“I’m never going to find my driver in this crowd,” Gwen thought as she walked through the airport, another long trip under her belt. Pulling a carry-on behind her, she stepped aside calling her limo service. “This is Gwen Turner. I reserved a car for the evening. Can you please give me the driver’s location?” she asked with an edge to her voice.

“One moment,” The service rep placed her on hold. “The driver is waiting for you at baggage claim. He'll be the tall, blonde gentleman holding a placard with your name displayed per your request.”

Gwen's icy demeanor caught his attention before he noticed her creamy brown complexion. He stood for a moment watching her struggle to balance her mobile, bag and diva temperament. It was entertaining to say the least and if this momentary comic diversion was his sole reward for putting up with her attitude for the next hour then so be it. She could wait.

Gwen hung up the phone, stuffing it back into her bag and stood pouting once she realized how far away baggage claim was from her locale. “Great, here we go,” David shook his head as he approached her.

“Excuse me. Are you Ms. Turner?”

“Are you my driver,” Gwen gave a quick look of horny interest to the handsome tuxedo-clad young man. He can’t be any older than thirty. Damn shame, he's too young, she thought. David didn’t seem to think so. Early forties, stacked like a brick house, well-manicured, and with a classy sophistication dripping from her pores; Gwen was stunning. But try as she might, David saw her flicker of hesitation.

“Is that your name, madam” he asked flirtatiously pointing to the upturned sign he held.

“I’m David, your driver for the evening. Right this way,” he took her carry-on bag and walked off, clearing a path through the crowd. She quickly followed trying to keep pace.

“Do you mind slowing down?” she called.

“Do you mind keeping up?”

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“I don’t know,” He turned eyeing her. “I figured you might be busy later.” On the outside Gwen frowned at his impiousness but inside she was performing Olympic worthy acrobatics. Before she could formulate a snappy reply he was off and running again.

They collected her bags and took their leave. David opened the limo door allowing Gwen to enter and he set about cramming her luggage into the trunk. In the rearview mirror he caught a glimpse of Gwen watching him as he settled in his seat. He gave a smile; she turned away.

“What?” he asked through the mirror.

“Aren’t you going to make a snide comment about my luggage?” she relaxed. His hazel eyes set her skin on fire. She nervously shifted in her seat, her bottom lip quivered.

“Ha, I know better than to a judge woman.” He flipped through his itinerary. “It says here I’m to drive you straight home. Is that correct?” he glanced in the mirror.

“Yes,” she sighed.

“Is your husband waiting for you?” he pulled into traffic.

“You ask a lot of questions,” she snapped firmer than she realized. There was a nervous tension between them and she was sorry for it. He had been the first white man to peak her interest. It was in the way he ‘looked’ at her, as if he saw through her cold shell. Gwen grinned to herself staring out of the tinted window.

“No,” she replied breaking the thick silence. “No, I’m not married.”

“Are you seeing anyone?”

“No, I’m way too busy for a relationship. Why do you ask?” She didn’t attempt to conceal her amusement.

David maneuvered through the traffic. “I was just wondering.”

“Wondering what?”

“Nothing.” He egged her on with a devilish smirk. She rolled her eyes. “I was wondering why an attractive woman like you would be going straight home after a long business trip.”

“It seems pretty obvious to me.”

“Not really,” he gave her that stare again, those eyes. “It doesn’t make sense to go to an empty house with no one there to pamper you.”

Gwen laughed. “Are you offering your services?”

David bit his bottom lip. “If I offer, will you accept?”

Gwen cleared her throat and squirmed in her seat as images of this handsome younger man donkey-fucking her from behind flashed before her eyes. “Are you offering to have sex with me?”

He gave a husky chuckle. “No, I don’t want to have sex with you.”

“Then what are you offering?”

“Cunnilingus,” he said frankly.

“You want to eat my pussy?”

“I wouldn’t call what I do “eating pussy”, I’ll let you decide for yourself.” the confidence in his tone made rejecting him difficult.

“Eating my pussy? Nothing else?”

“That’s all it will take.” He said catching her eyes.

“Do you have time?” Gwen asked not breaking her stare.

“I’m yours for the evening.”

“You’re cocky, aren’t you?”

“I’m not cocky. I’m old enough to know what I’m doing and young enough to still do it well.” He replied.


“You can put the bags over there.” Gwen directed David.

“Where’s your bedroom?” he asked crassly. Gwen’s astonishment must have been written on her face. His warm smiling eyes softened her stance. “I’m asking so I don’t have to move them in the morning.”

She chuckled flirtatiously, beckoning him on. “Who says you’re staying the night?”

“We’ll see about that.”

Arriving in her bedroom, it was everything he imagined it would be. Furnished with sophisticated classic lines, an elevated bed fit for four, neatly arranged, not out of place. David sat the bags down and went to retrieve the others while Gwen slipped into the shower. The last bags delivered, he sat on the bench at the end of the bed undressing to the waist.

Gwen stepped from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She paused as she saw David’s taut body, and those eyes, those hauntingly golden eyes melted the last traces of apprehension. There was something about his eyes; they made her feel sexy, desirable not slutty. She turned her attention to the mirror as he approached, circling her from behind. The heat from his body burned through her towel. Gwen dropped her head; he raised her chin, their eyes met in the mirror.

“Don’t look away,” he crooned into her hair. She moaned lightly as he slowly began removing the towel letting it fall to the floor. She watched his delicate full lips kiss the side and back of her neck then continue their unhurried seductive path across her shoulders, his tongue lightly tasting her skin in spots. David eased her head back to one side as his powerful arm encircled her waist. Her chest rose and fell as she felt his arousal pressing against her back, meticulously growing to meet her desire.

“You are so beautiful,” He whispered sincerely as his hands etched the outline of her frame, gently caressing her soft skin, her nipples and the curves of her breasts. He glided up towards her throat; subconsciously, she willed his hands lower to her pussy with such intensity that David felt her neck jump under his mouth. She watched him tease her lips with his fingertips; his exploring gaze swept over her, conveying his intensions. His fingers grazed her nape as he brushed her hair aside and then those eyes disappeared behind her neck as he placed a trail of deliberate spine-tingling kisses down its center.

Gwen stood naked in front of a man, a young white man, that she hardly knew yet he had managed an impossible feat: he made her feel like the most beautiful creature to walk the face of the earth and asked for nothing more than to please her. What pleasure could he possible get from eating her pussy? None, as far as Gwen was concerned; yet here he was, there they were, those eyes.

“Come with me.” His out stretched hand said leading her to the bed where he embraced her face and kissed her lips tenderly, giving her mouth the same attention he’d given her neck. Gwen rested her hands on his firm chest and prayed for self control.

“Lay back,” he ordered sweetly against her lips. Gwen moved on to the bed with David leaning quietly over her guiding her back into the pillows. Exposed and awaiting ardent pleasure with faltering jurisdiction over her senses, she took hold of the bedding, holding it tight in her fist. Without breaking his penetrating eye contact, David trailed his fingers down her silky brown arm, peeling each tense finger away from its grasp.

“Relax, I’ll take good care of you,” he said bringing her hand to his mouth and kissing it tenderly and placed another pillow behind her head. “I want you to lie still and enjoy everything I’m about to do to you.” He kissed her lip, her cheek, her earlobe and her neck.

Gwen took a staggered breath as her arousal increased with the knowledge that this man wanted nothing more than to please her. Erotic images formed in her mind as she wondered what part of her body his mouth would devour next. She gasped, his hand ventured down the outside of her right thigh as his lips kissed the parameter of her left breast and then she watched as the rich dark nipple slipped between his slick pale lips; gently tonguing it with fluid motions. He released it softly before suckling it again simulating the acts he’d soon be performing between her legs. Gwen whimpered as she felt his hand running up the inside of her thigh, its intent obvious.

With one gesture of unconditional surrender, Gwen eased her legs apart, abandoning all inhibitions and gave way to David’s impassioned yearning for her.

He gave her a carnivorous grin, kissing his way down from her tits. She drew a sharp breath as she felt his finger brush lightly around her outer pussy lips, the first signs of intense arousal coated his fingertip. His mouth twitched with excitement as he kissed lower. She flinched hoping to feel the gentle stroke of his elusive finger; it wasn’t to be.

He kissed lower still.

“Oh god,” She moaned, the soft stroke of his finger swept teasingly just inside her lips, barely touching the sensitive throbbing skin within its walls before its retreat. Gwen was in the edge of orgasm, his lips caressed one inner thigh and then the other sending coils of desire whizzing through her.

“Aahh,” a groan escaped her lips as he gently kissed her pussy. He kissed it again. She arched her back hoping to encourage him to take her. She needed to feel his finger dip into her while his baby soft tongue coaxed her into a mind-scrambling orgasm. He looked up seeing her chest rise and fall with each breath; playtime was over. He placed two pillows beneath her ass and lower back, giving him full access to her neglected pussy.

With the flat of his tongue, he licked her pouty pussy lips, avoiding her clit. “Damn!” Gwen thought. But her disappointment was short lived. David took her entire pussy into his rapacious mouth; assuring that her clit was the last to receive his attention, slowly it slipped between his full lips and released. His first caress of her clit was everything she’d hoped it would be and more. She arched again; he placed a hand on top of her mound, settling her.

“Gwen, relax. I want you to lie back and focus on what I’m doing, my kisses,” he kissed her pussy lips. “My licks,” he gave her one long provocative lick. “Focus on how beautiful it makes you feel. Take your time; I’m here to please you all night if that’s what it takes.” His hands bent her legs at the knees as he gently parted her legs farther.

She obeyed, closed her eyes and exhaled resigning all responsibility of her pleasure to his all-consuming care. Even the excitement and anticipation were gone; she was ‘in the moment’, allowing whatever happened to happen, allowing this young man, nestled face-deep into her pussy, to determine the depths of her ecstasy. She allowed him the pleasure of pleasing her without thought of his own sexual remuneration.

Gwen felt his body moving down slowly running his moistened tongue around her lips and up to her clit, tasting the juices of her satisfaction. David licked and sucked her pussy sideways with oh so soft diagonal tongue strokes, and repeated in the other direction. Every lick of his virtuoso-like tongue sent shockwaves running through her, each lasting longer than the last until they merged into waves of almost continuous pleasure. This man obviously knew what he was doing, his oral propensity wasn’t happenstance; no it was studied.

He continued French kissing her pussy, coaxing her hood upward and paid feather-soft homage to her clit while simultaneously sliding a single finger into her shallows. Weakened, Gwen lay listening to the light sounds of David's warm mouth feeding; sucking, licking, slurping, kissing; the low moans he emitted with the occasional “Damn baby, you taste so good” accompanied by the fluttering of his tongue and suckling of her clit sent spontaneous shudders of intense pleasure rippling to the nerve endings his mouth and finger were manipulating.

In truth, poised between her legs, watching the satisfaction his rhythmic tongue triggered was exactly where David wanted to be. He brought his arms under her legs; around the top of her mound, gently pulling her clit taut, spread her open and covered her inner labia with a slow, wet, lingering stroke before taking her sensitive clit between his juicy lips, sucking it softly, swirling his entire mouth while teasing it lightly with his tongue.

She groaned heavily.

“You like that?” his deep voice crooned into her pussy. “I told you I’d take care of you. You wanna cum?”

Gwen was mute; her verbal aptitude proved no match for his raw proficiency and had long since been abandoned.

“Tell me, Gwen. Tell me to make you cum.” he whispered savoring her glossy lips while his fingertip elicited tiny noises from the shallows of her pre-orgasmic pussy.

A faint “Please” was all she could manage.

Gwen’s body gave way as David’s velvety tongue cascaded into depths of her quivering abyss. She felt her orgasm approaching; she didn’t want the mind-transporting delirium he was afflicting to end but the predatorily lasciviousness of his submerged tongue left her defenseless. She arched her back, traced her hands through his blond locks. This was it; this was what she’d been begging for.

“David, please…don’t stop…please…Ooohhh my God!!” a cry came from deep inside as wave after wave of intense passionate lust tore at the fibers of her sanity with agonizing disregard. He slipped his tongue in and out, up and down, sucking, licking and begging her to cum on his lips, cum in his mouth; for fuck sake just cum so he could drink every drop of his reward; her entire body shuddered as he mawed (not sure about this word??) her through the intensity of her orgasm; leaving her....weak.

Gwen pulled David's head from his Valhalla, where he lightly kissed while her orgasm subsided.

“Your cum is so sweet,” he licked softly; those eyes stared back at her, pleading for further instruction.

“Fuck me,” she ordered.

“No.” he said flatly.