Interracial Erotica

Chance Meetings

If the idea of two strangers meeting and experiencing mind blowing sex excites you then this is the place for you.

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    Business Before Pleasure 6

    The saga of Cydnee and Aiden come to a dramatic end...

    The Layover

    They met be chance and greed not to exchange names or other personal information. After a night of unrivaled passion, it is time to come clean. And it's not good.

    This story has had many lives! It started on an overseas trip in 2011 an was finally finished during another trip in 2012.  hope you enjoy it.
    ~~ Michelle

    The One **UPDATED**

    Janelle Aske had it all: the career, the social swirl, and a sordid past she'd rather forget. At first, the unassuming Van Young held little interest. That is until he touched a part of her she'd long avoided...but in doing so he laid himself bare.

    Stranded atop the Sierra Nevada, there was nowhere for neither of them to run.

    Business Before Pleasure: Part Five

    The saga continues....

    The Midnight Walk

    A nude stroll on the beach gives Angela an outlet for her arousal, and relief from a lonely life.

    Blind Passion: Part Four

    Ethan and Diane discover there is so much more than the physical attraction they share with one another. They realize the mental bond forming between them is something they'd been searching for half their lives. Two halves become one in this conclusion of Blind Passion.

    Business Before Pleasure: Part Four

    What will Cydnee do when an old problem returns...


    Foregoing the perfunctory trip home, Stella decides to spend the holidays with her girlfriends. Their girls’ night out hits a speed bump named Tariq, a Kuwaiti fighter pilot. Things go from zero to sixty like a shot!

    Answering His Call: Part Three

    Dana Sander’s life just became a lot more interesting. Tossing aside her dull life as a lowly clerk, she embarks on a year long adventure with a mysterious secret admirer whom she’s never met.

    WARNING: If you have a problem with the words ‘Whore’ and ‘Slut’…or spankings, then you may want to steer clear. You’ve been warned…It's Sinfully Satisfying

    Business Before Pleasure: Part three

    Is Aiden too hot for Cydnee to handle?

    Blind Passion Part Three

    Enjoy a sensous hot tryst between Ethan and Diane...This is just the beginning.

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