Interracial Erotica

"Make Her Want It" Is Available Today

Tracy Ames, the bestselling author of Seduce Me, brings you the eagerly anticipated sequel…

                                      Make Her Want It

Seduce Me, introduced you to Sonya Lewis, an audacious attorney from a middle-class upbringing, and Edward Von Marks, the breathtakingly handsome and overly arrogant Crown Prince of Sarbania. After a heated liaison, Edward welcomed Sonya into his realm of decadence as his submissive. As long as she behaved, the world was placed at her feet. But Sonya was no shrinking violet and found Edward wouldn’t be denied what was rightfully his. Now their story continues.

Their incendiary relationship soon becomes a journey of self-discovery whilst they struggle to preserve the essence of who they are. For Edward, this tears at the very heart of his exalted position and threatens to destroy him. As for Sonya, her association with Edward all but guarantees the unmitigated loss of her anonymity and unwanted thrust into the public eye. But it’s her secret which promises to bring Edwards’ kingdom to its knees.

I am extremely excited to have Make Her Want It almost out of the door. It was a joy to write and I’m sure you’re going to love it. Edward and Sonya have become one of my favorite couples. These two have very strong personalities so when they come together it’s like fireworks! The story, as a whole, will draw you in but watching them develop and grow as individuals will make you stand up and cheer. I promised my readers their story would be worth the wait—well the wait is almost over. Pre-order your copy today!

To show my appreciation for your support, the first 50 individuals who pre-order will receive:

  1. An autographed copy of the Make Her Want It. If you’re purchasing multiple copies, each will be autographed.
  2. Their names (or website) listed as a dedication in the book as well as on my website.
  3. A one (1) hour Q&A session with me. We can talk about the book, my writing, or the tea in