Interracial Erotica -
Heat For a Snowy Winter's Night
By Christopher Reilley
Published on January 11, 2012
A little something to keep you warm.

Heat For a Snowy Winter's Night

Welcome my rubicund weight
if you will,
wrapping yourself beneath me,
grounding me while giving me wings.

Shifting skin and twin hearts echo
the fandango rhythm of heartbeats
warmed by the embers of lusts
without end.

Matched only by the fever
of sweat-slick fingertips
tangled in hair,
grasping and pulling.

The skin beneath my lips
tastes of salted raspberries
while my world winnows
to this moment, this life, this love.

Fire consumes thought
in love-stained teeth
until my name growled in heat
catches my passion for me.

Show me the power of your desire.
Give me what I demand.
I am as unrelenting in my gift
as you are.