Interracial Erotica

Amanda Fox

Hi! My name is Amanda Fox. I am an author of interracial and mainstream erotica. I have had numerous stories published on such websites and "The Erotic Woman" and "Cleansheets" and stuff coming out in print in the next year. Please visit my website "" to see a full listing of my work. As the vanilla half of a black/white love affair that has spanned over twenty years and produced three lovely children, I have lots to share. Happy reading!

 Articles by this Author

Door to Door

Like a good wife and mother, Rose dutifully manages a busy household, tending to the needs of both her children and her husband.  Through all the cooking, cleaning and running around however, she secretly longs for something more.   One day, her prayers are answered when a strange man shows up at her door with a rather odd but intriguing sales pitch.  Dark and sexy by nature, Victor steals Rose away from her daily routine, sweeping her into a world where passion knows no limit...

Hired Help

Gerard has been working for Violet's family for years, first as a gardener for her aunt and uncle, and then as a butler for her parents.  Now that she's married, he works directly for her. as her own personal assistant, tending to matters that go above and beyond those of the regular hired help...


Calvin and Lucy have been watching each other for months.  When they finally meet, the heat is on, and their passion will leave you tied in knots!

One One Cocoa Full Basket

Meet Cornelius and Anna - two very different people.   He is easygoing, playful and bold.  She is stressed, serious and discreet.  He likes to wait.  She wants to rush.  But both are passionate and ready for love.

When Anna spots Cornelius sitting outside on a break from work one sunny afternoon, she is captivated by his lackadaisical demeanor and his mesmerizing good looks. In an attempt to meet this mysteriously sexy man, Anna then begins frequenting his store, and after an embarrassing start, the two connect, flirt and eventually make a date. 

What follows however, has Anna confused.  After one very passionate encounter in his car, Cornelius seems determined to avoid all physical intimacy.  Many months later - still suffering from a sex-free liaison - Anna thus forces a confrontation.  Admitting that he simply wants to savour such a promising relationship, Cornelius then succumbs to his desires and their ensuing escapades sizzle. 

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