Interracial Erotica

“Make Her Want It” Contest

With the release of “Make Her Want It” quickly approaching, the fun has begun. It’s time for a contest so break out your copies of “Seduce Me” and get ready! I wanted to personalize the prizes; give a small piece of me…not give the same old items everyone gives.

The first two (2) people to correctly answer all five (5) questions below will receive:

•  A copy of “Make Her Want It
•  My journal and pen set engraved with their names
•  A 25.00 American Express Gift Card
•  A piece of jewelry from Penny Weights one of my favorite shops here in New Canaan, CT

The questions are:

• Where did Ali complete her undergrad studies?
• What’s Nicks’ FULL name and title?
• What’s Sonyas' safe-word?
• Edward has a tattoo. Where is it? What is it? What does it mean?
• What’s covering the late king’s coffin?
    A) The country’s flag 
    B) The late king’s Standard
    C) The family’s Standard

Send your answers to:
but sure to put "CONTEST" in all caps in your subject line. The contest ends April 25th and the winners will be announced Aprill 28th.

Good Luck Everyone!