Interracial Erotica -
Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
By R.W. Shannon
Published on November 15, 2011
The saga continues....

Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
Chapter One

We sat in Atlas Bistro in Scottsdale with both my and Aiden’s parents. His mother, Judy, sat on my right. My mother on my left. The men sat across from us. This was the first time our parents have met each other. His parents flew in to town to celebrate our engagement. We haven’t set a date yet, but that didn’t stop my mother and future mother-in-law from making plans.

Aiden, of course, was as cool as a cucumber. He calmly sipped his carrot soup appetizer from the white porcelain cup like he’d been doing it all his life. Catching me watching him, he winked at me. If only he wasn’t so handsome. Black hair. Steely blue eyes. Alabaster skin. Black suit. White shirt. Pink tie. I sighed.

I looked exactly like my mother. Honey complexion. Dark curly hair. Light brown eyes. While Aiden was a spitting image of his mom. As they discussed flowers that will be perfect for the dress I haven’t even thought about yet, I was a nervous wreck. Every time I picked up my cup, orange drops would spill over the side. My hands shook so badly. The waiter appeared to clear our dishes. He frowned at my full cup.

“Didn’t like it?” He asked, clearly concerned at my lack of appetite.

“It was fine,” I said but offered no further explanation.

Crossing my legs, I inhaled sharply and quickly uncrossed them. Aiden convinced me to wear the butterfly beneath my black dress. Sans panties. And he had the damn thing on the fourth settling. Where the tiny penis vibrated, pulsated and stroked the walls of my pussy all at once. I was so fearful everyone could hear the tiny motor running that I was afraid to move. But I had to. I was about to cum. Hard.

Aiden’s phone buzzed. Excusing himself, he left the table to answer it. He refused to meet my angry gaze as he walked away. I cursed him under my breath.

“Cyd,” My mother was saying. “I was thinking about March. It won’t be too hot, then.”

“Ooh,” Judy cooed. “March would be perfect! Too bad there’s no coastline here. Something near the water would be perfect.”

“Well,” my mom answered. “There’s this place that I was thinking of. They have a manmade lake. We can go look at it tomorrow.”

“Perfect!’ Judy replied.

I wondered if I would be invited on the excursion. Right now, I didn’t care. I had other things on my mind, or rather, between my legs. I gripped the edge of the table to stop myself from sliding out of my seat. My phone buzzed. It was a text from Aiden. Bathroom. Now. It read. Without hesitation, I pushed back my chair and grabbed my purse.

“I’ll be back,” I managed to say.

Squeezing my legs together so the vibrator didn’t fall out, I tip toed my way to the bathroom. When I reached the ladies room, Aiden grabbed me from behind and pushed me inside. Luckily, all three stalls were empty. He shoved me inside the large handicapped stall. Aiden yanked up my dress and unstrapped the butterfly. It fell to the floor.

“We don’t have much time,” he said.

I gripped the cold metal handles and bent over. He shoved his cock deep into me. Panting, I tried to keep up as he pummeled my opening. Oh. God. I was so there. A few more pumps and I was going to cum. He smacked my ass. I shrieked. My leg trembled and barely held me upright.

The bathroom door creaked open. I heard my mother voice. Then, Judy’s. Fuck! Aiden covered my mouth with his hand but didn’t stop thrusting. As they continued to plan my wedding without my input, they each went into a stall. I tensed. My pussy quivered. I was going to blow. Aiden pulled my earlobe between his lips and suckled. Shit. Moaning, I came. In the process, I accidently bit his finger. Aiden groaned in pain but didn’t stop.
One toilet flushed. Then, the other. I heard the faucets running as the women washed their hands. Aiden shoved his cock deep in me. I locked my elbows to keep my head from hitting the wall. The bathroom door opened and the women left. I sighed in relief.

“Why do you do this to me,” he asked. His voice was cool against my ear.

“This is your fault.”

Aiden shuddered. Groaning, he released inside of me just as the bathroom door opened again. The woman hadn’t moved into a stall. Aiden pulled out his cock. I stood up and smoothed down the hem of my dress. I picked up the butterfly and shoved it into my purse. Pulling me into his arms, Aiden kissed me passionately.

“How do we get out of here?” I whispered when he released my mouth.

Unnerved, Aiden opened the door. Taking my hand, he led me out of the stall and stopped in his tracks. The woman at the sink looked at him in the mirror. I could tell that it wasn’t the kind of surprised look one would have seeing a man in the ladies bathroom. It was one of recognition. They knew each other. In a naked way.

She turned around to look at him dead on. The woman was older with frosted blonde hair. A spray-on tan and fake breasts. Clearly, she wasn’t his type. Now. Her gaze flowed from me to him. Silently, Aiden tightened his grip on my hand and pulled me to the door.

“Who was that,” I asked when we were in the hallway.


Chapter Two
“She’s was probably a client,” Stace said the next day as we jogged around Tempe Town Lake.

This was our normal seven am Saturday morning ritual. I had to step up my game now that I was getting married. Maybe. It all still seemed surreal.

“That wasn’t the kind of look you’d give someone who was just a client,” I countered.

“How did he react after it?”

“You know him. No reaction at all.”

Stace, my business partner and best friend, shook her head. Her blonde ponytail taped me on the shoulder as we rounded the corner. “It’s probably nothing.”

I sighed. She was probably right. I shake off the nagging feeling of doubt. Stace burst into laughter.

“I can’t believe they heard you,” she giggled.

I groaned. “My mom put it together.”

“Your mom’s cool.”

“I couldn’t look at Judy for the rest of the night.”

I giggled at the memory. Throughout the rest of the meal, Aiden would text me what he was going to do to me later that night. His mother caught a glimpse of one. Though she gave me a strange look, she didn’t comment. I was sure that she already knew her son had the sex drive of a bull.

Suddenly, Stace squealed. “You’re getting married!”

I smiled. “I know.”

“Why haven’t you started planning?”

“We’ve only been engaged for a month. Why do I need to start planning now?”

“Because it is exciting.”

“You were a bitch.” I snorted and elbowed her in the side.

“I know. I said I was sorry. That’s because I was so stressed out.”

I blew out air. I had the ‘privilege’ of being Stace’s maid of honor at her wedding and it almost ruined our friendship. I vowed to never be that controlling. We finished our cool down lap and then walked to our cars to stretch out. Suddenly, I began to feel queasy. I leaned against my car door and waited for the feeling to pass. Maybe, I overdid it. I also skipped breakfast this morning, which was a no-no.

“I’m going to warn you now,” Stace advised as she bent to touch her toes with ease. “There’s going to be a point when you might break up and think you’re never going to get back together.”

“Ha,” I snorted.

“I’m being serious. When I was planning, Paul kept putting the invitations in the envelopes backwards. Even after I showed him seven times how to do it right. But, he didn’t listen to me. And it got me thinking, if he’s not listening to me about this now, what’s going to happen after we’re married.”

“Ya’ll were touch and go from day one.”

She straightened her posture and laughed. “True. I’m just warning you that the feeling is normal.”

I unzipped the pocket on my shorts and took out my keys. “But you didn’t break up.”


“The only way Aiden and I will break up is if he’s keeping something from me.”

She rolled her eyes. “I doubt he is.”

After hugging me good-bye, I climbed into my car but a wave of dizziness washed over me. I rested my head on the steering wheel. It could be the flu. I had planned to stop at the bookstore and pick up a few bridal magazines. But, those plans were out. The couch and some home improvement shows were calling my name. Lifting my head, I started the car and drove straight home.

When I arrived, I felt the bile rising in my stomach. I threw the car in park and turned off the engine. I bolt from the car for the front door. Once inside, I made a beeline for the hallway bath where I dry heaved into the toilet. Aiden appeared in the doorway. He was dressed in a navy t-shirt and plaid sleep bottoms. His feet were bare. When I left, he was on the computer in the home office, checking his email.

“What’s wrong,” he asked. His voice was filled with concern.

“I don’t know. I just felt sick all of the sudden.”

I flushed. And then, rinsed my mouth out in the sink. He stroked my back as I splash water on my face.

“Take it easy,” he said. “Why don’t you go lie down?”

“My purse is still in the car.”

“I’ll get it. Don’t worry.”

Smiling, I slowly climb the stairs while Aiden went to retrieve me purse and gym bag. I stopped halfway up. My stomach growled. Turned around, I double backed to the kitchen. Aiden had been cooking breakfast. Pans filled with eggs and bacon littered the stove top. My mouth watering, I got a plate from the cabinet and loaded it up.

“Want toast?” He asked when he rounded the corner.


He put four slices of wheat toast in the toaster. While it cooked, he fixed his own plate. I sat mine on the table and got the orange juice from the refrigerator. I hated it, but suddenly had a taste for it. Aiden watched me curiously, but didn’t comment. I looked at him. His face looked like he wanted to tell me something, but he didn’t know how to say it. I sat at table and braced myself for the horrible news.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I lied.”

“About what?”

The toast popped up. He got it and joined me at the table.

“The woman in the bathroom,” He confessed.


Because my stomach grumbled again, I speared my eggs and shoveled them into my mouth. It was also, to stop myself from cursing him out.

“She was a client of mine.” Aiden said.

“What kind of client?”

The way he said ‘client’ didn’t sit right with me. I waited for him to continue while I buttered my toast.

“Back in college, I got a job as an escort.” He said in a rush.

I almost choked “What?!”

Aiden held up his hands. “Not that kind of escort. Women would come to town on business with their husbands and it was my job to keep them company.”

My mouth suddenly went dry. I sipped my orange juice, swallowed hard, and then asked, “She was one of these women?”


I balled a paper napkin in my hand. “So…did you…with her?”

Aiden squared his shoulders. “Her name is Afton Sweedmore. One drunken night…I did.”

Sitting back in my chair, I forced myself to breath. That was his past. I could deal with that, but I wondered how many more there were. Or, maybe I didn’t want to know. I drank a healthy swig of juice as if it were vodka. Now, I wished it was. “Is that all?”



He took my hand in his and squeezed it. “I promise.”

“How long did you escort these women?”

“A couple of months. I quit when I got my internship at Charles Schwab.”


Aiden pulled me into his arms. He hadn’t showered yet, so his scent was earthy and musky. Inhaling deeply, I snuggled against him. I wanted to believe him, and a part of me did. Was that really all that was in his closet? Why was he just telling me this now? Would he have if he hadn’t run into his former client? Because I really didn’t want to end up on Dr. Phil. Aiden kissed the top of my head.

We finished breakfast. I stood to begin cleaning up, but he stopped me.

“I thought I told you to lay down.” he said.

“I will. But, I want to shower first.”

He picked me up and tossed me over her shoulder. My protests fell on deaf ears as he carried me up the stairs.

“Let’s go.” Aiden said.

After showering, we declared it a no clothes kind of day and settled in on the couch in the media room to watch movies. A red throw was draped over our entwined bodies. We were supposed to meet Aiden’s parents this afternoon and travel to the ghost town just outside Phoenix, near Tombstone, but they called to cancel our plans to go wine tasting with my parents instead. While I was glad they were getting along, I was worried that my mother and Judy were still planning my wedding without me.

It was just past eight in the evening. After taking a three hour nap and eating the Chinese takeout dinner, I felt much better. I looked up at Aiden. His eyes were closed but I knew he wasn’t asleep. He listening to the legal thriller that played on the plasma tv. Dialogue intrigued him. He’d say, “Did you hear how the prosecutor dismissed the witness with that one word?” I’d think it’s the big word in the middle of the sentence, but Aiden would argue it was the word “the”.

I looked down at his lap. His cock rested peacefully against his thigh. I curled my hand around his flaccid shaft. That part of him, too, wasn’t really asleep. Stroking the taut muscle, I scrunched down and covered it with my mouth. His earthy scent made me horny. Moaning, I skimmed my mouth up and down his shaft. He inhaled sharply and cupped the back of my neck.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

Lifting my head, I continued to massage his cock. “Nothing.”

“I think you’re being a bad girl.”

I froze. My pulse sped up. His eyes were still closed when I looked at him. But, that didn’t mean anything.

“No, I’m not.” I said. I traced the head of his cock with my index finger.

“Do you remember, Cydnee Michelle, what happens to bad girls?”

My mouth went dry as every cell in my body quivered. The color rushed to my cheeks. I remembered very well what Aiden was capable of. I also knew he probably had more tricks up his sleeve that I haven’t even seen yet. The throw slipped from around my shoulders as I eased away from him but his cock was still in my hand.

Aiden opened his eyes. His intense blue gaze washed over me like warm water and my dark nipples puckered. Suddenly, I forgot how to breathe. I released his cock and slowly backed off of the couch. A head start wouldn’t help. He had the reflexes of a cat.

“Get dressed,” he said.

I raised my eyebrow. “Why? Where are we going?”

He got up off of the couch and headed for the stairs. “You’ll see.”

Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
Chapter Three
A half hour later, we were driving though an industrial park on the other side of town. I was dressed a black lace bra, a thong and black open-toe pumps that zip at the ankles. Over the outfit he chose, I wore his black leather trench coat. Aiden caressed my bare thigh as he steered the car over a set of railroad tracks. His fingers crept up my leg and dipped between them to stroke my crotch.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see.”

I frowned and looked at him. He wore a red plaid shirt over a black t-shirt and jeans. When he caught me looking at him, he winked at me, but didn’t offer any further explanation. I parted my thighs so that he could finger my clit through the silk fabric of my panties. I squirmed under his touch. He yanked the strip of fabric aside and plunged his finger into my pussy. I gasped. He drew circles around my moist opening and then removed his hand. He licked my essence off of his finger and stopped in front of a building.

“This is it,” he said.

Aiden turned off the car. I glanced out of my window. The building looked like an abandoned warehouse. But, there were a least fifty or so cars in the lot surrounding it. No name or sign was on the exterior. However, when a guy emerged from the doors dress in a latex bodysuit, I got the picture and frowned. Aiden appeared in my line of sight to open my door. I climbed out and took his outstretched hand.

“What is this place?” I asked. “And don’t say ‘you’ll see’.”

He chuckled. “Todd told me about it. It’s a club.”

Todd Langhorn was Aiden’s best friend and business partner. From the stories Aiden has told me, who knows what kind of foolishness lurked behind the metal door we walked toward. I pulled the coat closed over my torso. I shivered. Both from anticipation and from nerves. At the door, we were greeted by a burly bouncer. Aiden paid the membership fee and the bouncer gave us a rundown of the rules. Something about consent had to be given and no meant no. Also, keys and weapons must be checked in the room next door. No phones, no cameras. No exceptions.

I swallowed hard as we walked to the item check area beyond the bouncer’s station. I wasn’t going to give up my coat, but Aiden encouraged me. He stuffed the car keys into the pocket and pulled it off my shoulders. From here, I heard the booming bass of the club music being played. I also heard laughter and moaning. Aiden wrapped his hand around my waist and guided me through the double doors into the main area.

It was dark, but not so dark that we couldn’t see. On the left was a bar that was crowded with people. To the right was an open area with wooden tables and chairs. I could make out the red lights on the dj booth in the corner. There were people in various shapes, sizes and stages of undress. A couple walked by us on their way from the bar. The woman had dark hair and eyes. Her skin olive toned. She was nude, except for a garter belt that was slung low across her hips. She was leading her partner around by a leather cable that was attached, somehow, to his cock. His hands were bound behind his back. A blindfold was stretched over his eyes. She smiled at me. I returned it but averted my gaze. I was definitely going to need a drink.

Aiden shook his head when I asked him to get me a cosmo. “Let me surprise you.”

Kissing me on the cheek, he left to order the drinks. I strolled to an empty table a short distance away. A wooden bowl filled with condoms sat in front of me instead of pretzels. On the stage, the man that was being led around by his cock was now being spanked by his partner with a leather paddle while others cheered. His bare, pale ass was bright red. She reached into her belt, pulled out a large blue dildo and shoved it into his anal cavity. I gasped. What exactly did Aiden have up his sleeve by bringing me here?

His lips brushed my shoulder as he sat my drink on the table. I picked up the hurricane glass and sipped it through the straw. I tasted cranberry and orange but no alcohol. Vodka, maybe. I looked at his. He was nursing a bottle of beer. I looked around, thinking I probably didn’t want to get drunk in a place like this. But, maybe I did.

“Todd said that there are three levels,” Aiden shouted over the music. “Wanna check them out?”

I nodded. Taking his hand, we walked around the large main area. While most patrons simply watched, others were engaging in sexual acts that ranged from ménages to fellatio to masturbation. One woman was having her pussy licked by a man from the front and a woman from the back. I slowed to watch but Aiden pulled me along.

The staircase along the back wall led to the lower level. In that area, there was another bar. The floor was littered with red velvet mattresses. Bodies occupied each of them. Black sofas that lined the walls were also full of people. Beyond this open area were booths with clear windows so that lovers could have some privacy while others watched.

I polished off my drink and sat it on a nearby table. Twisting around, I wrapped my arms around Aiden’s neck. He was still holding his beer, which he had barely touched. He kissed my neck and stroked the smooth skin on my back with his free hand. I pressed my lips against his and kissed him deeply.

“Let’s go up stairs,” he said.

As we turned to walk back up the stairs, I almost collided with a couple that was heading down them. The woman was pretty with dark skin and short black hair. She had a slender build and was nude, except for a pair of gold strappy sandals that I was drooling over. Her partner was tall and bald. His beige arms were covered with a snake tattoos. He was nude except for a pair of Chuck sneakers. He nodded at us.

“I’m sorry,” I said and turned to the side so that they could pass.

“It’s okay.” She said. “I love your shoes.”

I smiled. “I was about to say the same thing about yours. Where did you get them?”

She touched my waist as she moved by. Her nipple brushed against mine through my lace bra. I sucked in a breath. The urge to kiss her washed over me, but I shook it off.

“Macy’s.” She called. “Twenty percent off.”

Making a mental note to go shoe shopping tomorrow, I climbed the stairs with Aiden and took a sharp left at the top to ascend to the upper level. A balcony that overlooked the level below was on the left. To the right, were tables, chairs and couches. A tiny stage with a stripper’s pole stood between them. Further back, were more private rooms. Each one, it seemed, had a theme.

As we walked passed one of the rooms, Aiden stopped me. “Look,” he whispered into my ear.

I glanced through the window. This one had a bondage theme. Purple lights shone down from the ceiling. The couple I had seen when we first entered were in the room, making love on one of the vinyl mats. Aiden pointed to the wall in the back.

“Oh. My. God.” I exclaimed. Aiden chuckled.

Stace, my best friend, was chained to the wall. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She squirmed while her husband Paul teased her pelvis with the pink feathers of a duster. Paul had close cropped black hair. His gold hoop earring sparkled in the light. His dark skin was covered with sweat. He was a running back at Arizona State University with us, before a knee injury sidelined his NFL dreams. He still worked out and it showed. He wore a pair of boxer briefs.

There was no way I could pass up an opportunity like this. Laughing, I marched into the room. Her eyes widened when she saw me. Paul lifted his head and waved. On a table beside her were various toys and tools. I picked up the biggest vibrator that was on the table and covered it with a condom. Grinning, Paul stepped to the side.

“Don’t you dare!” She yelled as she pulled on the handcuffs.

Smirking, I turned it on and knelt in front of her. I parted her lower lips. Sucking on the tip of the vibrator to moisten it, I shoved it deep inside her, down to the control knob. Squealing, she arched her back. I didn’t want it to slide out, so I grabbed a roll of black tape from the table, tore off a piece and taped her pussy closed. As I stood, I licked her hard pink nipple and clamped a black clothes pin on it.

“Bitch,” she said playfully.

“Whatever. We’re going shoe shopping tomorrow.”

“What time?”


“Okay. Text me.”

Giggling, I kissed her on her cheek and left the room. My cheeks felt flush. What did Aiden put in my drink? I leaned against the balcony to watch the action below. Aiden balanced his bottle on the railing and pressed his erection into my ass. I wanted him naked. And, I wanted him naked, now.

“You’re the only one in here wearing clothes,” I told him.

I arched my hips back into him and rubbed my ass against the crouch of his jeans. He kissed the back of my neck. Toying with the elastic sides of my panties, he slid the thin straps up and down my hips.

“What are you going to do about it?” He whispered against my ear.

Turning around, I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders. And then, I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Pressing my lips against his, I kissed him passionately. I worked to unbutton the fly of his jeans. Pushing aside the fabric, I freed his cock and stroked his hard shaft. He groaned against my lips. Threading his hand through my long curly hair, he pulled my mouth tight against his.

I was ready to go. Right here, right now. Yet, I was also feeling a bit modest. Maybe, the drink hadn’t kicked in. Pulling away from him, I looked into his eyes. My heart melted. I loved Aiden so much a lump formed in my throat.

“Booth,” I mumbled. “Let’s get a booth.”

He tossed the beer into a nearby trash can and gathered his clothes. We searched the booths on this level for a private one, but they were all occupied. We hurried to the lower level but those were also full. Fuck it. I’ll take him against the wall, if need be. We were about to try the main level when I glanced into one of the booth windows.

The woman with the golden sandals was being fucked from behind by her partner. I paused to watch them. Her breast swayed as he pummeled her pussy. Aiden wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. He reached between my legs and stroked my engorged clit through the crotch of my panties. I moaned. The woman opened her eyes. When she saw us watching, she motioned for us to come in.

“Want to join them?” Aiden asked.

I nodded.

Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
Chapter Four
Reaching for the doorknob, I turned it and discovered that it was locked. The man inside the room, pulled his cock out of his lover, stood and unlocked it.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he opened the door. “We don’t let just anybody join us.”

“I understand,” Aiden said. “I’m Aiden. This is Cydnee.”

“I’m Jake and that’s Kaci.” He said by way of introduction as he closed and locked the door.

The room’s walls were covered in a deep purple padded material, as was the floor. A black loveseat stood in the back but there were no other furnishings. Unsure what to do with myself, I sat on the loveseat. Aiden draped his shirt over the arms of the loveseat and sat beside me. Kaci beamed up at me.

“You are so pretty,” she said. “I was going to ask you guys to join us earlier, but I didn’t know if you were into that.”

My mouth went dry. I was suddenly at a loss for words. I remembered my experiment with Camille at the art gallery and blushed. “Well…I…um…”

Jake sat beside Kaci on the floor and stretched his leg in front of him. Kaci wrapped her hand around his cock. Bending down, she slid her mouth over his thick, hard shaft. I watched her mouth float up and down his cock and licked my parched lips. Reaching into Aiden’s lap, I stroked his cock. He groaned. Leaning toward me, he kissed my shoulder. I tilted toward him and pressed my lips against his.

While we kissed, I felt a soft kiss on the top of my left thigh. Kaci’s nipples brushed against my skin as she moved to hook her finger into the waistband of my panties. I broke my kiss with Aiden to lift my hips. She pulled them down my legs and tossed them aside. Her cool breath scorched my hot skin as she licked my clit. Moaning, I rested my shoulder blades against the back of the loveseat and spread my legs.

I looked down to watch her pink tongue dart in, out and around my pussy. My thighs trembled. Her tongue felt amazing. I swiveled my hips in the direction of her caress. Aiden crushed his lips against the curve of my neck as he pushed down the straps of my bra. He reached behind me to unhook it and then tugged it off of my chest. He squeezed my nipples until they hardened. I turned to him and captured his mouth with mine as I continued to massage his cock.

“I knew you tasted sweet,” Kaci sighed.

Releasing Aiden’s mouth, I glanced down and gripped her head. I let go when I realized I was probably hurting her. Jake moved behind Kaci and fingered her pussy. She moaned against my opening as she bucked against his finger. Jake replaced his fingers with his cock. As he repeatedly rammed his shaft deep inside of her, the slight vibration of her lips caused my slick walls to quiver. I inhaled sharply. A shiver flowed down my spine.

“You’re cumming, aren’t you?” Aiden whispered against my ear.

I nodded. Cupping my face, he titled my head back to look in to his eyes. His gaze was fiery. I bite my lip to hold back a scream. I tried to look away, but he held me in place with one hand and pinched my nipple with the other. I winced as Kaci applied more pressure to my clit with her tongue. I gripped the seat cushion beneath me.

“Look at me,” Aiden commanded. “I want to watch her make you cum.”

That did it. My gaze locked with his. Every inch of my body shuddered as I arched my back and came. I tried to keep my eyes open for him, but the intensity of my climax caused me to close them briefly. When the wave subsided, he kissed me on my lips.

“Good girl,” he said. “Now, return the favor.”

Kaci thrust her fingers in my pussy. She pressed her lips against my abs and kissed her way up to my mouth. When she clamped her lips against mine, my taste still lingered on her tongue. She unleashed my mouth. I let go of Aiden’s cock. Jake moved aside so that I could push her back against the mat on the floor. Sinking to my knees, I parted her thighs and buried my tongue in her core.

Her essence flowed around my tongue. Her scent was light with a hint of floral notes. As I laid flat on my belly to lap her rigid clit, her thighs trembled around my ears. I glanced up at her. Kaci’s eyes were closed. Jake played with her breasts. I dived back in. Nibbling and sucking on her dripping wet flesh. Feeling naughty, I stroked her anal cavity with my finger. Her moans intensified.

I heard rustling behind me. Then, cool hands on the simmering skin of my hips. Aiden positioned me on to my knees. My breath still in anticipation of his thrust. Instead, he held my lower lips open with his fingers and blew warm air on my flesh. I pushed my hips backwards. When he did it again, this time directing the warm breeze over my anal opening, I knew he was toying with me.

Chuckling, he slowly traced the path from my clit over my wet core and between my ass cheeks with his index finger. I squirmed, trying to get his finger to slip inside but he, as always,was in control. He smashed his lips against my pussy. His warm tongue slid inside for a passionate French kiss. I slammed my free hand against the mat in frustration when he pulled it out and blew against it.

“Oh. Damn,” Kaci muttered.

She orgasmed against my mouth. Lifting my head, I crawled up her body and clapped my mouth around her stiff nipple. She raised her hips so that Jake could lay beneath her and push his cock into her. Straddling her hips, I kissed her while Aiden took me from behind. I raised my head and pounded my pussy against hers in rhythm to our partner’s thrusts. Moaning, she rested her hand on my ass. The momentum caused our nipples to brush together.

Unable to hold back any longer, I came. My climax triggered Kaci’s. The guys orgasmed soon after. While untangling our bodies, I noticed that there was a crowd at the window. I didn’t care. With Aiden reclining on his back, I laid on top of him and closed my eyes. I was suddenly hungry and ready to be with Aiden again, alone.

We laid and chatted with our new friends. Jake, it turns out, was an investment banker but was just laid off from his job. He and Aiden made plans to meet for lunch during the week, while Kaci and I exchanged emails and phone numbers. After dressing, we hugged each other good bye and went our separate ways. As we walked to the car, I kissed Aiden on his mouth.

“Can we stop at Whataburger before we go home?” I asked.

He looked at me funny, because he knew I hated Whataburger, but nodded. “Sure.”

I kissed him again, then asked. “What was in my drink?”

Stroking my back, he shrugged. “Cranberry juice. Orange Juice. Crushed ice. Seltzer.”

I frowned. “No vodka?”


Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
Chapter Five
Oh Tuesday, I dragged myself into work after my morning meeting with clients. I was exhausted. I didn’t understand why because I went to bed early last night. I nodded at the women at the front desk and made my way to my office. Once inside, I slumped down in my executive chair. I didn’t even have the strength to turn on the lights or take off my coat. I closed my eyes.

“Why don’t you go home?” Stace said.

The lights flickered on. I opened my eyes. “I’m fine.”


She perched on the edge of my desk. Stace looked amazing in her pink skirt suit, but then, she’d make a potato sack look good. I was just happy that I slapped together an outfit that looked decent. I opted for a black pantsuit with white camisole underneath. Actually, Aiden dressed me this morning. That was after a twenty minute crying fit that I had because nothing was fitting right. Suddenly nauseous, I closed my eyes again and rested my head back against my chair.

“Go home.” She repeated.

“Just give me a minute,” I said. “It’ll pass.”

“At least take off your coat.”

Without opening my eyes, I tried to lift my arms and failed. Stace sighed and stripped me of it. I hear her move to the door. Probably to hang it on the hook.

“I think you need to see a doctor. You’ve been feeling like this for a while.”

“I will.” I mumbled.

“Are Aiden’s parent’s still here?”

“No. They left yesterday.”

Stace’s lips brushed my forehead. “I’ll check on you later. If you look the same, I’m taking your ass home.”

I heard the door close. My phone buzzed. Opening one eye, I look at the screen. It was a text from Aiden asking me if I was okay. I typed that I was and closed my eye again. Get it together, Cyd. The faster I start working, the faster I could get out of here at a respectable time. Opening my eyes, I sat up in my chair and turn on my computer.

The picture I took of a naked, sleeping Aiden was my screen saver on my phone. I looked at and smiled. The real reason I hadn’t started planning yet, was because I was still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I looked at my platinum and diamond engagement ring. Aiden was too good to be true and I was scared that the minute I started thinking about flowers, it would be over between us. Yet, he, too, has noticed my lack of enthusiasm to put our wedding together but hadn’t commented beyond stating that he wanted his brother and his business partner in the wedding party. I sighed. There was only one way to solve this.

I opened up my internet and typed Aiden’s name in the search engine. I hadn’t done this before, because I was afraid at what I’d find. The first few pages were his LinkedIN profile. There were a few articles about his business, Stanton and Associates. On a whim, I clicked on the images link. There was a picture with him and his business partner that was taken for the local business section of the newspaper. One of him with the mayor. But, there wew no other images of him on the page.

So, I clicked on the video link and froze. In the middle of the page was a video of Aiden and Grace. I clicked on it to enlarge it. Aiden was kissing her temple. Her smile was bright. She was beautiful with dark chocolate skin. Long black hair. Expressive brown eyes. I’d seen Grace in pictures that he showed me. That’s how I knew it was her. But the caption read, Nick and Nathalie. I had met her sister Chloe in the spring. Chloe was actually her stepsister.

Curious, I clicked on the play button. The page flashed and I was taken to an amateur porn site. My heart stopped beating as I watched “Nathalie” suck “Nick’s” cock. I looked at the video’s date. I was taken a few months before her death. I watched for a few more second and then turned it off. I felt creepy watching them. Did he know it was still up? And, why was it up in the first place? I started to call him, but hung up. I’d better tell him in person.

That evening, I got home around six. I changed into his college logoed sweatshirt and yoga pants. Next, I started putting dinner together. My hands shook as I put the salmon in the oven. I debated whether I should tell about the video. While it cooked, I set my laptop and bridal magazines on the kitchen table. The second reason I wasn’t planning our nuptials was because I didn’t know where to begin. Ask me to put together a luncheon for potential employers, it will be done in the matter of days. But this seemed different.

A hundred pages into the first bridal magazine, my temples throbbed. The only thing I had decided on was that the colors would be red, black and white. Something neutral and dramatic. Plus, red was Aiden favorite color. Luckily, Kaci was a wedding planner.

While I was sending her an email to set up a time to meet, Aiden came home. Seeing his handsome face warmed my heart. My eyes misted but I blinked away the tears. Why was I crying? Immediately, all the tension I’d been carrying all day left my body. He set his briefcase on the table, next to my things.

“Hello, Cyd.” Bending down, he kissed me. He inhaled. “Something smells delicious.”

“It’s in the oven. How was your day?”

He shrugged. “I’m just glad it’s over.”

I opened my mouth, closed it, and then said. “When do you want to get married?”

He took off his charcoal jacket and draped it over the back of the chair. “I thought you wanted to elope.”

“I wish,” I sighed. I watched him move to the bar to fix a drink of scotch and soda. “But, our mothers would never speak to us again.”

Chuckling, he walked back to the table. He pulled his tablet out of his briefcase case. While he sipped his drink, he flipped through his calendar. I leaned against his shoulder and watched the time fly by.

“April,” he said.

I frowned. “That’s only five months away.”

“Wanna do it sooner?”

“No. April is fine.”

Leaning down, he pressed his lips against mine. I melted into his mouth. Breaking the kiss, I twisted in my seat and moved to sit on his lap.

“I love you,” I tell him while I unknot his yellow patterned tie and pull it from the collar of his white shirt.

He raised his eyebrow. “Are you okay?”

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I buried my face in his shoulder. “I’m just all blubbery today. It’s probably my period.”

As I said those words, I realized that it’s been a month since my last one. I stiffened. That’s odd because I’m usually on time, every time. It’s probably stress, I thought but made a mental note to call my doctor for an appointment. Leaning away from him, I picked up Aiden’s drink. Before I could bring it to my lips, he took it from me and put the highball glass it on the table.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” He asked softly.


I got off his lap and went to check on dinner. Lifting the lid on a pot, I stirred the potatoes.

“Sure?” he asked.

Replacing the lid, I moved to get two plates out of the cabinet. “Do you think we’re moving too fast?”

Aiden got up from the table and joined me at the stove. He leaned against the counter and watched me take the fish out of the oven.

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

I dished out our meal to avoid looking at him. “I worry that we’re going to fizzle out.”

He took the plates and set them on the table. “You still don’t believe I’m telling you the whole truth about my past.” He said as he gathered silverware from the drawer.

Flinching at his accuracy, I got a wine glass from the cabinet and filled it with chardonnay. Aiden was at my side before I could take a sip. He poured the wine into the sink, rinsed out the glass and filled the glass with apple juice. Taking my elbow, he escorted me to the table and held out my chair. He put my glass next to my plate. Then, he sat down.

“I love you, Cydnee. If we were just about sex, I wouldn’t have asked you to marry me.”

Having no come back for that, I took a bite of my asparagus.

“I saw a video today,” I blurted out. “Of you and Grace.”

He cut his fish and took a bite. “Where?”

“Online. You ever dabble in internet porn, Nick?”

He smiled sadly. “It was her idea to post that video. She wanted to see what kind of reaction we’d get.”

I nodded. “So, there was just the one?”

“Yes. I had asked them to take it down. I’ll check into it.”

“Okay.” My shoulders dropped in relief.

He looked at me. “Anything else?”

I shook my head. Aiden leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. For now, I was content with his answer.

After helping me clean up the kitchen, Aiden disappeared into the home office to work. That was fine by me. I crashed on the sofa where I watched reality tv with my cat Honey curled up on my abdomen until it was bed time. While I was brushing my teeth before bed, I noticed that I was getting a little pudgy. I spat the toothpaste in the sink and rinsed out my mouth.

I peered at my face in the mirror. My cheeks were rounder than normal. Stepping back, I pulled my shirt over my head. My breasts were fuller. I touched my right nipple. It was sore. Wincing at the dull pain, I dropped my hand and turned to the side. Aiden watched me from the doorway. His hands were shoved into the pockets of his sleep pants.

“I’m getting fat,” I said out loud.

Aiden chuckled. “I’m not falling for that.”

“I’m being serious. If we’re getting married in April, I’ll have to go dress shopping soon.”

“You’ll be beautiful in any dress.”

Rolling my eyes, I turned back to the mirror and cupped my breasts, and then, release them with a sigh. “You’re not helping. My boobs are huge.”

“I like them.”

I smirked. “Of course you do.”

He sneaked up behind me and curled his hands around my breasts. I rocked back on my heels and leaned against him. Lifting them, he fondled the fullness as he scrutinized each curve. He lightly ran his index fingers across my nipples. I flinched.
“Are they sore?” He asked.

I nodded. Gently, he grasped my shoulders and spun me around to face him. He pulled me to his chest. Holding me, he stroked my back. Such tenderness made me lose it. I sobbed against his bare chest.

“What the hell’s wrong with me?” I asked.
He chuckled. His chest rumbled against my cheek. “Nothing. You’re perfect.”

I sighed as I tried to get a grip on my emotions. Failing to do so, I just held on to him. When my crying fit finally ended, Aiden took my hand turned out the lights and led me to bed.

Business Before Pleasure: Part Five
Chapter Six
A week later, I drove to Aiden’s office in a daze. My doctor’s office had called fifteen minutes ago and I couldn’t wait to tell him. I texted Stace that I was going to be late. Luckily, I didn’t have any meeting that morning. Even if I did, they would just have to wait. I pulled into the parking lot of his building. When I parked, I pulled in diagonally across two spaces. My hands shook as I gathered my purse. The office air was cool when I walked through the front door. Kathy looked at me strangely and rose to her feet.

I’ve known Kathy for a long time. She was one of my staffing hires before she came to work for Aiden permanently. Judging by her body language, someone was with Aiden and I wasn’t going to like who it was.

“Hello, Cydnee,” She said nervously. “What are you doing here?”

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on edge. “Is Aiden in his office?”

She glanced nervously toward the back. “Well…”

Pivoting on the heel of my boots, I strolled into the large main office. I waved to Jake, who was Aiden’s newest employee as I approached Aiden’s office door. It was closed but I heard a female’s voice on the other side of the wood. Without knocking, I shoved it open and stopped short. In the chair across from Aiden’s desk was Afton Sneedmore.

Afton’s hair was loose around the shoulders of her red sweater. She didn’t seem surprised to see me, but if she was here to sink her claws into my man, she had another thing coming. She briefly looked at me with disdain, before turning her attention back to Aiden. Oh. Hell. No.

“Hey, babe,” I said to Aiden as I slammed the door closed and walked to his desk. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had a meeting.”

He stood from the desk, rounded it and pulled me into his arms. “That’s ok. We were done talking. This is Afton. Afton. This is my fiancée Cydnee Davis.”

I extended my hand toward her to shake. Ignoring my attempt at good will, she rose to her feet. Even with her five inch stilettos, I was taller than her by only inches. I squared my shoulders and narrowed my eyes at her. She was ten years older than Aiden, but I’d still kick her ass if need be.

“If you change your mind,” she said to him. “You have my card.”

With that, she left the room. The office got suddenly five degrees warmer. Pulling out of Aiden’s arms, I turned to face him. “What was that about?”

“She said, that she wanted to talk,” Aiden shrugged as he went to sit in his chair.


“That’s as far as we got. I was about to ask her to leave when you came in.”

I relaxed. “Oh. How did she find you?”

He smirked. “The same way you found my video: Google.”

Smiling, I curled a strand of my hair behind my ear and smoothed down my black skirt to sit on the edge of his desk. Silently, he studied me, and then asked, “What’s going on?”

“I’m pregnant,” I blurt out.

He was quiet for a long time. I had rehearsed the scene in my head on the drive over. This was nothing like I imagined. He pressed his lips together. Now, I was nevous.We had never discussed having children. Let alone, what we’d do in case of an oops. Finally, he took off his glasses, tossed them on the desk and stood. He pulled me into his arms for a tight hug.

“Cydnee. This is incredible.”

I relaxed. “You’re happy?”

“I’m elated. I love you.”

I snuggled in his embrace, trying not to get make up on his blue shirt. My heart fluttered. Blinking away tears, I leaned away to kiss him on his mouth.

“I love you, too. But, I’m not going to be waddling down the aisle in a maternity gown.”

Chuckling, he released me to sit in his chair. He reached for his tablet before pulling me into his lap. Once again, he flipped through his calendar.

“How does next week sound?”

I frowned. “Too soon. “

“Okay. Three weeks from Saturday?”

That would put us in the first week of December. I gulped. An idea popped into my head.

“What about New Years Eve?” I said. I’m sure it was do able, but I worried we wouldn’t find a venue for that time. Of course, I had Kaci to help me.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Aiden marked off the day on his calendar. He put the device on his desk and pulled me against him. He placed his hand on my abdomen.

“You’re going to be an amazing dad,” I said.

He grinned. I could tell he was struggling to keep his composure. So was I. He caressed my still flat belly. In order to ward off another crying fit, I moved off his lap.

“I’d better go,” I said. My voice cracked.

He stood. “How about breakfast before you go? We can go to that place next door?”

A restaurant that served amazing cuisine was located in his business park. It’s been featured numerous times on the Food network and I could never say no to their orange pecan pancakes.

“You’re on,” I said.

Chapter Seven
The minute I put it on, I knew this was the dress. The champagne hued, strapless, taffeta gown had a ruched bodice that would camouflage the baby bump I would have by New Years Eve. It was also a price my father wouldn’t have a heart attack over. When I emerged from the dressing room, everyone gasped. Even my sister Jackie.

“Oh, Cyd,” my mother said through tears. “It’s perfect.”

I stepped on the pedestal in front of the three way mirror and squealed. “I love it!”

We had spent nearly all day at the salon. First, we looked for dresses for Stace, Jackie and Kaci, who were in my bridal party. For them, we found red, strapless gowns that they all agreed on and looked amazing in. Now, as I twirled in front of the mirror. I realized those dress complimented this one perfectly.

This was the third dress I tried on. I was exhausted and ready to go home. But, there was still a lot to do. The wedding was only two weeks away. My eyes misted as I imagined Aiden at the end of the aisle in his tux.

Due to a cancelation, Kaci was able to secure the Camelback Inn for both our ceremony and reception. I was so excited. Aiden and I had decided on an elegant but informal candlelight ceremony and the inn would be perfect. Everything, from invitations to flowers, had been decided. All that was left was for me to get my dress. Finding one that could be altered in time for New Year’s Eve was difficult. But this was an off the rack sample. Meaning, since I didn’t have to order it, I could start the fitting today.

The seamstress buzzed around me, taking measurements while my father went to complete the transaction. In addition to planning the wedding, we were also fixing up the spare room to use for the nursery. Aiden was supposed to be painting it a light yellow today. We were going with a neutral palette since we didn’t know what we were having. Stace appeared at my side and rubbed my belly.

“I can’t believe you did it,” she said. “You’re getting married and you’re knocked up.”

I snorted. “Yeah. Someone’s ice skating in Hell as we speak.”

She laughed, and then embraced me. “I’m so happy for you. Aiden’s amazing.”

I shooed her away. “Don’t make me cry. You know it doesn’t take much now.”

An hour later, I was finished with my first fitting. I redressed in my pink warm-up suit and sped home. I needed a nap. And a pizza. Aiden’s car was in the driveway when I pulled up. That was unusually. He normally parks in the garage. I hoped out of my car and hurried inside. The sun was starting to set so the rooms were getting dark. He sat in the formal living room. A duffel bag was at his feet. He stood when I entered. My heart dropped. I didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“What’s wrong,” I asked.

“I have to go away for a while.”

My keys and purse slipped from my hands. “Why?”

Sighing, he raked his hand through his hair. “I talked to Afton.”

I had a feeling that I needed to be sitting for this. I moved to an armchair and sat down. He remained standing.

“I might have a son,” he said quietly.

Just like that, my world caved in. “What?”

Aiden took a deep breath and shoved his hands into the pockets of his khaki’s. “He’s eleven.”

“Are you sure about this?”

He raked his hands down his face. “The dates fit. It’s a possibility.”

“How do you know she’s not lying?”

“I don’t. That’s why I’m going to Texas to take a blood test and to meet him.”

He moved to sit on the arm of the chair. Reaching for my hand, he held it in his. Normally, such a gesture would give me strength. Instead, I began to panic.

“What about our wedding?”

“I’ll be back in time. I just need to check this out.”

Yanking my hand from his grasp, I stood. “I’m going with you.”

He shook his head. “Let me handle this. You need to stay here to focus on our baby and our wedding.”

I sniffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “What does she want? Why is she just telling you this shit?”

Standing, he moved to my side. He gripped my arms. “I don’t know. That’s why I don’t want you to get involved, yet. I have to talk to her alone.”


Anything I said right now would come across as me being desperate and control. He had to go and do the right thing. It would complicate matters with me being there. That’s what I tell myself. But, inside, I’m dying.

“What if he is,” I whispered.

Cupping my face, he leaned in to kiss me. He dropped to his knees. Unzipping my jacket, he parted the material and pressed his lips against my abdomen. “Don’t worry about that, yet. My flight leaves in an hour.”

“Do you want me to drive you to the airport?”

“No.” Climbing to his feet, he picked up his bag. I swallowed. Touching my cheek, he looked me in my eyes. “Trust me. I’ll be back in a few days.”

I nodded. Aiden kissed me one last time. When he left, I wrapped my arms around my torso and tried to keep heart from breaking into a million pieces.

To Be Continued…