Interracial Erotica -
The Warrior
By KR Collins
Published on July 16, 2012

The ancient world was a place where slavery was common, but their love wasn't.

The Warrior

He stood 6'2, muscular build, eyes the color of the sky, long blond hair pulled back into a braid. He always wore his sword in its sling across his back. He could not wait to return to his beloved. He had captured her through one of their raids. Unlike the others, he treated her kindly.

As he entered the village, she stood at entrance of their dwelling. She bowed to the ground as he drew closer. He hated she did that, but it was her custom. He lifted her up and pulled her behind him. He removed the sword, placed it in the corner, and sat in his chair while she took off his boots.

"Mmmm." He looked into her soft brown eyes. She was such a sweet, gentle creature. The language barrier between them was yet to be broken.

She had drawn his bath water, and he stepped in and she scrubbed him. He loved when she touched him. It aroused him.

He smiled remembering her reaction to touching his hard white anatomy for the first time. Like tonight, she drawn him a bath. However, that night, she had ran into the corner of the room, frightened. He got out of the bath and went to her. He gently took her hands and placed them on his head. He slowly guided her hands down his body repeatedly until she was comfortable. She began to stroke his hair, then his face. He began to kiss her.  Her lips were so soft.

He made a soft pallet to lay her on. He did not want to hurt her; she was small compared to him. This was their first night together since he brought her there. He kissed her light brown body. She shivered under his touch. Was she a virgin, or had she not lain with a man for some time? When he began to touch her pussy, she moaned. Women were women, but he loved the color and feel of her skin. He kissed her breasts, she moaned louder.

He never forgot how wet she was when he entered her. He stroked her slowly, then soon with vigor. She met his thrust with the same intensity and stroked his face and hair until she climaxed. He rolled onto his back and pulled her on top of him. Again, he entered her warm, brown body. Delight shone in her eyes as she swayed her hips. He pulled her hips toward him to increase the intensity. She climaxed again. The warrior’s orgasm followed. He shivered as he released inside her.

That was the first time they made love.

Freshly bathed, he stood up in the bath as she wrapped the linen cloth around him. He got out and sat beside the roaring fireplace as she gently patted him dry. As always, her touch aroused him, but he restrained himself; she’d prepared a hot meal.  He slipped into his robe she held out to him, and she uttered something in her tongue he understood to mean ‘sit down to eat’. They had not been together for some time; he was as much her servant as she was his. If not more so.

Afterwards, he watched as she cleared the table. He wanted to kiss her, touch her breasts and feel her breath. When she brought him his drink, he pulled her close to him. She smiled and opened his robe revealing his hard anatomy. He lifted her skirt and pulled her onto him.

He bit his lower lips as he slowly entered her. She was so wet. His strokes were slow and deep.

 She gasped, she fingers digging into his shoulder. Her legs were hanging on the sides of the chair, he held her closely, thrusting gently while she moved her hips to meet each thrust. He pushed her back gently and pulled back her shirt to reveal her breasts. He grabbed her breasts and brought them to his mouth, licking and sucking her nipples.

He lifted her up and stood up. She led him to the bed they shared and he removed her clothes. He stared in amazement; she was so beautiful. Her light brown skin shone in the dim light. She kissed him. He could taste the sweet honey and mint balm she made. She pulled him to her and they lay on the bed. He entered her again. Her body was so warm and her pussy wet. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. He moved slowly, deeply inside of her. She gasped with ecstasy.

He whispered pillow talk in his native tongue, then pulled out and passionately kissed her body. Her head fell backwards as his fingers entered her. She moved her hips back and forth, pleasuring herself on his hand. The look on her face aroused him further. He began to use his tongue to do the same. He loved pleasuring her this way; she was always sweet and smelled of lavender. He continued until she climaxed.  He then sat at the edge of their bed and pulled her to him. He pushed her gently to her knees; she knew what to do. She slowly licked down his body, and then used her mouth and tongue to tease him to the brink of orgasm. He enjoyed when she teased him this way. He leaned back on to the wall and she continued to pleasure him. He ran his fingers through her hair and stroked her head. He was so close. This time she took him all the way, until he released.

The warrior and his handmaiden. Oh, how he must have pleased the Gods. They sent him such an exquisite creature.