Interracial Erotica

Precious A Powell

Precious A Powell (snowflake) was born in the year of 1968. She grew up with her grand mother who was a Native American Indian “Schaghticoke”. She has a twin sister and also has three sons. Six brothers. Educated in Fairfield County School Systems.

Precious has always enjoyed story telling; from her great grand mother Princess Wingaook from the Schaghticoke tribe, who came from New Milford Connecticut. "I used to beg my Nana to let me tell me a bedtime story." Precious recalls. As a child, I wrote stories and essays and, beginning at the age of ten, keeping a journal, I used to sit and watch my father Takoda write for hours at a time about his feelings and about the people, he loved.

I never planned on writing; I have a hard time with words some times when I speak. I like to say something but when I talk I get nervous and then the words are all scrambled together and then I need to repeated my self a few times for someone to understand what I am saying to them at times.

Precious’s Goal is to be a sexual therapist and to own a farm one day. Precious." Describing herself as a shy person who would generally prefer to stay at home with her computer and television, she explains, "journalism forces me to talk openly about feelings people have and scared to express there feelings or do any thing dangerous, for the fear of the public or peer pressure. Precious also owns a Adult toy store called and specially in over 5000 products from DVD's to Toys and etc you name she has it on her web site; She also states there more to adult pleasure then just toys so check her web site out for your self.

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