The Lion’s Pride: Chapter One

“Okay Carrick, we are on the same page right?” Malcolm’s brown eyes looked to his partner’s for confirmation. Malcolm was finishing the last of his oatmeal, his usual breakfast in the morning.

Looking at his lover with reserved amusement in his eyes Carrick responded, “Yes Mal, I will leave the office at four o’clock and rush over the school’s auditorium and watch all the little kiddies in their glory.” He had put the last slice of toast in his mouth after answering him.Generally, before his early morning workout, he drank his custom made nutritional supplement. Then, he always had coffee and a few slices of dry toast in the morning, as he sat for breakfast with Mal.

Carrick always loved to see Malcolm when he was all worked up about something.He was generally so calm and levelheaded.When Mal was doing something he was passionate about, there would be this endearing eagerness in his eyes and excitement that Carrick found so special, mostly because it was an expression so foreign from any emotion that he was usually able to conjure up.

Having been raised amongst one of society’s Elite families, Carrick was a man who guarded his emotions closely. His mother found out she was pregnant when she was forty and his father was ten years older than her.His life from an early age was filled with requirements, expectations and self-possession.After his father died, when Carrick was twenty, he has already been primed to run the complicated multitude of businesses that is Caudwell Industries, International, one of the ten most profitable businesses in the world.

Now at 38, he was known for his disarmingly good looks and a certain sternness that he brought to every aspect of his life, except their bedroom.All his acquaintances knew that once he had you locked in his sights, with his oddly lit pale, amber eyes, there was virtually no way to escape.

Malcolm arched his eye at Carrick as he reprimanded him for making fun of him, “First, they are not kiddies, they are young adults, who are in High School, and they have been busting their butts to create what I think is going to be a fantastic show.” Malcolm stood to rinse his bowl and place his dish in the dishwasher.“These kids have had next to no resources, but their ideas and their creativity are boundless.It has just been an unbelievable opportunity for me to work with them… and with Camille.”Mal added with a softer voice, as he leaned against the counter next to Carr.

Camille Carrick rolled his eyes and turned more directly to Malcolm.

It always almost took his breath away when he looked at his lover, the burnished ebony of his skin and the smooth swimmer’s line of his body never failed to make his cock give a subtle twitch.“Your crush on her would be a little disturbing, if I didn’t know that you are not into women.” Carrick related with a teasing smile.

Malcolm brushed up against his lover and whispered into his ear. “Carr we have had more than a few women in our bed, and if I remember clearly, we have been into all of them.” Then Mal pushed back but let his had stroke the inside of Carrick’s muscular thigh. “Just because when we first met my previous experience had only been with men, doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate a gorgeous, talented woman when I see one.Just think, my being with you, loving you, dealing with your various kinks, have broaden my sexual world view.”

Carrick turned from the breakfast island.As he adjusted his position, Malcolm’s hand briefly brushed the beginnings of his erection, in reaction his chest suddenly inhaled as he settled an audaciously sexy look on Malcolm.He could see Mal’s breathing start to catch as he realized what that look always meant.Mal began to glide backwards out of the kitchen, which triggered Carrick to stalk him with the same lion-like instincts, and intensity that his business opponents swore he was, until he had Malcolm’s back against the wall.

With his hands placed almost uncomfortably close to each of his lover’s ears he leaned in and whispered so softly that they each almost had to strain to hear, “Do not ever forget, you are mine.I never let go of what is mine.”Carrick leaned in and kissed Malcolm with so much force that Mal thought he would surely draw blood.As the shared their punishing kiss Carrick began to grind, what was now a full blown “hard-on” against Malcolm, making them a matching pair.

Carrick looked deep in Malcolm’s eyes as he moved his right hand to cup Mal’s length, through his pants, and lick the ridges in Mal’s left ear.Slowly he began to stroke Mal with a slow deliberate rhythm, thumbing the ridge around the tip of his penis. “And by the way, our inviting others into our bed is not about them, it is to add to our pleasure.”

Malcolm’s head fell back like a rag doll, the feel of Carrick’s hand and the rough brush of the fabric of his pants against his dick was too much. “Oh Shit, so much for getting to work on time.” He grabbed Carrick by his shirt lapels and thrust his tongue past his lips and tried his best to lick his partner’s tonsils.Carrick held Mal by the waist to steady himself during Malcolm’s launch.

In the silence all one could hear was the almost obscene sucking sounds they made while trying to best the other in controlling the other’s tongue.All the while they maneuvered their bodies to the long onyx colored, suede, couch in the living room.

All the while Carrick looked Malcolm in the eyes, as if he dared him to deny his ownership. Then something is his eyes softened and became tender.It was if, Carrick was telegraphing with his eyes all how much he loved and needed the man directly in front of him.Malcolm slipped from Carrick’s grasp and dropped to his knees and slowly unzipped Carrick’s pants, while he continued to make eye contact.Leisurely, the way he knew that he lover loved it, he drew Carrick’s penis into his mouth.

“Oh God Mal, you are killing me.”Carrick called out into the air around them, as he grabbed the back of the couch for support, all the while trying to hold back from directing Mal’s movements upon his penis.

First, Mal took little nips of cock, teasing him unmercifully.He loved the way Carr smelled.It wasn’t “like” anything. He just smelled like his strong, sexy, stubborn Carr.Then he began to tongue the head, all the time resisting his lover’s attempts to control his direction by trying to grab his head.

“Fuckin’ stop playing, and suck my dick,” roared Carr.

“God, you have no patience.”Malcolm said after he released Carr’s dick.He then slowly and sweetly began the motion that he knew he could win awards for.For several minutes he used his tongue, the slight grazing of his teeth, and then a pretty vicious twisting motion with his head until he felt the almost imperceptible clenching, tensing and then releasing motion from the man he loved most in the world.These telling signs always signaled that Carrick was about to find his release.

“Ahhhhh…..Oh fuck me….Oh fuck me…Yeeeees” Car whispered to his lover, with admiration and awe, as his body pulsed to its own intimate rhythm and he poured his essence down Mal’s throat.With the last spasm, he also fell to his knees.

Carr tenderly took Mal’s head in his hands and brought his lips to his and kissed him with the promise of his love and commitment.When he drew back he tasted himself on Mal’s mouth, which inflamed him even more.He pushed forward to deepen the kiss and start round two.

“Whoa there pardner!”Mal drew back with a small laugh and looked in to Carrick’s lust hazed eyes.“Look we really have to get to work.We have a department head meeting in a half-hour.”

“What is the point of owning a company if you can’t be late every once in a while?” Carrick questioned gruffly, as he pushed back and started to unbutton his shirt, intent on luring Malcolm into another session of lovemaking.

“I would personally love us to christen every room in this Penthouse for the millionth time, but I happen to know a CEO who likes to break his foot any anyone’s ass that has the temerity to keep him waiting.Therefore, he has a bad habit of never being late himself.” Malcolm answered with a smug smile.

“Damn, that would be me wouldn’t it?” Carr asked with exasperation and began to redo the button that he had just finished unbuttoning.

Mal looked into his lover’s almost unnaturally golden eyes and nodded in agreement.

“Ok, but I want a Rain Check.I have to properly show my appreciation for that lovely mouth of yours.Tonight then?”

“Always lover.” Mal promised as he worked to put himself back together.


As they neared the second hour of the one of the most boring meetings he had ever had the displeasure of being in, Malcolm watched as Carr called each department head and drilled him or her on the deficiencies in their leadership. To be fair, he always complemented when he found success, and the reward structure at Caudwell Industries was second to none. But today was a bad day, with the economy doing a nose dive it seemed that many of the department heads had delayed or wholly ignored making the required adjustments to make sure that Caudwell Enterprises stayed on track, the numbers were slipping and Carrick was not amused.

“Stanley, your department continues to be a disappointment.”Carrick nailed the executive with his eyes.

“Mr. Caudwell, with this downturn in the economy we have had to consistently regroup our strategy to create the interest in our various product lines.”The slight man stated.Stanley was always teetering on the edge of incompetence.Right when Malcolm thought he would doubtlessly get fired for some miscalculation, he would somehow manage to hit a home run.That was the only reason he had manage to keep his job as an executive at Caudwell.The problem was that he could never produce consistent results.

“Your marketing sales strategy is sloppy, and it has underperformed for over six months! This cannot be tolerated and I do not see that you have a plan to stop this trend.I have asked you to pull a team together to do some brain storming regarding the changes we need to make to get back on track.I still see no progress.We are going to have to talk about this more in detail.” Carrick stressed, while flipping through the file in his hands.

“Sir, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we are going to refocus our department.” Stanley pleaded. “I am sure I can demonstrate that we have some effective plans in the pipeline.” He looked like he was on the verge of tears. Malcolm was considering handing him a hanky.

Carrick gave the hapless executive a look that questioned what planet his employee resided on. “Stanley, I did not think I hired a magician, because you are going to have to do some magnificent ‘slight of hand’ to get me to believe that you have any of this handled.”Carrick added as he leaned back in his chair and fully faced his cowering employee.

Someone in the room coughed back their laughter. As Carrick quickly swept the room to find the offender, all eyes were innocent and all eyes avoided making direct contact with his.

“Maybe this should serve a warning to you all. This company has gotten to where it is because I do not make any excuses for myself and therefore I do not take any excuses from any employee. You all are senior executives in one of the world’s most premiere corporations. Do not fuck it up.”  He added sternly as he stood up.

While standing, he leaned onto the long, executive, conference table and eyeballed each individual gathered around the table.“But please know that you will be out of a job way before any of you manage to undermine what I have built.” Carrick fixed every executive with his fiercest stare.

There was a hush in the room. Everyone was just glad that the spotlight of Carrick’s ire was not totally focused on him or her. No one spoke in the midst of the hush, just in case his laser sights turned.

As things started to get interesting during the meeting, Malcolm studied his boss, his best friend, his lover – Carrick William Caudwell.

. Though Carr may argue that he was bisexual at best, there was no denying how delicious his good looks were to any sex. He used wear his hair long, which he kept tamed with a strip of raw leather, the look was something like a bundled sheaf of wheat. Recently, when he noticed the appearance of a light dusting of gray, he began getting it cut, so that his loose, blonde curls lightly cupped the scalp of his head.His face and body seem as if they were carved from granite. To anyone who did not know him well, it would be absolutely believable that his countenance was cut from that unforgiving stone. Carrick was always intense. Very rarely was anyone, outside his closest circle, treated to a smile, let alone a full out grin from him. When he looked at people he made them feel like he was assessing their souls, and found them coming up wanting.

Every morning, Car got up at the crack of dawn and worked out at their private gym. Everyday he scheduled his time to meet the responsibilities to the huge conglomerate that he ran. He was very strict about all of his regimens. But the secret to Carr, that only a few precious people knew, was that once you were important to him, you retained his devotion. He always kept what was his.

“Ok people, this meeting has not been as successful as I had hoped. I expected many more gains in this quarter than are being evidenced. I will have to take a closer look at these reports and determine where the modifications will have to be made. Malcolm, can you please meet me in my office, now?”The sharp voice reached in and interrupted Malcolm’s meandering mind.

“I‘m right behind you” Malcolm answered as he rose from his seat in the executive boardroom. He sat on the other side of the room from the exit, so he was forced to wait while all the other members of the team filed out. Some looked confident with their performance during the meeting, while others, like Stanley, looked like they may be sick to their stomachs.

Once out of the executive conference room, and moving towards Carrick’s private office, Malcolm walked past Carrick’s personal assistant, he gave her a wave and made his way directly to door of the CEO of Caudwell Industries private office.

“What’s up?” He asked as he entered the office.

Carrick was sitting behind his desk, peering through his glasses, as he looked through the various reports on his desk.

“This is a mess and now I’m pissed. While you were wool gathering on the other side of the room, I determined that we are going to have to make some serious changes in our marketing division. I need you on this while I try to deal with issues creeping up in our securities division.” Carr looked at Malcolm sharply.

“Look I am on it. I had a suspicion that Stanley was completely out of his league and I have run a few reports. I will have a complete analysis on his division in your desk by the end of the week. I just want to tweak a few of my suggestions regarding making the division more profitable. Stanley is way too conservative and he is scared to pull the trigger on the big deals. Malcolm replied as he flung himself in a chair opposite to Carr’s.

Carr peered at him over his glasses, “I know I hired you for a reason.Thanks for looking out. Now, I know we are in good hands. What the devil were you thinking about in the meeting, you looked like you were a million miles away?”

“I’m sorry. I know I was setting a bad example, but that session was way past boring-except for the part whey you were all in Stanley’s ass. I appreciate that you want to hear from everyone, but after you get past the initial, pertinent information the rest is just everyone trying to kiss your ass.” Malcolm sighed.

Grace, Carr’s assistant interrupted, “Mr. Caudwell, I have Mr. Montgomery on the line with United Gateway.You asked me to interrupt you when I tracked him down. Would you like to speak to him now?”

Carr looked up at Malcolm gesturing him to stay for the call as well, as he pushed the button to release the call to speakerphone. “Brandon, I wanted to get back to you on the issues surrounding the merger. I have my General Operation Manger sitting with me in the office and we are prepared to answer all your questions regarding this deal. He looked at Mal and caught him rolling his eyes, “Let’s talk about it.”

Malcolm knew then he was about be stuck in another long meeting and he prepared to make himself comfortable.

After two additional hours explaining to Mr. Brandon Montgomery the benefits allowing Caudwell Industries to take over his small, family run, technology firm, Malcolm had to leave.

He avoided Carr’s look of surprise as he got up and prepared to leave the office. “Mr. Montgomery, this is Malcolm Chambers again. It was great talking to you and I am very excited about the possibility of this project.I know you have some reservations, but let me assure you our company can take United Gateway to the next level. We can make your vision proud. If you have any additional questions about our strategy, give me a call and I will be happy to talk to you.Unfortunately, I have to go now, but I look forward to talking you soon.

He mouthed to Carr, “I have got to go. I have some worked to do in my office before I can leave for the school. I will see you there. Remember, you need to be there by five o’clock.” And he pointed to the wrist band on his arm.

As he turned to leave the office he heard Carr put the phone mute.While he walked to the door he could feel Carr’s eyes glued to his ass. At the door, he turned around and smiled at the hunger in Carr’s eyes, “Stop staring at my ass. In the workplace, that’s called sexual harassment.”

Carr leaned back and smiled, “Tonight, I promise to show you some sexual harassment.”H said as he suggestively arched his eyebrow.

Mal looked at him and blew a kiss, “Always lover.” Then he turned the knob on the door to leave.

Malcolm waved again to Grace as he left Carrick’s CEO suite and headed to his office. Once there, he sat down and got work digging Stanley’s ass out of the shit.

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