IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Tastefully Wicked

Chapter One

Another morning has begun for Sy Livingston, a dark haired blue eyed Englishmen. Another morning awakening to sounds of intense fucking from his next door neighbor’s flat in their shared Greenwich Village brownstone. The women were all the same only their names changed. It could have been any number of women Craig, the semi-rocker and self professed douche bag, managed to pick up from his last jam session while his beauty Creole girlfriend, Catalina, was away on an acting gig.
Catalina was one of the most attractive women Sy had ever met. Her slender frame stood barely 5’7”; she was a beautiful mix of French, Spanish and African-American with curves in all the right places. How she managed to sieve through all the decent men of the world and settle down with this lanky freeloader was beyond all reasonable explanation. And how he’d managed to let her go was stupidity personified.

Sy’s and Catalina’s first meeting was two years ago in the hallway of the brownstone when she was carrying heavy moving boxes to her flat as Sy was on his way to his photography studio. He helped her to her flat and asked her around for tea. He was surprised she accepted the invitation and they sat around his place talking for hours discussing everything from politics to the favors of gummi bears. He was taken in by her smile. She smiled with her entire face, her dark eyes danced and her laugh was hypnotic. Sy couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Even in common moving day attire, jeans, tee shirt and tennis shoes, she was drop dead gorgeous.

“What kind of photography do you specialize in?” she asked curling up on Sy’s oversized sofa where he sat beside her.

“I do mostly human life in motion, landscape and portraits but I can shoot just about anything. I would love you shoot you sometime.”

“Absolutely. I’m always in the market for new headshots. Being a stage actress is difficult without them. Hey, I’m performing in an off-broad way show tomorrow night if you want to go. We can get a late dinner or a cup of coffee afterwards.” Her Midwest innocence oozed from her pores.

Sy hesitated. “Tomorrow may not work for me. I have a late shoot and by the time I get back to the flat it’ll….”

“Nonsense. You’re coming. End of discussion.” She sprang from the sofa returning her mug to the kitchen.

“You’re going to make me do this aren’t you?” he followed.

“Yes and there’s no sense in you pouting about it because I’m not changing my mind.”

“I would put up a fight but I keep tripping on my damn British reserve,” he covered his face in irritation. “Fine, but promise me we won’t go to one of those dreadful cast dinners afterwards. I can’t stand those things.”

“No, I promise it will just be you and me. No one else. Deal?” she offered him a handshake.

He shook his head knowing he’d sealed his own doom, he shook her hand. “You win. What time do I have to be ready?”

“There’s 9:15 curtain call so we’ll leave around 8:00. There’s a cocktail mixer before hand.” She said as she walked pass him headed for the front door.

“I’ll be ready. Casual trousers and an Oxford should suffice?” he followed watching her shapely ass the entire way.

“Yeah, that’ll be fine,” she turned to him. “Oh, you can invite your girlfriend if you’d like.”

Half tempted to lye in an effort to conceal the fact that he hadn’t dated seriously on over two years since his sometime Lynn left for LA, Sy settled on the truth. “I don’t have a girlfriend. What about you? Can I expect your boyfriend to be tagging along with us?” he said throwing the ball back in her court.

“Nope, we’re in the same boat. Single and Sober.”

“The single bit I can handle but the sober part is questionable. Tomorrow night I plan on getting pretty skunked if I’m expected to sit through an off-broad way show. But for you I’d do anything.” He grinned.

“You’ll need it. The play is shit, just warning you,” she said kissing him on both cheeks. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See ya. If you need any help tonight please knock. I shouldn’t be too late.” He opened the door for her.

“Thanks I will.”

Chapter Two

As forewarned the play was shit. The only palatable moments came when Catalina took the stage and the curtain dropped putting Sy out of his misery. Catalina was an outstanding actress and the sooner the right producers found her the better. He wasn’t sure how much more of this dribble he could take. The audience thinned to a few people standing about chatting and Sy stood waiting for Catalina in the reception area. She appeared with a two other cast members, still in full stage makeup. Dread filled his stomach; he hoped to God they weren’t inviting him to a cast dinner.

“Gen, Mesha, this is Sy,” she gestured between them. “Sy, this is Gen and Mesha, fellow cast members.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you ladies. The show was…something else.” He said politely but Catalina knew better.

“It’s nice to meet you Sy,” a heavy voiced Mesha said as Gen was pulled away by another cast member. “Where are you from?”

“Surrey, England. I’m lived in New York for 5 years now.” Offering her as little detail about himself as socially acceptable. Her flirtation ways weren’t going to fuck up his chances with Catalina if he had anything to do with it.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Surrey. Maybe one day if you’re not busy you can show me around.” She shot a quick look to Catalina who without warning slipped her arm around Sy’s waist.

“If he’s available I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.” Catalina spoke up before Sy could utter a word. Not that he cared. Her retort sounded as good as any he would’ve come up with if not more polite.

“I see,” Mesha said looking them over. “Well, I’m off to the cast party. Are you two going to join us?”

“No!” they both answered in unison.

Resigned to the fact that she was getting nowhere with Sy, Mesha threw in the towel. “Fine, Catalina I’ll see you later. Sy, it was nice meeting you.” She walked away.

“Thank you for not making me go to that thing. The play was horrible and milling around with that crowd would have been the death of me.” He kissed Catalina on both cheeks.

“I didn’t want to go anymore than you. I have to wash this makeup off and I meet you back here in a second,” she kissed his lips. “Don’t go meeting any strange women while I’m gone.” She strolled away. Sy’s mouth would have hit the floor were it not for his British sullenness.

“Take your time. I’ll fend them off with my invisible rays of bullshit.” He called after her.

Minutes later she reappeared makeup free dressed in her street clothes with her long jet black hair flowing, her presence lighting the room with a warm glow with each step. In his eyes she was the manifestation of all that was right and pure. Unjaded, she’d yet to have her heart properly broken but given enough time the dating pool in the city would see to that. Sy felt a tightening in his stomach. Without blinking he quickly retrieved his camera from its holster and fired off a round of shots as she approached. Naturally beautiful. “What are you doing?” she beamed, taking his arm. “Do you take that thing everywhere you go?”

“Yes, I do. Human lives in motion remember?” Even at 12:30am the streets in Midtown were teeming with people. “I thought we’d get a bite over at Stage Deli. What do you think?” he beckoned a taxi but none were in service.

She pulled him close. “We can walk. It’s not that far. Besides, I need the exercise.”

“You have a fantastic body. What are you talking about.” He continued looking around for a taxi.

“It can always be improved. I’m not in Kansas anymore. I have to keep up with these city girls now. As such, I need to get at least one addiction and a felony charge under my belt before make it big.”

“I was sure they were handing those out with lease agreements nowadays. You’ve been slighted, sister. We’ll get you sorted out in no time.” He smiled down into her eyes fighting the urge to kiss her. If he’d only known she would have welcomed it.

Before long they stood staring at the long line awaiting service at Stage. “Okay, we’re not waiting. Now what?” Sy frowned.

“Street food.”

“Street food? You don’t mind eating food from a food stall?

“Why not. We’ll pick bits along the way to 30 Rock. You can take a few shots.”

This woman was too good to be true. She had to have a serious character flaw somewhere. It would have to be a pretty bad one. What was it? Did she club kittens in pillowcases? Rob pensioners of their lifesavings? This felt too good.

“Hello earth to Sy. What do you think? Street food?” she said bringing him around.

“Sure, that will be fine.”

“Where was your head?” she asked as they continued down the street.

“Where it generally spends most of it’s time. Securely in my ass.”

They walked and talked picking up hotdogs and nibbles along the way to Rockefeller Center where the warm ambient light and rich jazz spilled from the ice rink. Finding their seat on a bench overlooking complex, they sat chatting endlessly about everything and nothing, passing time without pressure to be anything except who they were. Catalina found Sy’s awkward British humor endearing. She could have listened to him go on about shutter speed and the development process all night. Sy found her optimistic outlook on life refreshing. She wasn’t the naïve little 30 year old girl he’d pinned her to be. She was Buddhist; everything is flowers and enlightenment to them! He was a member of the Church of England by forfeit, how a fence-sitter like him stumbled upon a peace-seeker like her was clear evidence that there were darker forces at work in the universe.

Catalina lifted Sy’s camera to her face, pointing in his direction. “What are you doing?” he reached for the camera, she moved out of his reach.

“I’m going to take a picture of you. Let’s see how you like it.”

“You’re going to hurt yourself. Give it back.”

“No, sit still. I want to capture this moment…just as you are.” She snapped a shot and lowered the camera slowly, her smile faded as she looked at Sy sitting grinning back at her. He was exactly what she wanted and didn’t need at this point in her life. Tall, fit, funny, smart, artistic, charismatic, well-mannered, and stunning. He’d have to stay in the friend zone.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing,” she walked back towards him, handing him the camera she reclined in his lap. He began braiding her hair. “Where did you learn to braid hair?”

“I was a photojournalist in India for a number of years. You’d be surprised what you’ll pick up when you’re at the mercy of a gaggle of schoolgirls. I can also name all of Ricky Martin’s sounds track by track.”

“That’s sad.”

“Yeah, well, they were vicious but at least I now have a party trick.”

Thirty minutes passed before either of them spoke; the smooth jazz filled the night air. “Kitty, we’d better get going.”

“How did you know that was nickname?” she sat up gathering her belongings.

“Catalina= Cat. Cat= Kitten. Kitten= Kitty,” he explained. It’s not rocket science, just perception.

She moved closer to him, looking up into his blue eyes. “And what are you reading from me right now?”

He held her face. “I see a very knackered beautiful woman who I’d better get home before I end up carrying.” He smiled down at her and turned to walk home.

“You’re right. I’m exhausted but I need a favor. I need your help setting up my bed, it’s still in pieces.”

“Sure it shouldn’t take that long. We’ll have it up in no time.”

Chapter Three

Staring down at the massive heap of wood and metal that was her bed, Sy looked to Catalina with disappointment. “Bollocks! I’m not doing this. You’re staying with me tonight. Grab your clothes. Tomorrow we’ll sort this out or hire someone to come around,” He walked out of her bedroom with no further discussion. “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you in a bit. Let yourself in. Fucking hell!” She heard her front door close, she from where she stood laughing. By the time Catalina eased into Sy bedroom he was already half asleep. He stirred as she slipped beneath the covers. “Go back to sleep, it’s me.” She whispered.

“Thank God. I thought Miss Roslyn from 16-A was on the attack again. Bitch.” He turned away from her and dozed off. She did the same.

Over the next six months they spend more time together than apart but none sexually. Their time was consumed with day-to-day activities. Getting to know one another as friends, grocery shopping, teaching her the layout of the city, her horrible plays eventually lead to better ones, photo shoots, helping her run lines, and finally putting together her bed which was of little use seeing that she'd spent almost every night cuddled next to him. The routine was the same. Call the other on the way home from work to check in, go home to their own apartments, tidy the place, check messages, cook or order dinner, chat and go to bed. Almost every night this took place without fail until Sy had to go away on a two month long assignment. While there was no commitment or sexual involvement between them there was a tension that arose as they stared this two month gap in the face. As fast as neither could dance around the fact that he was leaving the faster it approached demanding their attention. There was no way Sy could walk away without telling her how he felt. He was all she’d known since her first week in the city and she’d become his everything. With less than 10 hours before his departure each second became harder to bear.

“What’s wrong?” Sy asked as they lay in bed that rainy night.

“I’m going to miss you. We’ve never been apart this long. Only a day or two at a time and now you’ll be gone for two months. What am I going to do? Who’s going to make my morning tea?”

“You’ll have to manage on your own I’m afraid,” he tried to lighten her mood to no avail. He understood her feeling. He felt them himself. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t tease you. The time will fly by. You’ll see.” He kissed the top of her head. She snuggled into him. The night rain beat against the window cutting through the silence that hung over the room. “I love you Kitty.” He whispered.

“I love you too.” She replied. “What now?”

“Let’s wait and see where things are when I return.” At that she sat up against the headboard as did he. “Did I say something wrong? What’s the matter?”

“No, everything is fine it’s just that by the time you return I’ll be leaving for Greece. I’ve been offered a part in a show and it turns out that I’ll be leaving two weeks after you return.”

“How long will you be gone?”

“Three weeks tops.”

“Could we have chosen a worse time to start a relationship?” he smiled.

“I doubt it. I guess timing is everything.” she said lying flat on her back. Sy turned atop her brushing her face free of her hair.

“Yes, timing is everything and we’re got all the time in the world. Unless you plan on running off while I’m away.” He looked over every detail of her face.

“I’m not going anywhere. Look! I get goose bumps thinking about it.” she lifts her forearm, he kissed it tenderly.

“We still have time before I leave,” he kissed her. While this wasn’t the first time they’d kissed on the lips it was the first time tongues were involved. It was everything the other had hoped it would be, slow and unhurried. “I can’t believe you slept next to me for six months and I haven’t kissed you.”

“I was waiting for you to make a move. Damn British reserve.” She said as he slid down her naked body, kissing her tan skin along the way.

“Is that what I keep tripping on?” he replied lifting her legs over his shoulders, bringing her cleanly shaven pussy within perfect range. He kissed her inner thigh of her right leg; she inhaled and instinctively tightened her legs. Sy looked up into her eyes shaking his head. He kissed the inner thigh of her left leg. “No, baby. Open.” He whispered easing her legs apart. She melted into bed as she felt the gently touch of his lips kissing her pussy lips. She eagerly awaited the feel of his licking tongue. What she received was ten times more intense. His mouth was making love to her. His tongue slid fluidly around; in and out of her pussy until she completely relaxed and let him have his way. Kissing, sucking and licking while she panted lightly. Normally very vocal during sex, Catalina found that she couldn’t speak, she could barely maintain consciousness. Every time she attempted a word, he’d find a new spot and she’s fell mute again. She lay allowing him to feed on her, whimpering the occasional “Oh God.” as she came. Sy lovingly lapped at her pussy knowing he was blowing her mind. He’d silenced more than one woman in his 35 years of life.

He rose atop her, looking down into her serene face still lost in orgasm, unable speak. He watched her desperately trying to regain her senses, her body jerked slightly as she fought to form an auditable syllable. Elated, he said, “Don’t bother. It’ll wear off in a little while.” Catalina wasn’t amused.

“Wa-wa-wa” she struggled.

Sy shook his head grinning wickedly. “Let me guess. You want water. Your throat is a little dry. Feeling a bit parched. Yeah, I have that effect on women. Be right back.”

Returning to the bed, he found her sitting up. “Here drink up,” In a matter of minutes their relationship had changed in a way he wasn’t expecting. When they’d awoken that morning they were the best of friends, and now they’d committed themselves to one another. Catalina sat drinking down the rest of her water, handing the glass back to Sy. He held the side of her face; she leaned into his hand, the pain of the implementing separation and uncertainty etched on her smooth skin. Her brows wrinkled fending off tears.

“Catalina, don’t cry. I’ll be back. And when I do we can pick up where we left off. Nothing will change.” He brushed her tears away from her eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she closed her eyes as the last of her tears fell. “I’m going to miss you so much.” She kissed his lips.

Gently laying her flat, he positioned himself on top of her kissing her as if this were the last time. Roping her arms around his neck, she gave herself to him. Sy slid his large cock into her pussy with a low moan of long awaited pleasure. Carefully moving in and out, archiving every inch of her pussy. His thrust mirrored her throaty cries as he continued feasting on her mouth. The unearthly bliss she felt as his thickness played her pussy and clit was magical. All of the months of waiting had come to this; him dripping in and out of her wetness with such skill it rendered them both speechless. With each thrust her pussy quivered with his cock pumping deeper and deeper into her, mercilessly working over clit until she could handle it no any it no more.

“Sy, oh!” she called. He drove harder gathering her legs in his arms without missing a beat. “I’m cum, keep going…Ohhh fuck!” her pussy gushed her juices, covering his cock. “Please don’t stop.”

“I had no plans on stopping baby. Damn, you feel good,” he said turning her over flat onto her stomach and began thrusting into her once more, her cute round ass giggling with each motion. She cried out to him for more, harder. Her walls squeezing his cock, milking him as only a perfectly primed pussy could. “Oh shit I’m cumming.” He cried into the side of her head as his orgasm claimed him, shooting loads of cum deep into her. Shot after shot filled her setting off two orgasms for her.

He calmed himself inside of her, and then rolled sideways into his back exhausted. She curled into his side kissing his chest. “I must really love you woman. I’ve never done that before.”


“Cum into side of a woman. You’re my first. I’m no longer a virgin.”

“Glad I could help.” He pulled her close. They lay silently, neither able to sleep. “Tomorrow won’t be like this. You’ll be gone.” She said softly.

“You have the key. Let yourself in.”

“I know but it won’t be the same.” She whispered. Sy could feel her tears drip onto his bare chest.

“Baby, please don’t. You’re breaking my heart.