IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

“Phoebe, you have to call Ray and tell him that you’re pregnant. He already knows something is wrong. He’s been calling you for over a month and you haven’t spoken to him or returned his calls. I’m sorry but if he calls again, I’m telling him myself.” Tasha said.

“Once I can’t figure out how to tell him then I will.” Phoebe said pulling her blanket over her head.

Tasha grabbed the telephone and pulled back the blanket. “Tell him now! He deserves to know that he’s going to be a Father. If you don’t call him then I will.”

Phoebe grabs the phone from her hand. “I’ll tell him. What time is it?” Phoebe said sitting up on the sofa.

“It’s 8:00pm which means its 2:00am in