IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Sinfully Satisfying

Chapter One

Saturday night bar hopping in Las Vegas with his fellow WASPy comrades for Chad’s official stag night was the last thing Blake wanted yet that’s exactly where he found himself. They descended on what the neon sign claimed to be the best elite gentleman’s club on the strip. High-end or backyard dive, Blake found little pleasure in strip clubs period. Nevertheless he would be the pallbearer at his friend’s funeral---wedding within a week’s time. Marrying to advance his career was a lame reason for Chad to marry; he finally caved to his family’s pressure. It was just a matter of time before Blake would fold as well.

The dimly lit club hosted the typical booty shakers…bouncy artificially enhanced blondes with low IQs and even lower morals. They walked through the sea of groping ‘gentlemen’ offering lap dances. None caught Blake’s except a tall leggy African-American goddess wearing a black barely-there fringy skirt that sat well below her belly button over a black thong with matching bra that did its best to hold her full chest and black heels. Her long wavy brown hair moved as she walked and unlike the other woman she was all natural but it was her cat green eyes that took his breath away. She made her way through the tables, several men attempted to secure her services but she dismissed them with a kind smile and kept on her way to the bar.

Young, old, Black, White, Asian, low class and upper-class approached her but she refused them all. She sat drinking a bottle of water, Blake sat watching her. He’d always been attracted to Black woman however within his social class mixing of the races was an unspoken no-no. That being the case most WASP married WASP and found their satisfaction with their minority mistresses. There was something different about this woman. The other women gave attention to anyone who’d have them but she was selective. Then Blake noticed…she turned down anyone who touched her.

Blake called for the club owner. What arrived was a skinny weasel of a man who was dwarfed by Blake’s 6’2” well-defined body. “How much for your ultra private room?” Blake asked.

“I don’t understand what you mean by ultra private room.”

“Don’t play stupid with me. I want a room with no cameras. How much?” frowned Blake.

The owner gave a knowing smile. “It depends on which girl you have in mind.”

“Her, I want her.” He gestured towards the bar.

“I see. It will cost you 4000.00 an hour.”

Unmoved Blake retrieved his American Express. “Give me three hours.”

“Yes sir. But I have to warn you, she has never entertained anyone in that room.”

Blake’s blue eyes sliced through the weasel-man. “Even better.”

“As you wish. Would you like to invite your friends?”

“No. Tell them I’ve gone back to the hotel.”

“Yes sir. Right this way.” The owner said as he motioned for Blake to follow him. Once in the dimly lit Euro room, he sat waiting. The door opened, she walked in rather sheepish but no less stunning.

“Hello. Oh there’s just one of you. I’d expected more people.” She smiled as she made eyes contact with him.

“No, there’s just me. I hope you’re not disappointed.”

“No, I’m a little nervous. I’ve never done this before.” She leaned against the back of the door.

“Done what?”

“This. Rumor has it that the girls who come back here are paid to have sex with the clients. There’s no refusing. You have to perform. I don’t do that. I don’t…”

“I don’t want sex. Please sit, I won’t hurt you.” He gestured to the wrap around sofa. She sat four feet away from him, positioned her legs as not to flash her naughty bits and rubbed her arms. “You are cold. Here take my jacket.” He handed her his black sports coat careful not to touch her in anyway. She wrapped it around her semi-nude body.

“Thank you. I’ll try not to get any of the body shimmer on it. I don’t want your wife or girlfriend to find out what you’ve been up to.” Her almond eyes smiled into his.

“I’m not married and I don’t have a girlfriend. If I did then I wouldn’t be here.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend, you’re not married and you don’t want sex. What do you want? Why did you ask for me?”

Blake thought for a second. Why had he asked for her time? “To be honest with you, I don’t know what I want. I watched you as walked to the bar and….I wanted to….”

“You wanted to talk to me.” She cut him off with a grin.

“Yeah, I wanted to talk to you without all of the bullshit. No stage name, no lap dances just you. Is that against the rules because I can kick the owner’s ass and we can be done with it. He’s a prick. I’ve been looking for an excuse to punch him all night.”

She burst into laughter and he rejoiced in its sound. “I feel the same way. He gets on my last nerve. He’s always coming on to me and he’s so slimy. I can’t wait until May, after graduation I’m out of here.” She moved closer to him, the lights dancing off of her bronze legs.

“What’s your major?”

“Chemistry, I have two months left to go.”

“Undergrad studies?”

“No, graduate studies. My body is going to wear out one day, I need a backup plan. By the way my name is Erica, Erica Carrie.” She extended her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Erica. I’m Blake Middleton.” He took her hand careful not to hold it one second too long for fear of upsetting her. “If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“I’m 27. How old are you?”

“28. I live in New York. I’m here for my friend’s stag party. I don’t really care for stag nights; it all seems so desperate, kind of like marching to your own death without the benefit of actually dying. Do you know what I mean?”

“No, I don’t but you are one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.” She laughed moving closer to him. “So are you against marriage as a whole?” Blake could just make out the sight of her inner thigh. He relaxed and leaned closer to her.

“No, not really. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. If you haven’t noticed I’m White. I mean I’m not regular White…I’m White-White. I’m DAR, fresh off the Mayflower, blonde haired, blue eyed White. Need I continue because I can.” He ranted for her enjoyment.

“No you can stop there, I get it. So you don’t want to marry a White lady is that it?”

Blake sat back on the sofa, covered his eyes in frustration hoofing a long breath. “No, yes…I don’t know. All I know for certain is that I don’t know. I want the freedom to be with whomever I want, to figure out what I want. I’m not making any sense am I? How am I supposed to make a decision if I haven’t tried anything outside of the norm?”

“I understand. You’re trying to find yourself. It’s the same with me. I dropped out of school for a year and then went back for a completely different field. My family freaked and cut me off financially and now I’m dancing to help make ends meet until graduation. So you see we aren’t that different in some ways. We’re both finding our way.”

Blake sat up, looked in her warm green eyes, smiled and said softly, “Yeah I guess so.”

The hours slipped by as they continued to talk. Their conversation moved along with ease. He explained his day-to-day life working for his family’s magazine, his childhood, his friends, his family pressure, books and travels. She spoke of her family displeasure with her career path, her photography hobby, her writing and her dreams of traveling to Nepal.

They laughed and connected and before long neither realized that they’d been touching one another without recoil. She played in his hair. He fondled her fingers. She complimented him on the smoothness of his hands. He returned the compliment by commenting on the beauty of her laughter. Both wanted more; neither knew how to ask for it. She wanted nothing more than for him to kiss her. He didn’t want to come off too pushy.

Finally she made the move. Already sitting damn near in his lap, she held his face, bringing his lips to hers. He kissed and sucked her pillow soft lips, his tongue gently diving into hers.

“Oh my God.” Erica moaned softly as their mouths made love to one another. He was the best kisser she’d ever had. He held her face in one hand while holding the back of her head with the other, dragging her further and further into ecstasy. His erection grew but he dared not act on it. Her moaning was driving him crazy. He wanted her but not like this, not here in the backroom of a strip club. She deserved better than that besides the spermy environment sickened him.

Her chest heaved, her nipples ached for release, and her pussy throbbed for his touch but he wouldn’t touch her below her shoulders. Removing his coat draped around her, Erica took his hand; gradually leaning back she opened her legs and guided his hand to the thin piece of fabric covering the slick entrance of her pussy. She wanted him to make the next move. He positioned himself atop her, looking into her eyes he asked, “Can I?”

“Yeah.” She conceded.

Blake moved her thong aside exposing her wet pussy. She panted heavily as he eased his fingers into her slowly as if this were the last time he’d have this pleasure. She rolled like a serpent under his masterful care. He watched his fingers exit and disappear between her glossy brown pussy lips; he watched her tits and nipples rise in excitement, her head thrown back, and her eyes closed in an erotic haze, her legs parted for his amusement. Having sex with her was the last thing on his mind, watching her lost in whatever she was experiencing was enough for him.

“Blake, kiss me,” She moaned. He devoured her mouth, softly sucking her lips “Oh shit, I’m cumming.” She whispered against his lips.

“Cum for me.” He increased the thrust of his fingers and rubbed his thumb over her clit. Her legs began to tremble, the walls of her pussy squeezed his finger, her hands clutched sofa as her powerful orgasm consumed her. Blake pressed his lips on hers muffling her cries. He could have cum just from watching her. Her breathing slowed, he removed his fingers and lye atop her quivering body, kissing her tenderly until she regained her senses.

“I shouldn’t have done this. This isn’t me.” She frowned, too ashamed to even make eyes contact with him.

He turned her face to his and whispered, “I didn’t plan on this happening and neither did you. It happened. I don’t regret it but I am sorry that it happened here. This isn’t what I wanted. I like you. I wanted to get to know you, to talk to you. I apologize if you feel I’ve taken advantage of you. That wasn’t my intension.” She puckered and he kissed her over and over again.

Caught between shame and desire she asked, “Then what do you want?” Before he could answer there came a knock at the door.

“Hey times up. Let’s go.” A deep voice called.

Avoiding his eyes, Erica rose from her position and collected herself. “I’d better go. It’s was nice to meet you Blake.”

“Wait!” he yelled, misjudging his volume.

“Hey times up!” the voice demanded. Erica didn’t know whether she was coming or going.

“Shut the hell up! I’m not done!” Blake screamed at the voice. He quickly retrieved his business card from his wallet and jotted down his hotel and mobile number. “I’m not due back in New York for another week. I’ll stay here if you promise I’ll see you again.”


“No, not sex. I want to see you again. Maybe dinner or…I don’t know. Promise me, I’ll see you.”

She smiled at the sincerity in his eyes and kissed him while taking his card. “I’ll call you and if you’re still in Vegas then you’ve got yourself a date.”

“If you call me, I’ll change your life forever.”

Chapter Two

Sunday came and went along with his friends and Monday drug on with no call from Erica. Blake had resigned himself to the fact that he’d been played and made arrangements to return home the next morning. The phone rang as he sat in bed reviewing the magazine layout for next month’s issue.


“Hi Blake. It’s Erica. Sorry if I caught you at a bad time.”

“Not at all. I’m working. I can take a break. Wow, I didn’t think I’d be hearing from you again.”

“I’m sorry about not calling you. I’ve been stuck in study groups for the last couple of days. I would like to see you, that is if you’re not too pissed off with me.”

His stomach dropped. It was going on 10:00pm. He didn’t want to invite her to his room; that would seem too much like a booty-call. “Sure, I’d like to see you. What do you have in mind?”

“A few members from my study group are meeting for coffee. I’d like you to join me.”

“That sounds better than anything I had planned tonight. Where should I meet you?”

“I’m downstairs in your lobby. Throw some clothes on, nothing fancy and let’s go. I’m driving.” She laughed.

Blake jumped from the bed and hunted for clothing. “Yes ma’am. I’ll see you in a bit.” He threw on a pair of jeans and a casual button down shirt, and ran his fingers through his short blonde hair.

“You look amazing.” He said as he approached Erica with her hair pulled back into a ponytail standing into lobby dressed in dark blue jeans, a slightly oversized pale blue tunic and a pair of Keds. He kissed both of her cheeks.

“You flatter me. I told you nothing fancy, it’s just a group of us nerds meeting for coffee. I hope we don’t bore the pants off of you.” She said almost apologetically.

He watched her lips moving, he fought his desire to kiss her. “That’s nonsense. Thank you for the invitation. I was getting ready to throw myself from the window just as you rang. It’s been a long day but now things are looking up. I can’t believe you called.” He said as they walked to her car.

“I can’t believe you thought I wouldn’t. I let you finger me, the least I could do was call you,” she said as they entered the car. “Besides I kind of like you. You treated me like a person not a piece of meat. That felt nice.”

“There was something about you. You weren’t like the other strippers.”

“You mean I didn’t come off like a whore. I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should! Those women were damn nasty! I wanted to get tested for VD as soon as I walked through the door. Why in hell’s name are you working there?”

“Paying bills. School isn’t free Mr. Money Bags. Most of us weren’t as fortunate are you to have parents paying for their Ivy League education. Some of us have to work.” She poked fun at him.

“Don’t try that with me gorgeous! You come from an upper-middle class family, your education was almost as good as mine and you had a full ride that you threw away. So don’t give me that ‘I’m so poor BS’ because you don’t fool me. The only difference in us is our skin color.” He retorted.

“That’s not the only difference. I dance on poles and you watch them.” she laughed.

“My God, you’re sick in the head. Where do you come up with this stuff?”

“I spend my days with the educated elite and my nights with the bottom feeders. And then you came along and messed me up.”

“How so?”

“I can’t stop thinking about our conversation or the orgasm but more so the conversation.”

Blake turned to her as they pulled into a parking space at a local diner and with all sincerity said, “I meant what I said. If you give me a chance I’ll change your life forever,” Erica met his eyes and gave a faint smile. “I’m serious. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I will.”

She kissed his lips softly. “Come on before they come out to get us.”

Walking into the busy diner, Blake expected her group of friends to gasp at the sight of her accompanying a White man to their table. A White man not White-Chocolate. But what he found was a diverse gathering of people from all walks of life and none surprised by his presence. A middle-age White lady, a young Indian man, a thirtyish African-American man, one older White man and a younger White guy all greeted him as if they’d known him forever. After the initial introductions and icebreakers the conversation returned to their project.

Blake was fascinated by the group dynamics. Surrounded by a group of intellectuals chatting about God knows what, he couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Erica was one of the smartest of them all. It was hard to believe she danced for a living. Then the conversation shifted to world news, global warming, books, history and general banter. Their conversation was void of the meaningless, ego driven bragging that came with his crowd. They pass the night laughing and chatting and before long Blake felt like he belonged to this world not the one he’d left in New York.

Erica rested her head on his shoulder; he kissed the top of her head and whispered, “Are you tired?”

“No, just laying on you.” She smiled up at him. He kissed her lips and rejoined the discord.

It was close to 3:00am when they returned to his hotel. On the drive back he offered her his bed for the night because he didn’t feel comfortable with her driving home alone so late at night. Normally when she worked late nights at the club she’d stay at a friend’s apartment but not tonight.

“You can have the bed. I’ll sleep on the couch and if you need the bathroom it’s just there and I’ll grab you a shirt to sleep in.” He pointed to around the corner to the large bathroom.

“Do you mind if I shoot off a few emails?”

“No, go right ahead and I’ll hop in the shower.”

30 minutes later she emerged from the bathroom draped in oversized white tee-shirt to find him sitting on the foot of the bed flipping through the channels. He scanned her from head to toe as she walked towards him until she stood between his legs. He held her by the backs of her creamy brown thighs, her erect nipples pressing against the fabric of his shirt. She was more beautiful then he imagined. “You look….Wow.” he whispered.

“Thank you. You look…Wow too,” she smiled. “Come on, you can sleep with me. You don’t have to sleep on the sofa.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind crashing on the sofa it’s comfortable in a hotel kind of way.” He joked as she crawled underneath the covers not replying to his last comment. “Fine, have it your way. I’m warning you, I snore like a beast.”

“I’ll take my chances. Hold me.” She said easing into his muscular arms, resting her head on his bare chest and rubbing her feet on his legs.

“Jesus, I thought only White girls had cold feet! Why are women’s feet always so cold?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had a woman rub her feet on me. You’ve got a lot to learn about women.”

“I guess so. I know that the one I have in my arms is fascinating. I don’t think I’ll look at strippers the same again. You’re so multidimensional, I’m impressed.”

“Thank you. You’re no so bad yourself. You surprised me tonight. I thought you’d be uncomfortable around the group but you fit right in, they liked you. Thank you for coming. I had a great time. You stocked me when you kissed me in front of everyone.” She hugged him tighter.

“I don’t know where that came from, it came naturally. I love kissing you. I get turned on thinking about it.” He rubbed her arms.

A few moments passed before she asked, “This isn’t just experimenting for you is it? You’re not like the other WASPy guys who only want one night with an African-American just to say they’ve had the experience. I can’t see you sleeping with someone based solely on that reason.” She kissed his chest.

“Does it show? I thought I hid it better. I’ll have to remember to cover my tracks. I’ve always been attracted to Black women but growing up that way I did, I didn’t have the opportunity to date anyone outside of my race. And my family would loose it! They’re not racist but you would not be welcomed into the herd…well I take that back. They’d employ you but at the end of the night you’d have to leave. Which I find comical because they belong to a handful of charitable organizations that preach tolerance, freedom and ‘We don’t see color’ BS. If you don’t see color then how can you appreciate what makes that group of people special, how can you respect their heritage? What a joke.”

“That’s the way most people are. Mixing of the races is fine as long as it’s not too close to home.” Her stomach tightened, he turned her face to his and kissed her lips softly.

“I’m not like them. I respect them because they’re my parents but I’m not like them. I was born rich not racist.”

“Yeah but you still can’t keep your eyes off of me.” She laughed.

He flipped atop her and kissed her playfully. “That’s because you’re gorgeous not because you’re Black. Okay maybe its a little of both but more so because you’re fucking hot. I just want to see your body.” At that she removed her tee-shirt and lay completely nude under him. He sat back on his knees admiring her flawlessly smooth curvy chocolate frame, watching her hard nipple rise and fall with each shallow breath.

“Do you like what you see?” she smiled.

“Oh my God,” he stared on in amazement. “You’re perfect. Turn over please.” She rolled over onto her stomach, he ran his hands up and down her long body, down her shoulders, her back, and her lower back and down to her juicy round ass which he gripped lightly and kissed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re perfect.”

Erica turned over on her back. “Thank you. I’m glad I meet your approval.” She managed before he leaned down and kissed her passionately. “Oh shit, here we go again. Blake, I’ve never had a man kiss me like you. You're going to make me cum.” She panted. He quickly removed his sleeping shorts to reveal his long thick cock. “Oh shit.” She moaned.

“Surprised?” he smirked.

“Oh yeah.” she panted before he began sucking her lips.

“Are you on the pill?”


“Good.” He said sliding his cock into her pussy. They both groaned aloud. Erica’s legs shook at the unexpected pain his cock unleashed. She instinctively threw her arms and legs around him, pressing him into her. Bracing himself against the mattress he rocked into her. Her pussy sensually sucking his cock in and out as her hips rose to meet his demands; her legs drew him in closer, and her nipples pressed against his chest. He moaned for her and she called to him, neither was prepared for the unbridled satisfaction they were experiencing.

“Erica, you feel so good. Are you happy? Am I good enough for you?” his deep voice whispered in her ear sending her into a mind-bending orgasm. Her head pressed into the pillow, her fingers bearing down on his back, her breath short and shallow; her mouth opened but there were no words. “I’ll take that as a yes.” As bad as he wanted to cum, he held off. Every minute that went by seemed better than the last.

“Oh keep going. Blake, I’m cumming. Oh God, I’m cumming.” She called to him.

“Fuck baby, you’re so beautiful when you cum. You’re so beautiful I could watch you all night.” She pulled her own hair as his words gave rise to another orgasm, this time he felt it coming, her slick walls messaged his pulsating cock slipping in and out of her, deeper and deeper it moved, with each stroke bringing them both to the point of no return. “Erica, I’m about to cum…Oh fuck I’m cumming!” he released wave after wave of his cum into her, repeatedly screaming her name.

“Oooohhh Blake, I’m cumming!” the warmth of his cum hit every corner of her pussy, she wanted more, she milked him dry. He collapsed on top of her, holding her by the sides of her face, he kissed her tenderly as his cock settled inside of her. She ran her hands through his hair. What they’d experienced was an unspeakable taboo. Neither had been with another outside of their race and for Erica’s part Blake was her second lover. Poor Blake could hardly focus. He’d just made love to the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and she was African-American…but more so, she was an exceptional person that captured his attention.

“I shouldn’t have done that.” He said against her shoulder.

“Why? Are you regretting it already? Your dick is still in me.”

He kissed her lips softly. “No, I don’t regret it. Now I know for sure I don’t want to let you go.” He smiled down at her.

“Is that all it took? Blazing sex?”

“Pretty much. You almost had with your wit and intelligence but the blazing sex sealed your fate. You’re mine now, I’m not letting you go.” He reveled in her giggles. “I’m going to get a big ass letter ‘B’ stitched onto all of your clothing so everyone will know that you belong to me.”

“Kind of like what the Nazis made the Jews wear?” she laughed.

“Sort of, but not as offensive and socially unacceptable.” He said to her amusement. “I’m only kidding about the patch but you do realize that you belong to me now and as such I have to apologize to you. I didn’t plan of us having sex…like this…not the first time.”

“What did you have in mind for the first time?”

“Dinner, dancing, and lots of wine because I doubted you’d sleep with me any other way and then I’d seduce you with my manly charm. I didn’t want to give you coffee and a shag.”

She playfully pushed him off of her. “You’re a sicko and you know you’re handsome, I don’t have to tell you that. I saw the other dancers in the club watching you.”

“They wanted my money and you wouldn’t give me the time of day. Why?”

Erica tuned to him, her smile fading with each passing second. “Because.”

Blake raised her chin to meet her eyes. “Because what?”

“Because guys like you don’t go for women like me. You want the tall, blonde with fake boobs not tall, Black and natural. And you certainly wouldn’t take me home to your parents.” She tried to rise from the bed but he pulled her down and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her neck from behind.

“First of all Black woman, I don’t like blondes. Second, I don’t like fake anything. Fake hair, fake nail or fake boobs…I don’t like any of it that’s why you caught my eye. Third, you couldn’t take me home to your parents either so don’t pull the race card with me sweetheart.”

“Yeah, you’re right. They’d flip. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.” She snickered and snuggled into his chest. “So what now?”

“Well I’ll stay here a few more days and then I have to be back in New York for Chad’s wedding which I’m sure you’d love to attend with me.”

“Not really.”

“Okay, so after the wedding I’ll fly back here to spend time with you. How’s that sound?”

“That sounds like a plan but I have classes Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday and I work Friday and Saturday nights.”

“Yeah about that. I don’t want you working there anymore. You don’t need the money, trust me. I told you that I’d change your life…well consider it changed.”

“So you want me to be what exactly? Your girlfriend?” she chuckled.

“Something like that. We’ll see where things go but for right now I want you safe, I want you financially worry free and moreover I want you to finish your studies. I want you kept.”


He turned her face to meet his, “Kept.”

“You want me to be your hired whore on demand? Someone for you to come play with when no one is looking? She kissed his lips.

“No! Is that the way it came out?! Fuck no, that’s not what I want! If I wanted that then I could have gotten a prostitute. Erica, I want to get to know you without the interference from our families and I don’t want you to work in that club anymore because it’s beneath you and it takes away from your studies. Look, I’m still trying to find my way in life and so are you. I’m saying, why don’t we figure it out together and hit a few speed bumps along the way. And hopefully by the time we sort this all out our families will either have come around or have died off so we can get on with life.”

“You want to kill my parents?”

“No, well not both of them just your Dad only because he drove you to pole dancing, that’s totally his fault. I don’t care what my daughter ever does; I’ll never allow her to end up on a pole shaking her ass for men or women for that matter. We’ll let your Mom live for now, she’s in the clear.” He said flipping on top of her again. She settled in beneath him.

“You sure know how to flatter a woman. Talk of first-degree murder, blinding sex and an indecent proposal all in one night.”

She groaned as he slid his cock into pussy. “I finger-fucked you within three hours of meeting you. I hope you didn’t mistake me for a boy scout.”

Erica released a low purr. “I don’t know what to make of you but…ooohhh shit…right now you’re fucking me up. I love the way your cock stretches me open. Turn me over; I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Positioning himself behind her gave him the perfect opportunity to watch her ass bounce as he pumped into her. This separated her from all the other women he’d been with...Erica enjoyed him watching her move and she didn't mind having the lights on as they made love. She took pleasure in seeing his facial expressions as he discovered this new side of himself.

Blake’s heart raced, he could barely contain himself. Erica was everything he’d wanted in a woman and her nice juicy ass staring back at him as he dug into her was driving him mad. The way his white cock looked slipping between her bronze cheeks making her beg for more, the way she bit into the pillow and clawed at the sheets, the way his hands looked moving up and down her silky back and the way she ground her ass back against him; he knew there was no way in hell he’d let her go, fuck their families. Inside and out she possessed all the qualities he wanted in a woman.

Her pussy tightened around him. “Sweetie, are you about to cum? Tell me. I want to hear you say it.” He leaned over into her ear. She reached back and held him by his thigh, pulling him into her.

“Blake, deeper, harder. Oh God baby I’m cumming, oh shit. Harder harder. Fuck me. Don’t stop. Oh shit!” she moaned half out of her wits.

Unable to handle her suckling pussy any longer, he flooded her in four violent shots and collapsed on her back exhausted.

Chapter Three

Over the next four days Blake and Erica spent almost every waking and sleeping second together. She quit her job, he moved her out of her apartment she shared with a fellow chemistry major and moved her into a private loft in an exclusive area on the outskirt of the city closer to the university. They were in the middle of purchasing furniture when Blake had to return home for Chad’s wedding. Saying goodbye was the hardiest thing either of them had to do.

That was six years, two homes, one move to Scottsdale, two dogs, 2.5 degrees, three trips to Nepal and one life changing promise ago. What hadn’t changed was Blake’s bicoastal living arrangement. Now living in Scottsdale, Erica worked as a chemist for a bioengineering firm, far from her days working as a stripper in Vegas while Blake and his sister took over managing control of their family’s magazine, with the assistance from the board, following the death of his Father. Like clock work he spent two days a week in New York and the rest of his time in Arizona. Holidays and birthdays were spent with each other, not their families.

Away from the evil eyes of the country club members and away from her judgmental family, they’d established a happy life together. No one, outside of a few close friends, knew about their relationship nor did they feel the need to include others. What they shared was deeper than anyone would be able to understand. They’d grown together and as individuals. With her, Blake didn’t have to be anyone; the person he was had always been enough. He wasn’t Blake Middleton, son and heir of a top magazine dynasty. He was Blake, the guy who takes his coffee black and who was allergic to fabric softener. With him, Erica found a true friend and lover who wasn’t threatened by the size of her brain anymore than he admired the sway in her hips. She could be exactly who she was without criticism, he never judged her nor did he ever break a promise.

Like every relationship, theirs ups and down but there was no mention of ending it nor was there pressure for them to marry. As a matter of fact neither ever mentioned marriage at all. What they had was perfect.

Blake’s flight arrived earlier than normal. Erica was still at work when he settled on the sofa after letting the dogs out. By the time she walked through the door he’d cooked dinner and had gone to bed. None of his Wall Street buddies would have ever guessed this was his life away from the bright lights of Time Square. Yet here he was in the life he'd planned with the woman of his dreams.

“I didn’t hear you come in.” Blake said as Erica entered their bedroom.

She leaned down kissing him tenderly and reclined beside him. “I wasn’t excepting you until later tonight. Why are you home so early?”

“I quit. I sold my half of the business to my sister. I’m done.” He smiled into her eyes.

“You did it. You really did it,” she covered her mouth. “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you. We’re never going back to New York, let’s sell the house on Long Island and say to hell with it.”

“Sounds like a plan. So now what are you going to do with your time?”

He flipped out top on her. “I was thinking about that on the way home. I don’t really know. I never had to work in the first place, that’s what my trust fund was for; working was for fun more then anything else. Now with the sell of my interest in the business the next 10 generations of our children won’t have to work a day in their spoiled lives.” He managed between kisses. “I thought about becoming a painter or starting my own boy band," he chuckled. "But first I have to do something I should have done years ago.”

“What’s that?”

“Marry you and start a family.” He said sincerely.

Her heart dropped, she searched his face and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Yes, I want to marry you and start having children. I could have asked you years ago but you know me, I don’t like to rush things.”

“You finger-fucked me within three hours of meeting me.” She frowned playfully.

“Okay, you got me there but that doesn’t change the way I feel about you. What do you say?”

“Yes, I will. Was there ever any question?”

“Not really but I figured I’d better ask ahead of time,” his grin faded. “I love you Erica.”

“I love you Blake. Thank you for being you.” Her green eyes filled with joy.