IR Erotica Scoville Scale: Sinfully Satisfying

“Please follow me. These will be your colleagues.” Jeanette said gesturing to the sea of roughly 150 people intensely focused on their laptop screens as she walked through the top secret offices of the Department of Defense. Standing 5’9” to her 5’1”, it was easy for Paula to see over her head.

Instinctively Paula began looking for people who looked like her. There’s a grand total of 4 Black people here. Well that’s more than the last gig, She thought to herself. Jeanette was a bubbly, middle age, plump Puerto Rican that would be training her in her new position as programmer for the 2000 roll over. Entering into large area of cubical, Jeanette began introducing Paula to the rest of her direct reporting team.

Paula, this is SSgt. Todd Keller, Shawn Lowry, Stephanie Holbrook, Cathy Galloway, and Charles Willis. Everyone this is Ms. Williams, she’s our new programmer.” Jeanette said as everyone shook hands.

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m new the DoD so please excuse me if I ask too many questions.” Paula said placing her laptop on her desk and smoothing her navy blue pencil skirt. Looking up she caught the tall White SSgt Willis studying her long shapely Black legs. With a quick glance to his hand she was able to see that he wasn’t married.

“Please ask as many questions as you like.” SSgt Lowry said stepping forward to help her with her other bags. “We were all here to help one another. As a matter of fact, it’s getting close to lunch time. Do you want to grab a bit with us? We can come back and get you all setup afterwards.” Shawn was mid-twenty, White, 5’11”, dark haired, brown eyed cheerful man; Paula knew that this would be her partner in crime straight off the bat.

“Sure, why not.” She replied. From the looks of Stephanie and Cathy’s body language they were best friends. Both were medium height, slender, early thirties, and blonde. They both came over to greet Paula in stereo, peppering her with questions.” Where are you from? Are you new to the area?”

“I’m from Washington State but I’ve lived here for 4 years. Are you both going to lunch with us?” Paula said trying to divert their attention away from her.

“Yes, everyone is going except for SSgt Keller and Jeanette, they’re working on a project that has to meet its suspense.” Cathy answered as they walked away.

Seeing that everyone except attractive SSgt Willis was making their way to the elevator, Paula grabbed her purse and started walking towards him. “Aren’t you coming?” she flirted.
“Do you want me to come?” he answered in a deep voice thick with a Southern drawl, his blue eyes looking her from her finely manicured toes to the top of her well groomed head, stopping briefly at her full double D’s.

Not breaking his eye contact, she leaned into him, “I think you should. I’d like to get to know everyone I’ll be working with.”

“I’ll come. Would you like to invite your boyfriend or husband to join us?” he said as they started walking towards the elevator.

“Is that your way of asking if I’m involved with anyone?”

“Yes, are you?” he said holding the doors for her to pass.

“No, I’m not. What about you Charles?” she said as the doors closed.

“Please call me Charlie. Good, I don’t have anyone, either.” he said with a half-cocked smile. “Would you like to ride with me?”

“Absolutely.” she said exiting the elevator.

Joining everyone in the parking lot, everyone divided in separate cars. Paula opted into the front seat of Charlie’s car along with Shawn. Driving in the local eatery the conversation turned to dating and sex, Shawn and his wife had hit a brick wall in the bedroom and he was desperate for advice from Charlie.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with you two. You two were all over each other months ago.” Charlie.

“I don’t know it seemed like it happened overnight. Once minute we were boning every day and now it’s once a month. Do you think she’s cheating?” Shawn asked.

“Yes!” Charlie and Paula both replied.

“Look Shawn, I see that I can talk freely with you since you brought up the subject of your sex life within the first hour of our meeting. I don’t know you or your wife but I know that if I’m enjoying sex at home then I’m giving it up all day everyday. If I’m not then I’m going out to find a Mr. Fix-it. I’m multi-orgasmic, I need it on a regular basis and I’m not talking about a quick two minute session. I mean a long, hard, headboard breaking fuck fest. My advice to you is to go home, pull your wife into the bedroom and fuck her senseless.” Paula said hoping that her words would inspire Charlie to make a move. Judging by him wicked smirk it worked.

“Amen to that.” Charlie said shifting in his seat.

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it tonight. Hey we’re going to play ballads tonight if you’d like to come along.” Shawn said

Paula glanced at Charlie, he gave a quick, convert wink, “Sure, I’d love to come along. Who’s all going?”

“It’s just me and Charlie; we belong to a local league.” Shawn said as they pulled to the eatery’s parking lot.

“You can ride with me. Your Mr. Fix-it will pick you up at 7:30.” Charlie said as he exited the car.

What time is it? Shit he’ll be here any minute, Paula thought as she put the finishing touches on her makeup. Flipping her medium length hair into place, smoothing her berry tinted lip gloss across her lips, touches up foundation on her dark chocolate skin. Retying the bow on her black halter top, she heard the doorbell ring. Quickly turning her back to the mirror, she checked out her round ass in her low cut jeans before going to answer the door. Girl you are on fire tonight.

Opening the door she was surprised to see Charlie looking as finer than she remembered. Wearing a dark blue Polo shirt that contoured to his body and khakis pants that called attention to his nice ass. This man is tall! He can't be any less than 6’5”.

“Hello there. I’m glad to see that you found your way ok.” Paula said ushering him into the house.

“Yeah, I didn’t have any problems. You very nice.” he said leaning down and kissing her on the cheek. Her nipples hardened her shirt.

“Thank you. You look nice also. Please have a seat. I’ll grab my jacket and we’ll be ready to go.” she said showing him into the living room. “If you’d like a drink the kitchen is off to your left.”

“Please take your time. I don’t mind waiting.” he said taking a seat on her large couch. “You have a beautiful home.”

“Thanks. I’m still getting things the way I want them but it is coming along.” she said returning with her jacket. “What time are we expected to be there?” plopping on the couch beside him.

“We’re not playing tonight. It’s another league we normal go just to hang out, have drinks you know.” he said scanning over her.

“What?” she said smiling, keenly aware that she was turning him on.

“Nothing except you're beautiful and I can’t believe you’re single and that no one is taking care of that.” he said seductively.

She leaned towards him, placing her hand on his chest, “No one is taken care of this in a long time.”

Gently rubbing the trim of the halter top around her neck, he said, “I’ll see what I can do about that. Come here.” He said pulling her onto his lap. Straddling him, she couldn’t make no what he had going on in his pants but his cockiness spoke volumes.

“Where are you from Mr. Fix-it? You have a thick Southern accent.” she said running her hands through his well trimmed hair.

“West Virginia Ma’am, here to serve you.” he said as he ran his hands around her thick waist. “Damn you’re sexy as hell.”

“Do you West Virginia White men always go after Black women?”

“I can’t speak for all of us but I knew when I saw you that I had to get to know you better.” he whispered between kissing the plump soft tops of her breast.

“Damn your lips feel good.”

“You like having your tits sucked?” he pulled the tie holding her halter top in place, the strings falling gracefully from her shoulders, exposing her big brown tits and hard nipples. Taking them in his hands, he kissed both before lightly licking both nipples.

“Oh shit yeah, oh that feels good.” she breathed heavily; her chest heaving under the warmth of his mouth. His soft tongue licking and sucking her erect nipples begging him for more. She began squirming against his lap. Oh shit he’s going to make me cum.

“So you say you’re multi-orgasmic.”

“Yeah, how many can you give me?”

“You mean other then the one you just had.”

“Yes.” She said as her head rolled backwards trying to pull herself together, tiny shockwaves pulsing through her pussy.

“How many do you want? I can be up in you all night baby just give me the word.”

She smiled hellishly at him, licking her lips and bring herself closer to him, she whispered, “I want to you in me, working me….all….night….long. Do you think you can handle that?”

Smiling, he shook his head. She could tell by the look in his baby blues that she’d met her match. Cocky or confident he was not concerned with being unable to fulfill her needs. Kissing her deeply, he guided her hand between his legs. “Feel that? Do you think I’m going to have a problem pleasing you?”

“Oh I’m fucked” she said as another tiny orgasm shook her. He’s smooth Southern drawl was killing her.

“Not yet baby. Hold on its coming.”

Jumping off his lap, she pulled him to her bedroom. Paula tried removing his belt but he stopped her.

“Wait a second, I’m still a gentleman. If I’m going to do this then I’m running the show.” He said removing her top, unzipping her jeans and slowly pulling them off her body, she kicked them aside. Laying her on the bed, he removed his clothing. His body was cut in all the right places.

She released a long deep sigh at the sight of his thick cock. Taking notice of her response, he smiled at her, “Why do women always have that reaction?"

“Because you’re hung like a horse! Good lord man!” she said as he moved up the bed towards her, positioning himself between her legs.

“That’s alright. I’ll have you calling me Daddy by the end of the night.” He said, slowly kissing his way down her stomach to her hairless mound. “You shave. I like that.” Pulling her flat on her back, he spreads her legs before him; lowering his head he kissed her pussy lips. “Damn woman, how many times have you cum? You’re wet as hell.”

“Three times and if you kiss it once more I’ll give you four.” she said her fourth already on the verge.

Using one hand, he pulled back the hood of her clit and licked; her body immediately arched off the bed. “Oh, do that again! she cried.

He settled her by putting his hand on her pelvis before continuing to lap at her pussy. Flicking his tongue all over it before turning his attention back to her clit, kissing, and licking, flicking and sucking it.

“Ooohhh God! Oh shit Charlie. Eat my pussy baby ooh Charlie. Eat it, oh shit I’m going to cum again, keep eating it…ooohhh!” she yelled as the orgasm torn through her. He continued to fest until she grabbed his head and begged him to stop unable to control herself.

“Holy cow! That was…um…that was good. I have never had a man make me cum like that and so fast.

Aligning himself with her, he lay looking at her regain her senses. “I told you, I aim to please.”

“I’m happy…oh man…I’m happy.”

Rolling over, he took a condom from it wrapper and slid it over his 11 inch cock. Turning back to her, he asked, “Are you ready to ride or do you need a second?”

Without saying a word, Paula stood, straddled his groin and slid his length inside of her. She jumped from a sudden pain. He caught her by the waist. “Hold on, don’t hurt yourself. Take it slow, this ain’t a toy, it’ll do some damage.” Slowly lowering her up and down on his cock her hips began to roll as her pussy adjusted to him. Stroking up into her, he noted each expression of passion as he tapped the walls of her pussy, gauging her arousal points. As soon as I find her G-spot I’m going to fuck her up.

“Oh my God, you…feel…so… God I’m cumming again…ohhhh I’m cumming!” she grinding into him. He could feel the walls of her pussy sucking his dick.

He began pumping into her faster. “Do you want another like this or do you want to change positions?” She couldn’t answer, a new wave of orgasms were having their way with her. “Fuck it.” he said standing up with her around his waist and flipped her over doggy style. Plowing into pussy like a mad man.

“Damn woman you feel good. You’re gonna make me cum.” he said spanking her round ass.

“Spank my ass again Charlie. Oh keep fucking, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” she cried.

“You want me to make your pussy cum again?” he said hitting her ass again.

“Yes, please…keep…going…harder…harder, hit my pussy harder!”

He pumped into her violently, hitting every wall, nook and cranny of her pussy as she reached back and rubbed her clit. He slapped her hand out of the way. “No baby, I got that.” He massaged her clit and continued assaulting her from behind. Her pussy leaked all over his cock, her thighs, his balls and the sheets. Another orgasm fiercely ripped through her. Unable to balance on her knees any longer she fell onto the bed flat on her stomach, he continued driving into her.

“Oh shit Charlie. You weren’t kidding. You can work it! Oh shit you got me shaking! I’m cumming again!” she screamed biting her pillow and pulling at the sheets. He cock taking long deep strokes, her ass bouncing as his hip rolled into her.

“You’re going to make me cum.” He said starting to feel his own orgasm rise. “Oh shit I’m cumming, oh fuck!”

Paula pressed against him, tightening her pussy around his dick, pulling every drop of cum from him. The pulsations from his cock sent her into orgasm, she screamed from the sensation.

He collapsed into her back and rested for a few minutes before rolling left and disposing of the condom. Rejoining her in the bed where she still lay flat on her stomach, he threw his arm over her nude body and lay with her. “That was good. I’ve never had a woman make me cum so fast.”

“I can’t even focus right now. My shit is still quivering. I’ve just had the best sex of my life.”

“You ain’t kidding but we’ve only been going to 45 minutes. We still have the rest of the night ahead of us.”

“Give me a few minutes.”

“Take your time. Would you like something to drink?” he said standing and walking to the kitchen.

“Water, I’m about to die.” she said as another orgasm had it’s way with her.

“Please don’t die on me. The last thing I need is to catch a case because I’m a big ol’ Southern White dude found with a dead sexy ass Black woman. That ain’t gonna go over too well when you read it in black and white, it just doesn’t sound right.” He said returning with two bottles of water. Paula sat up in the bed and drank a quarter of the bottle before relaxing against the head board with Charlie.

“That was amazing. I hope this won’t cause any tension in the office.” she said resting her head on his shoulder.

“It won’t. We’re both adults, this felt right, it was great…no this was damn great. I’m not going to tell anyone and I’m sure you won’t either; it’ll be our secret.” he said kissing the top of her head. “And if you want to continue sleeping together then that’s fine. Me personally I would love to, you’re pretty amazing yourself and if you don’t then you’re welcomed to go and find you another Mr. Fix-it.”

Placing her water bottle on the night table, Paula turned to him with eyes big as saucers, “After what you’ve just done to my pussy I’m not letting your ass go anywhere! This was the bomb! You still got me shaking! No you’ll be hitting this for a while.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear. I’m your fulltime Mr. Fix-it.” he said pulling her flat on her back and positioning himself between her legs, he slid inside of her. “Oh fuck.” They both moan at the feel of his uncovered cock penetrating her pussy. “Oh God your pussy feel good! Don’t worry I won’t cum in you, I promise.” He said, not that she heard him….she was already in the throws of her orgasm.

Pulling her legs up over his shoulders, stroked into her; he filled every inch of her, it felt like his cock was in her gut, with her pussy at his mercy she surrendered to him. Minutes went by, he pumped, she came, more minutes, he pumped, she came and then he stopped. Pulling out of her, he stuck his dick in her mouth as he fingered her pussy giving her two more orgasms. She sucked, licked and lapped at his cock; she wanted him to cum in her mouth but he had other plans for her. Repositioning himself between her legs, he slid back into her pussy. “I told you that I’d have your ass calling me Daddy by the end of the night didn’t I?”

“I’ll call you anything you want just don’t stop….oh God…right there…ooohhh fuck!! she screamed her back arched.

“Almost but not good enough.” he said taking long, slow, methodical strokes. I’ve just got to find her G-spot. I almost hit it dead on that time. Oh wait…..yep….found it. With a slight upward twist of his cock, he’d found her G-spot, thrusting, driving and lapping into it, he began murdering her pussy.

“OOOHHHH FUCK DADDY! FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME DADDY. PLEASE DON’T STOP PLEASE STOP OH GOD DADDY FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” she screamed from the bottom of her soul as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her hips rose to meet his long strokes, her body arched off the mattress thrashing uncontrollably, and tears filled her eyes.

Her pussy sucked at his dick, he needed to cum but she was still getting off. He had to hold it until she finished. Do not cum in her! Don’t cum in her! Damn look at her tits bounce. Oh shit, just keep fucking her. Don’t cum in her! Oh shit I’m about to cum!

“Paula I’m about to cum. Baby I’m cumming!” he screamed as he pulled out of her and shot his load into her welcoming mouth. “Oh fuck! Damn suck it! Oh shit Paula!” wrapping both hands around his dick, she jacked him off in her mouth. “Keep jacking it baby! Oohh!”

The next day at the office was like any other day, Officers and Enlisted alike working diligently trying to meet suspense deadlines. Paula trained with Jeanette most of day; lunch time came and went with little fuss. Charlie and Paula acting as if they hadn’t broken her headboard only hours before hand.