Interracial Erotica


If you’re looking for dark and delicious tales of vampires, werewolves, and shape shifters then you’re in the right place. Our authors are here to assistant you on your descent into paranormal decadence.

    Sins of My Father

    'The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons'. Or in Cheri's case, the daughter. Everything she knew of her father was a lie. And the dark and mysterious Richmond Black held the answers. But could she trust him?

    Claiming The Slayer

    Part One of a Two Part Installment:

    Ulhulrikas, a powerful Vrukolakas from the small islands of the Greek Archipeligo seeks to claim vampire slayer, Kiara, ultimately making her his blood slave. Their heated cemetery dance of dominance each night adds to the smouldering carnal desires they possess for one another. Once Ulhulrikas stakes his claim on the beautiful slayer, can he convince her to spend eternity with him?

    The Proposal

    Unemployed Avery has a meeting with her vampire ex-boyfriend Tariq under the pretense that he's offering her a job. When the head of the New World Order of Vampires makes her another offer that she can't refuse, Avery must choose to follow her heart, her wallet or that pesky throb between her legs...

    The Awakening

    The male mind is a perplexing place; naturally domineering yet they break and willingly submit to a more commanding female. After months of pouring over poorly written online resumes, Faith selected her submissive from the dregs. His name was Neil, a handsome man with a crooked, half-hearted smile that resembled a smirk more than a show of affability.

    Full Moon

    After a year of virtual dating, Laina Graham is ready to lay eyes on her man. Christopher Moon, a club owner and all a round Swedish hottie. Both wanted to deepen their relationship but neither knew how. Laina took matters into her own hands