Interracial Erotica

Suggested Reading

Hi guys and gals. I decided to add this page by popular demand. Below you will find a short list of all the books or movies that we recommend you check out. I will update the list regularly so stop by for further listings. Cheers!

1. It's Morning by Elaine Flowers
Elaine Flowers is backafter a self-imposed hiatus for the last four years and release her long awaited second book, It's Morning. This book contains two novellas and one short story - all dealing with the ups and downs of relationships. Amazon Buy Now

Opal Darkness
2. Opal Darkness by Cleo Cordell

Another piece of darkly erotic writing from the author whom USA Today dubbed "the queen of suburban erotica." This tells the story of beautiful twins Sidonie and Francis, trapped in the strict confines of 19-century British morals. Their unique fondness for each other and their newly awakened sexuality alarms their father, who packs them off on the grand tour of Europe. But they swiftly turn Amazon Buy Nowcultural exploration into something illicit, exciting and indulgent. Historical.

Be With Me3. Be With Me by Maya Banks
Hutch, Cam, and Sawyer were juvenile delinquents when they formed a friendship with the wealthy but lonely Regina. She felt loved for the first time in her life—by all three. Today she’s a police officer and wary of resuming her relationship with the hot trio—until an attempt is made on her life. When they jump in to protect her, an all-new bond is formed, one riskier than ever before because now a killer looms in the shadows. 

4. Try A Little Tenderness by Roslyn Hardy HolcombTry A Little Tenderness

Lola has a body made for sin and passion to match... A struggling college student by day and stripper by night, Lola Bordenaux is definitely not looking for love, until one day it literally sweeps her off her feet...and into the nearest Emergency Room. It's impossible to resist the unconditional love and unbelievably hot sex offered by her former professor, Peter Koss. Intrigued by the possibilities presented by a virginal mate, Lola can't wait to mold him into the perfect lover.Lucky for her, this boy genius learns quickly and is very good with his hands, his mouth, and assorted other body parts. Giddy with their new found love, they quickly move in together, but Lola can't resist the appeal of the strip club, and their relationship is trashed in her wake.

5. Mr. Fix-It by Crystal Hubbard

MR. FIX-IT is an alluring tale that puts blinders on readers to the point that race and social status have little significance. This is a maturely written story, with no unnecessary drama and no contrived battles. The characters are more similar than either believes and are destined to find the real side of fantasy. Now, this is about life so each of the characters has issues they must confront, but even that is done with aplomb. I thoroughly enjoyed where this story took me.

Here is a list of four top black erotica anthologies that you should read:

1. Erotique Noire: Black Erotica
- edited by Miriam DeCosta-Willis, Reginald Martin, Roseann P. Bell.

2. Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings
- edited by Reginald Martin.

3. Four Degrees of Heat
- by ReShonda Tate Billingsley, Crystal Lacey Winslow, Brenda L. Thomas, Rochelle Alers.

4. Brown Sugar: A Collection of Erotic Black Fiction
- edited by Carol Taylor.