Interracial Erotica

Christopher Reilley

I am a long time prepress tech and former self publisher, now a father and poet. I am a conglomeration of everything I have ever done, seen, felt, caused, experienced, observed and survived.
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 Articles by this Author

Heat For a Snowy Winter's Night

A little something to keep you warm.

What You Are

What you are to me, and me alone.

The Medium & The Message

One is love and the other is lust, but which is which?

Darkly Dangerous

The moment when lust becomes love.

A dark, futuristic tale of disturbing sexuality.


It's all that I want from you.

Do You Feel Me?

You touch me, deep inside, can you tell?

The Lottery of Random Collisions

You should be so lucky.

The Sofa That Prayed

In a non-sectarian way, of course.

One Night Stanza

A look at the power of poetic words to gain access to a woman's tender mysteries. ;-)

The Games Go On

We play, we dance, we love...