Interracial Erotica

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" Contest

Back to school is just around the corner so, obviously, everyone is watching their pennies. I thought it would be fun to run a contest but instead of going to traditional “Here’s a free copy of my book” route, I’ve decided to offer a $50.00 American Express Gift Card to the winner. It’s not much but every cent counts, right? It’ll put a bit of gas in your tank if nothing else.

Wanna play? Here goes:
Write a story of any length and topic using the picture below as your inspiration. The stories will be post on the site for votes…the story with the most votes wins. Simple. You’re invited to have your friends and family vote. If you or someone you know has a blog then I suggest gathering support.

If I feel there’s a bright star or a diamond in the rough without sufficient votes then I’ll take care of that person as well. I’m all about encouraging artists! Some people don’t have gaggles of family and friends but that doesn’t mean they lack talent. Don’t hate…put your backs into it and create some magic. If you have any questions along the way regarding your storyline or need online writing resources, please let me know.

Who can enter?
Besides Super-Mega™ published authors, anyone can enter. Hey, is it fair to put you guys against the newbies? Nope!

The contest begins Monday August 16th and ends August 31st. The winner will be announced September 1st and the prize will be mailed once the winner’s address is confirmed. 

How to enter?
Email me at [email protected]. You can enter anonymously if you like.

Good luck and happy writing!