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The Official "Make Her Want It" Interview

                                      Interview Conducted by Ms. Alexandra Hill

Seduce Me, introduced you to Sonya Lewis, a gutsy smolderingly attractive attorney from a middle-class upbringing, and Edward, the breathtakingly handsome and overly arrogant Crown Prince of Sarbania. After a heated liaison, Edward welcomes Sonya into his decadent world as his submissive. Nothing is beyond his power to give her as long as she cooperates. But if Edward thinks taming Sonya is going to be easy, he has another thing coming—she is no shrinking violet. And Sonya finds Edward won’t be denied what’s rightfully his. Neither is satisfied with the others partiality—it’s all or nothing.

Almost immediately their relationship, ripe with obsession and raw lust, sends them soaring into danger. But its Sonya’s secret and their unyielding passion for one another which threatens to bring Edward’s Kingdom to its knees and thrust Sonya under the unwanted glare of publicity.

Alexandra Hill: First of all, you’re a very hard person to nail down.

Tracy Ames: Sorry, my schedule had been hectic these last few months. But I’m slowing down, no more Nomadic life for a while.

AH: I read “Seduce Me” and loved it. Nick and Ali was the cutest couple. But Edward and Sonya’s story came out of the blue. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

TA: Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed “Seduce Me.”. Edward and Sonya’s story wasn’t supposed to be a real story in the strictest definition of the term. It was never meant to be expounded upon. I included their tale as a transition in the way readers viewed Nick: his ‘norm’ life to his royal life. Up until then, it was easy to forget who he was because he didn’t travel with a large entourage or come with any of the other elements one ties to being a prince. Edward’s arrival caused a change in perception.

I decided to write their story as a sequel after much encouragement from my editors and reviewers. That was the birth of “Make Her Want It”. It’s Edward and Sonya’s story and picks up after their initial meeting.

AH: So you never saw it coming?

TA: Never in a million years. I didn’t think the readers would gravitate towards a Kink based tale. For some readers, this was their first exposure to Kink so I was a little nervous as to how it would be received. So far, so good.

AH: I’ve waited an entire year for this book and I literally ripped open my reviewer’s copy as soon as it arrived! I read it in two days. Your writing takes me places but this story was deep! It was detailed without being overdone. I can tell you’ve done your research.

TA: In truth, I didn’t spend a large amount of time researching this story because history and more importantly royal history is one of my passions. I could have gone with the same reheated royal tale with castles and tyrants but I wanted to show how modern day royals live. They don’t wake up, dust off their crowns, and sit around ordering people about. Nor was I interested in depicting the ceremonial royal, whose only power rests in cutting ribbons and opening Parliament.

I wanted to show the working royals; the travelers and lawmakers. I wanted to give the readers a feel for their frenzied lives. Unlike commoners who can go home at the end of the day and no longer be their career, royals are royals 24/7. There isn’t a moment where they’re not on show especially a crown prince such as Edward. You almost feel a twinge of sympathy for them.

AH: I felt the human side of the story.

TA: Good, that’s what I was going for. I based their form of government off of a real European monarchy and what I found fascinating after writing “Seduce Me” was the public image the monarchy presented.

AH: How so?

TA: A reviewer made the comment, “That’s not how real royals live.” and she went on to ask where were the crowns and entourage and all this other bullshit which had absolutely no place in today’s world. My reply was “Well damn! We don’t live that way anymore. It's a different world! They’ve also stopped beheadings! Shocker!”

AH: That’s cold!

TA: Sorry, my mouth gets me in trouble sometimes. I’m way too cheeky. I’ll control myself.

AH: No, it’s one of the things I like about your writing; the readers can hear your voice, your personality in the characters.

TA: I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. Sonya and Sydney are pretty bitchy!

AH: It’s wonderful. I love all of your characters. Speaking of which, you describe Sydney as “Sonya light”.

TA: Yes, some readers may not realize that Nick, Ali, Edward, and Sonya were characters from my newsletter days. And if they hadn’t read “Seduce Me” then they were unfamiliar with Sonya’s character. Most of them, however, have read “Beg Me” with Sydney’s character. Sonya is the original Sydney. She’s queen. She confident, head strong, intelligent and gutsy. She gives Edward a run for his money.

AH: I have to admit, I love Edward. He’s so hot. How did he come about?

TA: I love answering this question. Edward is a composite character. He’s a combination of how I initially saw my husband (Greg), my brother Tim, and my father. When Greg and I first met, I thought he was an arrogant jerk. Mind you, this is before he opened his mouth. He had a very arrogant swagger and I wanted to punch him. Luckily, it didn’t come to blows; he turned out to be a great guy.

From there I pulled qualities from each of them: a steady work ethic, their forwardness, mannerisms, their calculating eyes, their dedication, and even their kindness. Physically, Edward is Greg. I fall in love with him every morning. But don't tell him that.

AH: You and Greg are so cute together. Now, I’m not going to give anything away, but I began to see Edward as person.

TA: Um thanks? I’m kidding. Edward is my most complex characters to date…which is understandable since he is a crown prince. I wanted to readers to see what made him tick; I wanted them to really understand why he came off cold at times. A lot has to do with the relationship between him and Nick. Remember, Nick has a ‘norm’ life only because Edward is carrying both of their burdens. Nick should be at home with his family taking on his royal duties, but Edward intervened and is basically living vicariously through Nick. This is also an element I pulled from royal history.

AH: I felt the pressure he was under.

TA: Yeah, Edward was under the gun. The story catches him at a point in his life where his father is still the sovereign however, for all practically purposes its Edward is running the country. His father is transitioning power to him. He’s king in all but name but at the same time, father is the end all be all.

Not only does Edward have everyone scrutinizing his tiniest move but he’s also following a very popular and gifted ruler. He has some very large shoes to fill, which makes his relationship with Sonya problematic. His private life, the Kinky bit, is unknown.

AH: How did you mesh his public and private life?

TA: Kink is his outlet, the one piece of him which he controls—as long as it stays behind closed doors. He invites Sonya into his realm which she doesn’t quite understand. So, you’re reading an account of two people sorting it all out, for the lack of better words. There’s a line in the book which reads something vaguely like, “I can be the man I want to be because I don’t belong, entirely, unto myself.” and this is exactly how he feels. He is often forced to act in a certain manner because of perception. And Edward isn’t someone who bends easily to demands.

AH: His relationship with Sonya is complicated by this.

TA: Exactly. A reviewer mentioned she was rooting for them to fall in love and live happily ever after. But after seeing what Edward was up against and all he stood to lose she was waving her arms in the air trying to warn Edward to start away, go home and be king.

AH: I did the same thing! When I saw his guard coming down, I knew he was in trouble.

TA: He and Sonya go through a lot together. Good and bad.

AH: We also got a chance to see his father and mother’s characters develop.

TA: Yeah, as I mentioned his father is still king so the readers will see him up close. Having the king present brings Edwards’ character full circle. Those who read “Seduce Me” all know what’s about to happen but it’s pushed to the recesses of thoughts because you caught up in that story. Then it hits you and you remember who Edward is. From that point is when you see the shift in his personality and the way he deals with his mother and those around him.

AH: The queen. I hated her in “Seduce Me” I’m glad she was a part of “Make Her Want It”.

TA: She was a little bitchy in “Seduce Me” but in this story you get a feel for who she really is. Edward is his father’s son however, his mother helped mold him as well. She’s as multi dimensional as her son and undoubtedly the perfect compliment for her husband. I enjoyed playing around with her character.

AH: I began reading the book thinking I knew what was going to happen but I was wrong! I thought I knew the characters. You have a habit of throwing curve balls.

TA: I have to keep you guessing. There’s no fun in reading the same story over and over again. The readers are watching Edward and Sonya, two very strong willed individuals; trying to figure out who they are, what they want, and how to get it in front of the world. And to top it off, this is Sonya’s first real submissive relationship.

AH: I liked the way you’ve balance their characters. Edward was strong but never subjugated Sonya. I didn’t feel angry or dirty reading the story.

TA: “Pure Kink” is what I enjoy. There’s no subjugation. Some people confuse being a submissive with being a slave. They’re completely different. A submissive is a volunteer. A slave is not. A submissive wields power in the relationship and carry lists of rules, boundaries, limits, requirements, etc which they require the Dominant to agree to prior to engaging in their submissive aspects within the relationship.

A slave is there to serve only. There are no limits, they have no rights, and the Dominant holds all the power.

AH: I can’t see Sonya in a slave position.

TA: No, Sonya could never be a slave. She comes with limits which she and Edward push but he never subjugates her. As I mentioned, this is pure Kink: very intimate, passionate and sexy. You won’t find any whips, chains, candle wax, nails and leather. The Kink you’ll find in the book is reminiscent of what you’ll find in “Beg Me”—this is the form of Kink to expect. It’s definitely not BDSM!

AH: Edward and Sonya’s relationship outside of the bedroom was fun to watch. You can paint quite a picture! I wanted to be Sonya.

TA: Thank you. Their relationship is touch and go. Neither wanted to give an inch, but this is what happens when you’re dealing with two very tough people. I mean, Edward isn’t accustomed to being told no and Sonya certainly didn’t get where she is by being a push over.

AH: It loved watching them tip-toe toward each other.

TA: With these two it was tip-toeing. There was a lot at stake from both sides. Think about it, within twenty-four hours of meeting Edward, Sonya told him that she wasn’t going to give up her privacy for him. She laid out her intentions very early on.

AH: But I couldn’t get enough of them. They were perfectly imperfect. Their strengths and weaknesses complimented one another’s.

TA: Imperfect is the perfect word to describe these two. Both are overconfident intellectuals until their guard comes down. That’s when the fun begins!

AH: God, there’s so much I want to talk about but I don’t want to give it all away! I will say emotionally the story was up and down. I couldn’t put the book down, there was always something happening. As I got toward the end I was like, “NO! I don’t want it to end!”

TA: Thanks, I felt the same way. I was caught up in the story which is why, yet again; I was over my word count. If the readers walk away with the sense of having transcended palaces walls, felt the weight of Edward’s responsibility, rode the wave of emotions with Sonya then my work is complete. I endeavored to engage all of the readers senses because Edward’s world is fantastically rich and colorful. The readers will feel what it’s like to be Sonya, an African American with no royal blood or training walking into this world. She doesn’t really exist; she’s in the shadows and can’t be seen with Edward…I can go on for days. It’s was an amazing portrait to produce on paper.

AH: I have to bring up the sex scenes. You’re known for your vivid scenes but these were hot! Oh, I wish I were Sonya.

TA: You’re not the only one. You’ll have to get in line. Edward and Sonya’s scenes were passionate; there was no way I could’ve gone soft with them because they burned for one another. When they came together there were sparks, fire and flames! But there was also tenderness which they only found behind closed doors. It’s this combination that made their scenes combustible.

AH: And finally the question I’ve been dying to ask. Will there be a third book in the series?

TA: The dreaded question. I knew it was coming. At this time I really don’t know. I’d hate to see their story end. These characters have lived with me for years. I can’t say yes or no. We’ll see.

AH: The release date is when?

TA: April 28th is the release date however pre-orders are available now and I highly recommend ordering a copy or two today based on demand. Amazon and B&N have pre-sold their limits so the readers can only pre-order from my site and we’ll receive autographed copies. And we’re also offering the book in eBook format.

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                                                                      The End

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