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Dedan Tolbert Author Interview

Hello everyone! I’m very excited to welcome Mr. Dedan Tolbert to You may know Dedan from “The Dedan Tolbert Show” which airs weeknight at 9:00pm EST. For all of you non-addicts, I suggest you tune in, he covers topics ranging from relationships to domestic violence; add to this the celebrity guest and you’ll be hooked. So be sure to drop by and take part in the live Q&A sessions.

Dedan is also an award winning author and advice columnist. His breakthrough novel “The Love We Had... was named one of the top 10 best of 2006 by Trust me when I tell you, this is no small feat, we’re very proud of him. You’ll also want to check out “Ask Dedan” Sex, Dating &Relationships- Volume I, which is a collection of the best “Ask Dedan” advice questions. You’ll absolutely love it; I’ll provide the links below.

You guys know me, I’m a straight shooter so what I find most refreshing about Dedan was his “No sugar coating” way of addressing topics—especially when it comes to relationships. We women can be a little hardheaded when it comes to listening to advice and even more difficult when it comes to heeding it. This is why I was eagerly awaiting Dedan’s most current release “What Women Need To Know...But Don't Want To Hear

Alright Mr. Dedan, tell our readers about yourself. Where are you from? How’d you get started in the business? And who were/are your influences?

Thank you for this opportunity. I’m from Philadelphia, Pa and have lived here all my life. I got started in the literary industry in 2005 when I decided to self publish my novel, “The Love We Had…”.

It was met with rave reviews, which inspired me to come up with a marketing plan to introduce it to the masses. In 2006, I founded Tolbert Books and distribution which later evolved into TB&D Enterprises, LLC which provides literary consultation, relationship coaching and several other services.

Coming up, I was a fan of writers like Eric Jerome Dickey, Zane, Electa Rome Parks and Jimmy Dasaint who all inspired me to write “The Love We Had…” which will be re released for the 5 year anniversary in August.

One of the topics you touch on in “What Women Need To Know...But Don't Want To Hear” is how men really feel about sex, which I know my readers are going to eat up Tell us what other subjects we expect to find.

What Women Need To Know….But Don’t Want To Hear” answers just about every question pertaining to relationships that you can think of. Some other topics discussed are: why so many black women are single, the effects of low self esteem, the real reasons men cheat, why men commit to some women and string others along and many others. “What Women Need To Know...But Don’t Want To Hear” can be ordered exclusively at

I enjoy your show, especially the “Keeping It Real Fridays”. I was also listening to a recent show entitled “Pushing 30 and Still Single” which I understand was a spill over from a previous show that became a little heated. But that’s what it all about: not sugar coating topics and providing a forum for open intelligent discussion. That being said, was “What Women Need To Know...But Don't Want To Hear” the offspring of the relationship based topics you address on your show and in your column?

That’s exactly what it is. Every night we discuss relationship issues in a non sugarcoated way that doesn’t pacify women by telling them exactly what they want to hear. Instead we encourage self reflection and examination which can often be unpopular…hence the title of the book. In addition to the radio show, I often get into heated debates with women who become defensive after hearing my advice. “What Women Need To Know…But Don’t Want To Hear” encompasses everything I discuss on a daily basis.

Our most popular night has become “Barbershop Talk Tuesdays” in which I’m joined by men from all over the country to discuss how black men feel about sex, dating and relationships.

Was “What Women Need To Know...But Don't Want To Hear” a natural transition from “The Love We Had...”? If so, in what way?

I wouldn’t say it was a natural transition because it’s a totally different genre although many of the issues in “The Love We Had…” are discussed in “What Women Need To Know…But Don’t Want To Hear”.

The Love We Had…is fictional, so its purpose is mainly to entertain my readers with one of the most moving love stories of all time. “What Women Need To Know…is mainly for educational purposes on how black men really feel about sex, dating and relationships.

I found the subject of “Why men don’t commit to certain women” very interesting and poignant but I’m sure there were some women who really didn’t want to listen to the points you so eloquently laid out. Overall, how has the book been received by both male and female?

The new audio book has been received very well by both men and women. In fact, I haven’t heard anything negative about it whatsoever. Often when men don’t commit to women, they choose to blame the man and assume that he’s immature or intimidated by women success when in fact, that man may just not want THAT woman which can be a tough pill to swallow. Self reflection and examination is going to be key in understanding the real reasons men do the things they do.

The areas you deal with in the book are socially relevant and have been touched on by other writers, however, and I want to be completely clear about this; your approach is different, your voice is clear and it’s not the same rhetoric we’re used to hearing and your style is direct yet not biting. It’s almost as if we’re listening to our big brother. Do you hear that often?

I actually hear that a lot and that’s exactly how I intend for my advice to be received. Because I have a little sister, I give advice from a big brotherly perspective. Unfortunately, even though I emphasize that all my advice is given out of love, some women still see it as me trying to bash or somehow demean women which isn’t the case at all. It’s rare that my actual advice is questioned. It’s more about the fact that certain women don’t want to hear it because it hits a little too close to home.

Alright we’ve come to the fun part of the interview. Tell our readers three things no one would ever guess about Mr. Tolbert.

Even though I host a popular radio show and make a living by talking to thousands of people every night, I’m a homebody. Rather than being around a lot of people all the time, I enjoy just spending a relaxing evening in the house.

I have a huge sense of humor. I love being silly and making people laugh. I’m a very private person so only a select few get to see that side of me.

Lastly, I’m one of the most misunderstood people in the world. One of my main goals in life is to help women avoid many of the uncomfortable situations they often find themselves in.

In closing, tell us about your upcoming projects and event? Where can we find your books and any special offers you’re running.

I’d like to first thank you for the opportunity to showcase my work. I appreciate it. Currently, I’m promoting “What Women Need To Know…But Don’t Want To Hear”, which can be purchased exclusively at

On April 24th from 12:00pm- 3:00pm EST I’ll be conducting the “What Women Need To Know” Tele seminar which will discuss all the issues pertaining to dating and relationships I cover in the book. For details on registration, visit

In august, I’ll be re releasing my award winning novel., “The Love We Had…”

For more information the services TB&D Enterprises offers (Literary Consultation, Relationship Coaching or starting your own radio show), please call out office at 267-975-4629 or send an email to [email protected]

Please listen to “The Dedan Tolbert Show” weeknights at 9:00pm EST which can be heard by calling 646 200 0366 or logging onto my social network, 

Everyone, while you're picking up a copy of my book, please make it a point to grab a copy or two of  "What Women Need To Know…But Don’t Want To Hear" from and tune into talk show. Get out there and spread the word (you bloggers know what to do). I'd like to thank Dedan for stopping by and I'm sure we'll be hearing from him soon. Cheers!

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