Interracial Erotica

Dirk Baker

The long and short about me....I am make an ex CIA mercenary named Dirk who for the last few months has moonlighted as Tracy's poolboy...nuff said.

When Tracy frees me from her death grip, I'm a graphic artist. Check out my site:

 Articles by this Author

Initiating Sarah

One weekend visit combined with a dash of B&D is about to take former college roommates Lisa, Kelly and Sarah are about to their relationship to a whole other level. Nothing heavy, just fingertips, tongues, and the light caress of feathers on helpless bodies....

Teasing Bobby

Bobby considered himself the luckiest guy in the world. He had just graduated High School and was all set to start college in the fall. His father’s influence and wealth had guaranteed him placement at a top Ivy League school out East, and he had an entire summer to just lounge about and explore every inch of his girlfriend Sarah’s sexy body.

This was the best time of year for Sarah. A natural born cock tease, with a figure that could stop traffic, and a wardrobe that did little to contain or conceal it, she loved to torment any hapless male that crossed her path. She loved being with Bobby in his large, expensive house with a pool out back, and the kind of furniture you were supposed to look at but not actually use. Coming from a blue collar background, Bobby was quite the catch for her, but then again, he never really had a chance, did he? He was in her History class and she had been clever enough to be sure she was sitting right next to him. He couldn’t miss her deep, well tanned cleavage, or skirts to short, her legs (sometimes sheathed in nylon thigh highs) had to be kept tightly crossed. Heels of at least four inches typically completed the outfit.

Nurse Lisa's Plaything

Adorable nurse Lisa and her group of about 8 nurses have a very discrete arrangement amongst themselves regarding taking advantage of their charges. What will their helpless 'victim' do? Come inside and enjoy.... 

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