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    Plagiarism is the New Black

    What is Plagiarism?
    Plagiarism is taking the writings or literary ideas of another and selling and/or publishing them as one's own writing.

    Hmmm, I guess 'Elizabeth Summers' and her gaggle of fuckwits didn't get the memo.

    Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Pecan Crust

    More from Magnolia: Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Pecan Crust.
    This cheesecake has been a huge success at the bakery since its introduction. It is a lovely dessert for an autumn dinner party. I love to make cheesecakes when I’m entertaining because they can be made one to two days in advance, before guests even arrive.—Allysa Torey

    A Time for Everything

    This isn't a hot & sexy story. It's more or less an emotional brain dump that began as a blog post but quickly mushroomed into what you see here. I promised I'd write it and I've done my duty. Read at your own risk.

    7 Tips to Help You "Score" on a Date

    A basic primer on several techniques to assist you in assuring that the night will end in passion.

    The Super-Mega™ author gal pals chat about the dearth of heroine models and the evolution of the alpha heroines. Enjoy!

    Tracy's Guide To Corsets

    Per Your Request: A guide for purchasing, lacing, and caring for your corsets plus a brief glossary of terms and links.

    It’s no secret that I despise rules that encroach on personal liberties. Big, little, shiny, and dull, I dislike them all mainly because they insult me on a cerebral level, as if I don’t possess the cognitive ability to decipher life’s mysteries on my own. It makes me wonder what the hell I was doing when the great Oracle was dishing up heaping bowls of common sense. By and large, rules, to me, make broad sweeping generalizations on complex and dynamic subjects and beings. I find those rules governing a woman’s sexuality particularly frustrating, especially when they come from within our gender.

    Role Playing Series

    Day Three of a Three Day Series

    Let’s face it, we all have sexual fantasies. Whether it’s the naughty schoolgirl or the bank teller that caught your eye, we all have them. However, engaging in a few minutes of dirty talk before tackling one another isn’t the same as sexual role play. Sexual role play takes you deeper into character; it’s multi-dimensional and it librates you from your daily routine....

    Day Three: Setting ground rules and boundaries

    Dating/Marrying a WASP vs Others: There IS a difference

    The WASP: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

    The word WASP conjures images of: Yachting, Martha’s Vineyard, Seersucker, DAR, Pure Breed White Families, Cape Cod, The Mayflower, the Northeastern Educated Elites…in short, the uber-wealthy. All of these labels are spot on! They are, in fact, set above the supposed “Whites” because they are pure—descendants of The Mayflower (Greg’s family). Pardon me while I gag.....

    Good Head

    Dr. Grip explains the art of fellatio. Ladies, there's nothing worse than bad head. Follow these guidelines when you want to give your man the ultimate blowjob...

    Clean and Clear Conversation: A lesson on Paragraphing

    Clean and Clear Conversation: A lesson on Paragraphing. I don’t make this crap up folks! You're supposed to separate the characters from each other & connect their dialogue to their actions.

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