Interracial Erotica

Short Reads

Short Reads are just that...short reads. Simple hot short stories. Not meant to overwhelm...just tell it like it is. Don't be surprised if you read a scene or two from some of your favorite couples here. Sometimes I have to edit scenes from stories so check back now and then. Enjoy!

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    The Warrior

    The ancient world was a place where slavery was common, but their love wasn't.

    Heat For a Snowy Winter's Night

    A little something to keep you warm.

    Pizza Wives

    A horny African American housewife receives a tip from her friendly new neighbor that leads to a very special Pizza delivery a handsome Italian hunk.


    I wish I didn’t feel so deeply. I wish I could silence my keen intuition. Maybe then I wouldn’t suffer heartbreak without glaring evidence. Instead I’m left to trust my gut and wonder if, maybe, this time I’d gotten it wrong.

    What You Are

    What you are to me, and me alone.


    Ivy, the new sommelier at Jean-Baptiste, walked into a storm. Master Chef Madeline Colbert renounced for her culinary expertise as well as her fiery temper wasn't a soft touch. If Ivy was going to make it, she'd need wit, skill, and strength to resist Madeline's man.

    Releasing Tension

    Taking a deep breath, I release a long sigh as my thoughts begin to wander. Almost immediately, your face appears in my mind....behind closed eyes, images of you float through my head and I feel that familiar tingle in my belly and between my thighs.


    Love. Forgotten. Forgiven. Destroyed.

    Uncomplicated Fun

    From somewhere deep within my soul, there is a screaming echo of fear, but I ignore it. She is too captivating to allow the moment to pass unheeded. I know there will be a price to pay for this dalliance, but I cannot resist.

    The Medium & The Message

    One is love and the other is lust, but which is which?

    Insatiable Wife: 1814

    Insatiable Wife: 1814
    The two feuding families the Bishops, being English, and the Kennedys being Irish, both from Knotting Hill agreed on a truce once discovering that the eldest son of the Bishop clan had a hankering for a young Lady Genevieve Kennedy. The truce held off the war on the two fronts but the war that raged in her heart was one of inconvenience.

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