They slipped so sweetly
into the burning hunger between them,
unaware of the lapping of surf,
knowing only the dancing of their tongues
seeking the harmonies of their lust.

The beach was abandoned,
like the pretense of civility they
tossed aside, groping and clutching
as only two brand new lovers are able.

The whispered visions they had prayed for
were finally spilling into their heated grasp,
tossing tops and hastily pulled cotton to the dry sand,
tearing away at each other in a slow simmering motion,
a time-lapse frenzy,
their wants overcoming
any need for restraint,
yet neither wanted this moment of purity to end.

The fire between them made the sun blush
a dusky hue
as it snuck away below the horizon
seeking its own modesty,
and when she felt his stubble feast
on the white lushness of her swan’s neck
and his still-denim’d bulge hit her pubic bone
rocking with just the right clitoral tease
her toes pointed, as rigid as a Puritan,
her insides melted and gushed,
and warmth blanketed her
from the inside.

She didn’t care if her discarded clothes
were washed out to the licking sea,
He cared nothing for the time, or tide.
In their mutual abandon
they found their meaning,
and their message.