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Tips & Tricks

Alcohol Substitutions
If you recipes calls for using an alcoholic beverage, what can you use instead?
I've used a few of these to very good results.

Conversion Tables
Forget how many teaspoons in a tablespoon? Or how many cups in a gallon?
Here's an easy to us conversion calculator that will help you convert various cooking units.

Sick of plastic wrap and foil sticking to your dishes, cakes, and pies? Spray your wrap lightly with Pam before applying. Place oiled side down over your dish. It won't stick! Learned this trick from my Grandma. I use it for frosted cakes, mac & cheese, and anything else I don't want to peel away.

Minimize your cooking time and save money when using foil in the oven. Always cook/bake with the dull side of your foil facing outward. Shiny side out takes longer to cook. Yet another trick from my Grandma. Hey, she ran a successful business for years. We don't question her!