Interracial Erotica -
Initiating Sarah
By Dirk Baker
Published on April 6, 2009
One weekend visit combined with a dash of B&D is about to take former college roommates Lisa, Kelly and Sarah are about to their relationship to a whole other level. Nothing heavy, just fingertips, tongues, and the light caress of feathers on helpless bodies....

Initiating Sarah
It had started so innocently, she thought. Sweat now pouring down her body, arms aching from the ropes holding her upright. It was just a get together with a few old friends from college. Lisa and Kelly had called her when they moved into the area. They had been roommates in college, and few secrets were kept between them. Sarah agreed to come out and spend a weekend with them, her husband would enjoy the freedom, she thought.

The three had a great night out, Sarah had brought along a few catty outfits to go clubbing with the girls, and they had made quite the scene on the dance floor. Grinding up against each other, soft touches, and deep kisses with each other guaranteed they didn’t pay for a drink the whole night. Every suitor brave enough to approach was teased mercilessly then sent off, bent over with a swollen cock, giggled at by the sexy trio. There was an collective groan as the girls left, tipsy, and staggering in their skyscraper heels. A few tried to make a grab for them, but the bouncers would have none of that.
Arriving home, the girls opened another bottle of wine and recounted the nights cockteasing activities. Three very wet, albeit scanty, panties between six luscious thighs. Tales of conquest, torment, and teasing brought the ladies up to date with each other, and the topic turned to kinkier things.

It turned out that Lisa and Kelly were more than roommates for now. They had all fooled around with each other back in school. Licking each other’s pussies was often preferable to putting up with a drunken frat boy, not that they didn’t like cock. They just preferred to be in control. This had evolved into a B&D relationship between Lisa and Kelly. Neither domme or sub, but both switches. Nothing heavy, just fingertips, tongues, and the light caress of feathers on helpless bodies.

Sarah was aghast at the stories, but couldn’t deny what her pussy was telling her. She HAD to see the girls’ dungeon. Smiling evilly, Kelly agreed, and they took her down to their downstairs “playroom”. Not what she had in mind when she heard dungeon. The room was well lit, immaculate, and well furnished with all sorts of equipment meant to keep a person in place and helpless. Running her fingertips along the leather of a spanking bench, her pussy winced, and leaked onto her inner thighs.

She knew then, she had to become their prisoner, not their slave, but prisoner, and right then. She yearned to surrender all control to her sexy former roommates. The plea was made and a look passed between Lisa and Kelly.

That was about 3 hours ago now. Sarah’s body ached a delicious ache. Clit half numb from countless orgasms delivered via finger, tongue, vibrator and dildo. Her body was so sensitive now that even the softest feather run over her lower belly or armpits produced screams of mercy in a hoarse, exhausted voice.

“And to think…. We have all weekend” quipped Kelly to Lisa as she knelt to dip her tongue into Sarah’s navel.