Interracial Erotica


Stories with an urban twist geared towards the city folks.

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    Diary of a Reformed Harlot: Part Eight

    The True and Unabridged Diary of Lena Amelia James, Reformed Harlot.

    House Calls

    When physician Ryan Mason agreed to fill in for his vacationing father, he never expected to meet anyone like Leigh Gordon.

    Diary of a Reformed Harlot: Part Seven

    The True and Unabridged Diary of Lena Amelia James, Reformed Harlot.

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    In Rapid Succession

    With delicate steps, I move to the oak, double door and softly drag one side open. I take her by the arm pulling her in quickly because Butch has started to bark. Holding the crook of her elbow, I help her cross the threshold and Mrs. Wright’s soft, blond curls are tousled and mussed—it adds to her beauty.

    Good Morning: Part Four

    The morning began when he became overwhelmed with the vision lying next to him. Passion was ignited and the journey continues...

    Good Morning: Part Three

    The journey continues as these interracial lovers are engulfed in morning bliss.

    Good Morning: Part Two

    The arousal brought on by the beauty lying next to him has begun to stir.  It is time to show what making love is all about.

    Chasing Fairy Tales

    How do you tell someone you want to be fucked within an inch of your life without sounding like a total whore? This was Alison's dilemma with Matt. Then, in walked AJ. A gal has to have choices, right?

    Good Morning: Part One

    The serenity of a day dawning with a beautiful goddess next to him is all the inspiration he needs...

    Caress My Body: Part Two

    Jonas Thorn walks into his house after being out of the country for two years to find a half naked woman dancing in front of his fireplace. Thinking he's gotten an early gift...that is until said woman turn around and throws a candle stick holder at his head....

    Waterfall 5: One Big Happy Family?

    Lee moves in with  Doc and Emily....can this work?

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