Interracial Erotica

IRE Scoville Scale

Each of our shorties have been assigned a corresponding number using the heat factor rating system  below that will describe the sexual and explicit nature of the content within. Enjoy!

1. Pleasantly Pleasing: Contains no physical sex scenes. May contain teasing.

2. Fire and Ice: Contains physical sex scenes with very little graphic content.

3. Tastefully Wicked: Contains explicit physical sex scenes with very detailed graphic language.

4. Sinfully Satisfying: Contains physical lights-on sex scenes that are explicit, very detailed with graphic language.  May contain light bondage, multiple partners, same sex and/or anal play.

5. Shameless Indulgence: May contain material that some readers may find disagreeable. May contain heavy bondage, same sex, graphic and explicit language, extreme details, anal play, and multiple partners. NO HOLDS BARRED!

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