to this rag-tag group of dysfunctional, grown children. Did poor Audra know that her new little “sister” did not need an invitation to come claim what was already hers? The house, the money, it was hers with or without her involving herself with them.

Allysia smirked devilishly. They had better pray that this Regan did not have any bad intentions of her own. Although, who would blame her--not Allysia.

“Where is Ian?” Audra demanded. She looked paler than usual, her thin lips were pressed together and her grayish-blue eyes were watery and wild with worry.

“I don’t know. He did tell me he had some work he had to finish up at the college, but that was this morning.” Troy tried to soothe her. “Maybe he got hung up on something and could not get away.”

“Oh God,” Audra practically screamed up at the sky with both of her hands raised up and her palms facing upward, making obeisance to God. Everyone unconsciously looked up to see what she was staring at.

TJ started laughing. Aunt Audra was always so much fun to watch.

“Why isn’t he answering his cell phone then? Why hasn’t he called?” Audra demanded an answer.

“He’ll show up eventually Audra,” Allysia placed her arm around Audra’s shoulders and rolled her eyes at her husband. She knew that, in the meantime, they were going to have to make sure Audra didn’t scare the new member of the family to death.

Troy smiled. But he was not thinking of Allysia or Audra as they settled back into the plush seating of the limo. He knew exactly what Ian was probably doing. Lucky son-of-bitch, he mumbled to himself. He was not listening to Audra’s rant about some mishap that happened this morning and everyone’s inability to keep to a schedule. He did not hear TJ beginning to sing a song he had learned in school. He let his mind wander to before he was married.

Troy and his brother had boned women like crazy. Ian had not even finished high school yet when they shared there first few experiences. During that period Ian was wild and loose, introducing Troy to things he never would have braved on his own. Troy remembered the time that he had laid on his back on the bed of some cheap hotel. This voluptuous twenty one year old was on top, with her big round ass in his hands and her legs spread wide open, pumping the shit out him. And Ian was behind her, fucking her in the ass at the same time. He and Ian had created a rhythm so smooth that the girl had simply melted between the two of them. And the Latina beauty could not get enough of either one of them. The entire night had simply blown Troy’s mind. His penis had been almost raw from how hard he had fucked her.

Damn he thought; how times had changed.

Allysia was lost in her own thoughts. Like Troy, she knew in her heart that Ian was probably somewhere fucking someone as they spoke. That thought infuriated her. She could see it in her minds eye--Ian’s hard body above some coed’s nubile form, muscles glistening with sweat, and his perfectly tight ass flexing, rising and slamming into the girl. The vision was enough to make her panties wet, and her temper flare. Damn it, she thought. He probably never planned on going to the airport to begin with.

To top everything off, Allysia’s sister-in-law had most likely gone beyond the recommended amount with her mood stabilizers, which only meant that at some point she was going to start crashing. Lord only knew what would come out of that girl’s mouth then. Her husband, who had already put his blinders in place, was going to be completely useless when it came to dealing with his beloved Audra.

Allysia braced herself. This family certainly had its own way of dealing with things. The only thing that was missing now was the mother-in-law from hell.

Allysia laughed.

Troy raised one eye brow as he looked at his wife.

“What’s so funny?”

“We are.”

We are Family: Say hello to Audra, Allysia,Troy and TJ
“Oh fuck…oh yes…shit yes…fuck…fuck yes…I‘m fuck’n you…do you like the way I‘m fuck‘n u…Shit yes…I‘m fuck‘n you up…Say my name…Say it!!” She was beating on Ian’s chest with both hands balled up into fists.

This is what happens when someone watches too many cheep-ass porn videos, Ian thought. What would the red head do if he turned and just dumped her pretty ass on the floor right now? ‘Say my name,’ what kind of shit was that. He felt like reminding her that she had climbed on top of his dick without even bothering to tell him her name. He wished she would just shut-up so he could come. He was glad that no one on his hall was in their office right now. It was Friday; there had been no scheduled classes only endless committee meetings since school did not officially start till next Wednesday. Ian avoided committee meetings like the plague, but could not get away from them today.

The girl was screaming at the top of her lungs and bouncing up and down on him like a banshee. The carpeted floor was not exactly doing it for him; it was like lying on concrete. Every time she opened her mouth, his sperm crept back further into his testicles. He needed a release. To make matters worse those lovely perfectly round breasts, with the hardened nipples crying out to him, were fake. They hovered above him like two bowling balls threatening to strike. If he was to bite down on one of them it would most likely pop like a balloon and then send her zipping through the air. Instead, his large hands firmly squeezed the inside of her thighs, which now were splayed open before him with her knees at his side. He had to admire the strength of her legs. He could feel the muscles flexing beneath his touch. He tilted his head so that he could see his hard cock slide in and out of her, covered in her own slick juices. If not anything else, that turned him on.

Maybe he had assumed too much. The girl looked like she had more than just a little experience pleasing a man, so he had given her free rein. After blowing him--which she was actually very good at--she opted to be on top. Ian knew why. She’d had a good look at his dick. He was very well endowed, larger than the average man even when he was not hard. He was also thick. Women either loved it or hated it. Her cat-like eyes had gone wide at the sight of him. As long as she was on top, she could control how much of him her pussy consumed, but Ian needed to feed her pussy more. Now, he knew why he liked to take charge. She was disappointing. He should have let his nature lead instead of letting her do with him whatever she wanted. He thought it would be more exciting to hand over the reigns. He had been so bored lately.

That was happening more often than not.

Miss Red, the name he had assigned her because of her long auburn hair, was an ex-gymnast. “You can bend me any way you want and I can take it and beg for more,” she had whispered in his ear in the elevator they just happened to share less than an hour ago. Well, he could not help it; he had to take her for a test drive. And driving is what he wanted to do, drive his dick so far up her that she would not be able to speak.

Christ! Why wouldn’t the girl shut-up.

She had been tracking him for a little more than a week, finding ways to interject herself into his life on campus. Although he pretended not to notice, he really could not ignore her--those tits and that perky ass. He had smiled when she stepped into the elevator, being careful not to smile too much. The girl had perfect timing. He had to give her an A for effort. Each encounter had grown more and more direct, which was something to watch considering that she was none to subtle to begin with. Finally, she stepped into the elevator, placed one hand on his chest and stretched up on the tips of her toes. With the forefinger of her other hand, she beckoned him closer. He lowered his head and felt her hot breath tickle his ear and weaken his resolve. When the doors slid open he watched her ass sway down the hall.

Dr. Herschelle cleared his throat and looked at him in shocked confusion. Ian had almost forgotten the old man was standing beside him.

“Isn’t your office on this floor?” the man managed. His voice was laced with the drone-like nasal tone that pretty much every professor in the English Department of the University affected.

“No,” Ian shook his head calmly, wrinkling his brow and pursing his lips together in distaste. “Well yes, I mean.” He shifted his weight to one foot, repositioning his other leg as the elevator leapt onward. His shaft had grown thick and it was becoming more than just uncomfortable. “I think maybe I’ll just ride the elevator back down and call it a day.”

The old man bobbed his head in agreement. New found respect flushed his red plump face. These young girls were so direct. But Dr. Hubert Herschelle had also heard rumors about the reckless exploits of this young man. The young teacher’s reputation surpassed his supposedly amazing gift for writing. That was one of the reasons Herschelle had objected to his appointment. Ivey League schooled or not, the young man was a threat to the department if any of the rumors were even slightly true. This English department would not survive any further scandals. There was Everett, who decided to become Eve; there was also the situation that the visiting writer last year caused. Sexual harassment charges flooded the department. On top of that, the department had been charged with racism by one of their own professors.

Sure, he would give the young man credit where due. It was commonly thought that Ian McCrenna had his choice of institutions from which to launch a more than promising future. The young man was definitely gifted. Hubert had read some of his work and the glowing reviews. Ian’s writing was not exactly to his taste; the young man was no Oscar Wilde. But, he was not blind to the young man’s writing ability. What disgusted Hubert was that the gift was bestowed upon such a young, womanizing, alcoholic, drug abusing, clueless Adonis--who just got out of rehab less than a year ago. Ian just seemed to be too casual about every thing, from the way he dressed to the way he walked. Physical beauty alone would have garnered the young man visibility amongst his peers and students alike. But, the boy was truly talented. All of which increased his popularity to the height of idolatry.

And then, there was the curdling stench of nepotism, which of course no one was bothering to acknowledge. The boy’s father was the infamous, award winning Professor and poet Reagan McKrenna.

The University had been too far off the beaten trail to gain any type of attention for their English Department. That was until the poet Reagan McCrenna decided, out of the blue, that he would return to his home town and be a part of the local University’s faculty. Single-handedly, the man created the writing program at the school. He attracted other talented faculty members and students who never even knew the school existed before. He had made the department what it was. The man’s untimely death had sent shock waves through the entire university. Hubert was sure that, without the imprimatur of an equally talented writer, the University would fade back into obscurity. That was why everyone, including-grudgingly-himself, had held their breath waiting for the young Mr. McCrenna to reply. A month after his father’s death he accepted the position

Hubert remembered when mental instability was the most common flaw amongst writers, with suicide the usual end. It was their art that tortured them. Now the artist tortured the art, and the Faculty.

Ian nodded his head, as the esteemed Dr. Hubert Herschelle stepped out of the elevator turned and wished Ian a good evening. Then Ian made an obvious display of pushing the first floor button to remove any doubt from the nosey old man’s mind. He rode the elevator down to the first floor, sighed with relief when no one else stepped on and reached down to reposition his stiff cock.

He pressed another button.

The girl was already naked when Ian arrived. He knew there was a reason he kept forgetting to lock the door of the closet-like room that was to be his new office. She simply dropped to her knees before him, her creamy breasts bouncing.

“Oh,” she had purred, licking her juicy, berry-tinted lips while releasing him from the confines of his pants, “the things I’m going to do to you.”

And they had begun.

Now that he thought about it, he should have kept his dick in her mouth.

“Enough,” Ian growled and slid his hands from her thighs to the top of her hips. With a firm hold he rammed himself into her. The girl immediately caught her breath and finally no sound came out of her mouth. He was giving her all of him. Her pain gave way to a sudden feeling she could not explain. Relieved, Ian rammed her several times more.

First he felt the walls of her pussy grip him in desperation, and then there it was--the look he was waiting for. Her climax was much more intense than the one she had given herself bouncing up and down on him. Her green eyes stretched wide in disbelief, then fluttered and shut. The muscles in her abdomen convulsed. He lifted her slightly and brought her back down a few more times. Then he rammed her for the final time. This time the extra effort was for his benefit. The cry she emitted made him flinch, but it was an honest sound and she did not repeat it. He was coming fast. Quickly he pulled out and slid her back on his muscled thighs as his sperm flowed. Even though he was wearing a condom, Ian took no chances.

He watched, growing impatient as she gathered herself above him. Even after several minutes, her thighs were still slightly quivering against him, her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back. Her red hair had escaped the messy twist she wore at the back of her head. Her breathing was still erratic and he watched her, no longer so threatening, breasts rise and fall. He was thankful that she had not fallen forward on him.

Ian checked his watch. This had been yet another mistake his libidinal urges had led him into. He was supposed to be with his family right now, on his way to the airport. His step-sister was going to be furious and all his sister-in-law needed was another reason to abuse him. She had a stick up her ass lately and he had purposely avoided her, choosing to meet his brother on the basketball or racket ball court.

“Women!” he thought to himself. The thought of dumping the girl on the floor appealed to him once more. Then Miss Red shifted her pussy and slid forward. Ian was not completely limp and the both of them could see that.

The girl had worked hard for this moment. She wanted more. Ian could see it in her hungry eyes. He had promised himself that he would not encourage situations like this. Yet, it had been both irritating and entertaining rebuffing her all week. The way his days had been going, any distraction had been a relief. He hated teaching and for just a second she did make him forget where he was and what he had been reduced to doing, if only for a moment. He did not need the money, but had made a promise. Besides, she really was quite sexy in a sensual, feline kind of way. He liked the eyes and definitely the ass. He slapped her left butt cheek hard.

“Ouch,” she said laughing.

Minus the dramatics and with a little direction, she could make up for the time that had been wasted.

She shifted her dripping wet pussy again, bending her arms above her and resting her laced fingers on top of her head. She looked down at him with a mischievous grin. Yes, Ian thought, she was very sexy. She opened her mouth to speak, but Ian put his finger to his lips signing silence. He sat up and slid his hands across the curve of her behind, round and firm under his touch. Her ass was really what had tipped the scales in her favor earlier, not the whispered promise of carnal entanglement. Finding someone to fuck was not all that difficult for Ian. When he had watched her walk down the hall, watching her backside swing from side to side, he had known then that he would fuck her.

What the heck, he thought; his family had already left for the airport. Allysia was already cursing him out. But Miss Red’s beautiful, creamy body was there for the taking and her pussy so wet and ready--an enticing combination. He was naked and his dick was getting hard. And…there was that flexibility issue that had yet to be challenged.

They could begin again. This time, it would be done his way.

He took off his rubber and tied it off. He tossed it toward the garbage pale but missed. The two of them laughed.

His voice was smooth as silk. “Grab me another. “

He watched her as she slid it on; he was a little more than half mass the moment he decided to fuck her again. So, she had no problem slipping it on and smoothing it out with her hands. She put four fingers to the face of her pussy. Then she smoothed her glistening juices on his cock and wrapped her hands around it. She slid him in.

“Oh my God, you are so big. Your cock is so pretty.”

Pretty, Ian thought. There she goes again.

“Look,” he said sliding her forward and his cock into her waiting pussy. “I’m going to try something.” A wicked smile deepened his dimples. His sapphire eyes brightened even more.

With him still between her legs, she brought her palms up to the sides of his face, letting her thumb touch his dimples. Damn, she thought. This man was so fine, his body so perfect. Her green eyes danced as she looked into the bright blue lights of his. Her submission was obvious.

Hands to the face, Ian thought. She was good; nice touch. He bet the college boys ate that sensitive shit up. At 27, he was really not into sweet and endearing--none of that romantic stuff. He felt like fucking a hole through her.

“You’re going to have to stay very quiet for me,” he continued. He expertly turned them over so that she was beneath him now. He pulled out of her and rose to sit with his legs beneath him. Just the idea of what he was about to do to her made him harder and her wetter; her hard clit was peeking out from in between her pleading lips. Placing his hands back on her behind, he slid them up the backside of her thighs guiding her legs upward and stretching them a little wider. It was a slow movement meant to excite her. He could hear her breathing quicken with expectation. Finally, his hands made it to the curve beneath her knees. Then, he lifted her legs over his shoulders. This lifted her ass for excellent access. The girl was right, she was very bendable. He had a perfect view of her bald pussy and its different shades of pink. He slipped his hard member inside of her. He did not go all the way, but she had no way of knowing because her head was already moving side to side. She let out a deep guttural moan.

“Shush,” Ian commanded, pulling himself out and teasing her.

Now she was at his mercy. Her pussy stroked him once again. She knew from the way he spoke that something was coming. The anticipation was unbearable

“And,” he breathed in deeply pulling himself back out of her, “when I tell you to…” He jammed himself back into her, still holding back. “…you can say my name.”

. That is when he forcefully plunged all of his thick cock deep inside her and her pink nether lips curled around and kissed its base.

“Oh Gawd,” she gasped as he stretched her open. She had the sensation that he had gone right through her. Was it possible that his dick actually touched the lips of her uterus? It felt as if he had. The man had touched something. That something sent shock waves through her body as she climaxed. It brought tears to her eyes and made her hands desperately reach to clutch something. There was definitely pain, but there was something else so unbelievably fantastic.

“Quiet,” he demanded gruffly as he continued with his assault on her pussy.

She whimpered in response.

He began to fuck her harder, trying to ram himself deeper each time. All she could do was grunt as she received him. No one had ever fucked her like he was fucking her now. She had never come so quickly and completely.

Ian held his ejaculation off as long as he could. He liked the way the walls of her pussy grabbed at him as she came. That familiar feeling overcame him, it was a natural high. He was getting it like he wanted, taking her how he wanted. His butt muscles flexed and his testicles tightened. He pulled out just in time. The girl came one final time and he was not even in her. He released her legs and rolled over onto his back, enjoying the after math of his own release.

He checked his watch. In twenty-eight minutes, Rea’s daughter was due to arrive. Rea had been the only father he had ever known. He had been the best step-father Ian could have ever asked for. Guilt crept in, breaking into his high. It was his fault Rea was no longer here. He would have to live with that the rest of his life. He would not be there to greet this beautiful black girl with the wild curls, named after his father. He would not be there to welcome Regan to her new home, her new legacy. He could hear Allysia in his head. “Ass hole”.

He thought of fucking the girl beside him one more time. He turned his head looking into her watchful eyes.

“My name is Tierney,” she smiled.

“Great,” Ian whispered. The irony did not escape him.

After a brief silence, Ian had to ask her--even though he hated what he was about to hear. “How old are you Tierney?”

“Twenty-one. I work over in the administration office, human resources. I knew you were coming. I’ve read both of your books. You are fucking amazing.”

“Thank you God,” Ian said, laughing. The girl looked younger than twenty-one. Once again he had been thinking with his dick. This time he had managed to dodge that bullet.

The girl misinterpreted his relief.

“Come home with me,” she asked him. “My roommate would love to meet you. She‘s a fan too.”

Threesome was the first thought to pop up in his head. Hmmm. Then Ian smiled, welcoming the opportunity to escape for just a little while longer. Tomorrow he would change his ways, again. Tomorrow he would meet Regan.

“Maybe later,” Ian told her. “Right now I want you to bend over my desk.”

She giggled.

“Then I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”