I have followed your directive to the letter: I am to wear the flirty little burlesque outfit we purchased in Montreal last summer with my black three inch patent leather sandals; my hair is to be loose; my makeup is to be that of a sophisticated vamp; I am to be showered, shaven wet and waiting.

I do as I’m told. I prepared myself for your pleasure. Abed, I eagerly await your arrival, and dream of the different way you will reassert dominance over me; that I am yours to do with as you please.

Let me scream.
Let me cry.
Let me be tamed.
Let me ache under your touch.
Let your will be done.

I want you to deny me affection until you’re assuaged I’ve followed your orders.

I want you to bend me over our bed, lift my tiny skirt, and rub your fingers along my pussy lips where you will find them wet.

I want you to pull my head back by my hair and whisper in my ear that you’re pleased while your hands caress my body, claiming it as your prize.

I want you to impolitely force me on my back, spread my legs and fill me deeper and deeper until all that tethers us to this planet is our shared desire for me to be fucked hoarse.

I want you to crash into me with reckless abandon. I want to feel my pussy being used by you. I want you to declare it a thing of beauty but ultimately wasted without your selfish attention. I want your cock to stroke into me as if it were a repentant sinner whose redemption lie within the perma-slick walls of my pussy.

I want to bury my face in the shallow of your neck and taste your skin. I want to wrap my legs around his waist calming your thrust. I want you to whisper against my cheek; how much you’ve missed me, and how much you’re been thinking about fucking me all day.

I want you to pull out. Let me be angry with you for doing so.

I want you to force me into all fours. I want you to take me from behind and fuck through my ramparts of inhibition. I want you to fuck away my frustrations and repressed anger.

I want to beg you for permission to cum.
I want you to deny me until you are ready for me to cum.
I want to be denied. I want to wait with bated breath for your command.
I want my orgasm to flicker before me like a streaming montage of all fuckings past.
I want to feel your heavy hand slap my ass.
I want you to jerk my head back and say flirty things to me. I want to be violated by those words. I want to feel your cock contracting deep in my bowels; your orgasm staring you down. I want you to drive harder, faster, deeper, and wetter. I want you command me to cum on cue, and I will explode all over your cock.

Let me sing hymns of reverence, praising you.
Let me be made whole through your unwavering devotion to me.

Let me be thoroughly fucked like the banshee-bitch I am.