Interracial Erotica -
What We Leave Behind
By Tracy Ames
Published on November 25, 2010
What We Leave Behind is a peek into Kevin and Chloe's relationship. This glimpes is an amalgamation of savagery and tenderness which epitomized their relationship. It wasn’t always pretty; at times it was brutal but it always, always true.

What We Leave Behind
IRE Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

“I can’t believe you’re doing this.” Chloe’s will surrendered to her emotions, sending unwelcomed tears streaking down her cheeks. After everything they’d been through, surely Kevin would take pity on her. He stood rooted, as immovable as the lump in her throat. Never before, in all their years, had it boiled down to this. He was leaving.

“It’s over,” The coldness behind his words took him by surprise. “I loved you…” he rolled the words around in his mouth. “…I love you. But these last few months have been unbearable—we’re at each others throats. I’ve made my promises and you’ve made yours, but it’s not working…”

Her eyes flew to his and she closed the gap between them. “You haven’t given it a chance to work! Yes, we have problems but who doesn’t?” Kevin turned his head, avoiding her touch. Chloe shoved him angrily.

Kevin corrected himself with a short laugh. “See, this is what I’m talking about—your little tantrums—I don’t have the energy to fight anymore, Chloe. I don’t want us to end up hating each other, but if we keep this up, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen.”

Chloe placed her forehead on Kevin’s chest; he didn’t embrace her as she’d hoped. They stood awkwardly, silently—teetering precariously on the shifting ruins of their relationship.

“This isn’t easy for me.” Kevin finally swaddled her close. “You know I didn’t want this to happen.”

“It would’ve happened eventually. I wasn’t good enough for you,” Chloe’s voice was small. “I never had your heart the way you had mine.”

“Are you kidding me?!” Kevin’s hands went to her shoulders as he stepped away from her. “I’ve loved you within an inch of my life! Don’t play the victim. You parade me in front of your friends and family like a blue-eyed show dog. Stand here, Kevin—eats this, Kevin—wear that, Kevin—talk to these people, Kevin. What about my family?!”

“What about them?”

“You’ve refused every invitation my mother has extended! She bends over backwards for you and not once, in four years, have you made an effort to so much as speak to her. Not one word yet I’m trotted out every Sunday for your folks!”

“So this is about our families?!”

“No!” Frustration laced his tone. “This is about you taking an action interest in me—the way you used too. Over the last few months, you've changed and I don’t know the person you’ve become. Do you really love me?” He took her face in his hands, his eyes were raw. “No, you don’t.” He grabbed her hand and pressed it against the front of his trousers. “Admit it, this is what you want, Chloe—pretty babies and a man who makes your ass speak in tongues. I gave you one out of two, that ain’t bad. Unfortunately, I want something deeper with someone who returns my love for them.” Kevin saw his words suck the air from Chloe.

“There’s someone else?”

“You don’t get it, do you? You're that someone! I want you—I want what we had only…only better so we don’t go through this again!”

“So do I!”

“Then what happened?” Kevin gripped her wrist, twisted them behind her back, and brought her flush against him, knowing she’d run. “Before our problem begun, why didn’t you marry me?” He tightened his hold when she struggled. “Answer. Me.” His eyes filled with resolve.

The nonsensical excuses bouncing around in her head were insufficient, but the truth was too awful for words. She was trapped. Kevin’s unflinching glare angered her—he was forcing her to acknowledge a part of her character which she’d rather ignore. “If I’m such a horrible person, why would you marry me?” She spat.

Kevin didn’t take the bait, he spoke calmly. “Because every now and then, I see the Chloe I fell in love with and I know she’s lonely and sad and dying to come out.” He shook his head. “But I’m not willing to wait for her, not anymore.”

Chloe shook free of his hold. Kevin defiantly awaited a slap, a punch, a shove—but nothing came. Chloe pressed her lips against his, unceremoniously forcing his back against the wall. Her tongue was hot, seeking, twining insistently with his.

Against his better judgment, Kevin reciprocated her kiss—drinking her; tongue, her lips, the weight of her body on his. He savored it—all of it for, after tonight, he would partake no more. He thumbed her tears from her cheeks, still kissing and whispering endearments back and forth. I love you, God, her words clawed mercilessly at him; finally there was sincerity behind them. Why had it come to this? This Chloe, the Chloe whose heart mirrored his—the Chloe who gave a damn, the Chloe whose tenderness left him in awe—the Chloe with her hand inside his briefs—this was the Chloe he desired.

“Is this a good idea?” Kevin groaned as her fingers found his aroused cock. He’s hand went to her breasts, her nipple stood at attention beneath her waft blouse.

“Yes,” She looked up at him, pain and passion etched her face. “Don’t push me away—not yet, please.” She eased his clothing free and tossed them aside along with hers. She stood, her hips heavy against his crotch, her hand still stroking his cock—long and slow just the way he liked. “Please, not yet.” She licked and kissed his spot at the nook of his neck which never failed to bring him to heel.

Under her incessant hand, Kevin’s head spun dizzily, yielding to her tiny droplets of pre-cum ripe with guilt and longing. Just one last time, he told himself as he fingers explored her dripping wet pussy. Fuck, he was giving this up! His mouth crushed hers; he spun her back against the wall, lifted her from the floor, and impaled her hard with his cock. He groaned from the pleasure of forcefully taking her off guard.

“Fuck, baby!” She gave a breathy moan and bit into his shoulder, producing a slight coppery taste on her tongue. She legs were open splay like a book—Kevin piston fucked the words right off the pages leaving her a blank, empty canvas by which his warm breath, his primal groans, his guttural almost manic insistency that she cum on his cock rewrote their story verse by wet, throbbing verse.

“I love you,” Kevin pinned Chloe in place, his muscular flanks flexed against the tender flesh of her inner thighs. Her nails raked across his shoulder blades while her other hand gently caressed the back of his head. This amalgamation of savagery and tenderness epitomize their relationship: pure unbridled passion. It wasn’t always pretty; at times it was brutal but it always, always true unto itself.

“I love you, too.” Chloe tasted Kevin’s lips. They bowed their heads, watching his glistening pale cock being repeatedly swallowed by her hairless cinnamon hued pussy.

“Damn, that’s sexy as hell.”

“Harder.” Chloe plead, enthralled by the artful imagery between her legs. “Uhhhhhhhhh, fuck meeee! Oh God, I’m gonna miss thisss.”

“What are you going to miss, Chloe?” Kevin hissed, her pussy at his mercy. “Say it. Tell me you’re mine—you belong me, don’t you?” Chloe groaned, her pussy trembled, and Kevin felt tiny sprays of wetness hit his crotch. He brought her face to face, their eyes fixed on one another, his cock didn’t skip a beat. “Am I making you squirt? Tell me.” He drove deeper, she gushed and cried uncontrollably. “I’m making your little pussy squirt? Say it. Say you love it.” He hissed.

His wicked imprecations scorched her lips, her earlobes, her heart. “Yes,” Chloe conceded, her pussy betrayed her yet again. “Oh God, Kevin—there, oh fuck—right there, Kev…” She fell limp in a silent haze of orgasm—pure and weightless; a strange contrast given she was pinned against a wall while Kevin blissfully fucked her raw-ragged.

They breathed in tandem—fast, hot, intense but no words were spoken. They needn’t. Their savage need for one another was self evident in their battle scars.

Chloe captured Kevin’s eyes, she knew this was the end yet still she searched his eyes frantically for a shred of hope to say otherwise. “Cum in me.” She whispered.

Oh fuck, she knew how to play him! “You want my cum?”


“Where do you want it?” He’s balls drew tight, his cock swelled; he sadistically thrust into her.

“Cum in your pussy, Kevin.”

His cry of release came like a low death rattle. Uncontrollably, thick ribbons cum erupted endlessly into her—spurting and spurting, he leached with every spurt, powerless to prevent it, damned if he tried. Chloe rode and drained every drop of his essence, savoring its feel as she milked, wishing it wouldn’t end.

They held each other, there against the wall. Darkness and silence cocooned them, preserving their last moments. There was nothing to be said, it was over—still they held on as if the answers to their problems would manifest themselves by virtue of their dogged determination to stay rooted. It wasn’t to be. Kevin softened and eventually slipped free. Chloe crumpled to the floor like a wounded animal; painfully watching Kevin walk away and dress in silence.

Kevin fingered his buttons closed—none of this felt right—he threw his shirt over his head, and willed himself not to comfort Chloe. He couldn’t see or hear her tears but he felt them as surely as he felt his own. Fully dressed, he surveyed the home they’d built together and removed their house key from his key ring—it hit the dining room table with a clink. His hand ran across the cold wood in disbelief.

Chloe cowered in the position he’d left her. She turned away; lacking the courage to watch him leave. She heard the door open and drew her knees to her chest and closed her eyes. The door closed, she felt his presence slip away.

Had he even looked back?